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S&H: The Collier Family

Aug 28, 2013|

Jennifer Lemmerman with her brothers, Rob and Andrew, and sister, Nicole. They are the siblings of the late MIT officer Sean Collier. Sean supported the Jimmy Fund even as a low income college student. He regularly contributed to the Jimmy Fund. With this in mind, the family asked that donations be made in Sean’s memory to the Jimmy Fund. The fund has raised more than $160,000 for the Jimmy Fund.

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34 now. Our studio which has been fairly spacious has shrunk considerably as we welcome in what appears to be the entire collier -- there are. Six siblings I mean you guys it is a huge huge number and I know Jen you're hearing him speak first for everybody -- -- -- and you've been nominated to speak on behalf of the call your family here and for those unfamiliar the story Michael and I talk so much of you remember. I MIT police officer Sean call your shots just days after the marathon bombing. In in a moment that I think touched everyone in our audience very deeply as soon as you saw the picture. When your brother -- at that smiling face will stick with me for the rest of my life. I never met him personally you grew up with them how indicative of of his personality was that picture we've all seen of -- -- I mean I grant is something that we all think about and remember him when we think about John you know if you don't use that term. In the family a lot of finger and they you know -- you just know he's gonna have that you've picked your market in the house. During her big family gatherings you know he's he's just got that smile on his face so that's definitely who he was. I remember and infiltrate anybody you know their microphones around you I think my microphone take my microphone everybody wants to talk just feel free just jumpin. But I I remember really a couple of stories about Sean. About how how caring a person he was from a very young age was that you wanted to kill us -- of Baghdad and and we -- just some of those stories that I better I was fascinated by the struggles in the globe some some great stories about him I think you Sanders storyline out then -- -- Astaro as it does so and so give us to promote like it was a really Japanese it and number during the story. United the right way we we're in the kitchen -- girls city. I actually can't ever remember Susan and I verse fighter I think newsman and you know -- is freaking out about it and you wanna meet again it was this embarrassing for him because I was a little brother. So -- feel like I didn't ask didn't I really didn't wanna do it took -- -- show miles so I grabbed an acting like godaddy does know. No no don't kill don't kill it sounds like what you gonna do that news gentlemen put him outside it. I'm not doing that. And so he ended and making me do you pick it up on the -- in an entity and have an outside shaken confidence. To set the entry. This a guy who is really cared about people I am definitely upon those of some of the other stories they came out soon afterwards or were some of the disputes he was able to help mediate in the way he handled the some of the problems that he saw along the MIT campus. Yeah one of those stories that I I learned after. After he died that was really something that stuck with me was and he would come over and he would tell us stories about his job you know at MIT and the things he was doing in one of the things that he dealt with a lot that really upset him was. The number of homeless people. Who were trying to find a warm and dry place to be on campus and it was part of his job to sort of move them along. And that it sent him because he he wasn't actually. Helping them he actually told a story and a man who was sleeping on -- steam grate in the winter because the steam with warm. But he was getting very wet from the -- and -- knew that if he just pushed him along he would freeze in the early freeze. And so we found out after he died from his chief chief to -- that MIT that he had gone to him to the chief. Just two weeks before and asked for permission today joined the board of directors of the local homeless shelter. And he said I feel like I can deal with issues before they become problems. I don't I don't really -- know how to respond. Community with all the people in the world and all the people that we know to hear about somebody who is as giving and caring and wonderful -- that way in the fact that this happened to him -- people as. I don't know how to express my condolences to all of you guys who knew him but one of the things that is that is come up in the reason that you guys are here today. Is as part of that kindness is part of that generosity part of that caring that he had for so many people. I used to listen to this to radio telethon and was struck by it and took up a collection and really. -- -- Jimmy Fund was a worthwhile charities so you guys are here to continue that on today. And we wanna speak to -- and I I'm happy to address any guys are your opponent you're here but it turned out the first pitch maybe you can talk about the connection to the gym for. I'm sure look at it is more. Huron high school to show us I think Palestinian cause I actually yeah and they went to our. Mothers work and -- Transferring records over from. Written so. -- awkward moment. Yeah electronic and that so I guess they heard over the radio -- telephone going just short shown in a way that every week. It's -- was altered -- told. Point seven he would donate every week from those big counts of Jimmy -- every week so. -- -- possible it is incredibly easy to do that yes I mean I really give you some numbers right here and it is so easy. To have it I'm just taking out monthly you make one call now and then for the rest of time. You have money just donated a monthly out of your account call 877738. 