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Red Sox asst. GM Mike Hazen on Bogaerts

Aug 29, 2013|

Mike Hazen joined Kirk and Gerry to discuss the Xander Bogaerts role down the stretch. Mike said that he does not expect any big moves before the waiver deadline this weekend.

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All right I'm gonna assume that this song is played his -- story. Writes that the third -- -- it's not like these songs we've we've come that agreement that true actually we asked him on the phone before it's a good joining us on the eighteenth. Assistant general manager. Of the Red Sox Mike is that -- morning how -- you. Took a I appreciate it -- -- walk up so. How much time spent. In your world Mike Lorena but what guys are doing in the free time obviously. Nobody saw the -- and in this thing common imminent -- -- -- questions about his character but no one saw it come and but how much time do you worry the -- night that in one of these young guys with a lot of money as Parker McCain's trouble. So it's something you worry about certainly something we talk about it so optimistic about. I'm you know the other -- the guys that you put all the time and effort into into evaluating and during all the background or do you do appears so though it's anything that you worry about yet trust them. If you're -- You hoping that we got more comfortable and I do think says they don't comment and yet to feel that. A much tell you about. Almost everything Don Mattingly spends worried about Jesse L week. It. I don't know -- we don't want them every -- that the bears are pretty excited you know I know sometimes you're young guys. In other states maybe that'll be my reps -- -- mightily so they can do some things to Major League level that leadership but. Because the leadership in your head when they'll walk off. The water in Miami where you know -- -- intraday and even the next day in court for five or -- In the produced. You and again last night's 24 over 500 now two and a half game lead. On temple continues. Whether surprisingly enough the story I think this -- my perspective here is my guess is seems every night especially now. You -- good starting pitching me every night Lackey again last. Yeah I look at that you can see in any any playoff team and certainly part of any play upheld the alarm. Or are you gonna -- playoff sort of charity you're pitching particularly. Something we have gotten consistently you know from start finish offensively you know we score a lot of runs but we'll go after a couple of walls works. Or run into some -- -- court position not not gotten all our illegal gun based on. The story indoors than their not being relaxed her got a lot of colleges in terms mean and phenomenally consistent below you are a couple world -- so country -- -- now. I think some good luck that would shut out -- aren't that starts. I mean not her and that's pretty crazy that you think about how good you've been and you think how good is it recent win total are much better could -- We -- form a few more terms. But yeah I mean -- -- -- -- I think you set its own. He's on. And and has been -- consistently start to finish. But the other guys joint busters on the on the on the way back up here. You know bought when he went down really good structures and -- force commander -- shot you know -- and then rock all you have that level. Being you know it will -- cultures and injuries. As far as -- performance. And where you know -- fortunately -- are. That was the deceit and you're not involve -- directly but how is the decision made each day on. Who'll play short pool play third -- -- let's play will drew play. And on the matchups part of that the starting pitcher for the other team but we've seen drew start against some lefties in -- sit against some lefties. Just take us through that if you could how Alfaro decides. Certainly you know I thought about what we call. You know we we kind of talked about it what the what the right move would be I want to put them to battle back on the team. No we talk to -- about it -- you know you've known him for training and we talked we all talk and we got to be your courage and they're gonna do and out there. You know we ought to shoot her and her being dark roll into our our coaches. -- -- -- he's gonna bring energy the club. But he's not starting place not a got to go into the first -- something game. And how -- -- -- -- was little -- for the first art now into the into the -- check out what when he combat. You know we never expected in New York market where somebody. And take their job or -- the -- that -- the -- and he he's still got you know a week ago experienced their point. Or Doug or David -- flight he brings energy he certainly got talent he got past the minute we saw the dot and an -- a couple of baseball. He he has tower defense too leader go to play a -- -- short. But he not a guy that we got this pointless so there was never any intention. Of Alexander commodity can be job. -- here to help problem with a long while along the same line typically used to -- the first start which was. -- you know he comes up -- -- -- -- -- in their he ended up going off and you know we make Smart decisions. -- know what happened there is -- competition aspect to this but at this point the speed and as you start and a pony and awarded playoff team going to be. Potentially hurt the team it's gonna take -- -- stretched. In September. And you -- go -- got out that all of