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Aug 30, 2013|

Frank McParland Liverpool FC Academy Director breaks down how they develop and recruit players as well train players for first squad action. Frank gives us his World Cup prediction and it should come as no surprise to anyone.

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Another addition of WTI soccer cast I am -- kitchen also known as young band you can hear me daily. From two to six on the assault and holly showed today -- very very special guest with me. And he's gonna teach me a lot of things -- now frankly parlance Liverpool's academy directors joining me on the line right now frank how are you today. -- -- I think -- go moaning and ultraviolet solaris folks really appreciates. I'm really glad you got to a got a chance to join me here so really wanna start briefly. So how did you get your start at Liverpool. -- you look children's. It's strange situation and I used to. Eric culture if you somewhere in the summer camps are getting the 8080 and 97. And you are really enjoyed much -- -- -- -- -- -- and then. And they can a little full spectacle meaning a biblical conception then. Too much of state the census opted out. Are typical should be its goals of Los. And then. Luckily -- looked a no but these jokes. And it'll -- the government officials. Are looking into the -- -- terrible. And it sounds like it so and you can you describe to us what it what you do on a day to day basis. Yeah I mean mare children so. Intelligent David says it is field it's as long as well. Right counsel to -- so. It's a very very joke Exel and if so let him. I expected. That as the academy. The look at -- Dealing with agents both players seem to know it -- sorry little plays longer and it ultra slim. And speaking with coach is speaking -- School science systems it's basically oil in the wield so yeah. Whether it. -- so in your time you've been an integral to certain. The development of such Liverpool stars as Steven Gerrard who I know you're very fond of and Michael Owen who was the first guy for me. That I was in London in 1998 during the World Cup in France and I saw just explode onto the scene and I insulin became a huge fan of his. What was it like for you and how much pride do you have seeing guys like that progress through your system and become mega stars. What'd -- say what our client and Michael Owen and even got certain. Think I got a likes them play it's because I was you know collection at the Atrix with Simon -- -- They I didn't actually we're currently with their dorms. Are being heavily involved -- -- -- locks or five years since the company -- -- Rick in failing currencies so is there and and Jordan are IP and play without so. -- the economy actually on seven that -- strong Italy into the scene so. It's extra launch on the are you know 'cause they are -- -- -- even tell it actually didn't go all the you'll want to look at me now you know of our arms of the -- So -- -- you've had that hands on a protruding. There's like for -- styling and we've seen him have some success coming up. Well what do you look for. In these players that such a young age what are you looking for a really young youth football player. Eric obviously -- with Sandra in Queens are great and -- sort of we -- out -- and I'll probably send science. Will pay are excited about the prospect of income in an area -- magnificent race. It's very good at taking these -- don't. You know social goals so. You know we look pretty delegates ladies I think sixteen -- -- the other chances complain that it's been so. It's sort of oxygen to look at the moment gamers so lonely and you can -- very quickly Italy which consumes are so thin and long game. I went flex its armed only did I -- and its people the same level in the third minute. I did get in the on the nineteenth minute so he he's one of them players who can just keep going and then people click and we think you'll be -- six players in the future political thing. I I completely -- that I think he's going to be a very big stars are coming up very soon. That's funny you say he runs the same pace and intensity in the third minute -- doesn't mean -- 103 minute. How are you. How do you get them trained. To be at that level what is that you were doing was -- your staff to shelling them to get them ready for that next step. -- terms with their commitments under the -- we can help them you know we meet you. So we'll make surely fuel correctly elderly children -- the lights on each in the right things. You know we can cook so. Sections on the -- -- -- their insurance -- -- -- the -- but you know you're old and a lot of that aren't. It's actually in the many like. You know you just tweaking them a little bit because it's -- -- accept that it aren't cheering. A lot of -- -- he's so quick and just locally and looked yes this. But these -- to keep go into the listening to all of. So -- I've been studying up on you watch some videos of viewing. I'd seen this video of you talking about when you were a kid you were relieved -- -- -- -- -- to -- You're big and it is and then you got an opportunity to work with him what was that like for you. -- -- you know what I knew all Kenny obviously because I was sort of within the -- I doubt we'll from the gut player I looked a little -- and -- probably in the street and south of X. To play is that it's a place a little left in my guards are. And Glenn and he