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Ron Borges on his Aaron Hernandez story

Aug 29, 2013|

Herald writer Ron Borges joined the show to discuss his story in Rolling Stone regarding Aaron Hernandez. Ron told the guys it was thoroughly fact checked.

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-- Dennis and Callahan on the Thursday morning spent the first great majority the first nine minutes talking about. Obvious Rolling Stone story as well as the Boston Globe storage Korea. Continues pick apart -- as the day progresses. But joining us right now in the AT&T hotline is Ron Borges who I guess front co wrote this article is that accurate and -- With. -- -- are frankly -- that -- well -- asked him time during our talk with mr. of the break in the last caller brought up. Why did you wind up doing this with Rolling Stone why wasn't this -- and. Look at -- Burnett is. There'll be aware that I was doing. And so I did. This -- that. There I I don't know I don't know if you gonna answer the -- or not prom but you actually write some of -- how does that work do you send in notes to -- and in quotes -- had he would collapse pro. We both throat early. So limited to me. And then. More operations in actually I was probably at. Finally it was. We changed quite a bit. And we did the other sections. Anyway and and yeah. And have a number of fact checkers and -- Was lawyers that. So I mentioned this earlier this Sports Illustrated it was almost comical when that call UNC. -- sure the in the sure it was read it wasn't our engine I mean that you mentioned Andy's. That one -- had to go over the build of Ken Griffey junior. I did occur -- mentioned I don't wanna cities all and then in stronger and -- called do you really think that applies in this and what. Anyway. How how. Like that two there's good. Factors and now we're talking about. They can do. Nearly everybody you're a writer I don't try to regions -- ease as spoke to so what process. So the better the the the point the contention that well the claim that Belichick. Recommended to the safe coast to. Tremendous. Legal team. Scrutinize that said. That that checks out. They scrutinize every those -- What some. Upgrade and you know Jerry York is -- -- -- that's. Difference between a daily. Newspaper daily television -- radio show and then one. Its operations that -- side. And the and the standard for -- is a lot. Higher or lower depending on which side -- on but we did that surprise you when you heard when whoever told you. That Belichick pointed them to the direction of the Franklin a -- posts are fun what do you wanna call flop house. And said you know so this. So that would like you got around April or not like a real estate agent help. You know -- -- pretty. But now I actually didn't. I really don't think this is the first in professional sports. Or professional football. To me. What I postal. Know what Bill Belichick. It was what his job as witches protect. -- that. Is certainly -- news -- guess what he seemed to feel that he needed a place to. -- go where. -- -- -- -- -- I don't think that. Currently. Well put this elegantly usual as. About I was surprised wanted to learn he was in Indianapolis there was a lot in -- Only Boston media members -- in the for the Columbine I guess to be somewhere north of it doesn't define the Hernandez flew in. Talk to Belichick -- care for life is went to Indianapolis was pretty surprising me. Yeah. Well there's been an -- racially. -- -- I just called and thought you know I mean -- like Indianapolis to do it just seems right to league and -- to -- it just struck me as odd given the other stuff programs like the -- I don't know that. Is that god if you -- if you. If you're -- guy who who felt the way an insult. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What about -- right enemies and usually is -- lot of 23 -- -- of Alpine. Is they don't want. It sort of -- -- remote spot and. You the the -- went -- when Kraft said he was duped and you guys call it nonsense. Don't you feel like. Everybody was -- no I mean they knew it was a bad guys they knew he'd smoked weed than we probably. At some shady friends but. We think he killed someone he killed maybe 34 people. Don't we have a right whether its fans or media aura or or or of the owner to still feels duped. Well it depends. I look on the the statement do what what -- was it. He was -- and this is true my entire organization was to. I think it's -- if you read this. The story and then go back and look at that statement. One can debate whether the entire organizations who. As if they work that you wouldn't be a guy trying to play this week high. So you could certainly argue and I would argue -- Al. It took it a week from any of the things that. Aaron had been involved in and be aggressive from Merck. But it would be the wake up Carey Price it was you know we never saw anything. -- -- -- And we only know what's going on in this -- Which clearly. A what -- -- we shouldn't picture. So I I think when you -- it that context. That's such as the this award you want it dealt it a lot of shock that anybody -- a -- it was a rest from our. I'd say that BR percent Tuesday. And it felt like they might well so you think it. Aaron Hernandez. We'll