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Mustard and Johnson Give Their Opinions on the now Infamous Rolling Stone Article Regarding Hernandez and the Fallout

Aug 31, 2013|

Craig and LJ get into the Rolling Stone article that came out this past week discussing Hernandez’ past and his state of mind leading up to the murder of Odin Lloyd. They get into its validity and what it means for the Patriots, the Kraft family and Bill Belichick. Also, does the inclusion of Ron Borges’ reporting help or hurt the magazine’s credibility.

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Our number two it's mustard in Johnson's Sports Radio WEEI. Abbreviated show today at 1145. We make way for the return of one of our favorites -- meter Perot back with the BC football as the Eagles take. Go wildcats it's over at that Chestnut Hill. We'll have all for your idol it's a portrait that program up I really do I've -- to a couple of players off the racquet. And they tell me they really like their coach a lot of a lot of enthusiasm very encouraging and down. Redick will be coming back -- quarterback and I hope they do OK I know they are raided his being the last stint ends there. Division but I I like a -- I like him on Saturday and then patriots on Sunday. Up but it it is interesting Craig it is as we were trying to remain in car exports which is what we do right. I tell you -- on The Rolling Stones article I was looking at the at the Hernandez. Accusations that continue to go lawn and about the some Florida play is being suspended it is it is a continual. Pattern. It is a bit similar to what is going on in the real world and I know people don't like it but whether you like it -- -- it is is a deceptive is now a fabric of our toy department which is sports. And from time to time you going to be forced to talk about things which -- not comfortable with and speaking of that the other big issue while we continue. It's -- wonder. How Tim Tebow will make a contribution to the patriots be honest scout team quarterback. Aaron Hernandez's name are returned. To the headlines in certainly he became fodder for more discussion he's had little bit of a break at least on the easier ways until the Rolling Stone article came out. Earlier this week I guess officially came out on Friday but we sort of -- couple days earlier. And I guess the problem with a a lot of it is not only is it in type patriot. One of the names on the byline. Is a guide its renowned for his anti patriots element Ron Borges you know Ronnie pretty well from your globe days Bakley was there. You certainly know how he feels about dollar check in the. -- is one of my best front a bit better friends over at the globe as years have gone by in. Regardless of how he feels about politic I can imagine him being -- being stupid enough to put his name on something. That he didn't feel. Was credible. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen by. There is some things in the article it is really disturbed me as far as the getting rid of Mendez the security guy Hamburg -- in Briggs. -- all of these things. But the story that the -- of me more than any of them was if did Hernandez go to Indy here in the column buying the eighty seek out ballot check. Did he -- -- ballots Jack you know I got them gang people after me and stop and I'll want to go and they're gonna kill me or whatever. In ballots checked it says well you know you need to tour is gonna flop -- -- -- IQ I don't use those are well and every year. I can't what Belichick might be being a guy you know organic -- debating a lot of things one thing is not stoop. And I think that if anybody in your locker -- of that teacher or an average doing youth ministry. If somebody gave me and said you know but allegedly Hernandez said. I certainly would take that far more seriously than just brushing it off. And suggesting that he -- say hideout to protect him. From these people who -- it was like an idea this is signing a forty million dollar contract so you think that that might as stretched the bounds of where you'll find somebody or forty million dollar contract or if you had signed tomorrow ready. That you wouldn't be more concerned about following up comments yet be the case. Yeah and you know we say that Belichick is calling calculating lacks. Passion or compassion but certainly once you put forty million dollars. In tool player and Scion to big signing bonus and everything else and that happened late last summer you would take some pretty I think some significant steps. In order to protect you -- investment even if you didn't care about the person you certainly care about the cut out -- Little -- just. Are they from a businessman Stan pointed out now Jonathan Kraft came out in refuted. That very organized. Points. That he refuted in a story -- again. The problem with this whole thing that it and you and I get no Troy heated discussion about a couple weeks ago is even read Belichick's thing I have no comment on that I -- not comment yesterday on that. You can't. Comment on these things unless you wanna be in court. Indy still might be subpoenaed now. Did