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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Wednesday August 28th

Aug 28, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Wednesday August 28th

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A timely one a blueprint that finds. Some grass just out of the outstretched arm of -- third. Put it in that inning is the about -- -- it was a it was an outstanding one you know we talked before the game about his ability to cover the plate. And another big double an important time. And then as we've seen Mike in a pinch hit role throughout the course of the year he stays prepared. And fortunately we had a little luck on our side now. I guess following up on that. Most hitters say that not playing very much that it's not it very well what does that allows cart team had success -- sporadic appearances. Fourteen Johnny in that role when they stay prepared and to they have compact swings there's not much maintenance to them they're able to repeat it come up and hit you know. 9798 mile an hour fastballs is not an easy thing to do and he got enough wood on in this case. You see him out. My roster. In spring training he was just getting familiar with -- us. You know new surroundings. We try to get him. As many at bats as possible he was designated -- come out of action for about eight to ten days. But we've always like the player like the swing. And the versatility defensively. Was the decision at the time over -- When it came right down to it and both guys you know while in his own right has gone. Perform well but my carpet in the role he's been and is as front. Can talk about John. -- -- -- You know once again he walks out to be in the eighth inning with the exception of a couple of pitches that found -- played the cutter to Davis and the fastball that. Came back to the middle played on Machado. That. You know. A lot of strikes high strike percentage. Forces the opposition to it to beat him in there and has not created. Any other situations by issuing a walk. Another strong performance on his part. Went. It. The one thing that. He's unique with is -- go to seeing the ball and on some left senators. You know to keep Davis from getting extended out over the plate where power is. You know he ran a couple of sinkers in their one for the foul ball one for the final swing and miss. But he's he's always composed today and he's got two or three pitches I didn't go to depending on. Reactions of the previous -- and he's been very dependable reliever force. What's the update those that are. He felt the ball off that found an opening between it in that shin -- but he wears. The -- stand here. Showed it was negative. We'll certainly examine him when he comes in tomorrow. If overnight there's additional pain or swelling who will take every precaution needed. But. Hopefully this is -- short term thing he's been so important to us statins don't bases tests that. Yeah after he scored. You know that at that point -- me. The pain in the soreness wasn't go away completely even after he took his time at the plate and for Carthage got off to a point. So would you think of Bogart's is a bad thing and wasn't. There are to take the mound that and that's -- -- game. I thought his at bats. Or are consistent with what we've seen of late -- only stays inside the ball well he knows what can move a runner over in the case where it it's a soft liner to second base. But he plays the game with ease and there's a calmness about him that he's shown a short period of time. Hunters and down and gets right and then. And I felt like that was that was a spot -- Some of us was teams in the resiliency and allow us songs stand it. We don't quit on the 27 out is made and I know that's a very bland statement but. And this is this a group that knows how to. Played the game situation that's in front of him. They they love to compete that -- to work and prepare for a given day. We've we've seen time and time again you know I think this is the thirtieth time we come from behind to win and kind of showed the grit and character of this team that's been present all year.

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