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Salk and Holley’s Four at Four- 08/30/13

Aug 30, 2013|

We look at some topics we haven't covered yet. Topics include the NCAA's harsh justice, Jadeveon Clowney's Heisman chances, practical jokes and RGIII's knee.

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Now word excel and -- store already roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it Kelly and sports radio and W -- -- Are no better Randy once again did that Craig for the second straight day haven't stepped it up 344. Our number one today the NCAA and Texas a and M have reached an agreement. To suspend. Quarterback Johnny -- -- for the first half of Sunday's meet Saturday's season opener against rice. What kind of message is the suspensions and I think the NCAA sending this is sending the message that this is no longer a big deal. That we used to think this is a big deal we've been -- now by the general public who thinks this is the most ridiculous thing they've ever heard it. In Q basically giving him a slap on the wrist and he's playing rice which is one step above -- directional university that you never heard. Of that is goes right into this right now you know. So why they may polarizing thing is they back -- power forward don't they are as sensitive out of Britain on I looked around I don't know if you're actually taller than him that Larry's barely taller than it is and he's -- on top -- more -- -- a -- a doctor Leonard whatever he's -- -- -- Definitely has them has had some hair issues -- in his day anyway not only that being said -- I'd. I think basically the NCAA is getting closer and closer to making it. Making the switch in terms of of what is important to them and I think they're getting closer and closer. To believing that it is okay for players to make money off their own image even if they're not being paid specifically by the schools that there. May be rumor mongering hope I'm not doing -- -- -- there are some concern that within the same firm the -- and -- a lot of other players that have -- sign of the stuff and the potential that we're hard on him him after the Oregon success many years back -- the guys. Who potentially -- involved -- championships -- -- are -- the whole process collect the baseball thing like we really wanted to down that -- So you know -- is what they did as the they gave a ruling like -- -- it's the mattress fabric on the mattress tags technical essentially. We don't do that don't you walk if you did if you don't mind. I -- mattresses you don't ripped the tag like here you think that's a big deal now but I mean you know it's. It's gonna hurt -- it's illegal like the old VCR -- -- After just one game it seems ESPN has put an end to -- -- and -- Heisman chances. What does cloudy actually have to do to win the Heisman average -- sex game. -- -- money -- I looked like I had a game last night and I don't understand how after one -- teen beat North Carolina you're gonna rip away the Heisman Trophy. Candidacy of the guys supposed to be the best. Fitness coach say he's the best player in the world right now bar none including NFL guys and now because what -- -- -- against North Carolina it's all done. This one of my many problems with college football as a sport is some hyperbole of of these. Completely subjective. Things that existing college football the end of the day of one of the best news I wanna know who wins who loses and to dig deep constant critique of well. He's not quarterback and he's not running backs of data on Connie. Doesn't have five sacks and every single game and he's not up to par the other data guy's gonna be the number one overall pick in almost doesn't matter what he does this year and it's weird that he would do that and yet not be the best player in college football. It's one of those weird positions I think is actually pretty easy take away if you wanna give up six action to slide the protection to whom he's an adult team that stinks but there's a you know you're gonna make yourself vulnerable on the rest of the field but I think that's why you don't -- -- -- Heisman you might have -- really productive defensive player maybe it's the middle linebacker -- got a little bit close last year but it probably is. As much as an official find -- -- -- similar but there is super close -- If there's some position groups Armey -- -- on one end of the line they can run the other way if they cannot do drop back pass -- Dash pass away from you so there's ways to control that so you know beaten. No no defense and gave -- -- Mystery. An Arizona high school pulled a prank on their quarterback. Once he took the snap all the players on the field felt the ground they've dubbed it the fainting goat what's the best sports prank you've ever seen. I mean I've been around. Nearly enough sports teams to see truly great sports ranks is from the through the video this line out -- -- practice. Quarterbacks in the -- that are snaps the ball and everybody in the entire field. It didn't matter like. -- -- -- -- -- I've been the victim of a of an April fool's joke that I called out as an April fool's joke it was still continued to be played on me I was told that there'd been a in a trade for Adrian Gonzales few years ago Foster only was in on and sit there he comes on -- -- -- -- April fool's deal of the -- on -- Sure enough I was the victim. Not gonna name names here real structure of -- want public but no. He made a sport that had all the furniture is home moved out what was wrong road trip. Where was it moved him. To a short -- so he comes home his house totally and thousands of parity react. I wasn't just -- the season and how enemies are our story or you're tired yeah -- -- cops was happy Fella because -- Optical accounts how -- you mean wouldn't you call the -- -- probably at least your insurance company somebody you need to yell you call somebody. I wonder if there was a note left or something to let him know that it was a prank. Now as he walks in no I don't think he tells over the pretty. You know Griffin's story who did you play with that was a prankster that might have done that I believe there's an old news as regular you know. Beauty and of people that minority urban Matt Matt Light this is is world news this is world he lived through the ranks fifth. -- good attitude you know was he responsible for this particular frankly don't know mountains. This is somebody out -- -- that. Little up and. RG three has been cleared to play week one by doctor James -- Andrews reportedly still has concerns. Not about health of the -- but how they're going to expose his knee to potential. Punishment during games. Is it time for James -- to just shut up. I think it's got to getting towards that time he he's become this larger than life medical figure where. No diagnosis is okay in sports must James Andrews has signed off on it. I understand that he sort of perfected the idea of the Tommy John surgery he's great at that. But my understanding in talking to people that the real the real. The real news magic behind doctor James Sanders is just a player friendly he has. He'll essentially do whatever it is the players wanted to do you want me to say this'll save this you want to say that'll say that its -- players go to him. To seek another opinion that might be different from what their team says. He's usually pretty willing to go against the team and go for the player and that's that was sort of reach this enormous level of being where he is now. I don't really know where he gets off on this if he's if this is real -- say in the yea I know he's healthy to play but I'm more interest it I think that Mike Shanahan would be better served not letting them run around as much it's like -- great. You're -- and doctor not a football coach I mean look if you wanna make a dumb opinion about what somebody's gonna do on the field join the media like the rest. Actually left -- -- this might be the sort of -- you jumping -- kind of issue I think you get to a point where it's like -- your imported as to what degree is the healthy. Can you get out there I think were also the point where. You know we've we've had this sort of timeline thing that gets thrown at every guy -- are they -- a scandal is behind schedule will percentages it -- all of a chemist often. Yeah it he is at least right through it through knowledge that the demands of the injury are different here with his particular position and the office of the Iran may expose them a little more of the truth of the matter is. In general last year when he scrambled from the pocket employees that work read option design so how do you perfect romance with him appointed as Wayans is it is it healthy enough to be -- awful awful just good deal. I just think if if if if James Sanders wants to be helpful to Robert Griffin the third career in terms of his health. I think he'd be better off talking to RG three himself from saying hang. Get a bounce. Avoid a slide every now and again yet very it your great runner and I'd love to see Iran but. Occasionally you're gonna need to avoid contact and not taken on and if it means giving up a couple of yards sometimes you're gonna have to deal. Oil and most probably be perfectly honest here well -- problem and you immoral and not have access to a moment ago took to mean -- I mean track record -- pretty heavily with guys to a you just don't seem to interviews after a such a rule are that it is that is today's Ford four salt and -- do it every day. At 4 o'clock.

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