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M&M: Tim Crowley

Aug 28, 2013|

As a state trooper and marine, Tim is no stranger to obstacles. He was faced with the biggest one in his life, however, in June 2010 when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Tim spent over 120 days in the hospital fighting for his life. The father of two loves spending time with his family and friends and coaching his kids.

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-- joining us in studio tomorrow right is Tim Crowley. Tim good morning how are you the morning very good right if you're 46 years old 46 so -- your 43. You're an athlete you'll love to run. -- your state trooper and a -- so thank you for your services country. What's feeling bad in June 2010 what you go to the hospital. I actually nothing and I was feeling fine I was probably running nov 56 days a week five miles a day in. Didn't feel anything else changing nine units in the Marine Corps in Annan. Would have wanted to do some blood work and they came back in their Lego looks like you might have model. So as a guy sold them yet again another checks went back for another check. And -- I got -- Scioscia. You're on doctor. So -- went back some island doctor and my white cells they jumped quite a bit against it then they cut you might it's nothing serious but he -- taken a look at this silly every time I went. When another week later in it was jumping like crazy. So at that point delay guy we got to -- new two I was well. And -- doctor and -- -- -- mass and he's I was senior over in Springfield. Based -- it and from there on. -- -- said. It was something more serious. So they said look we continue to gain a fiber of at this point they still didn't know exactly. -- what it wise and then. Win. With the Dana Farber that's where they found out dead Nam I had leukemia. You don't -- at Phoenix -- -- -- a marine. It doesn't surprise me when I read about how the 120 days you went through and how you fought and you seem like a pretty tough guy and a fighter. The single through the chemo in the surgeries radiation bone marrow transplants a 120 days of that what was the mindset going in. I might sickle and invited -- and when I was told was. That it just want to getting going away as very -- east of the disease. When I first went and I looked at one of the doctors. And I said in my going to be out of work for like a month. He kind of looked at me and looked around the room kind of laughed and zoom in London and you're going to be a little bit longer than that. So on was kinda crazy but -- the -- they don't want to do is I just want to get going on right away and start taking care of the issue a shot is where -- must where we today -- feel today I feel real good today I have a lot of side issues and things like that but I still -- I have like seven doctors -- -- -- a daily basis I'll. -- -- three years out on. Then I dead bone marrow transplant and October 21 2010. And I think it went into hospital -- July 1 2010. What you actionable their transport transplant and this -- -- in nineteen year old anonymous donor who donated their bone marrow match for you. And it helped you in this process what's that like to get the word -- -- a match Mike Philadelphia. I mean it's unbelievable I mean. I to have people don't donate because at first when I was told all the -- -- near dawn. Playing La people levelled the match he'll sure but when they went through the whole thing. Nothing showed up while still. I was gonna do mom. Accord. And they realize at the last second they found donors from Israel. And that's made a huge difference I believe and Israel. I believe like I might be wrong but they all have to do mandatory government service. And I think they make and don't do -- donor. So the so I think that's how that 190 kimbo. In that call and they say that -- -- say last minute this was like last -- you're about to go. And -- completely different thing until this until this nineteen year old showed up on the radar corrected. Probably two days out Beijing all the sudden changed. And we had a change of mindset there like this is the way we're gonna go my wife was kind of worked up about it. In acted I hate they know what they're doing this what they wanna do let's just. Put in their hands to go from there. Now you've been through this process and continue to fight and your wife Julie -- with ten years you've found recently that she had brisket she goes in Friday Ferrara. A mastectomy at Dana Farber shall we it's kind of funny that I was joking with -- said. We can do -- dates at camp five. She goes tonight floor I ability. And ask you this because im sure you eat you get diagnosed leukemia and you go to Dana RB hero all the rumors and all the stories are great they are but after going through it. Does that give you a little bit you feel of the better your wife delivered better knowing the treatment you're about to receive an achievement that you have received in her fight. Absolutely who we knew right away that. As soon as she was diagnosed. I talked to my doctors they helped us right away and we definitely felt very comfortable at camp fired Dana -- The team of doctors and nurses there were unbelievable. Really unbelievable then tell me about doctor totally. Ted -- yeah yeah he's my doctor and he's been unbelievable