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John Farrell postgame press conference Fri. August 30th

Aug 30, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference Fri. August 30th

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You know John I thought that the biggest pitching maybe tonight was the ground ball double play at Ramirez and first. Starts out a couple of walks things had a chance you know build an inning against some shots offered during its big strikeout to -- And many settled in. Knowing you worked around a couple of leadoff base hits in the middle innings. And felt like he had good secondary stuff all the split and slider or were good tonight until. You could see a little bit that seventh inning where things are starting to come to an informant at that point in time but. Solid start on his. -- Or -- able to break that of the funny response how they. If you two run single by how they -- think that hit was for him. Given when he swung the bat against. Percy the following a bat. It look like. A load was off the shoulders. No two out base hit single regardless of where when or how hard it was hit I think just the fact he was able to. I get a big key hit in that moment. And I thought he had good at bats throughout the night but in that fourth inning I thought the the stone based on the Brooks set -- the whole inning up rather than an inning ending double play he moved to third with two outs in -- to string together. 32 -- base that's for the three run so. A pivotal moment in the game. Joseph with those long hiatus is sometimes you can see those go the other way to do it censored. But if you look as sharp to -- as how impressive was that. Again I've felt it before the game if he sees it -- ground put -- zero in the first inning. I think that was just a chance from the get back not only on the mound after twelve days down. Put just to get the flow of the game and fortunately like you said the ground ball double play was key I think on the night overall. But is his work in between starts and he was that we can show self as sharp as possible. I'm from the beginning you look across the pertinent. It. -- I think there's been a few examples of that this year. David Ortiz is. -- -- his career speaks for itself and he's a cornerstone of our lineup with it and sit in the middle of it and because he goes through. You know couple week stretch where things weren't working out you know what you said before the game today. It's the first time all year in and really for half the five months that he sent any prolonged dry spell and totally confident he would work himself out of it and I -- -- is only you know a two run single. But it's. Hopefully we're seeing him come out of it right now that. Yeah. Oh sure. And it wasn't like he needed rest you got that on the trip out west. And it's not a matter fatigue was just a matter of timing and and the only way to get out of that is continue to put more. -- Maybe it's not ideal but do you think do I expect this -- -- helpful. For our situation now. Game situation will dictate that hopefully not. But the fact becomes -- records and out on three pitches thrown. You know. Another clean and efficient ninth inning ideally we don't wanna go to work to do that put the way that game was unfolding felt like we were probably out of my actual full runs scored. And once again he has. And he's he's doing just announced things of course. Yeah I had a similar -- question is easier to go with a for a save knowing that he throws so many strikes and compromises. It is hopefully that you know the trend continues over one plus innings but I think. You know over the past month I think he's averaged somewhere around 1213 pitch an -- in in -- in those -- closing situations and knowing that. And out in the previous inning even if that keeps those -- keeps us away from using him tomorrow I just photos of pivotal -- Record the final outing is their middle line up to power in that situation. But yeah his efficiency surveillance of the ability -- before us. Another. You you -- Out. Number. As efficient. I mean this or I -- -- is separate the two. No. I haven't and some whether it's you know someone and and with the previous club. Now and work well. I would you see inferences out. At times a split doesn't have the same or consistent action as we saw in those are for the majority this year. I thought tonight for the first time he's thrown probably six or seven days probably and played in two with a little bit and he pulls a fast or cross the plate to the other rather than stand down and away from them for that for the triple. But the powers there of the aggressiveness is there. And yet at times I think he's throwing through his split and not allow that bottoming out action take place. Much concern is just overall consistency. It's been Mac guy now where. It's it's been on the little while and it's been inconsistent results but he's still part of our late inning mix. That's who we have done are known and he's still gonna get the ball and he's gonna get all the ball in and some. Left high leverage situation.

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