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Joe McDonald, ESPN Boston, on Peter Chiarelli’s contract extension

Aug 29, 2013|

Fresh off the news that Peter Chiarelli has inked a 4-year extension, Joe McDonald joins Mike Salk and Rob Bradford to react to the deal. Joe believes that this is a good deal for the Bruins since Chiarelli’s time in Boston has led to playoff success.

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I -- MacKey is -- -- I'm gonna join us here in a moment to talk about Peter -- these new extension good thing bad thing. -- thoughts out over the course of the next Paris chocolate buckled to join us some time. After 4 o'clock couple of very very good Tex here's the AT&T text like 37937. Rob. Dealing with -- dealing with the legitimacy of this Rolling Stone article -- your conspiracy theory. In just a moment one says I'm thirty years old and the Rolling Stone article references southeastern clubs. In my lifetime there'd never been any -- -- and -- Nevermind the past few years I don't want to help the guys felt short sell -- sets out the which makes no sense now South -- would have made sense and I think he -- got back I mean if you keep going south you'll eventually -- over until you get to -- Jack products primarily to. Another text you think Belichick knows what is safe house he has. I don't think it does. So that's another one is that's the thing that that is one of those little ones -- like. It easier to go find a safe host a flop house or did you say. They go find someplace where you'll be safe and it's been interpreted to -- operator. To mean he told them to go find a flop house bill would drugs and and guns and let your buddies live there. Unbelievable I believe -- -- story. But there are parts of it where like that one where you're getting information from Fernandez his friend I -- through Hernandez. And it is is such a leap of -- who we already seem to know according to the story is on PC -- what is making him completely irrational and maybe not believable and that that seems so out of the character of -- person in that position -- that that you would like to get a little more hard evident -- or text here hey if you're sure that he went to Indian talked to Bill Belichick there at the combine let's see an airline receipt. It's a completely proof that Aaron Hernandez is on a plane. Not so wealthy that he's taken private planes everywhere tonight the proof that he was locally derived Indy c'mon. In tradition of the sixties in the the thing -- -- size. Exactly and that the bug in your conspiracy theory that -- -- others the conspiracy theory really is the -- makes you think him. And Tim Tebow name was brought up. And the Urban -- stuff that we've already talked about and what things the article. Said which -- hey you know what Urban Meyer brought in Tim -- not I'm -- did not bring in team Tebow but -- -- Tim Tebow to -- Aaron Hernandez down the right -- -- -- little bit of that before the fight at the nightclub that he was there so forth and so on. But I. If you wanna be a conspiracy theorist you can say well we know Urban Meyer and bill Belichick's relationship. Why would what do what things they may be prioritized in -- Tim Tebow here knowing everything that was going on with inner Hernandez may be said hey you know what this might not be a bad kind of they go on in the pass a little work again now eroded to -- it really didn't work in the past I think that's the problem but the theory well no work at all. You know here's here's the problem with the problem with a theory. Is that. A lot of things worked. In regards to what Urban Meyer has told Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick relied herb Meyer right to get a lot of things about how to order against anyone great so little thing about -- killing people trying to anyway us troop -- There are two columns of information from Urban Meyer that he gave to bill ballots while being a good football player rose one check. Being Tim Tebow hang around Tim Tebow and possibly getting a good influence from -- may be okay that worked to the other stuff we're -- to pay attention. Text message here there's the strip club at a hotel on the water. It's rented rooms and very upscale and underground. -- it literally underground now like its underground like nobody knows acknowledges you were just this one text her and apparently the guys from Roland stuff. Some kind of awesome. Joey -- you know anything about this -- considers this of the guy. We needed to get our right now that's the pride of Providence Jolie smack ES PM boston.com now we know that strip clubs in Providence. Any late nights you've been around the the waterfront area though what is underground rented by the room strip club and hotel. I don't know any you know anything underground any kind of I don't know anything about that. You know it's unbelievably the source is the Aaron Hernandez storage -- Who they are prepared and -- -- that are we talked about a similar matter. Strip clubs in the China town maybe you wanna go -- after regularly as any number circle conversations we can have now you got the scoop today. First one to report earlier this morning that that that the Bruins Peter surely. Were nearing a deal for an extension and it was just announced less than half hour ago or so a four year deal for Peter surely. Yeah absolutely and you know it we know that you kind of coming back Emily -- -- -- the -- meeting back in June that this was going to be 100 priorities -- Putin. And it -- -- good timing right before it starts. And now that that the and I mean look I mean there's a guy who deserves its expansion mean look what he's done. Since he's been the GM. Cutting about 2010 season other than that one horrible year it would be able through the college. Look both Julien admitted to the approached each and every year under -- under code behind the -- so I think could stricter but I don't feel like a championship and he's kept recording gather an Easter -- and that the right guys who brought a right mix of players and the -- according he's just -- a -- -- bought the Bruins in early hours spent. So tell me and I agree -- the fact is is that I think the judge GM's by results and he's getting great results. Tell me why his critics would say you should never do it -- this extension what what will be there -- munition. I would lucky you know what critics -- in what you'd be critical