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2013 JImmy Fund Day 1 Recap

Aug 29, 2013|

A recap all of the best and most moving moents from Day 1 of the 2013 Jimmy Fund Radiotelethon

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You're. The trial implied in the last stop on the -- -- doesn't feel -- to you. I don't know he's he's seemed rather optimistic well ahead. -- Dana Farber here and that's you know that's a good reasonably optimistic. She walked in yeah in the drugs yeah. Yeah well thanks -- Dana -- These guys have a father you know -- window and they never far. He was he's terrifying. When I got a call from dvd -- my. -- you numbers are so high. Heat coming now. Commanders in my wife what's known as a survivor myself and this -- one day just. The clinics and meet other kids and you send that you feel lucky. -- you see how much worse you can be you know we I mean we've actually said you know. Guarantee tell us what that child as we've said we'll definitely have to clean humor. Only brain tumor and tell us some. His friend kind. Yeah I was diagnosed disease and is an excellent. Sosa with a steamy text Murphy passed away last fall and I'm thankful to know. Yes the -- and everything. Jack has that Q. Remember bowl blasting leukemia yeah eight leukemia and you know I mean my baritone not even born here how -- you Jack. You're six you wanna be on TV or Radio One -- -- -- -- radio TV using. And this kind of shot you think you -- laid back don't know whose time. Human radiation. And it is like I -- it allows me. You know I think close to hang on don't think they feel there -- no great fan until lesson and I is that and I think it's going to be here. They college smiley faces you let me tell you this -- my love is like a book on his way to feel that taking none of -- small glass and -- easy as the greatest they ask for a -- -- -- like a kind of famous. It. It's what you think when you first heard the news what was your first match. And stream my son out flaming June announcement I think on this horrible unknown disease and then analyze what's gonna happen and and I remember just waking up enough. Icu and I couldn't. Now you were diagnosed. At age five -- this is another one of those ones that I shouldn't attempt premium for its humor while backwards and I. Yeah I don't think any that connected now well what's what's your schedule now with the treatments there was a little problem. Because some of my head crafts and I want to -- achievements of the line. So they are trying to find a way around that yeah we had a diagnosis and it the united. And you brings it and you need is sound and there wasn't a lot of hope. You know I think less than 30% chance they gave us her cancer had spread your entire body who's in every single bone amazing 90% of -- Merrill. Nine months later had cleared. Did you think you're out of the woods -- -- any. Learn how -- never do you know this anxiety. Comes every six -- sure getting scans and tests. So they're probably has a minute -- gone nine the last four and a half years that I eat you know haven't thought about. Her cancer come -- match. Honestly like used to be an incurable untreatable cancer news today. Very treatable and many people. Have a wonderful life and now. Can enjoy all the choice for their kids and family it's because of like you do here today. Him and all the donors to -- I have to just say we have to Dana -- could not do anything without all of you love. You company here thank you so much for coming in hang out big mama thank you for coming very welcome -- invited me anytime -- company got yeah. Sit down waiting for your talking announce -- -- I suppose. Saw moments in the -- yeah just nice yeah. Click then our goal here to secure kids after forty years of doing and there's never been a day that I haven't wanted to come to work. In which you know. That's so fantastic news whatever the good news is today it's gonna be better tomorrow. As a cancer doctor will make many promises but that's what it's going to be better tomorrow.

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