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Lou and Mike share their greatest Pedro Martinez memories

Aug 29, 2013|

Lou Merloni and Mike Giardi look back at the eventful career of Pedro Martinez. From playoff games to his off-field antics, Lou and Mike recall some of their favorite memories of the legendary hurler.

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I kick it off Bardem Matsui Mike GRE -- from Mike misting up Pedro Martinez. All agree was. One of the greats to ever come through Boston sports and that was a lot of entertaining moments a lot of great moments you have any great moment in particular. I love the 9599. Playoffs -- -- -- and I'm playoffs in 2000 was a 2000 -- suddenly one hitter Yankee Stadium. And then chili Davis seventeen strikeouts and then over the there was some of the moments of Pedro. Post game and I'll never forget some never forget this their -- the Yankees and had to be. Well Ramon Martinez was all the teams of -- on the team. Pedro sitting in his -- why ladies. Talking to Johnny Miller. Telling Johnny after Ramon pitched a hell of a game against the Yankees. I told you Johnny that those -- my brother could still it's going to raise that is just I and he says it still had this big grin on his face you know like my brother I love my brother he just showed to supplement. It's still do it and it was just. You know we always had that little like the childlike enthusiasm about -- -- that though that's one of the things I always remember about him. Will be heard yesterday. Dirt itself but he came in studio you know just how special individual really is and forget about Grady is an Amani set -- Our view came in joined us -- Jack Robinson thirteen year old boy you put together great comic book. Just it all the jokes and every kidded Dana Farber put together the jokes he actually created this ball and passed along with PD was aptly outstanding. With him and I and I brought up a story I want him to talk about. This game 51999. You know we were trail in the Cleveland Indians those pictures -- with time best of five series but. He came in game one and -- -- force -- Levy got her where a tuneup in oppose net gain was the first two week all the way back. Walked into game five at Cleveland's Jake place going nuts hall of fame line at the Cleveland Indians. And number coastal storm -- -- -- Scotty -- -- talk about how he wanted to build a shed to deflect eyes right to fly fisherman on their backyard and and back then you know the numbers are now but you know you don't get paid during the post season which is playoff share. This is the first round play judgment but point 530 -- if if you get the ALCS and lose its guarantee at least a hundred even if you lose. The talk while we need to win -- -- continues shed in his backyard. Heated shoot so he comes in as we all know it's Avery takes the money it's shelled the first deal comes in for a couple next you know we're -- down what eight to five I think -- was the time. And we get a couple runs and at the top of the fourth -- -- comes in The Beatles was gonna do we are in a game game game one. The real ways to laugh at anything her whenever it is after -- when he comes and top step walks and quietly you know game face on walking the dog a poster 123. -- that cleans a spikes banks -- -- top step looks and are dug up. Is peace in the house. With a smile. And -- hits me in the arm but they are gonna get my -- I'm gonna get my -- and of course the rest is history but Pedro yesterday asked him about it he he talked about that game five just a point here the whole thing is Pedro Martinez yesterday. You know that that game in Cleveland. I salute team that bottle you. I -- teams that never. Surrendered to anybody. We limited you know kind -- limited. You know. I believe these -- like to be overcome mobile slaves and I saw the effort that everybody who is making that. And I this -- done better keep me healthy and everybody I still saving him. I mean a guy that that I knew was in pain but he said you know what he said to me and is the first time an affair that's okay I'm a mogul. I can I can go home tomorrow we have a bright future and from. Flee if not worth it for you putting get ready. For just one game. And that activity in -- that'll make you -- relax and let you know let let him go. Mainly committed to actually doing more for the team enough I went out there. To try to help the team like. Why did I go in the fourth inning fifth inning I don't know whatever fourth inning and because levels right. -- -- of these -- I could do something for the team because this seemed like nobody could at that time. The low -- given we used it likely. David -- he willful in me that I could not mean relate to it on this you can leave me and save me. Everybody that went in and out. Seemed to be beat up. And Andy we'll talk to me to find out -- I could do of that moment silence a unilateral us against Steve Williams -- I went and active shooter out of the mouth and I that you -- I'm -- -- going in and fueling. Jamie's gonna have to -- them because it is that time -- them. And and then now when he saw me go for faith than a Monty. He goes PDI you okay. -- -- be until I got ethnic. And when I've done levels climbing up levels climbing up -- up and I thought that I could at least the old ball on the strike -- I think Dana it's over. I mean. I mean I'm in the house I mean you're perfect. Melissa just do you want you and I looked anything but you know