about the Iraq War I mean you know some people probably looked at. I may get a rap deal and say why you know he didn't I only zero million dollar deal. But one thing is the one thing we've learned about surely Robert that. He kind of reward guys who. Play hard and play that typical Bruins piled locked in and agree is that our guy on and off VIR you -- -- extending -- Patrice Bergeron who -- Be told it's all of disorganization. And he's gonna probably pigeon trainer bought it. You looked at just trade that you yeah I mean you'd be able to acquire. -- -- -- you know and in that deal with the -- lately. And that E*Trade piracy and when he thought that he was beginning. And that's where they were starts on -- I. I'm not gonna put myself in this category -- the Bruins at the right things and as I saw your your tweet today re tweet that said it was an excellent idea. I I support with the Bruins of -- with surely an overall I think he's a good Jia. If I were asked to build a case of this we're you know debate class like -- buddy Al spear. And I was asked to debate the utilize our -- look -- it but about it. I was asked to build the other side I would say -- hold on a second. I would say Phil Kessel was actually very good player who has developed into an excellent goal scorer but he's managed to convince everyone in Boston they Cassel wasn't the right kind of guy even though the results shown on the -- -- been very good what does he turned that into Tyler Sagan who wasn't the right guy either. And and of getting dealt for Louis Ericsson has pretty much an unknown commodity certainly not an -- goal score the way Cassel is the -- say it was supposed to be and Doug Hamilton who still has a lot of potential but after one year I don't know that we know what we have. In Doug Hamilton so I think they would start there. They would say other than the signing. Of of of Chara who is his guy who who everyone knew we was going to acquire as soon as he got them. Would anything else have been possible without that one move up. And I think I'd probably start to run out of steam because again I I think he's a good GM and I like that they did that but I think that's where you would start an argument against -- What you really don't like because I mean think about it -- you've got. You know you've got they didn't look at the violent than the number two overall pick could have been number one. I go to the shoot and -- -- pig he helped abroad when Erica could -- -- yet she did Beecher are stretched barely big copper filed against -- The lightning he wouldn't -- very good that the player and he held the broad reach the final and -- what he went up. I and then. You know -- and what kept Larry what do you don't see well. What it pewter belt because side. That guy of the media may further -- markets -- -- -- -- and they bring in Louis Eric and I guess I have talked a lot of what the conference coaches over the summer. And they also the same thing that the Bruins you know it's healed because. -- -- -- It -- the most underrated players and we know we love to use that term around -- bought as such what comes with a broad but he's dead but Erica would describe as probably the most underrated players in the NHL. Is a big -- for our type of player he had to -- guy he's gonna make him a lot better so you know Hogue Erick Erickson is back guy and you have to. In a bid to backtrack and say OK you biblical capsule would not gonna feed and bought what you -- and don't. He doesn't trial could -- Are we get they get it they -- doesn't turn into what you bought up OK well let's see what they're -- -- contreras but. And I know going to be critical they're saying that you know why did you meet in the -- the black -- the guy deserves -- he's done a tremendous job he brought hockey. An old back to the -- -- me are we are arguing it aren't we doing in Iraq spending enough. And there's no pink hats and Arctic. He has got a broken up are very popular team right now and bought an -- had a lot to do it what. Sure Kelly and Emily oh Julian has done with -- he would -- experience. What Joseph how's that dynamic wins. Which surely and -- immediately -- because -- correct me if I'm wrong but when -- nearly took over his current position. There was a lot of thought oh well you know -- early to -- a little bit. Has it evolved or -- it to spin this as to what it's been at its -- worked really really well. And anybody who thought that -- had any less power in the camp knew he was gonna. Take over this organization in ways that he had before they were destroyed so how. Has it evolved at all. Very good actor rob I mean it like any relationship I mean I'm sure you know kind of relating it to date all you know -- feel -- -- and Ben -- -- exit and I'm sure there. You know they probably had their arguments on truck deal in and -- and had argued that the ownership I -- but. At the end of the day you have to put all your head together and figure out how to make that he counselor Sunday night. On the field and I think what the Bruins have done -- -- nearly. And -- trailing both Julian and you know Jim Benning in and can't Sweeney is -- District could -- are you lied to put everybody together and and you know they might not get along. You know all the time but they. Reached out and -- on the ice. Show that it's doing something right so. We have a program like he could maybe not I don't know that. But I know that -- copier it there have been reports rumors that -- -- I get along with with him more or Q and -- out it would close job. At the end of the day these guys win and that -- perennial winner. And trailing has a lot to do what I need to go be created between ten and -- -- white black is we all love it. Jeter came out and looked at 100 GM here well -- is going to be your coach. I it and came right out and well maybe that's not -- -- -- pulled Ritchie empathetic. You know bought at the end of the season they make it to -- like a -- They also wonder if I can spill a cup and a three year span but they didn't but the fact is they appear. -- and the way that he was built this game is going to be a winner moving well. Are so you know I think everything has. And as long as he continued in that direction I don't see anything changing from our operations and. Generally stay out of the southeastern OK -- was because -- -- structured yeah. I haven't during seeing you know and not know green -- La -- a -- like that bet nobody knows the codes it's -- you here tomorrow. Well I'm -- -- tomorrow but said he -- the broad Democrat congress that -- are -- morning I'm gonna look. -- -- got here on older and you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right right on it I don't go against app at all even better and -- appreciate it. You know a good job I -- -- Today he's one of breaks that story he is that ESPN. -- MacKey joins us their view the AT&T hotline AT&T nation's fastest and now the most reliable four GL TE network was put all on the table here. Rob as we move forward a -- buckled scheduled to join us in the 4 o'clock hour. -- continued talking about Aaron Hernandez in this Rolling Stone article that certainly has a lot of leaps of faith a lot of things resale K you put together the timeline through a lot of things that we all knew. And now and you had a source may be on Hernandez's side tell you something. And from that you're able to make an enormous leap forward in terms of what Belichick knew what Kraft knew what the patriots knew what Urban Meyer knew. We bio about that that's got to be questioned one and it Peter surely John Mac guy giving UAE an impassioned plea and why this was. Exactly the right move for the Boston Bruins if you're looking to go the other way and I I like it so it's hard for me. To sit here and say that that I think it's a bad move but to give the other side of it. Some of the draft picks Joseph Colbert hasn't exactly panned out Jordan on another topic that hasn't done much. He'd go through the castle sag and I know if Michael were here as big of Phil -- fan as he is he be telling you the dead at the end of -- -- -- Phil Kessel. In two. In two Doug Hamilton who you don't know what he's going to be wasn't on the playoff roster for much of last year. And and -- Erickson who is -- an underrated player. This got us was to be a superstar. I told you my take on GM which -- after the first couple years you judge him by winning if they win then they're doing a good job. Peak and then when you can tell they're not doing a good job. When they get to the and I used the analogy of the White Sox Kenny Williams was not perceived as a good general manager. You would make these moves to scratch your head he'd get in the TV contract -- the time he knew Rio contract of the time yet they won. And when you can start criticizing him is when you get to this point. When all the sudden all the moves that you made our make the organization in a bad spot oh but but so you can get to that point when we get to that point it's early. Puts his hamstrings this team. And we get three years or four years down the road. And they're losing in there in a bad spot cap wise and everything else and I'll say is a bad why. I'm William -- is a is a -- -- I think he's a very good -- he's brought them to two copies one in his time here so I don't know what else you're asking for but. There's an argument to be made that much of the bases for those cup runs. He had very little to do it right I mean if you go back Cassel was not drafted by him that was the same draft in which yet -- each of marsh on both drafted. In 2006 that was before he got here Patrice Bergeron authority in the organization and DiCaprio argument for deduct a lot of -- I mean there's a lot of that 2014 bill budget -- there's a lot of -- of the Bruins team. That'd been built previously. Previous to Peter surely taking over. And then his first few draft picks and back camels and number was the first number one pick he has. The rest of that year army -- back camel Tommy Crosby and his rule -- -- way he -- -- sale. The next year Joseph Colbern Maxine so they Michael Hutchinson Jamie are Neil. Those -- the early round picks in next year yet Jordan Iran Ryan but -- the term -- Tyler Rendell -- sexton and finally get to Sagan Jared Knight. Ryan Spooner who we saw a look -- promising this past year. It's not exactly -- with stars as you go through what they've brought into the draft. Here's what you take a step back you look at it in your right. The drafting you go down that list okay. Ask worked out maybe some other general matters but eight U one -- are -- in -- spot in your uncomfortable with a cap situation I don't think you are. Right and and how does the -- -- -- team that has won and when you win in a -- league it. You're going to run this historic -- even going back to this offseason acting -- they've managed it very well and how do they look going fort. Are -- a team with a bunch of 35 year old now they know they have one big one they have one big older player and that is obviously -- who is an important player were still playing pretty -- that's right but ultimately I think one of the big challenges of -- these next four years which is what the contract he just got. Is how was he going to replace the number one defenseman that he's got right now an annual Norris trophy. Contender. -- you how're you going to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody knows maybe that's where I -- why. And why is that what it like I literally hit it was gonna say why over and over and I don't know -- -- can't they can't but I think that'll be enough to start with potential mines delight. Why. We got to start but still if you don't have a guy if you don't have that guy you don't always see drafted him in when he took chart missed a potential he knew we and it was a free HI MF and I are talking about the might have been replaced -- -- when he retires or when he leaves. Right right. So you at least half of the potential. Perfect situation but you -- still think it's going to be to recruit the -- -- 617 sevenths at half the size -- 7937. Is an offense defense and obviously joking what do you make Bruins fans of Peter surely sticking around for another four years. Commitment made by this organization that was. A couple of bad bounces are different bounces away from going out in the first round this year in the playoffs. Peter surely will be here for four years 61777979837. Continuing your thoughts on Aaron Hernandez Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft. Where they -- where they duped by Aaron Hernandez is apparently an Angel dust and rock star. Completely he I have a policy as is Angel dust that -- calls the PCP tipper rocks are the is that the wrong -- 617779793. -- all out -- and Colin Bradford here on WB.

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