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M&M: Brennan Burnett, with his mother, Sharon

Aug 28, 2013|

Brennan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age 4. Now 5, he is currently in remission with one year of treatment done and one year to go. Brennan discusses his favorite Red Sox player (Wally) and what he and his mom like about the Jimmy Fund.

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Brennan Burnett who joins us -- awesome read Jimmy Fund shirt his mom Sharon is here as well as younger brother all the brother Parker. Excuse me looking morning Doug Parker I Brennan. -- about. I feel that. It was great. I saw picture Brennan with. It -- favorite Red Sox but he's not a player out who's your favorite Red Sox Brennan. Your favorite guy at Fenway Park. -- -- It's law only. Well -- over here's brother David Ortiz I thought if it weren't an opinion I get up picture with -- and -- those guys look like you guys are best buy this is all what are your best friends. -- -- -- -- -- -- askew his credit looked at the right now five years old beautiful smile he's had. What are you look at this list and you know. Talk baseball -- likely categories but not that these kind of numbers you know with. When he procedures -- under anesthesia forty visits and Jimmy Fund sixty visits at home. A hundred blood draws two months in the hospital 75 doses IV and chemo it's been quite a year look at the smile is still there. Yeah I am using. Money started to go through the it was. About the it was July 3 of last year when he was diagnosed though went with coming up on the one year anniversary at that out and go through every. So write down what he's been through in the past year -- during your depending going through knowledge and getting -- you know doing what you have to do and when I sat down and wrote down. Everything he has been through it was astounding really. It's amazing facility a year ago also actually -- a five to a four. -- is diagnosed. With acute limp -- of plastic or leukemia. What was that like for you -- each for not how did you know that something was wrong. Until it we ended up taking immense. Children's Hospital because he had hit pink. But actually -- several days for them into. Determined that it was leukemia which came to and it's quite a surprise to me that it had many blood drug we were there. -- with blood work came back pretty normal and it wasn't until they did arm bone marrow aspirin -- think about it with leukemia. So we were all pretty pretty shocked. And that at that age 24 years old is he comprehend what's going on when he's diagnosed with leukemia at that agency understand. No -- he's going through now. He didn't at all and he was I think now especially with our weekly visits to the Jimmy Fund I think he thinks most kids are doing it. You know look at you think everyone else you know in their blood drugs getting their chemotherapy and you -- -- that all the kids are doing such -- -- I think it seems pretty normal. Do we talked to few people yesterday who worked over there and different projects that they do like beads and faces and different things and and we will find out and I think it's important for everybody knows the medication the doctor side of it is important is no question that's why we're here to gain money for research. But what they do it Dana Farber as well. Former first walks in there or you as a mom first walks in there is just it's out of this world yeah comfortably make you feel. They really do make it as good as it possibly can be. For the whole family really not even just for -- because I think one of my biggest concerns when he was first diagnosed as we have three other children. But the time he was four they were 67 and nine so young kids and I was trying to figure how we cannot. Manage all -- in how many gonna manage being at a hospital being at the Jimmy Fund with him and and still care and other. Children but they really try and help as much as they -- with the whole family and making certificate content that as far as you can become individual. Join the activities can come and at least who I mean that -- having today and yesterday. -- so many special events for the whole family and my son Parker who just turned up and at one point recently said yeah. Every new having cancer can be so much fun. And I really hope that -- kids when they look back and this experience. Don't think about the bad things but think about all the awesome experiences we got that's you know from the Jimmy. He's five years old diagnosed before is in remission right now he's got a year treatments still to go -- how to deal with the first year of treatment at that age because. Your stories of of kids in a lot of pain -- stories of what they go through how was his year treatment. And some hard times sometimes and he felt pretty bad I would say he was. I'm tired didn't have much energy really didn't -- walk around or do much of anything so we spent a lot of time at home and just -- letting him. Rest as much as he needed to -- But now and I think about in the last two months he's kind of gotten his energy back in -- feeling a lot veteran and a great summer he looks awesome feeling a lot better him as. A -- would you go when you go to love the Jimmy Fund what are your favorite things to do. When you go over there. Didn't like it did asks you a good dancer. Really you -- of TV cameras she girls weren't there and do some dancing for certain. When you think will you can dance with them -- over there. I can -- And then Wally who's gonna canceled while he aren't you little or no noise about it -- you are never played for the Red Sox. Every place close to -- can maybe you'll be interviewing Wally you're retired you haven't talked to -- did you dancing with him tonight you know the game tonight right. Arm with the set that up you and Wally. Dancing together. What else do you like and dancing -- Richard doctors a BBC did you really made a lot of friends. There is to doctor it to two doctors doctor Silberman and doctor -- who are both amazing and he actually. Looks forward to going into -- them in the appointments along you know we can be there 56 hours every Tuesday. And which for 45 -- can be yeah. A lot of time waiting and and he's happy to -- happy to go to the doctor parent doctor Silverman and police and Kaydon. Child life specialists to make this day. Fun. Now you mention his brother Parker who had that -- the quote that I. If I didn't know cancer -- and having cancer could be this much fun again. Smith sort of sums up some of the stories we heard from the parents here that what they do with the Jimmy Fund and in -- with -- very. Serious disease and try to help these kids out. They make it as painless as possible and I thought partners quote really summed that up yeah brother saying you know Brandon having kids -- -- fun. Yeah it's true and I hope I really do hope that's what they remember from this experience that we got to do a lot of cool things that the family that we wouldn't have otherwise gotten. In remission for a year Divx is there it is there -- timeframe. Sharon where he's out of the woods is there -- timeframe where you'll start to feel confident this thing completely beaten for good. I think I'll always have it in the back my mind that it can come back I think any time he has a colder fever. Any thing I'll have this little. Anxiety that it could come back -- the volleys of possibility but the type of cancer he has it's what they say is that good kind of cancer to have because. So many kids end up intermission and stay in -- Like he awaits you dance for and I thank you for coming in today Brennan thanks -- -- and everybody and they think they don't. Live in game today. Greta Brett and his mom Sharon apart you know thank you got so much for coming in.

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