put it chameleon so he did he a lot of different people and the situation. You eat your rights or you guys write that time was the pats for the Tiffany franchise a team of such sterling. Moral repute that they cut a player. Right after the drafted him having learned in the history of assaulting women. But telecheck. Well the winner for Super Bowls in grand wizard of the greatest show on turf had decided long before he got the New England that's such niceties. Were beneath them. I -- Belichick is never. Sold us that image that perception has -- that they were. Morally. Superior. Didn't. Anyone else I mean you know always brought in some bad guys some -- -- that some haven't while Kraft -- Ownership has may have sold -- that that that notion Belichick never has has -- Well -- actually debate the points. I think this that is. I'm always good to. As he should that follows through. And that is operations. Is. Different and better than the rest I don't think I don't think Jerry you're trying to say. The they've operated the last two years and where they operate when they release pursue your -- Now no I mean that's probably don't print I think -- but Belichick but Belichick wasn't wasn't there. Right but no I'm a blue bell but I would say bringing in whatever Randy Moss corporate Eleanor where is the same where you say in a week again. -- in that same thing -- sometimes works out sometimes it doesn't you bring they think. To -- it will put a guy in a wheelchair for the rest of the -- -- -- -- -- -- But what is Belichick ever specifically said that they're different than they do things differently. Above that there above -- said. Well I don't know I guess I have to us. It's that time to the world back look up every statement that he. While he's ever and I -- But I mean it's never happened you can't you -- him you can't give a specific example I. And you give it or does that ever want to -- think it's a regular officials when you know what I'm sorry. I think he -- -- Element that you -- written statement late last four years and definitely never ever. -- -- -- Think he tried to Google searches on their advantage I'm glad I'm gonna play the game the way you're trying to play my plane. And you issue are you at all I would guess -- definitively saying if you -- Look at every statement made for the last twelve years and you know definitively he's ever had anything is any indication is organization. Different about. LL. That's yes that's. -- -- -- We can move on what did you now could you tell which parts you wrote and which part you didn't write the story. It more. The guys when -- guys who sit down you Brooke was clapboard throughout the entire story together so when you right. It's abject nonsense the craft that describe himself -- Stoops -- you did right. That's you. -- All OC OOC didn't you write that sentence together that needed. Not -- worked out with anybody else I know that -- -- as they do work. I. Thought I'd -- You're right even if you don't work out well but. So it doesn't really work out -- it -- side. Yeah I did many times. Work. It's over the limit the fact that Cedric knocked out of LA you know how to go -- that would that would fly I would fly in the face of which you wrote. You know could you one of the guys in the room with craft that pace of the Java problem. If you -- the time you thought -- have been duped his luggage of a problem with that -- in the store. That problem with a now and know that wake up and -- Was -- well -- -- what. I would do it is this is true -- entire organization was right you believe in our organization was -- Two top to bottom. What are you order -- duped. Listen again it's its it's split it's split up front it's not. It's not that simple -- -- -- -- edit entire -- as the big development and Aaron and his kill somebody yes if everybody organization partner in this is sweetheart where they -- -- I mean obviously but I think that at all what -- OK I. You're you're a pretty cynical jaded now all the old veteran Ron what what did you learn and and reporting this that surprised you that was the was the PCP the biggest rebel. -- help -- -- -- -- but that was. The fact. Believe is that we stops or in the air from Bristol. We talked about hold it a lot like us that -- -- it's the opposite severe. For a lot of the reasons that. There -- explain it in our own terms of what those people. No it it was -- seven -- and early eighties and crack starter -- -- that loose it's cheaper. Less lethal. So either you know that much about. ECB are definitely alongside yeah that was pre. It. -- job -- me to it seems hard to to believe him. A -- -- -- -- the Manson family it just seems hard that I can do PCP like that that much for a year and be somewhat under control be able to ten practices. You gonna do a lot aren't there was crap out of I had no it's true it's good to see what all yeah no it's true it just seems like it that's the one revelation that topic. For me -- -- Well yeah they're they're my equivalent. -- our prayers was starting out of work accent and shoot an -- Which wouldn't expect. It wasn't the united. Levity never had a big Macs and him credit. And they just -- the right. Do you find. Belichick. Can culpable in any level -- -- wrong. Well certainly