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DJ Bean, WEEI.com, checks in after Peter Chiarelli’s press conference

Aug 30, 2013|

DJ calls into Mut and Merloni with Tom Caron and Alex Speier after Peter Chiarelli’s contract extension. Tom, Alex and DJ look at Chiarelli’s history in Boston and decide whether or not the extension will be beneficial to the Bruins.

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Welcome back governor to Tom Karen Alex -- -- -- and -- they're -- the I dot com payment. We -- here is sweet Caroline's or boils mystery -- Fenway Park Labor Day weekend is here. Her appearance sweet Caroline -- by Sam Adams WEEI street team is there as well -- buyouts launch. Get ready leave the office early combine -- adversary which never go back. Hopefully you're in good with your manager to be fine it's Labor Day -- -- -- The three that we get -- We are. Get rid of the Red Sox this afternoon of giving a press coverage frozen Fenway coming back to Fenway Park once again this season the particulars being announced today -- couple about college -- double headers. As part of that it could have via ice down in the be public staying for city residents in Boston. So so hockey always not far away the beauty. Or perhaps not beauty depending on you look at it. The Stanley Cup brought is that it is a very short off season and they get right back to work as soon as we flip in the September. Over at TD garden and it was news there this morning in the announcing. All of the extension of the contract of general manager Peter -- rally. We go to the phone lines right now DJ IBM (WSJ) WB I dot com was there and -- you did this is one of those sort of -- raiders he's done such a great job since coming in the -- doubt they'd be trying to keep modest -- there. Yeah without fully go down and you could help in the mood that you -- disrupt -- and bring our earlier you know that there is no way up distribute -- here with the when you look at what he did trading -- I -- In -- who but the necessarily. A -- player but certainly got that out eventually but someone. The yards to the opposite with it's being used in the air on her -- -- -- DJ. -- talked about I think it over the course of that press conference the importance of of of competing for the Stanley Cup on a on a perennial basis. How how has how to your mind has he done about the process of balancing those short term. And long term interests that you know that is to me that's like the great challenge of a front office figuring out how to win two -- when to hit the gas when to pump the brakes. In order to be able to balance you know the idea of being a contender year in year out verses saying okay this is the time. Well I mean especially to cap lead out to the -- being Smart money and also it's about being able to replenish your team would use which. When you look at the Bruins for -- Certainly -- are surely it has been in anything special but it's been able to get young guys here whether it's in the world media. Hamilton's of the world than. To a lesser than these guys that. We're we're later -- like I'd like Brad marsh who -- and while other guys but there are making -- seven million dollars you're able but it really contribute. It is a couple years -- so delicate that -- model of yeah you'll be able rattle off or five. We -- they might have but they're also able that'll erupt with a lot more depth that other team who might commit the very ones while. DJ you mentioned the that's the Sagan trade obviously the other. Kind of stunning move here -- little acquired the average -- but within hockey circles. Is that changing in the ES scouting ranks -- Gretzky comes in as the new director of scouting. Seem a little weird at first blush that team that's been the Stanley Cup finals two out of the last three years. Would would -- wanted to sort of re tool that does scouting side that you mentioned the draft and they haven't been particularly successful. By and large with their draft do they think that they keep Gretzky and his new corps of scouts there are going to be able to change that. Yeah I would surely it was that he -- problem to open up side by you said yup I was important that there have. That we do provide needed and he into you know that you well and those that want to also note Swedish hockey players pretty well and yeah are getting back to accurate they have. Really since the 2006. Draft. Technically Peter surely was still a member of the of the senators organization during that in Gordon all the guys and we teach in March and not a wealth of the year you fury out there and brought the world since that draft they haven't really -- -- -- don't drop it that's been. Oh no greater like -- in Hamilton in those early because they were stop and think they'd. I'm an equally so it is without it they're trapped -- group you look at. It's great they've made it even about the -- period. At the end of the day. It doesn't end up -- -- that trade because. Their blue chip -- beat him and optical or. As an amount to anything so that's certainly an area that it kind of with. Luster of the that maybe there there's stuff would dictate. Did you imagine PJ Axelsson and I love TJX and I covered Vijay axis and all those years PGA answer is indeed. Everything well except put the puck in the -- it could have been a soccer size and happy Jack pencils and would have trouble putting in the net please tell me you'll be looking for attributes other than scoring when he scouting them sweet. It is simple to find players a lot of -- in every area or go after. -- Yeah it was you know I Jenson really is one of those guys in a dressing room on the bench nobody had more respect among there appears. That PJ Axelsson and he just the poor guy just say it would hit a post it would go out and good goalie would make it but it. Same. Guys what I consider lucked into mean. It would appear that -- I was able to have this past year it seemed that every year you lead league in shorthanded