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STOP THE PRESSES!! The Unthinkable ... Tim Tebow Has Been Cut! Mustard and Johnson React ...

Aug 31, 2013|

It's official, we will not be seeing any "Tebow-ing" at Gilette Stadium this season as the Pats have officially given Timmy the ax. Craig and Larry discuss that and also get into the Jake Peavy deal and more on the Hernandez article in Rolling Stone in the final segment.

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Our numbers -- I abbreviated. Although it may be were leading up to BC football against Villanova brought on that anyway. 617. 7797937. Larry is distraught he's devastated. He's beside himself which is not a no not a pretty sight now an act now to make my point eight yen but what was best for the team you know so I mean you said he knew if they kept the -- -- bill knows exactly what he wants to do it exactly where exactly -- fact that he wanted to give and give -- give bill credit for I don't know. -- Here BR you'll see guys and it is god did not want him to be in New England page he wants in the -- an analyst once in the vehemently -- Atlanta from one of these -- -- you think he has that much of much insight is -- really sharp guy. Not critical things -- the football have you wiped you know we -- up. A guy up. Don't like talking about like not that important it has electability problem Keith -- yeah -- -- -- -- right to his likable self drive from Tuesday and that we started the show and many shows over the past several weeks and certainly I was metaphorically scratching my head. Over why the patriots. Would have kept Tebow this long I think they saw enough of them. It did throw a couple of touchdown passes. Sandwiched around an interception all wizards and keep him this long now if you credibly at least demand they be caught -- admirals. -- Well I guess the only older the alternative would have been to play him. In the com Detroit game in the second half get a look see there. But as you remember he stayed on the sideline Mallon played the entire second half. I thought out his last game I thought they would appointment the first stringers. Over stringers were out there ever know -- a better offensive line that way. But less than even we I'm don't have to worry about it now now we can focus apology and talk about -- Way. Those people most force as more customers. The pitcher pro shop you made me nervous those poor people. Who invested some you know ever collectors item the same programming -- Hernandez you can -- -- in return year. Tim Tebow Jersey next to somebody. Different desires to do that now I would be I can't do that it is shaped -- when Jersey I would not that I we're gonna walk around we Tim Tebow I would like for it -- -- anyway I liked but he -- cents I would be -- while we do not as a Christian because would you like yours to be like him. I would if I were to invest -- that Tim -- who if you had a parent and registers the RT Bulger is small object you're you're acting like it's -- it's a crime because somebody's there with the jury is -- with Europe a few and I'm you know I'm not a conspiracy theorist but the world view a conspiracy to winners or is there -- guys -- what -- -- -- Borges. Eight you know of that they did sell. And I know they only get a percentage -- like what he represents anatomy in his religious department that he's just a good guy he always a good guys they're no a lot of guys out there yeah ever reach the end and -- -- is -- -- and the NFL players and harmony are rested an audio but I've heard about that yeah thank you very much -- by. My son were interested I'd get have a team Mosher of right or area again -- -- now while there are a lot of good guys in the National Football League in spite of what you read in the police blotter in Rolling Stone magazine. Tim Tebow happens to be one of the problem once he can't play AT and can't play let's get to the phone 617. 7797937. And are you off the floor Tom Tommy you ready to compose yourself ethic and you for -- here. I I can't call the -- smelling salt well. -- that we're starting. I then. On IQ it will be important position. In all sports. And silently union that threw the outlet. For the white -- a big. Why I asked a you bird Larry -- in the Bill Belichick obviously knows what he's doing immediately got -- he -- -- Exactly and a well I don't know about its domestic diabolical plan. Yeah. Pretty talkative -- throw two touchdowns. That you look like it -- they're good guys or -- Until a short while we're all their extra help people on the planet but toward. What absolutely. Their records -- -- I'm. Where you have on lock in -- over the many other minor markets around where the many were remarkably -- uniform you're on. A pretty good that. -- -- -- Point eight I don't I yet. Old -- that story to me it's. -- -- already told a when he one player in Florida -- to wait a minute. You're talking about time and you you you certainly should seniors sheriff football games close up. A guide its scored 32 touchdowns through the air and another 23. On the ground and his Heisman Trophy winning year. Political -- I -- aren't sure about what people trying to under and that's why stick it I think. How difficult it is