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D&C: Dr. David Rosenthal

Aug 28, 2013|

Dr. Rosenthal is the Medical Director of the Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies. He discusses the integrative services that the Zakim Center offers and their importance in the mind/body treatment of cancer patients. Some of the services the center offers include acupuncture, massage, Reiki, and more.

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So welcoming to the broadcast like doctor David Rosenthal doctor -- both the medical director for the sake of the center for integrative therapies -- -- I've -- what CML is nobody infusions I now know about desensitization. Systems and stem cell and stem cell transplants themselves tell me exactly what integrated services is what do you do. Well -- if they -- please integrative therapies used to be called complementary and alternative methods of therapy but it wasn't a very good turned. Because complementary means together with conventional therapy and alternative means instead -- So the proper term is actually integrative therapies which. -- putting it in context. You know cancer is a chronic disease we've been seeing over the time that the mortality from cancer has gone down -- there's no question is not down as. As fast as we'd like. But the incidence of cancer continues to increase. Which means that there are many many more survivors living with cancer and that's an obvious point the question is holiday living in what's that quality of life. In integrative therapies is really playing a role in trying to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Both during their diagnosis during a therapy during their rehab. During period of care. Give some examples. Without. The best is a nutritional -- and trying to get people on the best nutrition. A fighter nutrient lots of fruits and vegetables. Trying to get them to be physically active even though they're feeling down in the dumps it's important to do continued physical activity. We've shown that now physical activity and good nutrition can boost one's own immune system. And the third leg of the -- distressing symptom management. Trying to deal with the stress of going through cancer and also the symptoms related to the disease and the symptoms related to the treatment of the disease. And that's where at the mind body programs come in. My -- meditation. Transcendental meditation guided imagery self hypnosis. Music therapy expressive arts therapy you name it. In addition also some of the modified exercise programs. Such as -- gong tight she Pilates and yoga and. So those are also -- ID program that is realizes that you don't know -- center offers acupuncture and massage. Right like deep tissue -- yeah -- we offer acupuncture massage and reiki. As all cancer. Cancer related yeah I think -- country is probably the most studied of all of. The integrative therapies. Acupuncture actually had in the in China they know it works and they know let's say. In this country we have to prove that it's safe we have to prove it works and we also have to show how it works so we had to do randomized clinical trials on acupuncture. Comparing active acupuncture with fake acupuncture pediatric and adult. Pediatrics and adults. Kids tolerate acupuncture very well obviously when you're an infant. It's not so easy but -- young adults. Up to is starting at seven years of age after sixteen. I can tolerate acupuncture very well what's she -- -- Chicago as a modified exercise program you probably know about Tai -- -- -- involves. Stretching. Meditation. And breathing so it's sort of like a meditation class but lots of stretching and activities and I'm not cut -- -- that help cancer patient well it helps them with reducing their stress and anxiety it relaxes them. We've shown that practicing -- gone and it a weekly basis can actually reduce stress and anxiety. But he's taken popularized this setback almost fifteen years ago when he suffered from myeloma and he found it reiki. Really relaxed him in decreases anxiety and stress. Is integrative therapies are relatively new endeavor in the overall scheme of things I mean obviously somebody at some point had to be thinking outside the box since it let's do this right you know I think it if you go back 25 years. It was called quackery. Yeah. Britain. It's not quackery there I mean they're still -- out there. But there's a lot of evidence now to showed that a lot of these therapies nutritional physical activity. And acupuncture massage really do help the quality of life that cancer patients reduces symptom ecology. One of the biggest things is chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting. That can be alleviated by acupuncture. Pharmaceutical companies don't really appreciate that because they want us to sell a lot of drugs right. But it it really is very helpful and those people who are refer rectory nausea and vomiting. Thanks for the information doctor we appreciate it doctor David Rosenthal the medical director for the sake of the center for integrative therapies joining us here at the broadcast.

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