while it wasn't really that it is. Elevated the Fitch's view of the attitude that it wasn't that though deal that the in my estimate made it easier for me even the fast. That was a Axl finally died once it's only come out. Like they got you know on ice cube on top of them and it's -- -- -- -- the -- I think they throw the word when they when it's on the come out and amity here. Because I had to do with it. Rely on my mind my history with the I never let him go in and annual through some -- -- that. Yeah it's just. I tell you still one of the great moments because I speak for the guy and that team we you walked out to the bullpen nobody knew what was going on. In all mean the thought he was done in it was can be used to fight right deceived we can outscored them. We knew what to expect some get up and -- and so it was just. And stuff both savings actually writes the sabres tapes is a guy that had such a great career and he was at the point -- he's like -- I'll fight global ought to blow up to a piece of ads that that that made annexing get on the mound even more to see the guys are doing for just an amazing guy. I just love the fact that. He had that intimidation factor. You know they made it easier for me because they saw me and it was ice cube on the like. He was in his prime. The most -- got to watch and just as you everytime he went out there and you notice -- it -- not there you're like. I like to be that I don't know there happens Mike -- and I the perfect game happens they're gonna see some special got to do something. Is gonna do something tonight that you're gonna go wow Pedro pitted again. And that but to be. As impaired as he was a -- team physically. And to be able to throw from a different angle and not have this -- stuff and still not only shut them down but not allowing hit. Was awesome just absolutely don't just kind of go back to got to refresh your memory. At Sandy Alomar was -- catcher Jim told me was first floated by Roberto Alomar Omar Vizquel the middle Travis Fryman David Justice Kenny Lofton and Manny wasn't right. DH -- Harold Baines and Richie Sexson with 31 moment that your. The last you know in this dude just rolled out there and Jewish quiet shut everybody up and you shut everybody down. And I'm also show where we're gonna have somebody with everything he brought to the table not just on the field off the field with the media the person that he is what he's doing right now. First home first first all went down a Dominican and what he's doing to raise money and everything else is just a just a special individual -- we get a couple calls here because Dan let's get some his. -- Pedro moments Danica -- Iran without. -- -- -- What happens fellows. The -- but. Taylor and Lou you're spot on -- -- plates paper April oh whatever that's what did you. And rookie to tell the -- all but if you watch at all. The stated PP eight here are we're Pedro locked at first they surely you know total despite an open to warm up -- into the game. Candor honesty people had their hands both hands over their -- And he didn't despaired in new. He you do he's got a pre made and you lose her but he said as slugger. So I remember that game 1990 remember like it was yesterday -- -- players stay in my head. And Kato is a special guy and -- I'd -- to watch and you're retired case that sought -- You got a day you know authority to upload. Was the team intimidated. -- forget don't do enough and and a host -- Tomas my short game streak is no money today is it shot up and wrist and he just needs some time during BP the entirety every Robbie. Wal-Mart home -- You play short today Nomar playing in a mock plan a day that the work on between apartment we -- Rather have me play the Nomar when you guys. There are there are already peppered me about it soap and Omar doesn't play we -- win game three he comes back we destroy them in game four so sick this this was a team that was. And almost up pleasantly cakewalk. I did anything related impact that got hit RBIs that's about it out of there. But. Hall of fame line this man walked to defeat they'll just the presence and yet it's just unmatched. Yeah you forget how I mean hostages went through that lineup forget how stacked. That team was and his most is you look back and you know colleague navy review with DA's a little Russa is like how have they only win you know like that is -- -- only -- one Cleveland. With that lineup alone like. They -- one handful world. Numbers alone -- about Aggie you know Easton have best start pitches though. It was great to see -- friend Pedro Martinez stepped in it was absolutely outstanding and killed yesterday and he was just and he was amazing you know with the interview and be indentured time with the kids it was injures during our interview use their spending time with other kids that. That where there you know off the year half -- forced him stuck around for about an hour afterwards as well pockets of the kids. Just a great man but we were talking about Red Sox we're talking earlier about the Jake Peavy trade Jose -- is where this team stands right now. And without wanna take a could call it go to Dave. Dave who's in Lancaster -- -- up with Mike -- -- Daylight you know I'm not sure guys. Like probably a lot of back to exactly match rate went down and down I looked area. But I can't argue about the rate -- or else I mean it's been chugging armed that he. At a lot of depth. And I think -- that worked out very well but however. You know