to it but today -- feels sorry for professional aptly. And that's how I felt when I shot this kid throw out. Yeah I don't feel sorry for him time and are you of I said it Tom I said less is something that we -- missing -- I don't know how a guy can go to a college program in place but three pro teams and not be able throng. I said it. -- continuously. But the -- drop. Won't. He won't get them. 811. -- but then but then Peyton Manning that. -- what do you think. It is Greg guy -- It. Then made. I have seen it now sport I mean actually. The like me it is one that that they want me I am not. Because she's a fascinating efforts are -- a personality and his celebrity we live in a celebrity culture. And you know we are not immune to what at this radio station. Well they figured this radio they should just won't -- it yeah it was well he again. -- you speak your record obviously. That was without end. Being mentioned on every ride out. -- time relax -- it's my understanding Rolling Stones next month's issue they're coming out with an extensive -- on the Massachusetts judicial system. Well let me say in the opening Larry I like I don't know where -- -- brown and -- let that stop but that's -- it will telecheck. Standing behind the legal system does not answer Larry -- Belichick ever need a reason not. And -- really well let me ask -- and wait a minute mr. barrister if this week. If this your client would you have him out commenting on the Hernandez our case. -- He's not good. You are all yelling battle he's eat because promised. -- -- -- it back. And -- well -- not to be the first time you devastated as stated facts in the courtroom intersect interrupt this for a second wife while while I just wanna bring I think what Larry's saying hi I'm trying to figure this out. Why -- he just -- beret that that story about her name is going to indeed happens -- legal ramifications with that because that because I'm asking him. You look at it -- like telecheck sit -- But that Belichick walked out the ideas led nowhere. So what is -- Mark this week it didn't Shaq. And we're at war and the inflammation. And hamburgers and that all of the so why would you. If if you are ballots that why would you comment on any habit. -- Wait but I I think. I think -- difference between why did you go forward on fourth down eight in a murder case that's going on. I barely let up outnumbered yeah -- does that make it Allen earned it and it's cool to India. -- Because -- -- -- -- defense attorney. -- you know let me answer you I tell -- how many people do you 88. If Aaron Hernandez defense attorney. Can prove that he went to see ballot check 'cause in his life was in danger you don't think that's relevant. -- -- And that's when -- look -- outlook Belichick had gotten. Yeah how -- not always not -- he's he's privy to information. If Aaron Hernandez. Tom I can't believe your lawyer writes -- god. Yeah that the -- sure. The potential that perhaps that he. Would they don't want -- done immediately called it poverty I agree you ought to. -- I agree with you but why would I even answer the question. Q at what point what -- -- because I don't want any connection to any story whether -- award on. I'm a football -- -- -- corporal Carl. But there are -- slot. Some of the water I would stop trying to make things all the small and that worked -- out. I'm telling you out. And -- the epic that campaign that that is. What makes it really different. Yeah but little inherently here what what what went at it but don't -- -- Why don't you put an aerial. Debt debt knee in the scheme that. Great I mean it okay -- -- From if you stretch this out of Europe and if you have a defense attorney and get trying to find every degree. Of information that you can use for your client group do not argue the point that he was -- out using self defense because these people we're trying to kill him. Larry and probably try definitely possible the fans thank you thank you I'd point kids. -- -- Witnessed this quite well through trial will be on a witness list. How we aren't all not the people. And then when network call it when not an epic came to that Whitey Bulger is every bit at the site. A lot -- -- does stop with just wadded this copy how small the world Barack. Mean not say -- -- that not apple up at Larry. Caught up in it but I don't know why I resent. That somehow it's legal reasons but Belichick got knocked out right now. But no like -- debate why is relative to anything. I -- I explained it to you very eloquently. Well you explain to. Or did an adult oh and it that aren't yet -- -- up a brilliant statement I wouldn't interrupt that whatever the heck don't want. Any chance we'll look at that that that's not an excuse that's what people actions. The bottom line it is yeah I mean yeah it. Would that this cycle. And found shot out of it that anything that we're bill Belichick's knowledge of any. All right Thomas appreciate the call 61777979837. I don't really. Hide behind all these legal political and -- your -- guys eat you know what kills me with with them and our respect and love them dearly as an attorney. At what price do you block I I thought well I have had a few instances what I have been subpoenaed to a certain things and