and helped me the whole way through I got on. Draft -- -- disease right after. The transplant in basically when apple was about 90% of the skin burden off my body. The only place that was in effect it was my face and he put a team together and right away and I turned it around pretty quick -- They've big sports fan and your kids right -- correct coaching other team correct. Different perspective is that the coach as far as -- -- how aggressive you are you got to win this game all that now it turns into you know what. Probably just have fun yeah I. Yeah did you know it definitely changed -- big a change your outlook on everything in a big way. Com you know I used to get really worked up about a lot things my wife can verify you know and non Red Sox lose a game yeah I have a real fire not validate well I'm now tell us and -- -- five west shrine game and I think it's a good thing in my life is probably left right now to the studio worked up over the -- spreading it. You night at the mention your children you have a son Jack and a daughter Kate come around. Did they know what you went through that they understand we went through yeah they did when I was in their a lot of people would have a kids command I always of the odds in my signal point I'd. Think that I wasn't gonna survive this I was pretty positive posters about this all time. I didn't like them seeing me when I -- my weakest some people are different body. On I tried to keep the way they would they were really young at the time so I didn't want them to be exposed it to tell mom mom yet they know I just told them the other day that was a tough one because she basically does everything she runs outsold. And nine -- they know about me and they're always concerned like if I come home from work. And I laid down my son welcome must mean they're like hey dad you okay him market come on -- like gum line. Now with him and I told Bob -- and they were out pretty of jeopardy putting a positive light solved. They were to pretty good but it right now. Said he told body it is our conversation was an emotional yes it's definitely our conversation I'm. I was -- just straightforward we realize and there's never real good time the town. They just started school again. And he was heated -- right before they go to bedding and worry about the -- worry about it all night in and home in the morning you ruin their whole day. So we sat down after dinner the other night and now we had some brownies in nine. I kinda explained it to Wilmington and there. Yeah it's tough eight threatening now because they're starting to figure this done to figure out it's lawyers all five years old you can sort of just this is what's going on -- details. At nine they got an idea what what happened what's going on -- daddy was the. -- they had a lot more insight than I thought as I told me they knew right away. My daughter ransom money -- life and jumped in her lap and senator crime but she was good would it. You know so -- move not what he's a stressed out about -- about a -- to interestingly when we. Yeah I thought it would last night when we went and I put it on last night they were had they went down to one I was like I gotta be kidding me into ten. It's not all just there was a second inning -- out to like yeah get like 45 actually guy in line we -- I was worked up right away Jose's -- I put it on the start the loose on my guy gets on and off. -- Terna Nande came back Mueller but I didn't go to jail tonight bully game tonight aren't in the case don't work -- them fired up little went back and if I. Time for those driving around listening to Saudi voice in the help that you got from Dana Farber and help the wife is about Q Dana Farber. Can you explain to them you know why there -- dollars what their nation is so important to you when your family yeah it's huge because at the facility there that was -- thing. Is time they had a lot of experimental drugs here. And it's things that they provided that they would don't and other places and that's student having all the money and funds available so it was a huge not to be able sign up. I'm different on things to help me get better was a big big plus. And the way that hospital runs -- moves it's just the machine and really as well. We hope that people hear that hear your story and are compelled to donate and donate early and often here today and look. The Red Sox get down a couple months and there's no there's no reason to get excitement and contact a lot Hampshire this. You can enjoy the game it -- again that's when I got you know Johnson spoke more saved any closer even -- -- tonight still -- hope everything is good I'll wager we're talking about him getting coaching fire for the Red Sox as your body I got Tom -- this is tough Tom is laughing his butt off vacuum because everything he's saying. You agree with you here yet I got the Red Sox I -- though and I got it he's laughing back there Tom about it. Thank you so much for coming -- thank you for having me and negotiate a good luck to you and your family thank you very much to report. I have Tim Crowley joining us here in studio and is selling his message. Is loud and clear respect and we need your help 8777381234. Is the number all the families over their. At the Jimmy Fund need your help 8777381234.

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