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Former WEEI intern and Boston Globe's Callum Borchers

Aug 29, 2013|

Former WEEI intern and Globe writer Callum Borchers joined the show to defend his front page story.

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I -- notice this. Way over. Like at six or seven. And like -- -- -- you're on record you'd never did any 2009 no. Not that I know of I'm telling you that you were kill anyone else. No review. No no not that I know your thought about killing yes Andy really yes like today for instance. Joining us now in the AT&T hotline Dennis accounting fourth and final -- Dino today and hand tally. Jurors in the AT&T hotline is the author of the front page story in today's Boston -- 81 below the fold. Winning ways baiting at the once mighty WB that is how them tortures its correctly count joins us now the morning -- how are you. I'm all right I'm feeling. Bit threatened after I think you're contemplating -- Right now all you threatened. It is not adequately. -- Who you're getting around. Just joking around catalyst for just just for the record Delaware where we nice to you -- -- -- -- were an intern were worried mean -- you to do you know make Q washes thermos. Now another at all like I cut some of that earlier segment got big -- -- I have no complaints about my I'm interning with you guys they spend Summers at college meter was that was good enough that. Helped get me in there is a fellow I -- bomber like. And you sort through his words yeah you stay in touch and it was a great experience guys services. To think if if talked about Pomeroy in the story of homework and the globe started to squeeze that in. Full disclosure summary that you once interned for the show -- spent a lot of the start writing about. They -- he got hurt I think it's that very question. I guess -- would just say you know it's not a first person's story like you would see in -- magazine where the writer really sort of -- -- historian mentions his own personal background and what it just isn't really that type of peace but I but I understand that we have common. That subject never came up. With your editor of the globe that maybe you should mention that you worked here. But that didn't really work you know I mean it was like an unpaid ship that was many years ago I think -- and we just decided that it was. And another big factor really include an -- -- I think it was a column or something like that we will be right. You know from your own perspective obviously is something that you should include. Clearly it's it's a first -- first purse clearly it's an opinion piece in and you take your. -- your stance here and and you don't like us and I understand that you mentioned though that and I would hope pitch at least listen. You mentioned that you don't like. And you and your friends don't like the morning show because we often veer in the politics. When's the last time that happened -- Yes yet. It's not really in my opinion yeah I mean I can see where that -- you know pick up on that perspective but you know my. That you try to relay. You know the opinion that was getting from listening to some. Listen to how much how many how many company listed did you interview. I'm not -- you know maybe app does. How many do you quote how many listeners do you quote your story. 20 boy says to listeners who don't like us. But yeah I wouldn't even say that I mean you know. One of the listeners who've been there. A group of Rica is actually it's pretty loyal -- you guys. I think it reflects the united and you know a lot of sports stock listeners in the house which is sort this. You know growing ambivalence where you know they've been listening yeah I for a lot of years. Like almost like me and I grew up with you guys. You know all of a sudden you have another competitor and about it. You know if he's someone who you know sort of listened to both stations and has remained -- station but he's he's. Some personnel shake -- going yeah is blood itself the target beyond your next year but it makes them at some qualms about. I think the bad you know opinion represented quite a lot of folks feel. Really. So you think you think he was devoted do you think -- you frontier do -- Africans was a devoted listeners to Dennis and Callahan. But now he's always wavering won't -- wavering. Well the way you described that was that you know you feel like there's sort of an arrogance that comes out of not just your program. Specifically but down from yeah I mean you guys. There was no other program that's really where the only show cal where the only -- mentions in in the entire from our station in the entire story other than. Touch enriched there's no other shows mentioned at all for me to -- Well but I mean so so why would he be wavering I would drew be wavering. I don't really. But I and -- feeling as though. -- you guys I could say you were the kings of the sports talk radio not -- -- -- but I mean you guys directly. You know invented the format. And for a lot of years had the greatest market share of any Sports Radio station in the country as well -- Success we've got to work and I think if he's wavering because he -- some things the other station he's wavering because. You know he feels as though perhaps after all those years of success that you know the station