trust me. It's not pretty. In it's something you'd rather not be involved in that on things sober less information -- -- right that -- -- -- that a worry about somebody -- -- on the -- for something that's not a giant accusing -- of fabricating -- I currently don't put words in my -- I don't know report -- -- is as Britain is -- -- where these sources are anything where you heard Tom Jonathan -- asked. Belichick point blank and John I think we're at it indeed you're right no this stuff for a bad at all thank that's thank you. Mike in key in -- next on Sports Radio WE I might come right out. I got to -- at the littler on the com click here and English teacher you know live from Henry the sixth. But the sex where your legal and obscure rock right now. -- the sixth I'm more confident a little while just give it to I have no idea. -- About Shakespeare. Permit me that this. And -- the sixth mean. You know -- you know and he was having -- Yeah he would take one of his last. With 100 better all. Yeah let's get back to Yankee -- He's doing and he's doing anything to avoid Yankee talk at this point. He's a candidate who I'm gonna give you an ice back -- down a little let -- -- it. -- -- don't use the word fat all right very sensitive. Aren't. I want -- -- IUN Craig -- to have you back on that I've worn one -- -- on my right. Outside. I don't kick people when they're down. 12. Okay. Which we had a bet if the Red Sox and yankees met in -- playoff -- -- -- You made that -- You made that -- look at what -- -- that's a ridiculous hypothetical because you know the Yankees are gonna miss the playoffs for the second time in five years. Don't know but I'm always say you don't get it that great. -- do you really believe in your heart of hearts. Do you believe there. Capital now it is a look at the plate 700 baseball to. Okay than you than your obviously signaled an academic. -- -- wow that is what Americans that pay as you don't get -- violent censure on the deck of the Titanic anyway. Larry Larry -- remind the world are right. -- Okay they hit that it seemed that it is good job they could possibly do under the circumstances. I wish. They could've gotten -- -- old open earlier in -- different. You know what does the good -- sabathia only gave up five runs -- -- and Kuroda -- floated the corona over the last restarts. And that it has good. Have a question you. Why -- he comes to play at Fenway Park and what happened to all the PDs under the private storage and they go into the deep. They don't yet -- the problem way you know I don't I don't I don't think that that it Red Sox in that well what about them. You know they're going to write. -- write down amid a big. Have a program idea to -- and at -- and he thinks. But in no -- I'm Larry the cable laying -- -- why they haven't really been. It's just it's -- it don't. No review I've figure that out review you're jealous. You wish you had Ortiz. Went yeah. You wish you had big patent. -- Great baseball player before I got the Boston. So -- -- at bat away at a white Craig's defending him from going after Dempster Mikey has because Ortiz as a team player. But he doesn't say anything about when Ortiz smashed up the phone it in the dugout at Baltimore. Possibly hurting somebody. And possibly getting suspended -- Roy gray area that was OK well they might you know what we're wallowing in too much baseball negatively let's talk about your football team -- In the world. I -- -- it now it's very secretive down there are they can't do it it is it gonna get outline for talking too much you can't get on or not at all. Apparently what he he literally turned his back on the New York media this week. And and the the difference in New York media does its job like the media up. Here we didn't. Look -- Howard what is unfortunate is that Ron Borges is part of the Boston media case -- notice you're the only one and Shaughnessy -- Again aren't you good to put the only -- my heart are in the bank. -- like MSNBC little Obama that in no depth. Well I wouldn't go that far apparently leaves Sarah your alone from now say that. You don't -- I gotta give Obama. Incredible what he's telling his side where we gonna bomb before -- bomb. That's fair. You know it's like with with with the Geneva convention stuff chemical weapons know you can't kill people with chemical weapons but bullets and bombs yeah. I don't want everybody United Nations he'll try to -- United Nations are worth supporting and paying for it. It hasn't been this is quite an inconsistent. It was OK you don't want to audit the current. We -- you know. Now I never thought you should never thought that should happen never that would -- say this is what happens when you can't talk about -- now. Tips yeah I mean it. Look it doesn't make the whole thing this whole quarterback being it is. Is -- academic because as I told you last week Larry Sanchez has regressed so much that I don't think the guy can do it. How could we tell if they leave the men with a third string offensive -- get aren't. I know I mean night is that it is lying if he was quiet guy that was a mistake I. You know hey ultimately Hewitt and 99 after workers have a tough time real -- and cry feels sorry for my -- the Yankees are coming -- -- off -- just a horrible unbelievable 6177797937. -- calls on the way. Holly's playing just a bit early on this Saturday morning usually we it's a good by around 1 o'clock but BC football lob away John meter Perot back. For another season of both along with Peter -- and as the Eagles take on the wildcats. Who was opened up Obama. That's happening a little bit later on meanwhile it's check out the man the plan a canal not Panama. But a -- today it's Danny from Quincy beginning. It will also -- piece -- -- you know all those night. I locals silver beach I I go to Seacrest quite often -- so I hope nobody got back -- this there's a big tribute to -- -- not read our back. I actually -- the -- now many many difficult then I was brought up an upbeat but I like it might vote on the other -- yeah. No Danny I I suggest -- go down because they have a nice little restaurant called the red or back restaurant and is -- quite a nice little tribute -- south palm trees through so maybe you can tell a couple of now. I did cloud that got hotel last palm trees but yeah unfortunately the guy wanna make accurate anyway I got -- -- -- -- denying it my product on the air on the a lot. Axel line anyway is that social and -- TV -- assigned in the Olympic. That's pretty damn. What you all that talk trade on August 30. That which it -- you August 30. Doug -- and started 31. All right would you say. That and I don't. I don't know the exact percentage because it's not a scientific. Number but would you say the pitching starting pitching is the most important aspect of a Major League Baseball team. OK so would Jake Peavy have solidified. A rotation right now that's looking very re very strong going into the post season. I'd say -- that question that the jury's still out you think it's right at the trading deadline. To procure players that will put you over the top to win a championship. Identified deficiencies and it -- at the trading deadline. Like CO did an old war wiped out there why did it in 07 with Beckett end -- -- -- -- -- will fall. Players what came over the top I'm a saint Pete you won't you got by the time the playoffs to com. All right let me hold on hold and edit and hold. Danny Danny since you that you make -- point all right but you make some good points remember the key player that they traded for Beckett. To give Beckett who was the key player that they had to trade amateur -- Hanley Ramirez well positioned to -- like charts -- shortstop who had much more of an impact. On the red sox' fortunes the starting pitcher the shortstop I think it district repeating itself so governor Danny's point as you gotta wait for the end of the moment. Until then he hit it it can't people who died which -- -- it doesn't quite do -- excuse me. Keeping it ought to be beyond that we ought to be accurate. And I hope I'm Ron. I want to see this guy can win here. And people. Thought but I'm hitting it thought David opposite team when it. Now and I'm not claiming Danny -- I'm not claiming that he's gonna repeat what Beckett did that was a phenomenal. Season. Make a statement that. The trade would split the -- the comments right. Who is more likely to make an impact in a whole season run a picture or shortstop I thought well. I mean I'd -- -- based not based on your vast experience. As a baseball observer. As the pitcher or the shorts that have more of an impact in a post season run of course you know what you are. Just I've gotten I've got -- well. And that is real solid but below Atlantic and picking up you. You got -- -- -- -- I can happen meaning you don't like knock this crap -- black eagle on conduct items including outfit. He didn't take it could. We agree that I blanket free agent for carnage came. I got sick feeling in my stomach that didn't walk the hostilities. Including things like pleaded. OK hey Danny yet they haven't Danny if they give me if they have any -- they have a one game. What to do anything have a one game playoff series who gets the ball. Actually the one who gets tomorrow. You know this guy who gets the broad question -- -- tomorrow. I get when you're if you're -- one game series not that means you're struggling -- The -- and trying to get into. -- not -- but did not answer about -- Which are not -- a question who gets the ball. You don't have a shot. Who gets the artists say you don't wanna say he now -- -- PD. And Kurt Schilling got to pitch. And at the latter half of the people ask you candidacy and Curt Schilling pitched to get -- -- -- into the -- Any we understand. Anyway amnesty and not. Getting any. Any we understand that I'm saying wait a minute don't because. I -- Neither you nor I know what the last week of the of the playoff situations going to beat but I'm saying in a perfect world. If it comes down to you could use three two or three of your stock is who would you give the ball to would you give to. It looks like peavy -- -- they -- To be able to duplicate when he -- that means and how are that aren't people without warning and he went five and two thirds innings. He -- his bullpen to get out easily give up what many had to be anything at any. But stock report about what -- six. And so -- give the ball throw. -- -- -- now we know when you look at the