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M&M: Jason Varitek

Aug 28, 2013|

Former Red Sox captain Jason Varitek joins Mut and Merloni to talk about his experience with the Jimmy Fund while he was playing in Boston.

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Told that alligator stories from some amazing patience and amazing parents and doctors and researchers but. It's also little theme of guys who played with the little bit of -- lose teammates -- On today show today joining us by phone our former captain of the Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek Jason muck Lou here Fenway Park or you. Aria and doing good up copy times fifty here from the -- you know. How important is this day is these two days are the Jimmy Fund means a lot this organization which means it means a lot to you -- much. You care about this organization can you talk about what it would it has meant to you and and maybe some of those trips that you've taken over the Dana Farber in Childress. Are so many different -- matters differently if we can reach all different different age groups from. People that are -- based and the people that are baseball fans too. Anything you can do whereas as a player award just as just don't you know somebody that's not a player here. To reach India or give back in and those moments that would put those people they're gone through the pledge their lives. Pretty special moment to be a part of. Well I'm curious you come over here pretty young you know and transaction with Seattle and end up here. Do you remember the first time Jason that -- you sort of realize that the Red Sox were tied into. The Jimmy Fund it was different and maybe other teams other charities in their partnerships. I think it's human grown exponentially since you know my time there. Eight -- your comment when he went in the big leagues somewhere out there and -- didn't really quite have it election problem but they do such a great job now from -- out. Of getting people involved and especially with the general fund and an odd -- and a great job of teaching us the awareness of what's going on and what involvement is and and and how to be a part of that. So now that's a credit to them in and the people running that organization choose to do that because as. When -- plane on the field you get directions right directional. How much you meets -- needs to the organization. You know you're aware. You know this plane with -- -- -- you talk about somebody that really just appreciates everything -- always that guy you know appreciate everything they've given you've been through your hard work in your preparation. You just never took any Frankfurt for granted you know you work your tail off and then. If for beautiful girls and I think that that really kind of hits home here to think putting into the Jimmy funny think of the kids. You know not taking anything for granted and look at your children and look at what we do here for two days and it really does hit home I think when you become apparent. I absolutely. Not had the fortune of being a parent her thirteen plus years now and you just you never know you never know what people are going through. With search out everybody's faces different different. Levels of adversity with spam -- going to -- going through. And you know to -- upon anyone you know it's -- place that the Stanley or just in the child. You know you're just very very thankful that it you know when you do you have. Children -- and and and helping those families that -- -- about some sort of -- -- and -- are you enjoying life after baseball right now and I always felt that you had so much knowledge to given weather is. To a player on the field as a coach or manager or decision makers in the front office are you enjoying what you're doing right now and its organization. Yeah I mean I'm I'm am amazed you know not working full time and -- on a part time basis but I know age. Keep me involved enough I know more players now throughout the organization I ever had the entire time I've played. You know just developing -- relationship slid all the younger players. Are small difference and throughout the year being involved and some of you know whether it's trade deadline or they're draft meeting organizational. Meetings -- directions. And here's learn a lot not admit to ourselves. It's been it's been good it is -- -- -- involved and you know rich even more about. More of of books and now Leno then you know the transition from where. You you say that but we know you keep an eye on this team every single night and mrs. Where they are right now with 29 games to go it is beyond expectation and beyond anyone's Yelp for a pre season predictions while the streams here. What's been the biggest surprise to you Jason -- watching this 2013. Red Sox team. I'm not I'm aren't we are not overly surprised that the components that we're there and some elements that were out of it. You know it. Now I'm -- on the -- -- and over and over it. Are you Humana stated this starting pitching performance of that and you don't have such a good good. And so they have to coincide so they've done such a great job route. -- -- -- -- -- and doing note thank. That the surge added to the ballpark just added to the managers credit. Editor allowed that in the gene could be you know a lot of different ways not currently observed during those games are enough so. I -- editors and you know here at the start clay and and and last and in analog Lackey should be complete people in our. Rotation along with the broaden our yet TV. They're they're they're pitching well and opted to keep them in games in such an exciting. Often depression they put on news just phenomenal. You'd think about people compare this team you know to mediate single Beckham -- and all four arrested. It's not really -- to me it's really all three you know because in that offseason nobody was excited to bulk animal law are Billy Miller. Or David Ortiz right and it's -- like this offseason. And then you see the players they can be I feel like it's got that seem. Feel to it not just on the field but it seems like in the clubhouse as well. Absolutely you spend any any in my time report that guy is that they added to. You know it's -- Pedroia and David and and are ready high character people. That it could add to that you know about bullying and and go home and -- you know -- stating messenger short eight this is. -- in all aspects in then. Mid -- energy the victory you know very exit just read it's it's the passion of what does the man that out of that market. Well Jason we appreciate taken a few minutes here today we recognize how important this relationship is in the Red Sox and Jimmy Fund and all the you've done. Between trips to the clinic here locally and out with them. These kids who came down to spring training to see you guys every single spring how great you were to them. We thank you fourth Jimmy Fund thank you for and we appreciate taken few minutes today on a couple of very important days for the Jimmy Fund. Thank you very much and good luck that my project Jason Varitek -- the captain joining us here. And if you ever heard -- for Jason Varitek you're likely you're to protect. Ever you liked what he shoved that Iran facing -- and donate now on behalf of tech 87773123. Of the four let's go Red Sox fans. You thought about donating yesterday you waited waited right now's the time 877. 7381234. Or log on right now and Jimmy Fund dot or this is the twelfth annual WEEI -- Jimmy Fund radio telephone we're live here Fenway Park.

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