perhaps took some of the colors of the partnership for grant. -- I don't know what that means I really don't what that means took scholarship and -- ship for granted in what way would we do here. Did did he explain that what do we do different than say -- master with callers again. He can go it was initially wants if he doesn't like just great good guy probably he was ever devoted you say is he was devoted now is -- -- can't explain to me why he was well but I mean I don't know what. What are they you know what it does he say what they're doing differently that we're not terms of callers. Well I think that is feeling is that perhaps callers on other shows are valued higher and that there may be given more of an opportunity to speak their mind -- that they're not shut down so quickly if today. Bring up a point that is in conflict with you guys but you know I thought that you know John defended that point rather well actually -- mean when you and I talked yesterday included debt it. In the -- makes the very good point that you know too much agreement makes for boring radio. Which which you should note if you worked here if you listen you know that right that's obvious and and the idea the idea that we were. I mean I think that we tried to. You know at every turn in the -- lot of criticism within the stories -- from you know couple listeners are from Alastair you know whatever the case might be about things that we tried. You know I think out of balance that about the David Field is very good job explaining this sort of big picture business approach to compensate with the guys -- You know pointing out the fact that it's not just about radio ratings of course that you guys have built a rather large -- digital brands as well -- trapped generating the EI dot com now. You know that -- set up the job that the job of explaining how you know look at. But it's a bit but it's an absurd it's an absurd premise talent yet you if you worked -- -- -- we put people who disagree with us at the top of the list. That we we originally I thought we got comments right here you've seen it you've been here I mean it's just dishonest to view you know that we put people who disagree with us at the top of this we welcome them we want them. We left them talk. -- I don't think anybody that does it you know let them on the air I think it was more just the idea that once they're on perhaps they get really knocked off. You know pretty quick. Well who's who's she's we'd be nicer. Not necessarily about should we be more patient with them like felt like well. I don't -- -- -- -- -- let me ask you this who's good who's good at doing. In terms of callers who's who's good at that gives them time and that's the Hawkins from the with them. Was good at that. Now I didn't really get to work. Aside I assume you listen to this stuff right I mean what you know. -- to your surely -- -- yet sure what. -- the boss now may -- you know some we don't. Will not -- -- the that the big guys that think that you're you're. Sort of inflating the opinions of folks I interview with my helmet and and you know and they said I had a great experience that you guys -- continue to listen to the program I. Let me ask -- to you got to listen quota which. Candidate Jerry -- -- -- let me just -- this mask this so in your -- You paragraph you say that's critics. -- the -- exemplifies the station's problems they can be polarizing that who other in the car who the critics. You say critics is sort of this is 2 friends I am sort of us that's a big word it's a vague is that kind of vague. What you're sure. You lose well -- I don't know that there's but also. You know some former employees include. You. What -- employees -- I don't see if you don't employ Kornheiser. Right about the Sports Radio industry and -- issues. I think you know how it goes here you. I don't know that only Al -- -- what former employees. And G platform -- -- Ralph did you talk to give Perot who helped you out here. But like I can tell you meter as. Nothing bad to say about -- Also where's the quote from the formal -- is a quote from the former employee like nothing bad to say. You couldn't fit it in it enough space. Well I would I would tell you that a lot of folks -- who who worked at this stage in the past I reached out he just preferred not. Well meter meter comment your centimeter had nothing but good things to say and I wondered why for the sick balance because. God knows this is in your opinion it's us it's a new story lies in their quote there from the former employee who had nothing bad to site count. Well if you must -- -- did not happen to respond to my request that he didn't have anything that they've revealed doesn't have anything good to say either way he's like a lot of former employees just chose to stay out of this one and that's his prerogative and and that's fine. But that there was not the some you know. Conspiracy to Ole miss good opinions about you guys. From the historian I think even -- the very first bit that we have in the story from you know outside voices coming in and say hey you know they've got. The issues but there's certainly far from that. I think that to suggest that this should you know one. They went without that culminates in this where the list could you find any listener who liked us any. On the where they quoted where where's