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Quick Hits: Reaction after the Patriots' final preseason game

Aug 30, 2013|

Mike Petraglia and Chris Price break down the Patriots' performance after their final preseason game.

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Here at Gillette Stadium after the patriots have beaten the New York Giants 2820 in the pre season finale I'm Mike to trial yet. Joined as always by patriots expert columnist Christopher price. Chris what do you think first of all of Tim Tebow -- performance to touchdown passes he was sacked four times. But at the end of this game he seemed to make a big statement especially to Clinton -- I think it was interesting first of all you look at his numbers in the box score really doesn't tell the whole story when you're talking by -- he did not give much support from his offensive line there will say that. So when you look at the number to kind of -- little bit of a grain of salt. Two touchdown passes to -- Sims I love that connection every single pass of consequence. Did Tim Tebow made this summer he meets acquaintance Simpson is really -- kind of sweet almost. To look at the relationship between the two because Simms talked about him as the so I can't believe it's Tim Tebow but it's it's kind of a fun unique relationship that the two have. I think did. Tebow was going to make the roster even before what happened tonight you know again six for 1191 yards to touchdown passes for -- who's gonna make the roster because. You can't look at Tebow. As a short term answer -- looking Tebow is a long term project -- there more than willing to give up a roster spot for someone like him I will say this too. I wouldn't be surprised if Tim Tebow comes up where they. Injury cost between now and Saturday did -- him and I are for the year. Because they think you want him around and I think they're gonna trying cue from her underneath your former fashion and you know that that might entail no come up with -- -- for a flu. Something that really suck out to me and a lot of other observers where is the reaction on the patriots sideline led by Ryan mallet of all people. When Tebow threw the two touchdown passes them what. -- said after the game. Was that everybody in the world was pulling for him. And it was really something really special to see and something now but also pointed to was he noticed and so does teammates all the boo birds. Raining down on Tebow and then how Tebow responded how important you think that is. I think that's mesa CNN I think it's neat to see a player respond to a setback with a positive I think that shows mental toughness and I think that's nice to -- It's also nice to see him in not that this matters in the long term really. But to see the entire southern Poland format I think that was a nice sign and I think. That might translate into something down the road again I don't think that's Michigan win him a roster spot but that's the kind of thing that did doesn't go unnoticed. Well I think is speaking out Ryan Mal that we saw exactly what he's capable of you will not see a better pass Tom Brady or not. Then the one Ryan mallet threw -- Josh -- for the touchdown forty yards in the first half. What did you think Ryan mallet and should we have confidence in god forbid Tom Brady go down at any point during this season the Ryan -- can step in and get the job done. It was a very Ryan now at first death in the and that he showed off. Maybe one of the strongest arms in the NFL with -- -- forty yard pass to voice just a phenomenal pass but -- past phenomenal catch by voice just perfect execution on both sides. He also missed two win at least by my count short passes including -- in Washington a white openly and Washington credential and a touch on the ball so. You really have to look for -- with two sides of the coin here because. You'll look at the guy again west phenomenal arm strength they get one of the best in the league when it comes to that but at the same time you look at -- guy who struggles with consistency in -- think that's. Right now he's still the number two on this team you know going forward. I don't know but I think those kinds of throws the forty yard pass to voice the touch and pass the boys there. Those the kind of there was the continue to treat the rest of the NFL in you start to think. Maybe he could bring you you know at least a third down the road that he's going to be treated now but anything down the road those kind of passes that you know we should remember. When his name comes up entry talks again next on the draft -- No surprise Tom Brady did not play in this game he does not have to worry about his spot on the 53 man roster comes 6 PM Saturday night. But what about some of the other players who did play. What -- read the tea leaves starting with someone like an Adrian Wilson. That was really interesting to see I study Adrian Wilson situation it did there are some similarities they're too. But he's gone through now in what Josh are quite some. That lynch John Lynch did back -- back in 2008 he -- deepened that pre season finale. And you started to think well maybe he's not too long for this world and so. I don't know if he's gonna follow the same -- I know the -- also wants to continue to play whether it's here or somewhere else. But he's definitely guided is gonna bear watching when cuts come on Saturday. That didn't know it was interesting to see Daniel -- out there in Jake Ballard and Leon Washington some of those veterans. Were out there in the fourth quarter leak into the game when some of the rookies were cooling their heels on the sideline you know it's interesting to see the contrast so. I don't think that bodes well for all of them I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one of them cut. But I don't know about all of that going forward. One of the questions I asked several. Patriots players after this game. Including Leon Washington was what is gonna go through your mind in the next 48 hours or less than 48 hours after the conclusion of this game. Leon Washington told me I have three boys at home. I am not worried about the future of my football career I'm very blessed and very happy I asked Tim Tebow the same question but. In terms of the hours leading up to the 6 PM deadline on Saturday -- even among the veterans should be concern. You know I think that group that we just talked about -- original sin Daniel filled Leon Washington. And -- have been the rest of a minute in in their group. I think did you could make a case to keep several of them around I think you can also make a pretty good case to cut at least one of them. I think that there's some guys and a group including -- felt different this a couple of times they'll keep could be one of those Deion Branch had situations where he's cut. In his re signed a weaker to into the regular season courtesy be some money and old cumulative roster flexibility in that regard too so. I think you look at that group of veterans I I think that not all of those guys are ultimately going to end up making this 53 man roster. Something we should also point out obviously a guy like Clinton -- catches two touchdown passes. Likely to be cut but also is one of those guys who has practice squad eligibility. And there's going to be a -- over a thousand players on that waiver wire. At 6 PM it's a lot of teams try to get players through the waiver wire and back on to their practice squad. What do you think about that you know that potential with the patriots and and the fallout. I think there's some really interesting guys are really some really interest in practice squad possibilities -- this team. You talk about -- since you talk about Michael Buchanan a seventh round -- -- two and a half sacks tonight I think you would be very difficult to get through the practice squad that there's a handful other guys in the -- Steve bull -- assume that no other seven -- it really reminds me a lot of -- Tracy White. I don't think that they could get him through that practice what do you draw guys that they want to keep her around but again I don't know in the long term. You don't -- that what that entails whether -- trying to improve the practice squad whether they end up putting the month season ending IR. Whether the end of keeping them on the 53 man roster with a lot of guys really not -- tuition to roll of the dice. And one big roster spot. Could be Rob Gronkowski -- point blank does he start the season on PUP and missed the first six games of the year or is -- active after 6 PM Saturday. I think he's active I I -- I don't think I don't think he's going to be. Don't Rob Gronkowski that we've all come to know over the last couple years I think that's they've activated him. And they're -- gonna play with a 52 million roster because that puts the fear of god in the minds of opposing defensive coordinator from. Orchard Park to flowery branch that you have to start thinking about the possibility of Rob Gronkowski being out there on the field now. Again he is not going to be Rob Gronkowski for the first sixty weeks of the season that's just a physical impossibility given what he's gold through. The trauma that his body has undergone any time you have five surgeries over the course of offseason it's impossible to bounce back they're quickly. That being said. The impression that he's going to be out there will give defensive coordinators pause and have to meet make them -- play for the possibility of Gradkowski being out there you even if it's. 123 hours a week it's still time spent doing that as opposed to time that you should be doing something -- All right that is a wrap for the 2013. Patriots pre season they finished three and one. Obviously these several hours leading up to the deadline on Saturday at 6 PM eastern time will be very very interesting to say the least for these patriots. We'll keep you posted be shorter follow along at WB PI dot com and the patriots -- WEEI dot com for Christopher price. I'm Mike betrayal yeah WEEI dot com.

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