just called me. Look and -- our company solely Kenny was gonna be the impossible working alongside me at this little. It was a dream come true so I couldn't leave it to -- Know recently you praised Brendan Rodgers. For how he's been implementing youth players on the training ground. How was it in how important is it for you. To see these players in the academy right now get an opportunity at about 1516 years old to train with players such as Steven Gerrard. It's it's a great talent to pull me when its owner. So Arnold looks like it's you know because there's not many Premier -- teams. Whose moniker it will take field early -- section you know. It's all -- its girl on this opponent in saint Benedict at the moment. Coach. Says every player last week -- so you know -- It's great EPs they are and what he's got -- probably so when he Sydney -- He knows the people should be awesome -- so it's. It would bode well 00 -- true. Now do you have a player does due to nurturing at the academy right now who we haven't heard about yet but you have -- -- is going to be a big star. You know when left the company. And then I'll never really I think we'll -- anyone else into the -- didn't say this is the next. Big thing or can say is. I know they're being you know the 1812 to sixteen. We've probably got Artest explain it to a -- really healthy -- to explain it all those things. So you you have players from under five all the way up on the 21. What you do what you looking forward -- -- really young kids like five year old what are you looking for skill wise from them. X -- you know it's very difficult also we will. Mean these aren't the plays that aren't skull could all right what we'll do these little. We'll keep looking at you know hundreds and thousands of employees. And the bats well on the doubt -- ugly quick update the football is no we generally safe. Half freely without sleep -- the time that aren't and Australia for all those. And then we'll wait for them to two children so -- -- to be you know fantastic athletes who know. Old induct little thinner and the put it that. All we'll take a really good for all that and try and make them back -- athletically. So it says. Do you know anyone that he's gonna tell you they can. They know what football at the age of five. I don't believe it. -- -- -- So you're saying -- side you didn't believe that I could have been good. Well political you'll. -- and I was actually pretty good at five years old it was my heat but I was gonna. I was Google are. -- -- -- -- So I wanted to ask you because here in the states. MLS is growing in principle is growing generally very well. What would you do. Her. What would you change about how we do things over here to help. The growth of football here in America. Well I think to do you know repeat itself. In the states the moment and all vehicle that the concert this show who -- gains from the BP L. Every week which is gonna help the kids you'll -- you'll see. It really -- sounded. All your travel around and we we played. And some games nobody in our legal analyst is really -- if like fifteen years ago. And I think you're on the right track is obviously. -- trying to get people are looking to elite. Cushion through you know and I think -- absolutely fabulous coach is here. Whether that foreign coaches -- American coaches in our thinking during the Antarctic joke. All right final question and I ask ever on this question at the end of -- it's -- soccer test -- it's easy it's easy and I think I have been feeling what you're gonna answer. Who do you think is going to win. Next year's World Cup. -- -- -- I think your -- I will say this the most popular answer has been Brazil's under look ridiculous. You're in the country yeah it's. Are you still requirement. Oh unbelievable. Unbelievable if I think where it -- be difficult -- me. Don't want to beat our got a little sneaky feeling that England might just -- as well. All right all right I had a feeling you're gonna say that. I have a feeling you're gonna say that and I'm glad you answer that because now I have one vote for England slower for Brazil and one vote for the Americans. I don't know why I don't have that much faith I think they've been playing outstanding. But. Against competition such as Brazil and England and Germany and France and Spain. And so. Fragment parliament. Very happy to join me today Liverpool's academy director. Shedding some light on the process they've been going through frank thank you very much for taking some time speaking to us. I really appreciate you asking me and but in the pay lumumba from the local hope you gonna bring me often invite you on the show again. It's England world who wins the World Cup I'm calling you immediately I'm an. I've frank I'm just gonna shut up you get to brag about how much smarter you wouldn't -- us. -- frank thank you very much I -- Think it. Again big thank you to -- -- Liverpool's academy director for joining me today and shedding some light on. The academy over their Liverpool's academy in game generally -- kind of explain to me how the academy's work frank was very kind of very forthcoming and of course predicts the big England win at the World Cup hopefully. Hopefully the Americans do take it down but if England does and I'll be very happy to talk to find a -- again thank you guys for joining me again this is young Ben. Is W yes soccer cast.

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