we won't know until well after you know a period I'm that this really will work now because. You -- -- -- a lot of upside in this whole career and it is so we won't now in output and looked out. Elegant trader at any rate I think David you know you you look at it and you know she rose Nicklas is becomes. You know we still look back at that -- for you know Victor Martinez and I think 23 months and that he says that's a good deal you know Arnold actions can become. I don't know much of which got one of the elite hitting catchers in the game and Victor in -- Three years ladies I can't believe give Victor for just the masters right of pitching great the Cleveland Indians so. I'm usually tells on everything but as far as helping this team right now and -- the -- she with the help his next year or what moves flexibility wise. Ventured to do this offseason is -- a couple of two start pitchers. It's a wait and see but right now I think every -- worked a wealth and missed it. And again it comes down to dealing from the opposition to strike you you just they've got people in the system. That they believed to play Major League shortstop. And played well. And your your elite prospect. And one of the top five prospects in the game is currently at age shortstop when their boat art stay there -- up for debate but. You feel good about. What they've built for depth there and what they have for quality there that's that one -- you give up a guy who is -- -- is good shortstop as there is in the game today. Defensively. -- what Bogart's in my brain and the dish what Bogart's we believe will bring at the dish. Probably is gonna open in bold artistic. You feel about the uses in boulder since he's been called up which John Ferrell. Yeah you know I'm not surprised that Ferrell has approached it this way because I think -- Is very much from the Francona school of thought and sticking to his veterans I also think that despite Steven Andrews. Pedestrian numbers. He's done a good job for them defensively short and I think he's had some. Criticism he has good at bats where there is necessarily gotten good results out of it. So I'm not surprised that he's done it but I would like to simply more I think I'm like everybody who. In disarm in the minor leagues -- spring training. Know what he did. To build up to this point and when love to see him get the opportunity but. Now he's getting a chance to at least get his feet wet and you're comfortable in this environment it's a pretty tough spot retorted to Boston. There in the middle pennant race there's expectations now for this team. But yeah did just that the sanity would love to see him more because. You know he is is the future. -- I get a lot of that on Twitter you know what is Ferrell doable guards -- here is not to play you know what they'll what's got to play a more wide isn't -- like what's this saturation withdrew -- do with the money. I don't think is any futures money. You know I think has to do with the fact that he's up -- play good shortstop but he gives you -- good at bats. I was surprised he wasn't in the game and against -- as designed because the splits where there I mean lefties in 190 -- Vs the writings or it were a lot more successful. When did Chicago come and -- gets on Tiago and Danks the first two. Those numbers the splits are there you know I think -- these -- in both at 235 of Santiago and -- -- -- like 255 so. If you wanna give it left the start give -- guess that's not that difficult. But he goes withdrew and I think a lot to do with Bogart's in their last game the day off as wanna give drew three days off he is starting shortstop. The tough part think people understand is that because he's such a big prospect. Because he's such a bright future in this team. The reality is is that he's here because he's a better fit as utility guy that brought -- Has brought a left handed hitter and so you can give Stephen Drew the day off against lefties when you pick the right guy. Because he's -- a prospect if he's here did you play at this is April may when he indicated sent out the year. You -- claim every single day because it's all ball developing. This is late mid August late August he's already developed he's already put the great -- to -- the position where he's started shows up next year for this team. Now it's how can you help now it's. It's like Brandon Workman its electric Britain. If we put the years together starters Michael back to Tripoli next year be starters again but now they've all -- there innings how you -- this team we help my out of the bullpen. I think that's what he is right now. I wasn't surprised at all wasn't upset last night paging him for Clark got a lot of that. Why would you let the kid hit this caucus great pension -- taking over the game and it wasn't pretty but it -- it. Right so no problem with that one bit and he's getting news and apparently the rest of the way. He's -- might dictate more playing time. You know so what are the kind of -- I've always have they won't let this thing sort of breeze. And and let -- see what we're. The performance of Zander Bogart says -- jump on the -- like Jacoby Ellsbury. What does it jump on the -- the dust of the joy or even liked the great Mike Trout. We first got called up to Bucky. So let's wait Steve let's get Steve up new -- reaction about Zander and Steve and J. D. Drew Stephen Drew did got a -- on JD. Steve what you got buddy. -- -- -- Just an adequate job conduct on and on that key trade