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M&M: Terry Francona

Aug 28, 2013|

Terry Francona spent nearly a decade in Boston. The former Red Sox manager discusses his time in Boston and about the importance of the Jimmy Fund.

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On the phone right now that helped get should open up your checkbook future credit card a guy like consider a lot of consider. Greatest manager Red Sox history Terry Francona joins us Jerry Mike and -- how -- you. You don't appreciate taking a few minutes here I know that your time. With the Boston Red Sox you saw the relationship -- between the team. In the Jimmy Fund. To explain that connection what it means to you was ago I was here for a lot of years with this club. Well you don't become like Egypt -- -- -- -- -- needed to learn more about it. Or its content here and here -- -- -- com. Everybody's been afflicted -- touched by it does have a point where I am later Brandon. I just you know in general I think anytime you try to -- so -- for somebody or or rule. Perhaps it. But this particular organization is unbelievable also tried to help our it is really built. They had Tito throughout the day -- mean the players have been coming down here in the last couple of days and it's. It's probably one of those things where you know sometimes you ask your players to do some special things -- -- don't have to. Really asked Greg you just mentioned because it's clever things I think quietly behind the scenes that the players want to do have done. Gone over in seen. That the kids down at the -- I think it's important altering. I think I think and again you seem to -- It first hand but I think it will be surprised actually how much voters do. And how much you don't outspoken ought to be ball and Jeter wants to receive the chip you know him for animal is some things like that they rule. You can -- that you asked about it. -- you get some pretty good going on out there in Cleveland they -- into a tough game last night but. You find yourself right in the mix after taken a year away from the game you are in August meaningful games I feel pretty good for you. It is built like a little walk and write them. I mean I did a good -- him in war all Austin but. We're right smack in the middle of those and it were a little ball. And you know we have some challenges -- These were little -- And their news -- I was just wandering -- -- ratio in Cleveland compared to Boston as -- is -- still there we all know it's like here. Yeah you don't want the games the same you know comics and -- girl there's less fuel football field in Cleveland which is which is okay. You know there were some need for almost every day in bought. It real or created. An -- missed. But Oden you know. And sometimes have one without the other and now all that attention. And all that all the people that here's what I'll have a public -- So again it'll say that when I'm happy who wore a map of actually were old. A matter -- multiple happy with the Red Sox for a big pity -- there -- tremendous editor of real bit bitter border -- pretty. Yeah it's got a surprise this John Ferrell god Terry amazed that he come in here and just right away do the job come on now that. Well you all realize we're speaking honestly they're probably winning despite him. Are you you don't feel good and everybody around five others note that -- -- or -- Well let me ask you care because lot of Red Sox fans who feel like I do -- greatest manager Red Sox history key US -- tell them. Yet open up their checkbooks here those listening this on your voice why it's important donate -- -- -- today. What you what are your views that I think the better I think have made maybe federal wage disputes. I promised to also to check out there and for -- also. Like -- every year but perhaps this stipulation. That ownership as the matches like -- always over the past. -- Think we can work I think we can work data are an older well older hearted that are that are -- the lead or like. -- righted. And I'll do not use. You guys immediate Russell and how are you guys and hopefully. Brad no matter what we -- from a -- an actor and all along. So what do you go listen to the Mel today an -- what are you up the -- all -- you -- that -- -- Are you guys know moderates such fans are are rooting for the Cleveland Indians as well so we wish you guys all the best they're good luck down the stretch. Don't look at -- okay thanks to Gil thanks Terry Terry Francona.

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