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Ryan Dempster with Joe and Dave after his win over the Chicago White Sox

Aug 30, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Ryan Dempster after his first start since his suspension for hitting A-Rod. They ask Ryan about returning after an extended time of no game action and what Koji Uehara has meant to the pitching staff as a solid closer.

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Right it's been awhile since you pitched and that tonight. After a couple of -- get a big double play ball and it was pretty smooth sailing at least of the seventh. Yeah. You know it was a little bit -- -- and -- so they're out there in awhile and just wanna go out there and get settled down enough the first two walks is able to do that. Just execute a lot of pitches and now. -- even in the seventh you hang a slider and it gets hit big strong kid he took the other way but it's -- overall is happy -- -- way through ball movement. Depth when you when you got through those couple walks there would what changes in in how you go about it because after that he settled in get a nice rhythm going there with what happened there. That little bit of a pick up and then you settle them yeah I think it. Early on here you got a lot of adrenaline it's harnessing editors Iannetta adrenaline and to and to the right direction and it both we'll keep that up they try to throw a little bit. And they just backed off in the pitched the -- if Phil played just. You back away a little bit to take a little bit often and focus on hitting your spots and was able to do that. Really for the most part during the game and and because of that -- results. Disparity you've got that have a sense of relief went oh -- kept in touch it cavities been unreal man. You know the chance last year but with -- in Texas in. Down the stretch he did a great job for us there. And he's been just -- it really probably a savior but it Ani Indian people going down and coaches stepped in and it's -- it as good as anybody in baseball come probable and so. Is it was a party definitely you know I make my living with my right arm I'm not I'm fine guys and I am not going there. -- you gotta be sure that's a left handed out five guys I think rotator cuff melodeo though. Well certainly he went to the red sex because of that it seemed like your. One exciting game because of all the men on base but ten men were a lap then down one run victories certainly a very status. Lie yeah absolutely annoying time you play in first do we -- off -- -- posters complain that first game of the series. You know that's -- step and very rich and trying to win a series that's who's an all -- just continued charming series. It was a good win for us tonight. You know -- on the health more so. You know we can enjoy this morning Coventry tried union more. And and all the stuff that's gone on with you -- you know that the national story did that that became with with -- it is that all. In the rearview mirror is that all behind you don't even think about it anymore. Yeah you want to write -- it's and I was a big step for me it's. You know I've been really fortunate I haven't read much or or or try to read much anything about it. To try to stay focused and and work hard be ready for my turn in the rotation -- On the news gets out there tonight get back in the groove of things it gives you a chance to put it behind you and not. You know we move forward and and the guys in the club must be great. And I and our coach staff and -- and personal -- -- glad it got to back up their ultimate team when games yeah I'm really really nice win tonight. Congratulations that great to see it thanks guys based on. Another Red Sox win at Florida three they are assured of keeping at least that two and a half game lead over Tampa Bay in the American League east.

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