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M&M: Jack Robinson, with Pedro Martinez

Aug 28, 2013|

Despite battling osteosarcoma at the time, Jack has spent the past year compiling and self-publishing a joke book to try to help other kids fighting cancer feel better through laughter. Throughout the summer of 2012 Jack collected about 200 jokes from children at the Jimmy Fund Clinic for use in the book. Pedro also steps in to talk about Jack’s book with him and then holds court on pitching and the Red Sox rotation.

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This is a WEEI special broadcast it's the twelfth annual WEEI I'm missing Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Broadcasting live from Fenway Park ears and legs Lipinski and -- Maloney. It is a day of bug of new friends. And old friends here date QWEEI. -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon. As we'll continue throughout today tonight during the Red Sox game and we need your help we'll tell you I can help out. I'm new friends and old friends -- a new friend here in studio Jack Robinson he's thirteen years old. He was battling cancer any portable with the same time Jack face to meet you see an old friend. A guy who played with Duluth -- teammate -- we talked to Varitek before we talked to Francona. For a few minutes and major Martinez joining us here in studio with Bob Pedro. Not the much excited to be here like always you mustn't. Is -- continued tirade from me every time I come back and and but also just doesn't get old for me create another thing for me. It's good to see you here but I think he -- thank you have you you we know -- -- important figure here in this town but. This right now is about this man over here Jack Robinson thirteen years old and I know. It's been tough for you battling bone cancer but through it all want you to tell your story because. It's true inspiration everything in this miles you -- try to put on people's faces you actually put it book together of jokes correct. Yeah Iowa when I was when are going through treatment I really like jokes and they just like Maine you better series and so I set an accurate book for other kids as well. Rightly look bad and rated I guess I I compiled. Yep. Let's (%expletive) that's a lot of work to how did you. How did you compile the jokes did you ask other patients at the clinic. -- did you did jokes out of network. Yeah well I mean they gay. Collection are so I guess and I've played it at the -- fun and Children's Hospital. And I'd ask that pick out letters that -- think that the tent like please give me jokes are -- put -- in this book. And then every week -- -- collect guns and I'd get a bunch of jokes and then I put them in the book your favorite. Yes have you heard about the frightening huge -- Don't know fifty souls lost. So as you are going through your treatments Jack and as you are dealing with your bone cancer. You're like you're ending this book at the same time you put this together -- year. It doable that wants. Well yeah my mom was my tightness so I like edited it and mom. Collected the jokes and my mom types and then I edited them on -- and diet -- and then yeah. Don't don't tell my wife about this if I geez I can't do two things it wants like only focus on one -- she knows that you're the strong. I'm a big -- Pedro we've we did talk a lot YouTube and watch guys out there inspirations on the field and everything I know. Being part of the -- such you know the Jimmy Fund means and going over to Dana Farber and seeing guys like Jack. These are the guys inspire for I mean these are the guys that we look up to. You know that sometimes we usually get mad at least not and with no gloves that we keep him. And I do. Over strides that whatever it. But that new you need to autograph -- vote for me you need to give -- -- goes like you know look I mean right now. What we do as mapping compared. -- -- -- a lot of you look up to vote for all the love them and and sometimes. Wanna get an autograph when I get -- holes that bit the what you do what you go through I've been there I. Happy one of the guys that that that have always been involved with the view do you -- on them. And -- farming -- -- you guys that until Friday I don't remember your faith forget. I should I I should probably have seen you when you were going through treatment because I've been there. The last two affiliation with the Red Sox I've been coming in and out I don't know if I have the chance to meet you before that. And believe me you are. Someone that we need to -- I could not believe that that you'll put up a book together before I did. Yeah I. Don't have to sign an autograph for me to even have a couple good jokes and I think you put him in your book you're not but you might have few good jokes you know not a lot of good that's the he -- reliable way like -- -- in and that would go to the minority. Wiggled out not time but -- book and give people go there and purchased this book. Are yes you can go to you aren't done yet need to be gotten make a black dot org. And there's he has put. Buy now button and it sends you rate too savory parts it. It's like 89 guys and -- are raised like. 2100. -- almost 101000 on fifteen dollars toward pediatric cancers. To me is all the money that you will that you make in the book is going right back into the -- -- -- -- -- -- some believe they'll look at the age as far as the kids you getting jokes from when you're getting jokes from. From five year old -- getting jokes from eighteen year old. I was gay jokes from my front four year olds. Nurses and doctors. Pretty much all -- I guess. Here. You realize you put a lot of smile a lot of people's faces a lot of those and I know much it meant you to smile and get a joke with. You realize what you're doing for for your friends that renew with the pregnancy by acting elected him think that you -- kind of Friday. I think there I'd say so. I -- -- -- -- not deserve credit -- she did she was the type of staff to be fair she helped Jason deserves a lot of credit or you'll the other. Yeah. And -- -- -- but -- this thing down and let me ask your question yes. -- I gonna be able to to to -- on those votes and take them back to Dominican yeah yeah it is