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Salk and Holley’s Four at Four- 08/29/13

Aug 29, 2013|

We take a look at some topics we haven't covered yet including Bryce Harper's potential contract, Tom Brady's preseason playing time, Ras-I Dowling getting his walking papers and more.

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-- Now -- it's -- and -- swollen already roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved. And its -- W. Up we have lost our producers for the -- young man taken off Andy taken off your feet -- -- -- here this year but not used to give wrestling podcast for what was that. Scott -- a -- that's really doesn't does office and so far I've. What was wrong with that we've we've -- our bench -- arm and Craig is going to be reading it for forty prepare for this. I am ready -- terrorists. So excited now and are you nervous aren't terrorists obviously you know risk of that when -- ask you are you nervous he said I'm so excited. OK got me. Let's -- Bunning. Is there anyone in baseball worth a twelve year contract. -- was -- very well question. -- -- You're gonna get into all of your dialog no I didn't know the answers -- that there is John Farrell doesn't sound right now at the time they were brings a blogger is a. He's easing into it yeah interview naughty loves himself some Stephen -- -- let's -- like Stephen Drew a little Brooks is here plus there's that other guys' names are so the next generally known as Stephen Drew. Is so I would say no. But a final word going to do that with someone I would say my track because Bryce Harper. Has had some neat things. Capture. I had to a team like. You don't have to do anything you don't wanna -- thank you you don't have your answer is no there's nobody in baseball or back. Yeah I wouldn't have to now vote aren't sure if if RD Barreto was running their VI. -- will be here before they are getting twelve year contract. I think you've got a player who's proven what someone like Trout or Harper's proven at the age of twenty. I could see some value in it because you're you're getting them until 8320. We are not at the one advantage to -- long term deal like that for somebody who's that young yet. Is that you don't have to worry about about paying for the badgers you're getting the prime of his career. Now to huge at least it's a huge gas and you gotta make sure that he does stay healthy I think you try to write with a history of of injuries that harper had it would probably make you shy away from it. What if I was ever going to do it it would be somebody who's a twenty to 21 years old that I was guaranteed not to have to pay for the bad here. I'd almost rather do a twelve year deal for somebody his age. Then one of these six or seven year deals that you get when somebody turns 2820 I -- and you know you're getting them in you know into the the really. Lean years of his career. To take a step out of finished UN and into reality in case someone actually does one assigns it Bogart's to a one of the twelve year contract years ago. That the Red Sox have a policy. Which they do any sort of these deals where you're buying a free -- years you have to get at least one team option. And we've seen with these contracts before the Evan Longoria contract I think it was with three team options -- Aaron -- three team options. And it sounds great to get that sort of length but almost every single unit does this. Get these team options for guys is in other words. Will say this could denying your deal with three team options. Would you would you at the player as a as a team you do their and a -- harper. Now really now what's on to a nine you do with three team options but I get him until he's 29 and then I got three chances that the and that's omni -- -- -- -- -- maybe. I think about it with him to. The patriots released to Ras I Dowling yesterday he was the first pick of the second round in the 2011 draft. What player in that round would you rather than at stake starts I was. If you look at the around have ever is there a guy that jumps off the page while a third and fourth victim in the second round certainly they'd jump out at me. -- Catherine -- Andy Dalton called cap and my estimation drafted him but you. You're asking for -- they shouldn't I mean there were gonna draft one of those two if you ask me who jumps out at me or the massive. So those guys jump out at me the question was which player taken later background would have been the best pick for dinner if you asked me another question it was just league I was setting you okay. That the defense of facts in that second round -- Stanford. We have. -- there Marcus gill crest. Knocked it. Brandon Harris Texans knocked you got Rahim Moore who was beat for the long touchdown against Denver -- and William -- -- -- right after Ras I Dowling. It. So if you asked me who I would draft instead. -- probably go with a key -- outside linebacker titans aren't. That's your guy that's my guy I would look at it that Torrey Smith he was drafted late in that round wide receiver Torrey Smith would you feel better Torrey Smith was on the outside right announced that a roundups. Yes -- what I Randall -- and other guys the last pick of the second round that year couple wide receivers that were available on the took Ras I Dowling and they also were available in the touching Marines of the past and those guys twice. In the second round you're right the quarterbacks -- there probably not a place you want the patriots to go with second round pick as much alike don't -- -- now. A couple of wide receivers that were there it also is there crew Titus Young he could had a a -- for her Fernandez to go create mischief. I'll ask -- create mischief