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Mark Schlereth on S&H: The Patriots’ Backfield is deep

Aug 30, 2013|

Schlereth joins Mike Salk and Matt Chatham to talk about the Patriots roster breakdown as cut down day approaches. Mark also takes a look around the league including the current state of the Denver Broncos.

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It's all just give you credit for the first touchdown in the history at Gillette 'cause. Or Edmonton credit for that now but I don't but perhaps only gets Erica -- -- the status but it was a tribute questioned last night as the first tackle in the history. Op opening -- personal tackle it and people get those confused all the time. For tackles -- the same touchdowns. They're virtually the same means that in football who needs an early primaries. -- tackles touchdowns. Basically the same thing get Matt Chatham -- here in for holidays oh golly -- WEEI wanna thank the good folks over Dietz and Watson in the Roche Brothers to bring NN. Some nice sausages we got the Idaho potato salad it. I'm Matt hadn't eaten -- things -- working out perfectly for -- here right now you marks Lara I'm sorry your missing entity it's a full one east. Here in the here in the studio right now I don't have. I'm really get that at my idol then it'll be an area warmer Randall don't ever former -- always the band the wanted mantle. I'm glad you guys equal status report. Thank you mark we appreciate that they were -- were were a day away from seeing it. What this 53 man roster is gonna look like we got a couple of little teases. Today is the patriots made a couple of moves too tight ends. The first two guys released Daniel fells and Jake Ballard both on the -- to release Marcus Benard a defense of and but you know I keep looking at a -- OK why why these two guys. And I'm wondering if may be Rob Gronkowski is going to be available sooner rather than later if you're sitting here thinking about the patriots roster what he's thinking about. Well I think I think first and foremost you always look at the strength. All of what a loss jury is and obviously when you -- an offensive strength the patriots. On the on the -- back in we although -- -- Tom Brady is he's workers America. -- -- I think you look at the backfield. And there are so stacked in the backfield right now I'm another team Holdren. Like eagle but it don't but the New England Patriots they start let guys go to that they're back build this tremendous sense. You know then that this interest in about the majors are played on teams where. We were all we have our identity this is what we view we do exceptionally well. And we defy you'd try to stop us. And we're gonna do it you know were around six plate now portable window dressing where figured out the formation. Or personnel grouping. Where to do it out of you know with the motion to Wear disguises but the bottom line is can you defend the six way. And I over the patriots the team that says what are you -- As defending. Because -- every week but spending that's what we're gonna do -- or use our personnel. In that fashion that scenario look at that right now where they work two years ago the number one you know -- -- -- number Qaeda and and to target packages that they ran as they're kind of look what they -- that what was like 7273%. Of their offense. Now look at that day we got to -- four back they can really get it done we've got a ringing. We can place split out and -- -- -- -- -- passing game so we can give you base formation. Out of two back formation and embrace -- we here at Pittsburgh that was the -- is gonna keep our best streak and -- just. -- -- get -- -- based on war best players are and they don't want your -- -- on defense that it. There -- those -- it's a little bit. More what I wanna say more bands split but -- it will get a little bit differently and -- -- -- as opposed to saying visible -- strong -- try to repeat. Remarks Matt -- lives interest you made that point about the backs because we've been having this debate for a couple weeks now with you know they might potentially carry five of us -- -- -- fullback like typical last time I've seen a team go that -- And bill last night we get this George when guys out of left field who runs -- and downhill and finishes virtually every -- had. How -- you know how do you. You can't stashed these guys you put a lot of practice -- gonna get claimed. Yeah it's really tough to build a roster with that many backs because -- passed the come out of some of the -- she can't get by with less -- seven office sublime and we are aware of the spots come from in the -- -- -- -- one of the things that jumped out to me is. In these first couple three seasons were with a guy a real and a second and third pre season game. They were still run and twelve personnel they are soaring even some thirteen they still seem to have an affinity for that group even though they had all these great backs so I think that's probably the one sort of you know trump card to have going the first game they look like they'll still do either. Yeah I admit they have the personnel to do it. And like I said this week about the news pretty accurate is that they feel like your week. Eight covering it you mentioned twelve or thirteen first of -- Internet. Edberg here and it does -- play rookies and I think for a that it pays for park but it you've got a quarterback. And it goes out there that demands perfection. And -- You know I don't know like I don't know decisions and decisions they're gonna have worked up. Right. About. About trying to that -- on the practice -- -- -- the patriot. It's going to be artists session but it because people overlook your practice squad -- players you -- and look at them -- I think Cabrera in the we. And you -- that I played I think I think the practice squad came into effect wildly in the early ninety's. I'll wallet or and I I don't know. I don't know what the percentage is but I think it was a very small percentage. Of practice squad players that we kept our practice what they actually went through training camp with -- usually with other people's players. Intimate at the majority of your practice laws so I'm outlook they've been. Know that good decisions that the make it right so loaded. And