that got -- is that where is that quote. Yeah I hear -- Gary but I think that this job was to relay. What I think is the representative segment. So nobody likes us and go out. What did you would like to hear my response it would it. I would just like to know why you would not have one quote from one person. Who likes us listens to us. Yeah it yet you -- to listeners that's what you quote to both of whom don't like us I understand that's fine you confide -- one -- the balance. Both don't like it. I mean -- -- you don't seem to be satisfied by my statement that this person -- there has been a loyalist of. Like I just don't believe you don't I don't believe you I don't believe him. I'm a UN in this story admitted with a preconceived notion you -- premise and you gonna fit these guys in that premise and if somebody said. -- Perot or any of the former employee or any of the listener said. -- -- I'd like those guys and listen they weren't gonna get they were gonna make the final cut down just admit that. Well that I can't because that is simply not a case that that this that the way you. Yeah he would then then five I mean you'll you'll form your own opinions Jerry that I don't think that that's what any. Good reporter dozen and that's certainly not the way that I approach to. You clear -- do you think that losing the Celtics for us for next couple years. Is at me yeah that's a big deal for the station that I've said before that -- analysis I just didn't think it really wants. Yet again questioned -- have me personally I I don't think that the big blow on me I think that the Celtics obviously are going to be rebuilding phase for a few years. I don't imagine that they're going to be the big draw on the radio that they have bin. -- in in prior years that I don't think that. You know in this morning's story we tried to over blow. The impact that the Celtics. Is gonna have a. And it's recommend is right below the headline it's it's the sub head competition loss of Celtics -- sports station. And you don't believe that I'm I'm not -- you wrote the subject but I'm saying that is the. Yeah like that happens to be true but yeah I mean you know it. But again that the difference of opinion -- and as you know some folks think that -- the big deal it is obviously one last. You know revenue stream in terms of advertising and whatnot but perhaps the you know it expensive at the license bureau of the revenue this year it was gonna work out on the deal. I assume they just didn't make business sense for better which is probably why they didn't. And -- signing the deal so. -- Not hard to understand why hitters is that it does subsequently get into a rebuilding. You disagree but you disagree with the -- your own story. Well could not know I don't. I simply said colossus all the sister. I think that it just that it won't hamper at all. Is probably not true but do I think it is going to be this you know huge colossal blow -- the station a few years now. Speaking of revenue you mentioned that we had 35 point five million in revenue last year which is pretty impressive I didn't even know that number. And you mentioned in our revenue is better than sports clubs what what -- what was their number you obviously have the statistics. You have a source what was their numbers were out there. There estimates from my god BI ALC which is sort of you guys -- with them their industry tracker attract media finances. I'm look I don't have the number and let me hear it I think it that the. So so did you feel any need to conclude that the story. Yeah yeah you mentioned that we are revenues 35 point five he didn't think that may be as soon as you're singing the praises of the sports hub and and torture and rich in their nice to college never thought to mention that I -- our revenue is but about double. With -- is that wasn't. You didn't think that was relevant relative and relevant enough to include in the story. I mean I feel like you're nitpicking. That's their thing I read out and out of business and they just restore it tells a business story. By business reporter allegedly. Annual that revenue is important. It is that we draft that I disseminated if you want right they should you include the specific number more than not to say that it you know larger I mean that. You know we we could have activated you think it should have been in there at. You don't you don't you don't find that relevant. I didn't say it wasn't relevant that's why we addressed Jerry but do I think that. You know without the necessary to have the specific number in there and now I mean I think -- over clutter. With. All over clutter Rottweiler see why are so transparent while you -- -- shows mentioned. Tucker Gretchen Ellis. Douglas WEI -- no other shows are either station mentioned at all. Heard about writing a book here I mean it's just about. Of the big picture and do you want to run down every single -- OK while part two shows you only showed why why -- are to show select. Well I think that for you guys obviously I mean Dennis and Callahan has been a staple that the station for a lot of years and you guys are. I think representative. But the glory days yeah -- you I mean. You know some of the other programs. A lot of sir just a little bit newer and they don't have the legacy that. I think -- and. When the last time you