Hernandez come out to Indy. In. You know hard -- about some people after you in number to tell you there's a big court showing military there's a big difference and having an opinion. And putting your hand on the Bible and now you're standing in sitting on the court -- you can't -- ask you this I can't say it isn't right it. Is that I die right now this question comes from complete ignorance and you know why stop now with the outline of bought -- What legal ramifications. Does ballots Jack. Com com have to worry about by acknowledging. That Hernandez might give -- -- because from a defense perspective. The defense don't forget we have not heard much from the defense and all this. I'm a defense perspective. He can turn around and say to you. That down that these people went after him in that it wasn't. Him that was driving somebody to a Destin. Parking lot someplace that people were after him. From a defense perspective. And then they bring you went to court to verify the fact it Hernandez had a conversation with you about people after him. During his eminence and yeah I guess I'm just -- -- a bit you know if they're. In -- if if it to me out trying to stay is far away from this is possible I don't wanna be in a courtroom I don't wanna be subpoenaed. I don't want any of that so as much as they press him to try and get answers from him. It behooves him to same thing yeah. Here's the problem I have I think Rolling Stone might of miss understood. Perhaps Rahm gorges -- rep -- he shouldn't in this town. And unfortunately and I like Ron and I thought Ron got railroaded. And that plagiarism charge and you know thankfully he landed on its feet. At the Harold and he certainly I think he has a voice and I appreciate his voice he is contrary and I think we need contrary -- in the Boston media. And I respect -- a lot but I think growing storm might have made a mistake. Allowing him to put his name on the byline may be -- you say it's similar to the globe story with a guy interviews to people lower critics of of the desert Cali in Germany -- to be friends rhythm and the guy used to work here at the station. Right now I'm sure that they did not make this up out of whole cloth and none of this was fabricated -- sources are probably credible. But you could certainly. Fine faults. With the article not that we know anything more than the reporters do where the crafts there were anybody in the patriots understand but. They're they seem to be some holes in the in the in the article. And they were easily refuted by Jonathan Kraft the other night in the picture broadcast. Borges has been on this radio station in other places. On defending the article and I understand that as well. Was there anything really in the -- beyond the Indianapolis. Columbine story -- if I stood out to you. That's enough for the -- was there anything almighty god there they're well he's already -- while -- Without a -- I don't -- coming paranoia he CP yeah it is if let's say they did switch security people will wind event happened and why did that happen -- and in did that have anything to do with tracking players doubts but I'm telling you my friend. Is it's one thing to sit on a radio or Charlotte speculating kicked the stuff around it's another thing if you get subpoenaed. In both sides want to use your when your testimony and now all of a sudden you're sitting. Operate in an in a big courtroom -- written media people and now you can't brush them off with. It is what it is right. But I tell -- Rolling Stone is really specializing. In criminals from the Boston area we have done a certain I have brother on the cover. Last month that was controversial because the cover. Are some people what was part two sympathetic to dodge show car. On now you have Hernandez. And I don't think Rolling Stone understood. Ron Borges and his reputation and I think it does unfortunately detract a little from the credibility article. Not that Ron is not telling the truth but I think the perception this is truly just perception. From the patriot fan is. I cannot accept the single thing in an article that has on its sub byline -- -- It would have -- if they had Karen. On the air while Mike Reese right writing me out a bit more objective garbage or run but the reality is -- -- not the perception out there outright perception -- right. You're right I agree with you when you know nine when you pick up a newspaper. You -- beating an interesting story within two seconds have of getting into the story you look to see who wrote. Right and over the years Al Borges and Shaughnessy when they write an article. 