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Globe Patriots reporter Ben Volin

Aug 30, 2013|

Ben Volin joins the show to discuss last night's game and the Patriots decisions for roster cuts.

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That is Sean Connery from I it's desert island rob desert island I gonna bring five -- would -- the untouchables. Really need to debate the best light up the best line the end stage is -- -- -- but that's the Chicago. Well this is a Boston sports talk -- -- well we played a whole speech later on at some point -- and I'm gonna Wear the white suit the Baghdad -- The guys this guy kills -- yes. Like a movie if you what's the outlook -- -- -- we need to get your your. Sophomore embarrassing movies you watch a touch was being that -- you swear like tickets. Yeah multiple times. Joining us now in the AT&T hotline for Boston Globe. -- -- And it's many -- Bradford and Brighton how are you. Yeah -- like untouchables but you know he's our director of the route for and it costs through the general. I'd say it's a shock pottery. Have a -- -- our position on -- well what do you guys what's Eddie could bring watch American flyers. Can be. Mexican born I -- about letting a lot in honor. Of. It's funny just wrote here an industry that somebody might have picked up a bit of leftover. It's -- -- what's the what's the word right -- your head right now Tebow is -- patriots on Sunday yesterday. I'd say yet. They get the whole time. I feel like. About Belichick you know exactly -- getting on NT it might be a revelation that people appear that it not a very good for our well I think Belichick you know. At the note that. They signed him at the very end of -- or really illegally here for five weeks training camp. Church or so other purpose which I think he probably at least that's what politics -- not going to be tremendous strides actually. As such and it just kind of like a waste of time that it on commercial valuation economy because you're no good. I think he's brought here even a quarterback. He's pretty good down Paramount -- quiet -- I don't know how hostile they are right now are right now not so I think he probably year. Well certainly the race played during the preceding the economy much topic that prediction. Is it -- and is it worth that is it really worth it and you see guys in that last game who did pretty well who showed some upside. Is it worth it to have that roster spot if all of that is going to be which is being the third quarterback to keep Tim Tebow around eat up that spot. I mean aren't you people are freaking out and -- keep the special teams. And I mean we're talking about nine quarterback. It -- back. Nick at their place -- so special team. Can't always carry developmental players you know I do that seven inactive on game days. So there are going to be every team has -- -- that three players that. -- -- -- -- developmental purposes but you know etiquette you know I think an -- or it's the number recorder back general. Not -- surely -- I think it in a year or street quarterback. He's a pretty intriguing option eat it you're out at that you mentioned that most quarterbacks don't. Want scramble. Signature plays that it. I think each each school where he -- goes down cockpit and yet to turn the ballot. Much -- out so there -- -- I looked okay last night. Pretty consistent during the regular season. And if you Turkey borders Iraq could experience it went seven games and beat the Broncos took such a couple years ago. Got a tree came in a packer quarterback option with ballot and -- if you ever should. He could but it caught the -- in that locker presents. Really hard worker good in the unique -- team. I got notre rooting for him at this point I even don't know Belichick makes a final decision. Mean I think like at that thing would be a waste of time they just part of air for short valuations are critical. Stepping into a territory -- you put -- -- a peaceful want to. Bush doesn't make sense though I understand where you're saying but you're talking about the last special teams guy understood. But still there's guys on that list who are on the bubble who have potential have to have upside. To have potential to take it to the next level where. We know what Tim Tebow as the only way he's he's not taken it to the next level. Where is may be one of these guys maybe when he's rookie free agents actually -- You know the rookie free agent they're nice story intensity -- acts are now actually and Campbell -- I'm -- they both look like real players is about to crack in the apple which bureaucrats created for the most part. You know they're they're -- stories -- but they usually don't. Well Betty wood had worked out pretty well I mean everything that there's a lot of this'll my point is is there's a lot of examples. Of guys. Slipped -- through the cracks or or finding their way in emerging into something. That is much more useful than what Tim Tebow is ever gonna -- I mean it's a great first down. I know it hasn't happened awhile but we also scare weeks