its. Spirit got up their play every day and not that I read out the future middle and I'm sure they're going to be able work and shelter still -- -- -- that he had. Well it to match up the specific matchup weather's giving guys days down it is also seen. Rested and important in a lot of cases and we're moving into sharks. And you guys you know it's -- -- -- -- after every different -- straight days. And so being able to them rest and keep -- fresh -- the end of the season and also. -- two days here at the left right Mike to make it DI know what stricken and we are in the standings and all that you guys looking at some may be a bullpen army guys still kicking tires here -- other teams. -- a couple of days left in August. EL ER any -- -- -- you Google complexity to what you can trot off to -- point. You know nothing major probably gonna happen. I wouldn't imagine you know given just to try to turn left and really what are changing the way itself. Starting pitching and -- position players go to the guys that you look at -- major upgrades. We we feel like we're pretty good shape they're not -- what we're looking -- it is under dot -- out there is there is there another court -- type deal. Maybe not -- -- in my earlier could be a big -- but. Is there a step towards peace that can help us. Help protect the well regarding a September 1 -- -- much about. The roster want to expand will be able act got a team. So we are looking at those things anyway if we look at it. You know what can derail his team for September. It's sort of deter this guy goes down we lost some doubt in the area are we -- You and we have -- doubt that -- and we don't have that player Troy. Ago or at least looked. Your era baseball guy through and through. I think fans will enjoy the one game playoff the media will get a kick out of -- we love these two were die moments but is a baseball guy does it offend you. That you play 162 games you make the playoffs and you could get bounced. Because of a -- because of a hit like Mike Carp got last night you can have some low key turn of events and then you go home. -- -- Out -- you're beyond what you got it built up players before we All Saints got collectively. You know he took up at night and the up about one game -- It is it is off the Obama -- you you know if you got eleven limit playoff because that particular old happy about it we all that. You know we stop going down the stretch but. We have not yet not all he -- -- the chance but we want a chance. I think receiving -- -- -- right now which is you know we're we're in first -- today. If we can continue to play well hopefully we can make an excellent position. You don't wanna envision a scenario under which require a longer playoff. Doctors don't all play and want to play -- but we at this point I'm in your coat and -- Yeah -- -- -- -- future increased alt alt a one game one pitcher you know like our accept all five feet shorter. It's an outlet reported lecturing the you know what carpet to fight longer over the outstretched arms look meeting which -- -- which we still couldn't believe he's seemed to catch everything. And that direction. He's pretty amazing but you know you're right you don't want to turn -- got a baseball game. -- Camille and it is what it is you know you you knew -- trade off. The potential chance that our traditional Bible and you can't play out that you wouldn't a few years ago where you know if you're in the future in the sport spot. That's the war you know that crucial spot you have got five this year before now you want to -- And stuff so it all talk and preparation that it -- that really still be in going to outstretched. Yet still so important to so fortunate and it. But it's exciting you know it's definitely out of the playoffs should be used or actor and up -- -- -- -- you know it's -- that play out. What is ideally what is the next 1012 days like for buckles. -- well he throw another you can throw another rehab assignment. Coming off and then I'm sure wolf how to evaluate from there but I think they -- yesterday that it could be the potential -- -- out. Which all the political playoff game somewhere in the morally. If you have to do that local pig won't separate army can't just like everything else within two auxiliary in jump as too far. We got to get through this victory outside a lot of helping every immigrant that he looked good through -- or -- scene yesterday. Drupal rather -- finished up with a few hitters after that. The all around in a lot better are they gonna see that slow progression you know you think -- -- -- -- -- down. The -- kind of working back through an accelerated structuring it here where. You know he's got to go back of their results aren't sure -- Google backed open you know throwing all arm. So what for the majority of the so. He's not start bases -- You know he's got a lot there and reestablish its command battery so citizens are strict and I think those who think he's working right now so. -- -- -- back look where that temple well its you know this is in the -- warming up when he gets here he's going to be he's going to be ready to go. I think you walk obviously you want back. I'm Mike thanks your time appreciate. It. That's Red Sox assistant general manager Mike Hayes in the front office report brought Q by by the -- Newton Wellesley hospital celebrity cruises. And by Toshiba business so buckles is your long man than Lincoln's can.

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