it amounts related to those bosh. Not yet been blown completely. When you -- -- and that it was that. Translate them. ID love to see that because I love to bring your story around in the Dominican and and the blowers no man in America. And tell them how history. And how good. People can it can be whatever they decide to -- And now you know how foundation the men and if you a lot of kids. Kids -- are special just IQ and and that not. That had to overcome so many things IQ. And and I'm extremely excited to meet you in and an operation and a lot of my kids love to hear you do them. And I would love to read. About to do but some of them I'm not able to. To read in English. I thought -- well below and it and little booklet out and and a I'll be I'll be one of the guys purchasing your book they leave me in in bunches. And bunches. Victory -- your time go to the Jimmy Fund. You say the word inspiration but. When you walk in there you see the kids respond the way they view those who saw you pitch in and and those who know you are. He put -- toward the look on their face kind of brighten up their day is they're going through that treatment kids like Jack what -- the only. I thought -- Jack and I I grabbed him by his back and I took him around. That's obviously seen those moves in and and made -- believe me there -- whatever whatever we do put them. It's nothing compared to. Would do war we get we get that smile that jacket today and and how don't know his -- right -- Monday when they look at you and they see you in the today you get them to smile even though that that they're going to keep mall and all that and I -- I can only months that I have my dad also vocal few. And and and and -- Ohio for. Us in this problem see Molly you get up at Keeneland all that in and radiation. And in this kid's you know overcome all that and forget about all the things that happened after chemotherapy and and and and all that. In the looking view and smile. Have a Havanese you know behind your -- It's like wow I -- I was -- when you didn't -- It's it's it's great Joey this is the best the best they would get or for whatever we do it. You know for us to be able to bring a smile. You know among those kids. If you better. -- gonna hang out and avoid jet gonna hang out with a Austria when it. -- -- elements we talk to baseball player. Excellent at Jack what do you know about baseball talent a lot of updates so you are talking page about pitching so yeah. Much it's if you -- -- this -- the guy healthy -- right here you don't beat you when you when you jump aboard near the Red Sox and got more involved. A lot of people said Palestinian. I want you down their spring training as much as possible because it wasn't just the physical ability to -- It was the mental side of the game right and it was gonna get in these guys' heads and talking about it and maybe hasn't been all that much involvement or or as far as the hours put in. But that message insurers always delivered you know how much have you enjoyed. Being in this new -- the Red -- I love I love around -- you know we just isn't strong enough to two on and I don't know what I'm one of the movement but but I IE I can tell you I love it I absolutely love it to be able to. You know in Iraq with a minor leaguers. In Iraq and spring training. In Iraq with the the veterans. Feel emboldened faithful feel like I down. Haven't seen. You know -- -- legit keys you know the team and and and the fame -- I feel like I'm mobile phone it. I'll always be able to own and and and -- typical red red if you look at it and down. Album love to just kill my knowledge everything I can do to make the team better and also. Do people like I I I couldn't find. A place whether the way I can house. When I elected to pay back. Some of the hit Baghdad from got four -- played baseball. Easier way to fight. It's right here you go from here the fairway walking you are right there where you can help me get the kids thank you. You can get involved in the community is -- you have dominicans you have. Venezuelans. Yeah American kids the I've been to schools. I Joel about it and both of supplies have been in 98. In and then the small area. -- -- the night I think you'll make me an old fable from those made for big moment. You were made for pitching -- all about this Lewis talked about the the competitive nature of this this Red Sox team starting staff when Jake Peavy goes out there he goes complete game Lester goes next he wants to go completely Lackey. -- these -- in the same thing. Talk about that competition amongst pictures and it's happened trying to -- -- that a good thing where you're trying to one up the next guy trying to quell their match. What they just did that in the night before. Varela almost hear the in my time here in Boston. I used to relate something that not everybody would do. I think the first thing I will move from the ninth inning down. Not up. Not from the first defected. And -- from the nine for the first. Think that the better deal with the way because my in my -- in my goal of the night. The night and that's that it doesn't go look at how wildlife on the night. From the night. From the nine and sometimes I've got myself -- -- because sometimes I didn't have it as Dana and I and I wanted that night the night and IE I try to relate that to the food for them to my teammates especially. Guys like. Wake you didn't say much the only cure of its own way. -- you could do whatever you want to do what you love and actually this if I get good there -- -- but. The rest the rest of the guys I used to go. You know when you're going him in. Whatever the other -- to vote on the other side. Of the -- And -- -- wanna -- the other picture that in the in an inning by. And also. Like I like at Tokyo's move from nine to one. That. Know from one to nine and and and the same way. I guess he gets. Spread around and between the spotters and that illegal about it. And and and now -- TV. Is that we're competitors. That guy would -- you have -- in that game I don't know how he's -- -- tomorrow. But he -- -- -- -- out there and that's the way that laws I -- leave it -- out there in the -- couldn't -- the next day. Get -- better than it but I hit it a little out there and and I look