outs in the trade all the way around only picked up -- -- -- that retreat. -- -- in the rotation which she didn't do it while it was the shot portrait for the bat well all backed up getting their units that are part timer. What do you think about that what about voters don't hurt me deeply that that possibility enemy troops at like eight year. I don't that's gonna happen. But what we're cute -- about to -- -- And -- Mel Brooks at first. Anybody out and it's what we talked about you know they can. And also there or just dirt just that you don't quote now football so there dialect. Well there -- proms the having if if -- liberal has been about four descent down the Lee was I would say yes but I think he's going to bed pretty well since he's come back up again it that's right handed bat power bat that. Because everybody was screaming for the deadlines come back in in swung the bat real well. As of late though. It agent it's not like I agree I think I think that. Especially now. That is actually picked up. If I believe a guy. Wallace and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know it you know -- watch what they're -- little bit like once more there was a plate vote right we -- a better opportunity here. And street traffic I think they're they are articulating a little bit bigger. You know six street six more more more the third -- do you think that that would that would -- at some point. Why do think gum. Listen I've always felt that -- Bogart's -- pretty good idea where risk and it a lot of you know the -- it's real they're can be a file called -- where replaced defensively I don't know. You know right now I still see. A one year old athlete you know he might be big for twenty year old but he's not Al Ripken a broad big devote to -- -- rate move discount rate now. And if I can get the kind of offense from him offensively from shortstop. You get an advantage over most people on the game. Yeah I think it like the idea avenue of -- they'd like the idea of having a big bat there. Because some they've created for a long time I think it's -- -- since Nomar. Actually. Is it with with regards to middle Brooks -- -- is at bats have been better. But if you look at them just -- is at his game all year so he came back on August the tenth. Three doubles two home runs. Seven reviews. This month in succeed. Two. About fifteen games. So that right handed power -- yeah Agassi poses a threat. But I'm not necessarily sure we're seeing the results there so maybe. His point may be Bogart's deserves a start over there -- third. You know try to find a desktop back on whether it's -- Tamara -- but some -- get more production out of that spot. This year utility job pretty much immediately planned. A true utility -- plane if if you're infield is set he put one on every probably ten games I mean that's. Where you gonna be -- maybe one on every 71 week it's Sunday -- whatever might be. So you put Bogart's in the that becomes companies probably that two to three games every ten and I think you got to let -- play dictate. Right I think he got -- let may be jumps -- of finding always full 56. Games out of ten we -- only last week it's anal Miguel Cabrera first you know for the Marlins. He played left field in an impact and played three games I think in double -- field that was about it and you'll feel before you get called up. So I I just think it's up to -- Bogart's. -- is playing time you know and right now. You don't have a huge -- first -- but lack empower me you want more from from will still up three doubles two bombs. Stephen Drew give you good defense at short having good at bats and to the respect glaring hole or it's obvious that man discussion of balked and the last third and fifteen games -- why isn't he playing -- until that happens it's gonna be sparingly. And you don't think it in any stretch from your experience. As a major player -- plan AAA. That he. This is a benefit for him being all right what did you use that a fair amount but what 500 bats in the minor leagues for fifty something like that this year. So this and nowhere initiative reform hurts him at all. Developmental. If this is April it's they would should be playing legislated it would Jackie Bradley is only coming up -- place that makes us playing senate decked out important year for developing shown. Now a lot of things he's shown on AAA it was. Affected you recount called the troubling last year one walk in the thirty games on a AAA he walked a lot more. Which you've seen from young kids so far. As I think. The Alex -- edit the seven or eight at bats swing at the first or second pitch. Just a little bit more aggressive style and and everything he does now -- -- even if it is once a week even if it is twice in ten days. It's gonna help look at this the law can be one champion you know you could argue that last year metallic woman approached game all right. Is one of the reasons why maybe struggled early on a year that first look at the big leagues he walked in the clubhouse that was a -- a team and organization that was a mass. Maybe had a wrong frame of mind coming in the year. He's got a back so you bring up in this environment. Absolutely absolutely no brainer I'm Mike GRD and for Mike and it's -- -- -- to your call 6177797. 937. We continue to -- more Red Sox talked but it takes a -- phone calls them get a dive into this Rolling Stone article little bit later that's coming up later on.

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