1234. We do have three suggested levels. A monthly giving 67 dollars a month in honor of the 67 Red Sox impossible dream 4060. Commemorating the batting average of Ted Williams and lifelong friend the Jimmy fund for nineteen dollars and 53 cents -- celebrates the year the Red Sox and Jimmy Fund. First partnered together a cult right now and make a donation in honor of -- calling -- it is something I planned to do you guys are on here just a few minutes. I'm jumping on the phone as soon as you guys. Leave him an airliner lots of ways and and we do we mentioned does suit earlier. Like I understand most people don't have a right to have Major League Baseball decisions give a 60000 dollar donation good. That's why wouldn't he didn't take that. Maybe 60000 to be sixty dollars he said Mike beat 67 dollars a can be 1953. All the other levels. We're glad that we've just mentioned every little bit does count I don't wanna ask you guys as anybody can answer this question this is an unbelievable show of strength. Hard on behalf of your brother. How how are you guys doing and it's it's very difficult and I am I'm sure it's gonna be so difficult just to come out and publicly you can talk about it. To the public. -- how are you will be you know whose idea was it to come out together and and and just how difficult is it. I mean of course it's very difficult still I think those things like this fat card carrying on and his legacy tell everyone is it. It just kind of lets us topic gives us something. Positive to focus on I'm in such a tragic incident that happened. And it's just so nice to know that. -- staff he's made such a difference in other people's lives. All of our we've been contacted from all over the world and it's just it's absolutely amazed things so bad part Israelis really uplifting. Really all over the world like -- who view -- I right after his staff we're getting calls her and dead. Ireland police department. England's. There's people of Germany sure that we are sending cards and letters and amazing just to know you know and they didn't know him that being heard about him. -- -- Yeah. Homeland. Yes it's -- -- guy's gonna throw the first pitch overall of the sad things and talk about here that's kind of hung immediately after the first pitch of Fenway Park. We'll tell you practice he got a crafty and throw the ball around a little bit vs their men some level to make sure you don't embarrass I -- DiMarco oh yeah I'm -- Badly need and this guy over here. They had not practiced nearly as much as I should have. I I'm from North Carolina. I live in North Carolina from up here and I -- love. Not a CNN one type of baseball so I got here -- -- some -- balls and have been so busy that I. -- really good tracks and much. I measured. Sixty feet and there's there's the pollution that stand there and I threw a couple of them and it's gonna be terrific so you should definitely want to. There's you're selling yourself -- -- you're already thinking ahead. Okay and that's okay well. Hello Jordan and I didn't pay little Bennett and -- your age Jetsons fan. I'll be happy I think do you have any new I really I really believe you can do that as long as -- you don't dance we will we saw on the -- the other night from Watson and Carolina Montana -- I think you guys will be just fine out there. The number to do is 8777381234877731234. Give right now make a monthly donation of a number of phone in my T officer Sean call here guys. Seriously our heart goes out to all of you thank you so much community and today we really purchased the Internet here that's the -- call your family had to have. Today's. Obviously any tips are mother's birthday hope so you know not her best birthday yet but sort of wish her happy -- -- sure everyone else here does. And now -- some 179. Dollar donations for Sean is bad number 17 now. I always that is totally. -- -- and I -- nine dollars call right now talked to one of the Red Sox wives who -- right behind me and give 179. Dollars in honor of Shawn collier's badge. Please do right now 8777381234. Can get that really slowly see really listen to it. 877. 73. Needs. 123. Four -- 179. Point nine dollar write down ownership on cars that your mother's birthday what your mom's name give her real accurate what's Kelly Rogers. She's turning 28 -- gas sales -- hey Tony try.

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