and -- -- the guy to get the ball. I can do different things where you know the disputed the marine going to be the -- at any would that third down back that law. -- that is very important aspect of what they do offensively. Who could place special needs who can be on the part on the proper team. You don't -- that won't take off obviously golden decision to going to be make it right now but a good -- there have been like bet that there are a lot of you are now looking at the Google page. In which back bitterly. And they let go because obviously they're well coached in those guys and let. You know what are we talking about this patriots team you can never talk about the just in a vacuum maybe there is good as some of the Super Bowl winning teams teams that got the Super Bowl maybe not. But then looked around the rest of the AFC. I find myself very unimpressed with the entire conference right now. Denver included I know everybody's gaga over Denver I wanna see a little bit more before right before I jump and a -- on the hour. What about this they have seen general. I think it's early week we usually NFC and it just did it and -- I can ever remember the end that evening it. And you located. When you look at the AFC in. And areas they're imperial agent you know all. It and how war of the people but it was never worried about the -- -- all the receivers just because of the way -- -- the way the -- they've established -- They're football team and -- The personnel grouping that Abdullah acting so. It it did concern me not think -- they helped it will be superstar. Well you're right every other team in this auto the drugstore Simon. And you consider about the New England did it and then that's a question mark -- well put. The bottom line is beyond New England beyond December I'll you know the ravens at all times change all kind of turnover I think. The offensively they may actually be better in the world are you offensively -- or -- To reproduce step out of all -- -- it or leave it -- middle we'll all feel that you use your number one. And you're both you bet inside the number guys. In regards you decided to Dennis but it also it -- all those air sister so. Ill -- obsessed -- -- they're gonna struggle a little bit. So it and how would your endeavor now they go offensively they could be a very explosive local scene but their backs of the -- -- in the all over -- protection throughout the preceded. There wide receiving -- music yet. But there offer that -- and banged up here -- yet there let that hasn't played very much. On that they're there center position is is that there's more right now. On the at a sports -- there as well the bigger question marks up front and obviously Bob Miller you -- your best most dynamic eat at the player for six weeks. -- because he got. -- Opt for being stupid so. You know bottom line is yet you got issues there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More vulnerable now at spyglass. Haven't lost Dumervil intimately and Miller to me would be actually bigger loss than -- and Hernandez is you know we make it brought may be back. Prior to Von Miller's return so net net I think -- deals and her outscored as much as the other. I told settlers beyond that I I think obviously you're backed it eight be it. Beat Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis day's work or at fourteen on in a hurry. And it make you one dimensional problem with that for amber right now when you're Indianapolis you. You played on terror and -- you may eighteenth one dimensional unit or any of them albeit. -- -- is one dimensional endeavor and you got nobody Iraq after they don't have a apps -- they don't they did not have a legitimate. For that not enough they'll read that these that the borders really got a problem with -- -- it end and actually steam pressure. And or -- used to sit back in the day that by the bullet. You know make your bullet. If we ticket. What were grocery Q if we go or be in deep trouble and although they -- actually you know what. -- that got Linda. -- -- -- -- -- -- Fill fill me in on this work as we have been watching that closely this pre season I think a lot of what they do and a lot of success I have with Peyton is contingent upon the running game has it has any place and almost. Will gay was it was a pretty sizable loss. However have a mark their ball and some of the other new face has been doing of it is the running game still going to be sort of right where was born where it left off reserve drawback no matter his walk when. Go to the drop back that it has so trouble hold -- all that had trouble protection schemes are you know the running game that was going to be successful patent simple because. You're gonna get a numbers advantage you're not yet. Eight guys in the -- Brian they're gonna run in the -- you know I mean you're gonna run too weak side based on. Coverage based on where you can or you can't support so they're always when they -- it. And they don't work at a time but they were effectively can they always. Blocking immediate is the way that office. Constructed out of big physical running game it's not a smash mouth the game. But you know they're gonna pop them there approximate nine yarder and you are delivered -- -- -- -- one. Put down. On in the frequency with which they weren't the pre season has not been good to put the ball that broke the running back position the biggest issue to me it. It they're currently changing what they're -- protection laws at the line of scrimmage they rumble everything that line of scrimmage. And we got to keep us in the backfield that's -- -- McGahee is you know beautiful romance back there he understands protection. You understand what the quarterback wants war we need to know -- we need to help. And when he gets there you don't guys you know don't look linebackers safeties. And does your job open now offer on the on the end there and he tackles so that's where the struggle. -- first person experience -- he's one of the better chip blockers he's a good pass. Pass -- blocks -- back some neutral in the game so -- agree reduce air -- earth is our guest is -- here -- WEEI. I'd probably know where you're going to go with this because we talked about it about a million times together by it. Pitchers have to