breakaway in which doesn't even come close or. And he'd be you be able and other strong you know. Or. DJ when you think about Dublin when you describe the model of of Bruins players and you know whether it be axles and you know scouting in the eyes in Scandinavia and figuring out. You know figuring out that those kinds of players I -- has there been a distinct imprints. This is a bit that surely has cultivated that has permitted you know that is -- the Bruins to enjoy it. This particular success or do you view him as being kind of pragmatic opportunistic and adaptable depending on the market or is very specific type of player that it defines what he looks more. No I mean they're they're they're certainly a -- political players and I mean you look at the way they play in your your take away is that earthquake might be. Different type of player that speaks that the goal. The guy who can Wear you down. And in reality to be that. Kind of they could pay on the and having Smart defensive two way players believe that that the -- skilled guy like. Who ever well these are people you -- or the whole. All of it was a freak out that there's this underrated player David currency and in reality even is a very. Mark great player who are artists these. Felt he ended every year they went out and targeted -- we are not -- in the net stated period -- the probable who required though. It seems certainly hear that in the quote Julian system relies on Smart who they play it and be supplemented with. A lot of guys in. Every you would love to have you on Gucci but since the Bruins. Are -- -- fortunate up outlook they kind of have that reputation of stock up on power cords they've probably got another one in general and now laughter play. Nathan Horton left. Yeah I mean the other day it deep and strong bullpen they get it and applicant filed by. Given that there is that consistent actually goes consistent attributes of -- kind of five surely acquisition. What spindle what is the one move that you've seen him make it it was the most head scratch in head scratching inducing. That you've experienced. Well not that this is before my and it's even in 2000 I was only. Or surely are. But as a member of the Boston Bruins win -- Campbell I was eight overall pick. And I've talked I covered the team back then and they were saying even from -- First like rookie in practice. Everyone anticipated or what did -- -- it. That was probably the a major disaster and you could could be weather picture. -- accurately. It is -- when the Specter ground right here a lot of really good -- when. After about it. The you know what. Reporter everything -- are forever like that in there are many -- early then. -- -- -- -- In this this'll probably before you on the property values. That. And certainly travel more speed to them but. They're into the a lot of -- that we're he'd keep it. Second -- to -- is they were made for example. Tikrit early grade I was one that everyone laughed at the the Bruin walk Marc Savard these is still better -- it is a big -- and -- like -- you know a good enough or and better who killed that'll -- -- doesn't really do anything exceptionally well. It is that. All moves you in that kind of -- Which with a lot of projection in a lot of money. -- -- -- -- -- -- there are a lot of -- with him there were these he did they look pretty bad time that he yelled it out of work they do -- It and got a lot better couple years later. Did you mean this very odd that comes at a press conference this morning picture rallies extension being officially announced. On the other news coming out of the the team -- -- camp by the Asia this week that Patrice Bergeron says he'll be set for the start Bruins camp. Was there a doubt -- the Bruins where were they still concerned at this late point that he might not be ready to go and -- began. No I mean eat people all the right things. Even in the in the middle of the option when he. Where he met without because that's how you've kind of got referred her in world. He was not possible or break update so he called the media out there and all -- -- -- how -- kind of great day interview. In he would pretty competent and recovery it. And today -- usually press conferences. Afterward the kind of break up into smaller from did they weren't they were able view that it's so we were able. A penalty right now but yeah I avert our thing is not in Calgary that BP shall be great ago. Campbell. Accord -- it looks good and it should be getting close this getting on the right and they. Start it here in. In a couple weeks or so and they need help why it is scary thing and did it seem like they're gonna be okay you can start your yes. There aren't that much work on video chart that you do that he's been up and -- -- all the pictures with them. It doesn't variables that they -- up in that all the effort to help. There's nothing that's that and usual that he called in -- -- Amir Mir is used to that pretty regularly here with the Red -- when he wasn't texting us -- when he was trying to setup an interview with the media so nothing there for those -- -- good stuff we appreciate you calling him now won't be long or short offseason the Stanley Cup final trips. Enjoy Labor Day weekend to be back on the down on the ground beat pretty thanks. Are going to does it mean that's great job. -- -- dot -- covering the it's much better job and I think it's. So again news I don't know that it shattering news but just reinforce the stability and again. I am old enough on them for scheme to this town. And -- -- in the media we in the midst of that legendary fifteen year Ron -- on one of the four teams won a championship. Was quite sixty seasons does a couple of work stoppages along the way it. 5556. Seasons with -- championship right the legendary. Boston Herald backers is the loser bills and in Hollywood. Fun -- up one hill and there was constant turmoil and when. When -- -- relegate me it was an organization -- well they had just gone through the