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Clay Buchholz on his injury and rehab: It's frustrating

Aug 29, 2013|

Clay joins Mike Salk and Rob Bradford to talk about his timetable to return to the mound. Buchholz also responds to the critical comments from ESPN analyst Curt Schilling.

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All right let's do this right now Weaver waited for him to come off the field and Clay Buchholz is gonna join us from Fenway Park right now it doesn't via the AT&T hotline I -- how aria. Torrent terrible they clay so -- Out of the gate could you map out what you've got while lie ahead here for the rehab outings. I mean are -- tomorrow. Going to be. It is it to be close to execute carpet or Ernie aboard that it's up and down you know mom. Taken. One more after back from -- shore tomorrow. Certain. What I've gotten out of everything are -- the the -- feature earlier earlier period. Ethnic lost -- right now Russia cannot see what they have -- As a quick diversion class act. Every time I think you would rehab outing as thick of the one you the tunes Clemens. Right. Right that now is the -- of of if you have. Go beat pitch in a rehab game that's a pretty good one pitches -- -- -- in the it was Clemens and the reality is probably why he was coming up right 2007. Yeah I would -- Portland he trips and tripping an -- got so fed up with him. -- is the most well -- -- you know Internet actually. Cheer for a little bit back to back game and you know -- a bunch of contents of a person is raw data demonstrated this in the -- like. -- that. Most kids growing up infection -- -- -- older iron rely -- its earlier -- create your system you -- -- I was there. Element on the there on the aren't there owner -- an appropriate game I don't know Altria -- go. -- -- -- How -- the last few months been for you. -- straight. Through to -- your own but you know on the war. I think about it there's not a whole Larkin Arcandor about it -- could just let -- What are -- to force them. Try to try to get back in lecturer and you know finally try to shorten or that all vote. Certainly get in Munich -- -- -- or throw or are holding back Google the owner of we shopping so wrong in my last will -- lose. And that'll actually out of rehab outing will you know is another very unpredictable leader Cromartie on one shore road -- didn't -- You say frustrating which party is it is it the is -- the frustration of just not being able to go out there and be yourself on the mound. Or is -- the frustration of some of the things that have been said and written about you and your inability to get back out. -- you know army have been around for a little bit -- I have a short memory were there it was just not very figure by sort of developing I'm -- -- -- in my -- so large. Well I know what I need to do to tribute personally Earl -- -- a. -- receiver -- you know for me to drop their picture that you are or aren't they -- open anybody despite. Leaving out there on the -- in our call your broker -- market pressure -- -- there. You know -- epic -- mutually India are being healthy propagate by a quarter percent at this point -- -- and let you know our -- The way not good trio. I don't think anybody Barack their church was without -- You know Curt Schilling was on the air with -- says now while ago but but really made some comments to the contrary and said he wasn't in your body. But there comes a time where every Major League pitcher needs to understand that they've got a -- to an amount of pain. And he certainly insinuated at the time that that you needed to go out there and do that. You know it's one thing for chump like me never been a big league -- say anything but with someone like Curt Schilling Curt Schilling says that I think there's a group of people that that certainly listened. What's your response. Are -- calling her out of what was her or burn your little series that's. That -- grew -- and -- church and you know -- -- that matter greatly picture aren't -- I'm being relevant. They actually thrown ball Herbert stern and it didn't matter -- on his younger days and restore monies are Narnia a or his last couple years surely he was that 87. They are married guy but he could still you know if you orbit yet there are way over all right and buried do that in our reliance on. On movement for the most part and destruction during. The -- CNET. My body was chilling out. You know up until about three weeks ago it was you know what enabled them into a ball like -- like our nature. To be productive and help much -- out and well it's yeah I mean it's two different -- -- an -- by our own opinions and I'm on my. I'm pretty confident that. Undated the right decision not not to rush back in and I just knowing. A bit and under children and did not amount and -- actually chewing on the second to last original and I felt that that game against you know I knew that. -- wasn't ready in a rushed back from my prolong this. Deals that are doing out but you know I was trying to get try to back on the cultural health and help our -- because -- You know a short -- -- -- job. Clay when he started throw on the bull -- -- you're talking about the progression of unity going whatever was 607080%. When you're on the mound for the rehab outing the other day did you feel like you can go all out a 100%. I mean not -- -- America brought in July it was my first are facing years I think in the last an hour early drop there and okay I'm trying to blow everybody away in the -- or part of how they expect you know that