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M&M: Mary London, with Nurse Ludmila Svoboda

Aug 28, 2013|

Mary is being treated at Dana-Farber’s Whittier Street Health Center Clinic for kidney cancer. Her cancer was caught early enough to be treated before spreading. Program nurse for the Cancer Care Equity Program at DFCI at Whittier Street Ludmila Svoboda joins to discuss her job and the program.

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I -- -- I know it well I joining us here in studio merry London a Boston joining us Mary how are you. It is it. The meal let's vote for Bob does the -- -- -- thank you look very much -- screwed up a lot of names today so I'm pretty normal tech industry -- thank you so much for joining us as well you Mary tell us your story and I ended up at Dana Farber is Whittier street health clinic. -- -- And from the -- one year ago and -- both -- and in with my brother and one days. Funny and I was taking. Lunch for him. And after I was looking known. And I -- artists have sentence within 3% to. And I said -- you know I could do would join it has been dazzled I'm gonna go in there. I know when I did and their reception was so nice everyone night you know treated easily nicely and I sign up and Leon saw a doctor -- that says them I don't know what is happening to me before my head situation. And she said it's just gonna put me on to do not have a and I met this. It just the might to mayor it let me know. Seeing it when I imagine she'd done. She. She put me on to a doctor. She told me -- I need I need to do some more tests and ice still I did some tests cat scan and MM RI. To ship and it shows that I have a mass in the way. Kidney right kidney and it was going it was doing since -- nearly a 2011. And I'm. I went put it tests it was. When I when I realized that I have to -- have to have surgery. And I met this doctor doctor Chang. And he did. The surgery. Announced that a strategy and he told me that I have. It was Danson. It's. It was very hard for me. It was very -- for me to begin and when I was in the U Auckland I was told that this mess that I have. It's it could be cancer. -- -- went to doctor -- said I wanna be honest with you. He says I have been doing this a long time and I know it's not -- It looks like cancer so I I I was there alone. I was there -- Lauren and down. I had no family and our friends and I -- does know is that I -- that's. I have cancer and I have no. Not a -- About different names of the cancer types of dance look. So I just assume that I'm gonna die. Do not know be open -- but I thought I was gonna -- sewn up and down so it was very sad to me -- Didn't so much family -- friends. -- door that I thought it was like everybody gets done a lot of people get cancer so it's like nothing. So I just withdraw from a lot of people. Which -- farm family and I went into a depression. That I -- very depressed and sad. And I decided I am morneau. Make this move to Boston Marathon god I came here because stung by that. I had associate. And down after having the surgery it took a wise from the tool to -- But. I wanna say thank god well the data father and it would history very supportive everyone has been very very supportive. To me. Encourage an Iowa -- anytime and it would be there for me they would always. -- and -- so full -- that they feel better. And that's on god for that I've done that for that because. I really did not have much support. -- support of my brother I would. Be indefinitely to -- You know and might have a brother out. I found out what those people who had been there forming and a standout Florida the assistance and on my doctors actually has. Because I have been. Trying to -- -- by Owen. A lot of times. So. -- here in New York -- you did dealing with this depression shutting everything off yes. What made you decide to come up to Boston to Dana -- me how did you know Dana Farber was there someone pushing each and this is where you need to be. -- I hit them when I was a new I had I had gotten sick. And when I got sick they have run some tests and -- I had erupted six so I was sick and that's what it's -- the math in my kidney. And I was. I was in a single message when I was with people that. -- a founding member put me on to London was able to them. And then I was. I was sub title. The living situation. And I. Wanted to run. To come to Boston and that's and I never do wanted to move to bust them an idea that it still. And I as I say I just stumble across this has sent them I didn't sound. I haven't no one told me about it I decide and I went team. And health center that you work at the bit can you explain how important when you when you're working that literally screening how important is people walk in and year. Your job there. Yes -- do you know we we are making -- Carter started the cancer care equity program. You know half ago and and that it ourselves within Whittier street health center which is of primary care. Facility and to release -- -- Foster immediate trust with patience and the providers and I think Mary story is. Exemplary of what we're trying to do because she was. You know caught up in a lot of social economic. -- circumstances behind her control and was referred by your primary care physician had been bounced around in New York from doctor to doctor Andy that he made this is nothing this is nothing. And then she came and saw I saw our. Oncologist. Dana Farber oncologist and within minutes I'd say -- ten days she had an appointment with the world renowned. -- agenda and if we had not caught. You know this cancer at this stage it wouldn't have been localized and been able to you know be treated successfully this with. Surgery well it's an amazing story and thank you all for coming in and sharing agreement -- Mary thank you so much percent do you think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out there you can donate right now at 8777381234. Online. It should be fun dot org this is the twelfth annual WEEI -- Jimmy Fund radio Telefonica. We're here at Fenway Park.

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