heard us -- into politics. You accuse us of not turning people off by veering in the -- risks critics critics those critics. I've heard. And I think that. Clearly something that you guys do last. Then then you're -- in the past. What did you mention that the story. We we don't do it at all. And I was pretty don't. Suited -- whether -- Tim Thomas and his politics or whatever it is still comes up. So Tim Thomas is Botox. That would turn people off what do what do Felger and Mazur torture enrich your -- -- holly do it ever -- Tim Thomas. It's not politics that's Tim Thomas. Sure about five and then once again I mean you're talking about a complaint that comes from. Some folks but not everybody feels that way -- a lot of folks love the fact that. All right now show me where their representative in your story which is thirteen hundred words show me where you found room right those are folks that like that part of Russia got to show me. -- show -- the ballots the objectivity. He got that -- I hear -- area is that -- according to announce specific things that I would just say that you know in general we tried to really counter balance. You know the criticism with some response that means for every time that we mentioned. You know a critique though I think the the Red Sox contract. Has become a burden -- here's David he'll explain why. You know it's not really a big bird and here's the critique from a listener you know we don't like this style and -- job that. And I assure us the list did show a listener. Show me the listener who counterbalanced -- two pals here. Whose devotion to us is wavering cellist a listener. Who listens who Lexus at. And we talked to them and you met them just didn't have space for them right count. There's. And we can go back and forth on this all day if you think that they should have been more list has included. And no 11. More one. That's all I mean government. -- this is not an objective piece. I tell my eyes you know I've just over ballots here at all my biggest problem is is I would if -- We we theater was assigned recited -- -- is -- -- an intern at the -- account and absorbers to find some feels right it just looks bad guy -- interpret that as a talent. Is writing a story where Dennis accounting -- sort of a full disclosure. -- sees full disclosure. Alum is a former intern right. And will just assume his experience didn't go out as he got a clearly has an -- to grow the debt but that was a mistake he got it right in retrospect Buick Buick. Nature you mentioned. Well I I don't know where you would pick in the story it's. Could have been up but noticed something. I mean I don't think that I would Japanese. Complain about that but but again that I'm not gonna try to work that it -- the first person account. And and to be quite clear this is not a case. Some disgruntled former intern with -- axe to grind I had a very good experience working with you guys and you know learned a lot. That summer and has nothing to do with that and -- anything you know it made destroy it more difficult for right because. It'll be divided up such a good experience and have a lot of respect. For what you guys do every day and you know but as you know real what you go into the stories sometimes you have to put. You know you're feeling decided you know you report. Sure I can tell you put your feelings aside on this one count on just an envoy to talk to who who liked -- just ended up on the cutting room floor because you know. It's not a novel did you know that where you can probably do know this. There were on in Providence and Worcester and Springfield in Portland New Hampshire and Maine and you know where and all those markets are. Yeah I think I would reported no surprise that either against until. Noticed that -- -- described. The ratings for instance if we want to be sure to make the point also you know configured here's what the ratings say it but also note. We covered our ratings did not include. Yeah people who came into that I think ally and you know about watching you -- that in the morning and it doesn't include. Some listeners who are -- -- -- pop in put too lenient on the Providence. Station that would be included. You know Indian those ratings so again -- case where it. You'll presenting what the rating -- but also trying. You know balance that provide some context of -- understand. It was an imperfect number you know it doesn't include everybody. You know so we don't suggest that we didn't try to. You know include that type of context because -- really not a way to do. I'm just looking for all the markets and I don't see that in here either but -- And wasn't novels so maybe next time he'll have the space to include things like. I used to work here and and and we can understand your whole agenda count but I. Thanks for coming on it come on take his shots anyway. Are you out all it got them I think that. You know you you. You make some good points -- that you understand my perspective but you know all the happy to. -- -- -- You know -- like you got them. I know that you're probably not always. Happy your criticism but I'm sure that you take it seriously and try to learn from that India. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's alum -- of the Boston Globe former Dennis and Callahan.

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