50% of the time anymore so at least from the perception. Of the average Boston sports fan it's going to be negative. It's going to be critical. It's going to attack a player or an owner or team. And they don't like that people people consciously or not want the your feelings to be rubber stamped on radio stations and newspapers on TV. And those guys have a reputation for being contrary it -- and -- popular I think they're great at what they do. But I do think that the average fan when he heard that or she heard. That Ron Borges was one of the writers -- at least contributed to the article well there goes back credibility and -- Just to substantiate your point. And what is -- Bob tolerant. He wrote the article about the chicken and the -- He was absolutely. No question about the credibility of his out of our visit -- nine people were trying to find out what was going on. But because he's the type of writer who was kind of he's not attached directly to the Red Sox columnist -- so when he wrote the article right you you look at it totally as is factual you see Ron writes as -- the reporter. And the columnist which as a hybrid -- she went to some credibility problems and some objectivity problems. Our -- -- was not even writing in the sports department at that point. He had long since left the sports page in the -- if he was making any contributions they were in freak and he was coming from the news side. Anyways view as totally as a rip away watts I mean we know we people all the violence -- the right. Game stories from pay -- for the Red Sox years ago nobody came from the new side so no one ever perceived that he had some sort of agenda. When it comes the Borges unfortunately for Rolling Stone and for Ron Borges and to a lesser extent against the Boston Herald. People always stick a big fat a on his which uninsured not for adultery but for agenda and the agenda. At least in the minds of most Boston fans is the agenda is against Bill Belichick back. And the patriots the other guy like to hear from people on is. Is it I keeps referring to sports as the as the year toward department of our lives. Do you think people really won again in ought to eat your average typical football patriot -- and you think people really want to get into all of the why you think of that interested in. That things that are going on our rob a moralist like mark Malone says why can't I -- market we just -- football. Well I think when you have a murderer on your roster. Is not anymore. Well he he's a long time member of veteran player who made a significant contribution to the success the patriots have bad. I don't think anybody wants to whitewash it. And I think that we were obsessed with the -- story for quite a number of days and weeks but when the Rolling Stone article comes out in -- -- -- general problem. And I say this all the time. And I think the the globe's story. This radio station -- a perfect example. I was back for teacher meetings last week at Wellesley high school a couple of my idea collar home teach. I didn't see the article yet did you see the article in the globe WE is falling apart collapsing falling apart at the -- got the idea how to. As it is that a front page story. Illegal yet you -- on the on the sports page right chat that must roads and foreign media right are healthy it was a business story it was it was that that was a front page right up okay. And unfortunately. The more you read from respectable papers like the global war they herald -- the times. And respectable magazines I guess you could put rolling stock in that category about a subject you know about the more you know they make mistakes. They really don't know what they're writing about when it comes to a topic. You have intimate knowledge when people write about education they don't know what the writing about people write about radio. My perspective they don't know what they're writing about I think that article. In the glow with a perfect example there had been very good articles in the past about us there right on target John Tomas who wrote a -- here you have the best the best couple years ago. I don't -- things for the Harrell at the was still writing for bill -- paper that point but it was comprehensive. It was DTL -- it was factual insightful he didn't miss a single thing. That Marie and turn it WEEI should be ashamed of themselves in the global editor -- should do your home. Like Matt -- Oprah leaving my current and a year later he's doing an hour on Boston magazine and he refuted sure -- -- that was his -- initiative that article is -- -- -- great guy but he -- -- -- but the whole screw you should read my blog gotten no where in the article of the ever mention that he used to printers are here right itself. I think there are probably inaccuracies. In the the -- companies. Whom we'll never know. I guess it goes back to your question. How much of an impact does that Rolling Stone article -- we have on the patriot fan. Who wears what Hernandez that story for now in the rear view mirror really just as the focus I -- -- think that dialogue. The fourteen and being up in court if it's actor -- explain a few things right Hernandez got. Ticked off in the first place that kind of stuff is interesting. I -- to face somebody went to the com buying in and -- ballot check out to have a discussion with him a practice -- man. If it's true -- Then it leaves you with what the heck is Belichick thinking. If it's not true Cochran you write such -- well you certainly. Can't make it up by hole walk asked that has the comfort some -- It wasn't like he's writing a do you think he went just it just put. Possibly yeah I do think