quality stopped by the way -- hitting. We're airlines which what you read up -- up but that the quality stock. Products are. -- give -- -- get right into the question of Casey you've got to block but that would ever threaten us and I didn't want to trade equation as he got two hits last night and -- run. But right now whether you like and then not peavy is probably -- I thought -- was going to be but he was. Okay certainly -- -- that quality start the inning I don't know how much we can use that are always take the starting pitcher with a quality start over an important position but not the important position which is starting pitching up Billick -- New Hampshire next portrait. -- don't know hey bill how I got. All right he's quite good at that point YouTube and orders earlier. Question. What equal that it is changing the automobile. A good start cook. That was that was from that Danny DeVito movie or a queen might ditches and I -- electoral board and I. Oh I didn't quote I gotta be warm likable he's a letter to act that the that's on the look wherever. I don't -- culture. Where you're Concord again sure. Border -- in the brat so I'm surrounded by at least there and then these. And so you know I you waving -- white flag bill. Well it's not my knee. Initially. In place that those -- lighting they stopped at the -- so. All your last card why -- Yeah. Let's say you'll you'll you'll -- all I -- -- a complete masochism for your Mets in the Bronx and I your Mets well I guess the New York in New Hampshire is not so bad as the Mets right. Yeah yeah now on the football side of the equation that. It says because picnic there and they're adults and I'm reputed missed that people so let me let applied or what -- what it people outside nick. Two points where the wall. I'm certain -- yeah I understand why people do it. But I'm certain -- -- hearing people talk about denigrating it's they look -- -- on. I didn't group -- it. He didn't -- strong Christian belief. And the -- contagion and it is kind of it was permeated with mentally incapable. We didn't have a whole state that all our -- Unfortunately can't throw the football so as great -- characteristic possesses it really doesn't make any difference. That they're probably get. Candidate if we could -- all the little of everything you need to act then there. And understood. That well. -- -- -- Not a racial. Group there. That want the extra mile problem you later why is Denise Dillon Denver. I don't know who didn't want -- partner who don't know -- -- and he went blow the jets and the acts. What is really important and it is that it will not respond well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I certainly I think he played in the exhibition games they gave they gave plenty ample time don't you think. Yet again. And that sort -- that the. You can't change the whole play -- -- the other problem is as long appreciate the call bill as long as Tom Brady is up bright and Ryan mallet. Is up right there is no place for Tim Tebow we try to come up we'll all these. Theories in hypotheticals all these speculations. In scenarios. That somehow could accommodate Tim Tebow is being on the 53 man roster. It isn't going to happen it's not gonna happen because if you just tuned in. Tim Tebow was cut about an hour ago by the New England Patriots. Didn't even make it to the 6 PM deadline he is no longer -- member of the patriots I think one thing whether you like it or not we don't -- He stuck to what he said he said did he does what's best for the team. -- let us for a day. They were there at the minister Gordon but is there right now regarding Georgia -- All things work for the good -- those lovable and you'll be our. It's distinct point remarks there earlier today and replay he's a free he'll probably remain a free agent -- patriots beat him ready. Reason to -- figure out why. Perhaps they can -- acquire the Tim Tebow era. Lasted just three pre season games if you bought the if you -- -- assurance that they didn't think -- so happy to see somebody cut like well why did you -- on the things he was a good guy there now I doubt if you know anything Paramount and I was not a person that I think he gave his only represented himself well. I'm not happy about it. Well you seem to be if we find enjoyment. Well you can you you can. Lick your wounds off the year is -- Iraq and make way for BC -- And there. On -- go -- hours. I can't wait job you know Tim Tebow is gone but just -- -- -- back that's yeah I watched put our best to give -- draft I really be out the game or did you mean he's out of his living. -- -- -- Bob May rob Bradford as a shock -- -- to another radio show he'll be out after BC football season next to me by. I -- -- toughness you know it is the toughest part of we've got. Go -- nice guys. Some people that you. That's just that's the map so it's always hard when guys work hard there and yes it's kind -- hard. Put forth all the effort they've put forth. Stole the culprits. That. It's always told whatever we do do everything -- -- -- -- this football team 2013. Whatever that is at any position. So. We'll do things for us for the. I mean again I think. Football players.

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