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Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien with Allene Diaz

Aug 28, 2013|

Allene Diaz, head of oncology at EMD Serono, joined Joe & Dave in the booth. EMD Serono made a donation of $5,000 to the Jimmy Fund.

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We want to welcome. -- he has who's the senior vice president there and head of oncology. 4 PM Easter don't know which of course it freezes the pitching match up every night. Any great to see you and thank you for so much you -- with a Jimmy bought -- it's great to be here. And the question being on our broadcast every night. Is that a bit of -- derided struck out. And the pitches swat at a fly ball -- the left field back goes out our front of the scoreboard reaches up it makes the catch with his back against this for a fourteen. -- -- Tell us about that was the case -- I don't know which is of course is that medical research firm the drug company what they're doing the Jimmy Fund. Well we been involved with the Jimmy fund for a couple of years we've sponsored some of the golf tournaments in the past that this year we have. We provided a donation of 5000 dollars we have several of our employees working on the telephone after the last couple of days which has been wonderful and I see that it's been quite successful so we're we're really proud to be a part of it. -- -- Roberts who walked pinch single laugh. And it bounces and receive these rumors always been a pioneer written research in the battle against MS. Yes we of course have been working in a must for many many years and we do quite a bit of cancer research as well some very difficult diseases like brain cancer lung cancer. It comes the 10 pitch. And it's taken in the air for a called strike. And the. Is this a New England based company primarily yes actually the company's US headquarters are in -- just about twenty miles south of the city. The left out of play. And be a worldwide headquarters they're actually in Darmstadt Germany. Just outside of Frankfurt. You've been around a long time with the health care business women's association. And us. This. Been involved with them both of them tour and. A lot of the functions as well as a line drive base hit over Pedroia has hit into right center by Brian Roberts. Two out single. That brings up a leadoff man McLouth is ground up -- you don't want foul disparity that he had a fly ball to center field. Rupture of those who are played it yet these are wrong hosts have been very instrumental to the Jimmy Fund. Yes -- and again we've than we've been involved -- a lot of different ways that we also support other organizations. That are involved in cancer research like the American cancer society and that. And other organizations because dispensary searches. Obviously extremely expensive then we need all the help we can get. For all the organizations. That's for sure. Lackey deliveries at the top picks in high -- be left to throw to first. To our runner at first three don't want Baltimore. Sex with three more cracks at the Orioles pitching staff that they get the starter out of there with Iraqi my notable event. -- -- executed double play. Here's a fly ball Iraqi about a prop eight back post victory now back to the track turns as the role that makes it. The catch on the warning track with the outfit retired the side. -- EPS from he had these thank you so much it thanks. For everything -- these -- wrong was done to the Jimmy fund for being -- great sponsors that are happening here that it.

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