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Mike Carp with Joe and Dave after his pinch-hit heroics

Aug 28, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien with Mike Carp after his pinch-hit RBI gave the Red Sox a lead and eventual win over the Orioles, he talks about what it was like coming into a situation like that and his first year in Boston during the Jimmy Fund.

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Mike apparently used to pitch yet to win the game in the eighth inning with two down and you get -- but they come off the bench -- that. It -- like that that very aggressive. You know anytime you get into it that way come -- it hits the big deal because it was -- to do that the best that's a base -- you know his Volvo world. I just we get in there and get that run -- means a lot for a team. Like what's to -- -- -- the first pitch EP three was 96 miles an -- -- 9798. So what are you looking for. -- -- -- -- -- -- if this is to put -- -- it's going on and you'll -- have personal and it got me loose a little bit you know as suspect in the cutter run up there. The way it did I expect to come back with that with the heat. You know just got enough of it to put it over. It's not a says. And then yeah mr. Bogart's at the U were called up to pinch hit for back. Courage on the way back in the -- he's he's he's just like all the other guys hear me and we all pull for each other doesn't matter who the guy Isner. Or what what situation this summer's coming update it wayward we're unit worked well together. That's that's good results happen just like you did. That's been a Red Sox all season long as -- -- -- exactly what you just described guys working together really. Fit in great fashion. Guys -- definition of a team as this is this 2013 Red Sox have been real well together it's been a lot of fun great rides away and we got -- got to finish strong. Back when you have an idea it might be cheered and how did you prepare. I -- -- looked at the match ups and -- yet either me or Johnny on the bench -- -- you try to pull for those. Right handers coming out the -- together right handers John has left handers -- worked out tonight that that they run to right normally it's a lefty in. And Johnny gets it that they get bats and you know just nice to -- Come up come up with a big one for once. Mike that's a series win regardless of what happens tomorrow or were really good or real team. And I you've got them to seven and a half games out and it just really put the hammer down on go to. Yeah you know mystical especially coming into the series and we're gonna win try to win as many ball games possible but. You know we we could take care of them you know puts us a better position to to take care of the rays and and hopefully increased its lead. You know. At least some might get a failure so I had when. I got back a I'd say it's outta Boston but you're well aware that Jimmy Fund right now where are over two point seven billion hoping you reached rebellion by midnight that. How does that -- ya it's amazing you know all all of sport no. The way everything comes together with that we had a lot of fun today with the kids. If taking pictures. Just just to hear those numbers come out I mean I mean such tremendous -- it to pull out that that that much money. You know to go gophers was the cause. -- like congratulations. And keep them rolling in net perhaps we'll see in that same role tomorrow who knows I definitely think like. All right Mike Carp with the winning pitcher at best of the drive course a big two out two run single in the seventh inning. As a Red Sox went at Ford three.

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