ago. I'll bring -- Tim Tebow other -- Babbitt I've preppy appoint and your column from today it's -- -- searching is you know the trying to find a reason. Keep Tebow since they signed him I can live with if you're gonna pitch me Brady gets hurt. You don't believe in mallet. -- you can maybe play Tebow some goal line and red zone situations that's the -- actually may be self. Absolutely and I you know I think if you thought this is a quarterback has a tremendous amount of -- I don't know how much you can improve but. It is that it's -- limited the age. Call in plays that'll make it successful lot of play action roll out and who lags. Have scrambled the -- see them do a lot of it they can minimize mistakes. Get him to make a right reached. And really call them some plays -- success providing key -- really are that Soledad. He's not a good written apps -- ever get Chevron seven guy. And to be that and also played into the -- I'm a leader giving you call these reps in practice. It's good market value requires keepers were going to achieve it's like it's that. I'm never actually not a great -- and passer he's been all that I'm getting reps letting work. I don't understand why did you stand on him and not not bear -- -- -- It will work that for the most part. But -- Europe to play at a -- -- -- really good athlete a good improvise or. And make some -- we saw last night. Every Tom Brady back there but I think what you're talking about. -- special -- guy or a potentially dynamic quarterback. You know keeping the quarterback. About two veterans -- about Washington Wilson what do you think they were to think they stand -- Well there. Are only a look at current disperse the fact that playing almost the entire thing in my -- Little locked up in the air exchange that our job strike at the Morse signing bonuses -- stand -- -- it certainly -- everyone thought. It can bring these guys in the Iraqi air so called better -- and a good leader Trent acting. And which I'm which I'm not sure how much translator will and had a lot of -- They say certainly aren't financially keep it certainly can move on sixty Gregory had taken starting spot point. Are harder than it on well back there and wanna keep it well and hit guy you want it. I gave a -- and keep acre lot I'm not sure right now. -- thirteen. Preachy and might be flat out Washington. Much sort of make it and -- we bodies brought it at the kickoff returner. And the Internet last week it at all last night which are part which he hasn't done a lot his career -- awful -- certainly not a good sign. I cannot I think probably on the outside looking at this point leader wants to play a lot I start their -- you know -- -- -- Britain all the act now while our I thought you -- probably their losses while locked up. Speculative net gain on an -- in uniform with a mr. injury kudos for our holiday and maybe injured in eight Leon Washington I think at this point and a lot of veteran camp haven't really shown a whole lot. Well back to guys like Michael Jenkins hit a ball -- in some of the pattern that brought it. And they're trading young etc. apple -- that -- -- but they're younger and probably cheaper as well. Barely talked to about managing the roster was to happen with Gradkowski. I think he political. I think it makes all -- at -- opt for one EPS at this point. You know. Going to be back. Probably would six week period at some point. I guess -- we through or your chance. I think it -- and after that I think. Read that window problems. It the twelve week rehab output writer that we want. They're gonna take your time -- them obviously. But we brought puppet really restrict what you can do it he can't practice. Our goal. And the team is playing the gators -- yeah out rent it or caramel roster I think and and in that helped it surprise you to prepare for sure -- -- -- we actually. And you to bring it back to practice their launching restricted by or actually -- about six weeks. So even if you are you ready we want and -- that well he just makes sense to keep all the he alleged that capital pace and back and watch you know I like I bet that's probably we force. Bill Belichick did having to say about it after the game Jonathan crafted before the game and you did in your column yesterday. About the inaccuracies you see in the Rolling Stone. Article about Hernandez. America day later -- aircrafts. You think about -- anything change your mind you're anything different some more inaccuracies or or premature reports yesterday. The I'm not sure artistic because -- hear from a source close -- and that the story he can a lot of things right. Including a Telecom buying -- Belichick to block out all that. And here Jonathan -- come out. You know -- denied flatly. Belichick never all expired and that. If you did beta Belichick and likely. -- and that changed your involvement or lack think it would not well suggested a little apartment they -- got the better help than that. Not really sure what's being. You know I don't -- who -- some -- -- -- -- an even better story they -- it get