lockout. Entire season loss. Two works first time that it happened they traded -- -- as -- said the year before he came in the NB PD finished last place in the division. Thirteenth in the conference. Attendance was down now was 910111000. A lot of those games. Now the Bruins -- the toast of the town. A lot of people say they during the winter are the number one team on most people's minds he is big bird Claude Julien obviously. What was the best movie has made perfect coach this town of this team. It's remarkable how far they've got it's remarkable how stable. The four franchises have -- it again with the Celtics now going into someone's certainty in the future. Well that's that kind of interesting question how much rope is given to the Celtics in order to in order to kind of define this model because it's not like surely. Enjoyed instantaneous success with the turnaround at times. To construct something that was going to be. A successful long term model and you know in the case of the Celtics have probably requires that -- getting some really really high draft picks whether that means getting. Like whether that means getting elite talent through the draft or what that means getting. Each round town by treating graphics as we've seen in the past from them. That that to me again gets to what's been so fascinating about this Red Sox team you know again. We have a caller earlier who said that he -- that they are going to win 95 games this year. I'm actually impressed that you are willing to go I've done enough -- to say that you thought that they were going to get the second wildcard this here because I think that. You know again I think that they debuted it internally and a lot of people like me -- externally as they might have a chance for the wildcard. But I don't know if they're going to be. Quite there yet this year until they get this kind of that's kind of interesting group of prospects ready to impact them for 2014. So you know the fact that the Red Sox have undergone. There's just you know colossal swing of the pendulum and -- in in. You know in the span of such a limited period of time I I find to be striking him in fairly. In no way improbable. Think about the stability of these four franchises and there's no question was doing the patriots have become a model of stability and obviously. On the year and in this thing has brought some of that into question for the first time. But by and large there hasn't yet. Again from a place where you know twenty years ago fifteen years ago they were as unstable as you meet -- -- moving to Hartford talked about needing a new stadium talking about leaving -- to go to Saint Louis at one point. I what a great job crafts have gone. To build up a model franchise. In the world's most pot while world premiere ship fan after soccer but our country's most. Popular league by leaps and -- football nation now we know that so it may have been part of that charge with that sport reaching. All time highs and popularity. I would start about where the Bruins -- rat instinct thing you're part of the Red Sox. I find remarkable is the dog the last couple days out there still are some empty seats at Fenway Park that. They haven't been selling out these last few games which I think a lot of people sort of just assumed. That you hit the end of August and every game is going to be sold out. But it's -- -- still allowing you know it's not like it is it's not like they're competing you know very very bad time has been suddenly moved up our school started this week are back to school. Well I've a three year old so tomorrow but but it's beer America sure he'd be up to do because I was indicted on how to. The other. I just find you know the the -- September 2000 election. We saw the residue of that last year we saw how far it's -- them back. But I think most franchises go do something like that it's held a lot longer than one year it -- it is truly remarkable. That we are here. I season after that 93 -- year. Following. In the footsteps of September of 2011 in the works collapsed in franchise -- one of the worst in baseball history and this team is back on top of the division. With a stable manager. A GM seems to be making all the right moves along the way and any veteran. -- clubhouse that that is being praised for its character. It is remarkable that it was just aimed essentially at this point looks like a one year blip on the radars. Indeed but you know but again it does tablet that -- has lingering effects seemingly by virtue of what you pointed out the attendance so I'd be interested in hearing from people. Who perhaps. Used to buy tickets to the Red Sox used to buy tickets. To Fenway and have scaled back on on the degree to which they're willing to spend the money to do so 617779797. We're all ears to hear why you aren't buying team you know why you don't wanna go to Red Sox games. We've seen our building -- Bosnian herald Alan McFarland had one now. You know talking about today is that the yeah it's it's a stubborn as to come back. From 2011. September 2011 and 2012. It isn't just a case that you've moved -- discovered some other things I I find that people are coming back guys and ratings have been up now. Over the last stretch it -- And I know that -- while they're not selling out you know you're hitting. That point of the season where people are going back to school and there is football these -- tickets. That used to be sold in January absolutely it's tough to get that walk a grow back when you haven't had walk up in ten years you know we haven't had it. Rely on a lock up. Is that the case that baseball nationally because what is 87 -- of the top twelve markets in baseball attendance is now. So is this day. -- industrywide phenomenon Doug about the pace of the game so often does some things will get in their. When we come back on -- and Alex spirit -- sweet Caroline cross Fenway Park. It's -- Deschanel on Labor Day Friday WE.

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