make a decision on Tim Tebow by tomorrow afternoon that if your in those meetings with -- Bill Belichick what are you telling them about it. Well I mean I would say that if you're if you're keeping air. -- That it runs out in on. You know when you -- base you meet you face the read option the that's one -- I mean he certainly. At the quarterback position it certainly -- how -- And you certainly can't predict or acted a little -- wildcat package will you. Create for them around because I. The any. Any point in time. Ever taking Tom Brady out of the game so I'm here. He is. What he'd bring the table is inadequate -- you have to believe and I know having want to try to was especially last year. He's not special inquiry about that it has been reported record politely but he's being able to -- all you know if we -- down or run over people put. I guarantee you there's a big difference from one of the it's all back. All your hand inevitable model Marla got like -- That's not on. That that would shorten -- neck and I guarantee you in people that have the guilt that you know you -- never developed. -- -- -- the -- there's still that it is also moved pretender like I did. I'll tactics war doesn't -- doing that they weren't you don't pop Warner football so. It about the necessity three -- on Iraq and it need not make it ain't. It is about that it's about we have -- and -- of this read option. That it ended well. Up throughout the course of the regular season and we need for practically -- that are nothing then he meant you know had been you might make it. I really don't even see trees going in that direction that they need to beat him -- all I can imagine anybody else picked him -- so I think you'll be -- street region promote the year. What do you think happened yesterday the NFL reached aid reached an agreement with the with the 4500 or so ex players that we're suing them. And the concussion lawsuit what was your take away from. While -- take away was the lack of responsibility you know part of the agreement would they don't that actually lead disclose what the findings are. Any admission that. You know the concussions create. Create you know superior count what is now eroded. You know again I think the players and in many aspects loss. Simple because. That's information that -- guys need to the guys in need to have that when there you know an exit eaten their sixties and in dealing with issues and hump to cover that the club is egregious but I. You know I know there are a lot of guys and I didn't I didn't join into those losses although it got to use electric. You know every three days or more probably more political map consists no I mean right I mean it -- it would be everything you'd three Dave good. Now wouldn't it like I knew I didn't know what the thought was the head trauma was obviously -- none of us did. But I knew that it is playing football allies organizers Emanuel going to be -- -- they're going to be -- are consequences to doing it though. I just let some personal responsibility guy and I'd be all over again even trying mute. What -- trauma to create nothing 99 point 9% of the guys -- any I would say the same thing I join us. In a heartbeat duo all over again because it's however -- was -- professional football player from our most well. And so you know article about childhood dream of that but I think we all know that anybody who's. Ever achieve anything and I understand that you have to make sacrifices that you know people just think -- be stepping crap about Oliver wrote that doesn't happen. They take a lot of work a lot of sacrifice to make those things happen I'm but I do think. That the NFL has the responsibility to share its information with players. I'll share their findings in and you're -- have a a responsibility to the former players into the current players -- It's I get to give it as much information as possible that we can make educated decision then informed consent and that that -- informative decision and the point about this battle. -- quick market this is something that -- probably feel half dozen phone calls or text about since this news came out yesterday I didn't join us the suit either for whatever that's worth. Bullets. Do you your interpretation the decision and action has to go -- -- -- -- who's exposed here I mean is this is is simply the 4500 people were -- of the suits that now get this -- -- read to me as if this is a set aside medical benefits for retired players or is it just. Those retired players -- joined the suit. No -- -- my understanding is that it is day in New York or any you can go back -- -- joined the suit you can file now and you can become orbits. It's an out of those 45181000. -- is also we let this thing you know yet. But I think I think the bottom line is that the guys who really struggling -- older guys who really struggling there -- real medical bills right now after a very gets the lion's share of that money so. You know of 181000 people are you know at the end of the day you may get a check for you know or graphics and an Olympics. It is it and -- in a quarter McDonald's on the certificates work for exactly that that there are pirated. Will be our friend now. Mark always good to catch up with the man we got a real football to be played here in just over a week looking for a total we talk against him. And it thank the lord. Looks exactly I kind of -- all you know. They are -- -- well -- they settled his lawsuit can't think about it and people I hope. Just your find his legs don't give him high or low. Or. They've been -- -- or should be sponsored by target every uniform to have a target logo on it we should start making money and marketing target. And got it marked. Target. The area is march Lara -- enough to take. Some time with a -- and I think right at the end of his answer his first answer there. On the concussion thing he hits on the one point that is is to meet the most important part of this he go back and forth. On all the other little things about about personal responsibility this that the other but there's one thing that stands out and unfortunately it did not get solved. By having this lawsuits settle the way it did that's coming up next Mike soccer match out of here WE.

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