he did that. You do I believe that part you think he went today I don't think I made that up IPO went to the combine and told him he's got some gang members after -- -- MacCallum. In bills that while it is when I I don't know what bill's response was but I'm sure that of that on some in at least. Most of that did you make them what wouldn't be upon the story -- -- the entire story that you're so Lee you're telling me. That you're going to mimic most hatred fans. By saying that map which is by just as as an agenda against telecheck. And I remarkably missing no I I don't think he's just a good fiction and I don't even question importance on it but I am questioning is. If that is true. What in my impression does that leave you. If that is for. Any doubt which argued that which every shark. And why you don't believe that story. Is that just admit you don't think that's stories for II -- now. You don't believe that you you again. It goes back to a bill we trust it down your needs we are not -- they know -- money but I'm looking at a human being if somebody if you said to me afterwards you -- somebody. It you're very very angry with it if you have a Euro a year ago did Steve find ways to kill what guys something. For me to sit here is your friend it just say well you know nothing Craig wherever you gotta do what what's the problem with this analogy dismayed. He's not your friend Bill Belichick is I know why he why -- and I -- are going by normal human behavior -- telecheck is not a normal though. He's gonna be doing is -- -- your -- teams -- not -- somebody just weakness seven elevenths he's a player on your team. In becomes the -- any shares that information with you right. Well how you react to that information in my opinion as a story what should Belichick have gone I I would have called security immediately and said listen we got against an apartment -- and find out what's going on here at the -- on the other piece of that story. The corollary to that is of course that the security guy that they hired to replace frank Mendez Briggs. Did not do his homework according Rolling Stone article misses were Borges. Contributed to the peace he was not sufficient in his investigation of that it's okay do you. And Bisping and why this could be something that eaters either legal side could use. Could that defense not use this in terms of same way to me did he not come out to see you did he not come out to tell you that these people went after him. That you don't think that's prevalent to but now that the entire story -- the problem is it I have a problem at this stuff not it's not hours not talk show anymore. Now this is the real world not sitting on a courtroom. You know I'm not sure you'll ever know if that all I -- an -- I think I I disagree you're -- we will. I don't think his defense team as is. Going through this ought to come out when you don't think you're trying to check out the airline tickets and in -- I tell you one RT one person who does know. Fernandez right well again can you take in ticket checked with him and find out what date did you grow -- check with the airlines get the ticket. Find out you first of -- was -- at the com buying and secondly why -- the epic comeback but I go back to your statement earlier Belichick can't see anything for legal purposes right. Would how would. The patriots are -- -- be vulnerable features that -- that happened. How is that how does that put an apple iPad and and I know I'm not saying in several -- of anything but I -- thing. If -- ballots checked the last thing I wanna do is to be dragged in to any court Rome it's a generation about anything. I don't want anything to do with it. But if you stop calling his name into it. In he came into defense if I'm if I'm his defense attorney. I'm using the fact -- no no no doubt this was an irony and -- thing this is people after him any added if any finally. -- to gum -- poll that Hernandez had to defend himself. I don't have been -- trying very hard and diligently to cover all the legal basis I think there are being unrealistic but the patriots. If they don't think they're gonna wind up someone from the patriots can wind up in court. Someone is going to be on the stand I like -- if it's not going to be some sick a trust me. When she is like a threat on a jacket which you stop pulling the -- you're gonna start bringing in the big fish. -- as a mixed metaphor and -- and I know about it. You can't look at the what should stop threatening it's interests and the more you once you find what you find a window to look oh now now you're gonna stop bringing in people and trust me your view that the president -- -- -- and and I have been in some. You want as much as possible the stay as far away from this does -- -- -- which -- -- in a courtroom in all honesty and all of a sudden you can't glare at people and say yum that's column got to say. Point 61 sentence that it and I seventh -- easy teacher but I give your big fat -- for that makes -- oh really -- -- -- like you're giving kids a he's -- -- telling jokes and you collapse from.

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