that's what sounds so much more and it's. -- Well. What was vastly back their current. While Albert prayer is reporting that Tom -- will not play tonight Brady has said he expects to play tonight. Should he. Well there's no way Tom Brady should play tonight I understand that there's going to be people who today. He looked really really about the last time it was out there they were offense was unable to move the ball -- need as many reps as possible with -- young receivers he's got to find the right chemistry with with guys like Dobson who really did not look good throughout that entire third pre season game. -- has come on well great what you wanna see more from side obviously with those guys look like with Tom Brady throwing them football but I think at the end of the day. The fact that he had that one little scare with is even though it turned out to be nothing. It's such a reminder house route you are Tom Brady goes out for any length of time there's absolutely no reason to risk that for a fourth pre season game. Keep him out let them Stew for a couple of weeks and come back out ready to go game one. Without that little extra competitive fire that he. Craig you if you ask the question one more time. -- Tom Brady said he expects to play tonight in the final pre season game should be. I just wanted to do music you hear -- -- -- No thank you he's -- but you get better every time you ask your question I wanna get the momentum heading into the last one. I -- do I know that's why I feel like -- year wraps. Clocked high fuel -- a I know of course. It's the AT&T question of the day a pub inside Lambeau Field is having a contest to create the best burger. Some of the packer players have taken their -- shot at making their own concoctions. Aaron Rodgers -- apparently contains the following. Bacon and peanut butter Swiss authority. Avocado. -- bills -- genial crispy fried onion rings Mayo and ranch what is the worst food combination you can thank you. It was a good read. A question of the other I think -- and or after the two different things don't think that was one type of cheese parties and it's not like PCP need to know now. What's the worst you can think well -- -- just tell your quick story. The worst thing that I've ever eaten is when my brother to the bully on Q and told me it was shock. Donated the other time was when I think was my brother or someone else said this thing of bacon fat in my mother's refrigerator. With Ice-T. That was pretty bad that's terror hopefully yes it was terrible. I hate sauerkraut. I'd hesitated that's your thing he had all like liver and sauerkraut would mean. That the W best you know I'm very house I can't have enough whenever I visit oh I love your -- under the law you have the best iron count of any U I -- I don't. Eat them like that but I do love the taste of -- you give me like a liver sandwich with. With a little pickles and there the Perkins this week Arkansas you love your your birth I love that man. I will -- on a good guy get off it. And worst combo I can think of is toothpaste. And -- In fact it's so bad. That it is that I have not had more than a sip of Orange juice in more than 25. Because of because you're actually had a toothpaste and argues like I just for now I like it just brush my teeth and then drink orange juice and the combination of that. This is is pretty much kept me from drinking orange -- I now hate the taste so you're trauma you're playing for the time. You're saying I'm up high iron levels by low vitamin C I have to find another way I have to find lemonade or something from my vitamins and laws and that's disappointing why. Should you shouldn't be shouldn't shy away from Orange juice I hate it I hate the taste like McCain even stop the idea of Orange tees and a grosses me. Yeah. Milk and -- that's it that people eat or drink their orange juice with cereal with milk and orange use that combination. It's rip holes if you live in the Arab and African cello you would not think this way. Why I just I just. Deleted to demographic. Seriously you could talk about sell these and yards juice lady wasn't that's just the one from the Mickey Mouse club act of the breast Iowa. I don't know anything about that that's her right she's wont know that you -- activated by blow on thicket of of her. Now and then when it jealousy big breasts and choosing like -- back to the beach and all that's actually yes it's shameful end EU. Who's that with everything you've said about a net food shows accuracy of this grass is Mickey Mouse club yeah. She was a proponent of Orange juice OK I cannot confirm or deny it should be I think that's like which is known for know it now. She was not known that really she was known for. Mickey Mouse club aren't -- and then dot dot dot. I know I've -- to pitch Susan back to the the admin big breasts maybe somewhere and I'm pretty sure she had big breasts. I don't know. You're denying that other station every type a historic character carried up it's always Adrian -- Fargo and who is the -- I don't know that is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do that -- a while black EC. Text message salt your -- in the fridge because I don't like orange juice is totally disgusting and that is for four today if you guys have. Something out there combination of foods perhaps that you liked or that you absolutely hates that you think is the most disgusting combination you can think I'd be curious to -- you can use the open Mike -- bottom right hand corner of the WEEI live happily the forests intact and second to last it is always brought to -- AT&T nation's fastest now the most reliable. Or GL TE network.

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