to see them -- and I and I. Think that attitude is gonna reflecting some of the other guys master that there won't be. And I you know I'd love and goes because he's always -- -- -- something -- well hopefully -- -- Competitive. Fighter you know those those guys that are like the drop the -- even though you seem like. -- there well you know I have. Kind of lazy fifty people out there it is my kids and enriching about it -- I think it is it becomes compact it's still the for the stock. When they see someone. Like standing in and they wanna do wanna be right it was. -- what he's seen Felix is he's a guy kind of came in camp and was lured out of shape -- talk to him you talk about publicly in the kind of shut down for a few weeks with. He has then after a tough -- he has been outstanding for this team last. -- that aspect of it and let's listen let me let me let you know something. -- think he was healthy I'm on -- percent the holes mentoring you and it took him awhile to kind of fiddled around the way you want. And also basically you know dropping all the way in the spring training because he did what he fell off. If you work hard to lose to Mosul loudly that he the extra weight in all that and now. It took them awhile ago. But that is also -- Leo he's not gonna make adjustments like a veteran McNeil PP. Someone like that but. Slowly he sees me making the adjustment in me and he's. That would be in Baghdad. His stuff is there one of the best stuff -- scene I would say number one spot. Outplayed abroad everything that on the one father needs food to. Food to become holidays in the team. How nobody wants it it's it's done deal to him it is and and once you realize that country who you gonna end up when he wants. Let me ask this question because I brought this up before 1999. And Cleveland Indians game five OK you kind of get banged up game while we don't know -- from beating. It's game five out of control PD comes in the fourth inning. Can't remember Scott Hatteberg and how significant does win this game had -- gonna get a -- shed to tie flies as we get more money from O'Neal has yet. So PD comes in. Those the fourth perfect fourth we don't know all the gonna get out yet nobody really knew what was going on but you want to dugout you tap despite the top step. He looked out the team needs it. He's in the crowds. And with -- that adding that to me because I'm getting my shed if you look perfect for the rest of the game when did you know. That you could finish this game off that you have what it took in this game was over. Want that one though. I thought he got to the other side -- remember I've made my living on life. Intimidating that you are intimidated -- -- NV Nokia underneath one of my players it would be really intimidating because that. I go crazy about and might -- -- mom I'm very very big key. Person when it comes to protecting my players I could not take -- yes. I think settlement. Or for heating element plays especially if they did something good and we went through bottles a lot news. You're an item protect Julia know you -- but it tackle -- 90 yeah. No he got familiar to the media did and I got a little bit I don't let things that you like I didn't get my -- not -- You know that that game in Cleveland. I salute team that bottle -- I -- a team that never. Surrendered to anybody. We limited you know kind -- limited. Ill. I believe he's -- to actually overcome mobile slaves. And I saw the effort that everybody who is making that kind of and I this -- done to try to keep me healthy and everybody I still saving him. I mean a guy that that I knew was in pain but he said you know what he said to me and is the first I'm an affair that's okay -- a mogul. I can I can go home tomorrow they have a bright future and on the flee if not worth it for you putting get ready. For just one game. And that activity in -- that'll make you mean relax and let you know let let him go. Mainly committed to actually doing more for the team enough I went out there. To try to help the team what I could. Why did I go in the fourth inning fifth inning I don't know whatever fourth inning and because levels right. Laxity -- I could do something for the team because this seemed like nobody could at that time. The low -- given we used to like crazy. David Hagan he willful in me that I could not mean -- -- if you leave me and they've made. Everybody that went in and out. Seemed to be beat up. And Andy we'll talk to me to find out -- I could do that moment silence a unilateral us again do you mean Williams will. I went and active shooter out of the mouth and I think it's Hillary can't find them going in and if you believe. Team is gonna have to -- to him because it is that time means. And and then now when he saw me go for faith than a Monty. He goes PDI you okay and let me be but I got -- And when I've done levels climbing up levels climbing up -- up and I thought that I could at least vulnerable on this but I don't. I think Dana it's over. I mean. I mean I'm in the house I mean you're perfect. Melissa just do you want you and I looked anything but you know while it wasn't really that it is. Columbia the pitcher's -- of the attitude to line -- -- it wasn't that though deal that the in my estimate made it easier for me even the fast. That was a Axl finally died when it's only come out. Like they got -- -- on ice cube on top of them and it's a lot of fat ass cold out there well. I think they throw the -- when they when it's on the come out and -- here. Because I had to do with this. Rely on my mind my history with the I never let him go and and and you'll -- youth who felt that. Scott Adams collection had a first got action. Yes I got Scott had ever go ahead you know that should tightest lies -- peso have Pedro thank you so much we could do this all they really appreciate taking a few minutes and you gotta talk to Jack about it some of these books Jack Robinson the author -- make them -- what's the outlook the website again www. Make them laugh dot org. So as a lawyer Pedro. Jackie Robinson Pedro Martinez let's get a break we will come back. As we continue live from the WEEI destined to be -- radio Telefonica where you're at Fenway Park.

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