not in in in for anything that no I mean that I really don't see. Seriously what. It's a big jump between knowing that it IE. As problems or knowing that it. A lot of problems. Or even that a guy you know it is so one of my colleagues when your it's made it into that area on bird. Oh here in my life eight that would suffice. But but they you know you wouldn't then they -- you might need all that murder. So no adult and I don't think that he acted. Any differently. And the majority. Of. And it felt -- in order and it is this not. As rare circumstance and yet it is. -- lot of rhetoric in the point value. Was or not -- Art Shell as coach of the great. Not. One -- secretary provinces to. Gary looked and I -- -- these -- Our. Sentiment. Clinic on the Gordon are lately so it was they were there -- And they start opera but first I want to let the thought they saw it. Active M and expand the raiders want to ultimately back in the first black -- -- -- a -- well. I'll find and so would. Tell you that goes -- -- as we have to get your -- back. A lot you know not a what are. At throughout the diet some sort of set the guide. Well not yet and he it was secret start. Thought that you know that little. They lost or shortened work to feel like get it back on at raider gear and yet figured it would get everybody at our. Now on the Indians on every week. You know -- -- I was wonder what happened fragment as I'm in a new home a little bit great guy nice guy. We were placed few years ago. By the guy from Brooks went from one rigs in the Wembley Stadium guy. What -- been different if -- were still on duty for most that the job was still has with this story of unfold in any differently. -- A target -- I mean the one thing that I think. Was pretty clear immediately that Al Franken in -- side or part. Well no local we've there is sort of I was -- most their life of some form of we worked and really plugged in with. Local guys I think -- a difference between Matt and you know my understanding. Marked break that -- Internationally known expert expert in the -- security and terrorism. The sultan who won the Olympics. And although I think the bigger swing that Indian pavlik. -- -- And a lot of what frank what it would do -- out dozens of the arch diocese. -- Don't know that it. But he does talk also a lot and that was you know it's. A player would stop. Are going uttered five mile an hour to -- a -- was a drug deal was convicted drug dealer driving law. And the player -- out the window cords as we report. -- -- Initially said yeah I don't within a half and now definitely later this sort of minutes that you would. The indications that we were given was that. They just last last those all of these yet. Oh yeah I could -- I think it would have no more yeah. India. The only people responsible. For what happened oh lord for the people stand in that vacant lot. Put that on anybody else's is. -- Our rob appreciate the time is always the talk is soon. To. From boards at Boston Herald and co writer of this story. In Rolling Stone this month -- I if if I were Borges or Russell to I I wouldn't tell you what I wrote what part I didn't write. That's because she's gonna get remember once saying you know. I don't -- that collaborated and that's the story and you -- it made. Echo which paragraphs I'm responsible for you think you know I think I know clearly the New England stuff the patriots though appears to be. Done by Borges but it's the minutes ago the guys -- offices staff writer and -- Editor. Who got the first name with that usually the first name and the violence. I wrote diaries you wrote the book of the story yet and I never. It took turns reading power anybody yet that doesn't seem. Just seems to be tough to do. Worked sort split I don't think the Belichick is all that embarrassing -- of he never claimed to be holier than now. Iran's which he's taken a bad guys my point was taken Randy Moss Corey Dylan and and Albert hands with and and Erin is some work out. The first two you know at some -- the last two right and and -- was a bad guy who couldn't play anymore it cost a lot of money it was a bad decision about a Belichick yet. But he doesn't. He doesn't shy away from Baghdad however perhaps -- -- mr. Peter was a thousand years ago Belichick was in there and Ron's point is right now haven't gone over with a home every quote Belichick's name on knows he consistently not. We boarded this over people which frankly crap is done some extent yes I mean I understand -- -- travel. Rights and we're different -- but that you don't hear that from the coach. 6177797937. While you talk about this other stuff as well Red Sox win last night there to half games. And Tampa loss of one yankees must think that's that's. Yankees uses. Ed yeah it's fading artists like we just now we just one Alex Rodriguez to get to 6666. We want to get that six million dollar bonus with the end of the year and before you actually server suspension. Yes for the other circus that it will create. There's a lot of people standing and cheering him. Really yes. 651 right right and get nine more. Get hot in a month faced some AAA pitchers is September maybe what's hopes. Your calls immoral we get back.

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