he only got anything out of that. Stronger work on mechanics and and he have the same delivery. And released foreigner in a match bachelor. That's where my mind that you're not start to air travel is -- what are overweight and typically yeah order our. Well my. Everything up and try to throw hard drive that struck their gear by -- you know -- that's far it was a rehab start so I was real little local. -- -- would you go on Friday do you feel confident that you can approach closer to what that first Major League game would be. Enter the intensity -- And I'm not a struggle westerners -- throwing off from my own. You know all of that I'm able to load the -- ball and no more freely and -- Arab. You know since -- -- -- so. There are there to be a big difference between right now on record center for -- there. You got about a month ago before the regular season ends which is a limited amount of time do you think that there is enough time for you. To get back to being the pitcher you were at the beginning of the year to have enough time enough time to rehab and and work yourself back in the back and shape. I mean I'm much they. Actually got there around her out I'm -- want to obviously. The way it. The results were the biggest utilities are paid after your paper or number does the -- that you couldn't predict. I'm told wolf it ought never imagined having started seeing all staggered him regularly Toronto. And argued that have been -- about our you can get your name them that we're at low so. Which -- triggered -- -- -- For the most part it's volatile erupt earned in different terms senator I'm never gonna. Try to dispute on by special deplorable but yet they it. Everything goes right nominee ordered built around Kabul arms. Between now and and that first graduates are -- a fingerprint or market force. Clay when you first how this syndrome he was coming off the Chicago series and and the in the may. And then you you came back and this gruesome twist in terms of type the type of injury. How much did that visit to doctor enters mean to you. For a lot of reasons. You know it was it was good sense. The guy. He's more content on the lot of guys don't perform a lot of murders on on the on the big name artists are so. Don't know learn here in what he had to say hearing back you know it. He wouldn't put it would take it probably could -- could turn into something bigger here and you know threatening them. Her and it certainly is -- -- -- you do or don't do this before you go to the next definitely did not warrant. Like that's what is happening or you move -- and straight -- McCain is so. A truck followed her closely and are an extraordinarily. Enough for the most -- events are all about. The last couple days been like with the with the Jimmy Fund tells radio telephone going on and all of the guys. So many people stop them by our radio show in and then that the team show of support last night -- talked about that at all in the clubhouse who leading up to the last couple games. You know what they're trying to search for a pretty special gopher or bigger sockets. There -- -- -- for the last couple years longer. You know them. Like alien wage and to be around people proved sanctioned torture of this team rooms in this city or not it's. You know on -- -- talk about what are your on the and we thought well we get smarter together regardless of Auckland and donate but you know to further. Family that are going to groups say that they have to go through. It's pretty special with the see those people come -- article about optimal filled bureau. Over there to their superior especially since the overall which is our whole system. The look on -- -- one erect a firewall so don't stop you know makes you. And if you think about. All up it its early and so are you on the you know everybody is thrilled so. -- clay you back to 2002 when I was having my third child. I which -- you were having your -- sentimental that's. Blacks and and I was running the marathon actually my wife fast peace deal on it went very impressive while you were having a -- before after the marathon I thought it was an odd question. When you find out where near wife is due which is yes and -- a few days. Does that run through your mind that this is in the Miller and respected I know Jon Lester in the same boat at the end of the month. I know the backe was in the same boat at the end of 2011. Listed them fairly comes first it is a run through your mind though we could be doing this. Yeah you know it's it's -- pharmacy we got Utley got a wind and the target out of the year. Are on the outside no. -- -- And part of north towards its that's a pretty special experience or forever by that it's that gives -- go through it. You know I told her you know it's the way it on the front because you don't look forward and I would be barred next rehab outings when you don't -- so we have a reverend Earl -- with -- and let you know I think Jared -- for re not everything worked out regardless -- You know it's going to be archived on our -- also -- He -- hey clay thanks so much for spend some time of those we appreciate it. Are they like artists Clay Buchholz joining us from them ways they just can't we just came off the field himself. And you hear his response how frustrating the season has been for him at the response to to whether or not he should have been out there pitching earlier than he was. One breakdown what he had to say we'll do that coming up next alcohol -- rob Bradford here WB yeah.

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