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Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien with Red Sox owner John Henry

Aug 28, 2013|

Joe & Dave welcomed Red Sox principal owner John Henry to the booth. John was all smiles with the Sox in first place and New England showing immense support for the Jimmy Fund.

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We're delighted to be joined by Red Sox principal owner John Henry. In the -- promising to get a few runs and a lot more hard -- a very very important couple of days the Red Sox organization. And four of the ownership of the Boston Red Sox. As the WEEI -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Rolls on a hectic period for you John. It's it is anything here and and just on the West Coast. With a team. You know I have to say this partnership between Debbie that's going the twelve year new. It's. Extraordinary. And you guys through tremendous job through school. Ellsbury blossom bond takes a pitch up and away for ball one -- tonight his walked in stolen base in single. But certainly the -- -- sex partners really stepped up again. Jimmy thought so appreciative of the very generous donation. It's it's a great partnership group we have. 10 pitcher sinker in their for a called strike picking up the outside corner there. Virtually all of them are actively. In the community. Anyways. Philanthropic. -- winds of 11 pitch swing and a high fly ball twisting in the left backing up McLouth. And on the edge of the warning track he backs open makes the catch for a number one. So one may gone and he read -- achieve victory noted begins. You're just with the club on the West Coast. Road trip went very well. Particularly the series against the Dodgers. Taking two out of three against the hottest convinced that. Well -- pitching hands as you know he's been through it continues to these student. Like these tremendous. Season and they all seem to be. Getting together -- to this stretch run that not being and it's. Seems like all year they've what they gave me really felt they had to win that that it does. Moves -- first came at Dodger Stadium. Victory -- tune in for strike. If you if you look at our record going back you know seven or eight games it was looking. Race and that and went to come back and win three straight. Want to change -- the ground ball to hopper to short field on a party. And he throws on again in two fast outs in the fifth. And little son of Dustin Pedroia with the bases empty. To the one Orioles and fun being joined by. Red Sox principal owner John Henry so you feel better. We do too after after that road swing. Especially doing that against the kind of dominating the great dodger team -- pitching like. Particularly after whether it's sixteen in the late teens and nineteen. That is tough and so it's gets you -- 10 but you could see. Those last couple nights in Los Angeles. Extraordinarily. Pumped because in his words just be playing against the country's. Best that is a historic. Look amazing pitch outside for ball and one on one on Pedroia hit and that -- includes the fifteen game road winning streak and at that has since been broken bit. Get the feeling to Dodgers want to lose the series and have not lost the series since the middle of June. When you look at the -- could send want to -- 11 down -- away to a one on Pedroia and we're fortunate enough to run the crucial throwing to him. The business their two best. But they didn't basically buckled site should. -- I'd like to see someone basically buckled prediction who else. Seems to be headed their way says he feels great -- the 21 pitch. And it's up 531 on Pedroia. That's got to be gratifying to. Hear comments from fans about the like ability of this he -- its competitiveness. And particularly after last season since. I wasn't that big of a believer in chemistry. Always been statistically. Oriented can pull -- time. 31 open ended Pedroia we'll take all fours and now -- far more. You're you're you're you're really grabbed on the -- of the chemistry is this something based. You know obviously the last two seasons this season and last thing you. If you believe do you think the terms of -- of the -- This time after time but wow a lot of what a difference a year makes it chemistry it's. Like an entirely. New ball club was this isn't. Entirely case but it feels like like 25 different guys are now inhabiting it seems that he feels like them. Is Big Papi David trying to get out of an old for sixteen. He has applied the left and struck out tonight runner at first base in two way. With the Sox down to the one. To Bud Norris who fires in hand that's low for -- one. Cool for sixteen. Even little snag here. To what she looks like he's a little late. Get started just -- Little League which when he has slumped more often than not that's the reason. He hasn't had many days off his -- years. Push through these nagging injuries. Ten great years he takes one in their for a called strike. -- -- guy who acumen tonight over fourteen we're looking at that going for the last thing David -- for fourteen this year than would happen. Without finding a way to winning anyway. For the last 53 straight. -- -- -- -- What an incredible years. Even with 24 homers 79 -- in the senate fine Norris in the -- Swing popped them up on the left field line into the corner with clouds giving chase on the movement makes the catch just shy of the green monster for a number three. John thanks so much for joining us. Thanks if you can work through all this.

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