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Salk and Holley’s Answer the Question- 08/29/13

Aug 29, 2013|

You ask, we answer with Rob Bradford.

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It's time for answer the question generic question which saw it is the big question. So -- should be yours not answering any and everything I'll answer that question it's a question that. I would every got we answer your questions. Just text them 379. -- insurance broke all heiress to injury have a disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. A par casts her vote. Dot com. Guys answered the question do you tip the garbage guy the mailman or others Christmas or on the quality. I do my parents always tip the mailman we've low -- Some sort of bread. That was it no money I don't know what I don't know what the actor -- They think the mailman was star overnight I don't know what the what the monetary value of that -- ran into fifty dollars and bread it was like soda bread. -- -- what's -- -- now it is pumpkin bread. Soledad nice loaf of bread that day yet you wrap it up in a ball I don't know we can sell that for the open market five but that's would be yet. So I don't you know -- -- Nobody knows how to get rid of bread you really have to if so don't -- -- money launder it -- -- nobody. If this guy obviously is if I do not know any money laundering it. Relative either of those guys -- never took the garbage men I've never took the never took them -- -- -- rich man isn't like a personalized guys fluids like. If people I have the door I have to see the person nor to tip them. Like -- I'd tip -- if somebody comes to walk might auger for some him babysit her people along those lines absolutely this Christmas bonus in order. But I I never thought to -- somebody who have never seen before. There is nothing that makes me feel worse than when I almost front over the garbage man. You know what you behind to guard which struck. And it jumped in on jump off working hard -- and you wanted -- you like I gotta go so I thought I would I would love for you just pull over -- it has -- -- -- -- those guys slapped their car when you go on by in my you'll take them now ideas and really ask. I think we're back -- working they're -- intimidated by me. So that they don't wanna slot there's and so probably terrorists have absolutely no question because they. I think it's the most likely scenario I forgot about the -- and knowing a lot of -- the listened to show. It's not that -- -- I don't appreciate their work until I just I never met the my mailman in my whole when he delivers the mail. Sign up and I wouldn't I don't have any reason like have that personal connection for the this so. Bad things in a mailman can do to you into your man all right I'm gonna say my mailman the best person I've ever met. Next was negative -- -- does is for me he didn't seek it yep right you you know you have those juicy checks from -- you know it's. Everything on deposit these days they could -- and an honor and I saw that I pay my bills online and almost over I hardly need the -- That's not that's not where you wanna go and keep he's -- business. Do you dance at weddings. -- due course you know dance and what I will say this. It's the only place I will ever dance. I don't know worlds I would have the opportunity to you but I of course when you're out clubbing I don't I don't don't pretend like you don't -- and I was excited when they're talking about -- here because that's usually where I am meet Aaron Hernandez and -- political group. You make it -- I went to go to a club at the all star game the 4040 club that was that it was bizarre. There was there was -- a guy a very short person. Dressed up enough gold Buddha -- Making it rain. One dollar bills -- -- only -- -- question please be sure that wasn't. When Stephon fantasies from second and it looks like that. How did we ever go to the bathroom without our Smartphones it's a fair question and one I couldn't possibly cancer I don't know what I did. Books books. Keep -- there newspapers. -- -- -- -- literally going to pass violently sit down when you do with a major sport ought argument helped you don't want. This is. The horse to run apiece. Assault what story did your dad tell you that major you know oranges there's no story I told you -- just. I think was the culmination with the mint toothpaste disgusting. And apparently gives me the chills thinking I don't know which story more fascinated with that saw kitchen table. The BR seuss story -- or that the key. It's -- candidates don't know. -- looked looked really guarded. In the Mickey Mouse club slider but I think that's everybody like all the baby boomers think that the national that's like -- -- it's like a huge baby boomer thing. -- -- problem is your little older than me but you're not old enough to really be baby boomers -- you don't have like. You're not -- -- -- parents aren't and they. Yeah I'm content Victoria you're kind of between you would know anything about the making your way is outside your expertise you don't know Adrian by boat either did -- -- -- -- pretty. Q are you pretty. -- my bonnet -- the next question. What is your favorite comic strip from the Sunday paper. -- are -- you know -- marriage amendment is accused loved -- really. You know. My -- it was really short Sophie and we -- If ever -- listeners that a short ones like no one knew. Aside he's just one thing at the time right yeah I used to. That's a tough -- which went for you. Dennis the Menace I think I was a kid who has a little -- ever Dennis the Menace or your comic book -- now. You have the best athlete or -- -- ever -- become the best thing about going back to nothing -- it'll comic -- nothing you know nothing good looking at the advertisements on the back we have like the X ray glasses. In the chattering teeth in me in the buzzer that if you shakes and went and I sent away for us. When I think of college the only -- closest thing I had to a column book as a kid was mad Mac. Daria is it that survivors talk all right yeah I mean that was sort of and in a comic book now. -- notes that eighth grade. That's about it as a policy changes made its -- dispersants as the he hopes that the mail me and spits on my mail. I think that's -- eyewitness on -- I told you if that's currently does the my mail -- in the death or say anything bad about the mailman. Does what by human when you control the males control. This if I didn't teach you anything today. What did teach you that Wednesday thanks averages thank god you're here to limit questions please which you -- whether -- which do you prefer which you know what which you know -- -- colored contacts terrific breast. And I think breaststroke short. Cold cup tax can take your girlfriend or your wife turner into another person instantly just for a from a so -- assault household. Do you have you open a drawer. Was going to be united Tony. Yes but has nothing to do content we can mix it up we can you know it be orange and blue. If you -- some of those contacts and terrorized a sideways that she looks like Paterson be angry you -- mall now I know you have that Gerard that's quite the -- Next question come into my player. With the exception of boxing if you need judges to decide a winner is it really export. Sure I think so it's a sport for so long but what does is besides -- or anything else with judges that you vehicles sport. I want to back judge. I don't think that's what really literally -- -- the judge I don't think that's really what they mean I think they mean somebody's giving you a score like. The stupid. -- like I think they mean like it's figure skating instead of the Olympic Olympics doesn't exist. Are those things sports. Happen next question ode to summer read chatter white chatter -- the question hole -- clams or strips like strips go to the hold eloquent. Now strips strip third desperation bowl. That. Means if if you're really craving some something with the a clam tastes too. It's like basically -- it will give claim chewing. That's disgusting. That's what could test you again with clam strips that is disgusting as the what is it that their Hernandez have the blue cotton -- -- they stopped off before the whole thing that is really strange. Angel dust is the only possible explanation for I like the fact that. Threw for almost four hours. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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