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Globe subject Drew Mavrikos

Aug 30, 2013|

Kirk deconstructs the Boston Globe article by Callum Borchers and a few things Borchers omitted. Drew Mavrikos, the subject of the article, calls into the show.

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Let -- go. -- All right did an Italian. Don't leave your breath. Actions and our prayers go to -- photographer. -- Friday here -- looming Labor Day weekend the weather looks kind of allows. I don't know being revealed. Oh mileage so hard deteriorated over 800000 dollars and -- -- options. -- -- -- -- -- -- on the radio all the time to look at tropical. Virtually dominated miners was the Chilean miners. Isolated -- about. Full time radio producer and I'm rob you're is that the issue are right for W -- You can -- not all c'mon you can do it he's entering in the press -- and no -- that in the don't give me any crap. All right so yesterday's Boston Globe. Front page we talked about it -- -- last. Tortures when you called him did you call -- my first man now typical well he called and he and his excuse now yet. Marshall moves -- once dominant WBI gets into the whole thing about -- in struggling in the sport's great we sucked. So the -- gauntlet over. We had a mom -- went back and forth with them for 20/20 five minutes it's a fairly content just over these -- Jerry -- So. I'd -- -- digging after he found that we do is interpreted that -- account and show 2006 which was not disclosed the globe story which is obviously it's. Yeah for a globe to put that on the front page. And not know enough to put that as tag line you'll as he said you you'll have to to make it novel sport at the end brilliant. So that was bothering something just did not smell. And as you know in one -- -- you are in America controls -- said it's time to get with the biggest QB hasn't Pete Carroll. It's it's it's every. So. I call I got his number his phone number. Called him. And I asked him questions that we sort of found out the answer to about a half hour before that which is in this story in talks to two listeners he sort of builds a story. Drew map for -- in Javon Osbourne. And registering right yeah they are presented is just two guys who was the sports rate that's fair enough yes. And useless to us now they need a stimulus in three of sound your phone call him a note to make restraint on over to the other side of the street Rich's you know. Fourth quarter from -- Problem that's life not a big deal. But it's presented that way. So like it was FaceBook page this cal borders. And find out who these friends on FaceBook with Javon -- I strained right it's like maybe they became friends after the talk here. Have been friends since march of 2000. This FaceBook page for this L -- watchers. Tortures. Is not the kind of FaceBook tweet page like we have senate -- different tees except rain people you know. People tune in -- in this business and personal. Not the case -- a couple of hundred. So -- called him and ask him say this is strange he portrayed this character in your story this waste is kind of guy. You didn't disclose a different future of disclose that. He said we're not friends were acquaintances we met in church. A couple of years ago. And we talk once the wild -- sports radio and I might be interesting got kicked things around this story yes. -- to me. That is really dishonest that is dishonest intellectually and journalist. Personal you now know before -- sits down and writes it he knows which way this guy feels -- out of the Sports Radio before. So he's fitting an agenda here because of the -- like us the NC. You went. Right so he knew the answer before you asked the question defeat his story. Yes. And he's got another its claim that you have to -- we're going to talk to if you get to do is your other just conference this. Of all of the as you point out of the thousands and thousands and thousands of people who you can talk to from both sides of people like that people don't like it. Thought you pick the person that you view at your arm around -- FaceBook. That's the other thing so he says were acquaintances -- -- abide this for. Somebody sent me a picture from his FaceBook page. And it is him and three other guys the writer -- -- Osbourne and three other guys Beers arms around each other in the patriots game two weeks ago the pre season game against Tampa Bay. The strike -- the points. Again you know this is not. You can hate us you can like the others I don't care about both the Boston Globe is gonna -- a page one story instead reporter out to do that. Hit. Boston Globe page one business story. Is this -- is this the level Uga and you've got a guy who used to be an intern here it won't disclose that. Is good friends with one of the subjects the story who doesn't like us. Doesn't disclose that -- Why because I think because of the I think that's why. -- in in you talked about yet it rankled me in in the re one of the reasons it rankled me was this. It's -- to do a good story. Where you you paint ball size of the pitcher and then you come to a conclusion this is and I'll come back to it. Page who won for what's supposed to be the Boston Globe what's supposed to be the busting vote right. Yet what does it become is that weather -- the editor wanted it or whether the author wanted to. You want to fit the -- I think the author why I think the OK to -- -- know -- this distorted idea the story idea outfit you wanna do this story wanna do a story on dubbed the okay well. You want to -- this -- of okay you're cramming it down the throat and -- leaving I thought you guys did a good job yesterday a -- If you can rattle off the sales numbers for FBI in sports. And -- can wrap when you guys ask him OK we know what the guy is thirty whatever what was it 36000 or whatever -- a million then there's -- -- Okay awarded for the sports up. He knew off the top of his head -- the Bruins didn't put the story out to meet that tells me something he's just try to force as an -- it and what you found out just -- -- -- within the ratings for 95. Even though it's not about 95 you'll put the revenue at the rate that the ratings of the rare that's that's the way the world goes and budget taxes are saying camera why whining at all and I don't really. You know have a pretty can write a really good story that knocks us and raises benefits well written well researched all the good stuff Lessig -- That's the way life goes and right now you know they're on the top of the mountain and we're trying to get their that's bad as the weight goes. But for the Boston Globe try to take us down trying to make us look bad and music guy who wants to do that. Whereas an agenda who was friends. Probably it took me. Who are a joke writer I have no great investigative mind to meet Chris courtesy you've seen these -- ruling around here. It took us about seventy minutes to figure this out. Seventy minutes I think it's soup to nuts to figure this whole thing out. We have taken -- at the -- if they cared. We'll find out well. That's fact checker that's one thing and we said before we said this yesterday which wise. The little thing tomorrow -- big clearly knew he was an intern. When that show with a dancing talents go I would I wouldn't be surprised at all if they thought this is a good reason -- is it right. Write -- -- the front page of the Boston Globe in you don't know to put that disclaimer on it. Yeah I mean yeah I just think it's I think it's bad I think you know again in the sound like whining again and in Atlanta -- but it's not you know. -- do and I'm happy. This practice round was good that's a great if they brought again got to run Bob -- to -- respect. If you really good sort of the -- whether that's a great good perspective this kid is I think. He should be -- be -- on the payroll but he should be suspended the editor is what are these people. People don't. Let this happen that's the thing is that if taken now that's yet to generate -- portraits. Some sports bar -- -- And asked people twenty people you like that is to me like DNC -- torture I. He says I like it's OK I think I like torture why I accurate -- just two random people why you put yourself in this position is -- right. This happens all attempt Catholics even centuries and always say you know why. What do. As it was easy. Yes. He talked to -- -- fit it fit his narrative and it was easy he knew to your point. He'd gone what do you cities -- the pages game has got. The couple weeks ago yet okay I'll order for a -- what -- just gave -- you know -- you know I really like this and I don't like that. Okay in -- while I'm doing story and that are quote. We hear it. Are you run the website right yes if I did that what you said of the -- piece on I. 95 for the global. And I talked to a friend of mine quoted him as -- -- the globe news in the properties sold for twenty bucks all of its. You found out was a friend of mine uses just a random blood. And represented a different way right. The represented fastest that our industry I really -- out I I asked a lot of people thought this was the best ways to use right yes what would that. You would be UB taken off -- dutiful but a real. -- it -- the story. It -- -- I'm just surprised. You know I'm disappointed. Ago and in and you said -- in the title Euro well the headline in the from the -- OK well. New low for Boston Globe with amateurs Tatum decent idea. Well this is -- we focus on the off a comeback was baffling to me. You of the Boston Globe I mean this is supposed to be the standard bear right then and then it's right. And then it's on the front page the front page. And it is fine if you wanna look at. All the pros and cons of why people don't like are you lucky guy -- -- -- asked -- that that's again. There's probably there's been pieces like that done chat friends done some pieces like that sure and in the -- he's paid both sides of the pitcher we understand that. The front but if you're gonna do this story business story front page. And then you're able to go to the -- FaceBook account and find out one of about ten things that it is wrong -- story. I'm not. And you know we talked about it today we talked about yes they were count and it's just you know we got to take this guy down and that's were started. Doing that right now. Six months ago nine months ago I think people is that he can't you can't talk about it. Commences today you know the people of the people about score I don't care might -- -- -- I don't care. We should not permissible Boston -- be allowed to get away with this. We called tortures I called for five times yesterday after find out he was -- -- -- going to get back Michael multiple edit email multiple editors at Boston Globe. Got no response where art. The speech is still out there. It's been over 24 hours this is out there obviously biased flawed piece of journalism and there's been no it's from Boston hello I want it's. What it's about my idea botanical. -- around -- it's crap. It's apps are a step up. Boston -- stepped up for the first time it forever and show some -- what these editors stick them on -- will be apple asking a million questions. Beacon answers -- that they liked but I want some answers I want some freaking answers I want the right. Document. To somebody better start to meet some -- answers the passage this embarrassing. Why. For more -- 2013 knows better and best newspaper -- you -- better and yes it was on the front. There website for about fourteen or fifteen -- way more valuable piece real estate. In this world in the front of -- did -- click on. That's the other thing I'm in which is obviously but our world of sport for that. But you know you see my -- you click on the click on click and I think you deserve it you're going to Boston Globe. Now a bias free honest piece of reporting. Even though he's from -- Osbourne and walked -- -- We don't know -- give back to knock it back to restore waiting to hear from what the call back again today we're here I get your -- from. The people to gloat for hear from them -- be pretty -- -- Joining us here always. But in line for the gentleman named drew maverick knows rob who was the first guy got sort of the lead in alum. Watchers -- went. Tortures tortures call in history in the globe that we had some farmers here drew is the first sports fan he spoke to he's for change -- -- listening to us right now. Drew it's going up. Hey good morning guys -- thanks technical. No problems so you spoke what did you speak to tell. We're spoke with their -- and -- early last week. And I was I was setup. Yet the limit actually. We're you gonna let you just want to say you know appreciate all the work you got it for the Jimmy Fund this week and I'll thank you I mean I hate that. The timing of it and you know my name -- news. You're mentioned in the article. Went after -- it's a good job and you know I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're friendly Jonas. Great Celtics and -- somehow knows yup I don't know how -- The according to the -- I spoke to mr. their their bad church ball. For five years ago. Yeah that may -- -- I honestly. Dirk didn't mention how he knows -- -- you today. Quote want to talk about how do you guys dropping -- which itself. Again we're both pretty big topics and we got. NBA you don't change the animal chain that we. -- actually he wrote back and forth every single day. So you know I wish I would -- because if I can lock up -- one note it will at least looking around me you know I get it can not yet it is. As they have been so no problem. But I. You're not disgruntled. Watcher I it's Angela and and out in chill in the morning. Drew let me ask ask -- a couple of questions. And the second paragraph of the column he writes -- writes. An avid listener of the Boston Sports Radio station for years the twenty year old software sales executive. It turned off by the current roster of on air personalities is that accurate. Not entirely not. Watch. Or listen to you law in the morning but pretty much after that. I don't really go back yard. And they immediately applauded if you look good but did you save it and did you say I'm turned off by the current roster you consider them overbearing underwhelming or did -- report that without you saying. Though there's some some people that I'm not as impressed by and show. That some people relentlessly. -- what are your devotion to our devotion -- -- wavering like he said in the first in the lead sentence in the call. You know sometimes tortured and let them -- -- -- -- right now. But by you right -- at the showed that there is -- wry ironic that the show that this article focused on the one show is the one show that you actually do listen to. -- okay well that wasn't him anyway. That's again that's good listener and each you can listen to the other guys it was -- that's that's a big deal -- -- so so he. What went through clear through Osbourne got a bad. My friend Jonas was the one who mentioned anything specifically about go to cal and I would -- Nokia doesn't like. You know he doesn't care -- Kepler program where is. They were looking for someone who's still -- can -- yeah so that was again we're more focused on the Celtics and things. No it -- actually what present. That's an -- that's in that you don't do you feel. Like you were not represented properly in the story. -- let go wouldn't representatives. Again I. -- like I am listening. Two. Other stations. More than I have in the past but that's not to say that I'm not listening cure or not and I. Of -- anymore. And it didn't mention the Celtics but I didn't know it was going to be more a piece on overall. It cannot so I mean and now Nokia not to mention that -- and circular and more aware. Digital media -- you know it was going to be a piece aren't -- that the new direction yeah I was trying to take -- -- ignored. -- did note but it was pitched but the idea was you were there to talk with the Celtics in the stories about. RBIs falling and you were sort of you know kind of the guy at the thread through the story from the beginning to the end. As the spread human name. For -- and -- -- -- and I appreciate the photo I grew old through broke quick you said that you had been introduced through the other guy Jonas is as name. Okay. What what kind of vibe did you get in terms of how close Childress was with cal. Didn't seem like they were. Good -- he's never mentioned before anything it's not like it was like under under something like that. I will appreciate the time thanks troop. They -- really what I did listen doesn't.

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