away a little it. Now let's on the their eyes -- -- on some basic. Back check that it wasn't very stories of the revelations -- their excellence and stop about CPU. Unfair believe Opel although I don't think tweaking after you know how much -- how. You're in being an -- aptly while we out she eat with. Certainly during the off he's the car and in our future and -- -- big concerns. Well you know I can't say it's a basic fact checked. In at a end factional in terms while shooting actually -- seven what they are happy to go and get it they're a little better. You know that -- -- historical -- for the overall ordering him there. I'm not sure what to think about an acquaintance that ever date because that or prozac story -- -- Those kind of my point with rob we're talking about it in the first hour is that I can understand why the patriots side Hernandez that extension. And I could still understand that after reading this because for the first couple of years when he was in New England I sort of learned a lot that would suggest that would dissuade. The pitchers are doing to I think the Bill Belichick thought he was an Angel I don't seem to craft but nothing jumps out immediately ever read. About Hernandez -- -- that there was a bad idea at the time I think some people are trying to you know after the fact make that the case. Yeah I think are -- all that the team kept the record I'm honored anything area to a problem and in view. Certainly. You know crap -- -- and a lot people -- right I do believe that crap and you know this pretty. Rich important guy for being erratic all the it's a company. Not at all times -- in the science and -- eighteen to 20% of the deadly you know energy. Arguing with the patriots. So I believe that he was cute -- note -- game you know come and gone. Players but certainly Belichick coaches and football. And securing that they knew that -- Apache field. Financial problem he had to do well all good. But yet there's a packet has a big leap between that and the murderer. Cherry on Toronto island. Big picture so that but obviously -- they -- -- -- contract extension if they had done all that stuff. And I think it is still -- to expect that and know everything about the players should the -- There are a private eyes and -- and all the economy and that vote on controversy back at. -- yes and -- -- accident would. -- after all everything that happened is guys that Rolling Stone uncovered in in what he didn't college. If the patriots knew that sort of stuff. I would have -- fall on you if you're gonna invest that much money in some. Yeah I mean I guess. You know that top one I'm not quite yet are much sir -- stopped on the lady potential actors after the murder here at all. It out of it in the altered the patriots knew about this. What about other -- college. I think it debuted at bats eat it maybe it either an accident. Shooting in a bar fight it I don't know that it not they keep Kyle Orton had a talent. He's coming all you're eating in your teammates for the most part the strip a lot. But not in the locker room and -- in coach ability is particularly just went off ought to stop I don't know some of those recollect certain it's a and went back to being a football team obviously aren't that we go to the disaster like. You know I can be here with back. How much realistically expect. Last question for me ban if Tebow gets released tomorrow is this the end of his NFL career. I would think so gonna keep that earlier than anything keep working out but. That circuit with a check it out here last year a lot of games you don't want to deal with the circuit a couple of people at -- point. The creator of the one team that can really manage it and keep that day that it's not to -- I'll play. Happy I don't see a lot of teams being willing it to get a chance and keep it -- unorthodox style give it all of that -- that answer technical then. Oh. -- is an essential rock star. But yet sir are a lot but it was flat panel -- -- and only four I cannot I think you gonna be around here. -- roster cuts come out Saturday but I don't know for sure -- our secure Greenberg was that. And yet at -- -- achieve what it is essential to. -- -- contract. They caught in the count -- dollar total on anything it'll be at it and keep that in even make it. -- patriots it's very possible. -- action. Of all the Boston Globe bam we appreciate your time thanks a lot. It. That's been -- Boston Globe 6177797937. He thinks he's gonna make the team you think he's gonna make the team I think he's gonna make the team. What else yeah I've -- brought I don't know the area we differ maybe or I don't know about you but in terms of the a future of Tim Tebow as a straight up cornerback yes. No I think Ben says these were dynamic in you know I'd just I'd seen nothing yet. You know it would mean that to be the case I know the saints have a short yardage situations but that's just not what this budget calls lined up. Which you guys as well chancellor 1000 dollars at 9 o'clock.

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