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D&C: Sean Bennett with his parents, Patrick and Lynne

Aug 28, 2013|

Sean was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010 and he finished his treatment this February. Since he finished chemotherapy, his strength and stamina have started to recover. Sean still goes to the Jimmy Fund clinic for follow-up appointments and is starting high school this fall.

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Hey it's our neighbors Gerri it's the Bennett family from Brighton Massachusetts on my right. Is up fourteen year old Sean on my left mom and dad Patrick and -- Bennett welcome good to see you. You know that little bar room -- Hogan's Ron yeah the only one who goes and I think we aren't enough. Baghdad -- goes event that knows it well John one of the success stories first at all. Basketball baseball ice hockey I get all that he like gaelic football what is what is gaelic football. It's a mix between soccer and basketball. Yet get the body forced action kick it back -- up every what steps you -- and chicken fingers like gaelic football. Now I don't think so but that sounds like fun and it it could we learn and if we want if you could teach John and I out of -- that yes that would be any good. -- You sit four steps and then you have to kick it would have to go five steps like traveling in basketball and yes yes and blow the whistle on the have to give the ball back to get the team yet how do you score. You kick it through. There's two sections of the gold the top section is one point and the bond second straight lines so it's like a hockey that kind of thing yet. There's a goalie. Yes. He can -- one -- Are so so tell me the story about the moon violence. I'm not the moon bounce your testing out the moon bounce for Christmas bazaar and that's when you didn't feel so well. Yes. I was -- -- was in reference there's certain balance we like and second round and artistic talents it done classroom. That what happened is that Pakistan. Will. So off to the hospital that point -- yeah New Year's Eve was a lot of fun do you -- tell me about New Jersey. I had a stroke uneasy in 20112010. Where where you analysts. In the hospital. Americans year round -- In Europe and. So you were already in the hospital -- -- -- yes well that's the timing anyway are gonna have you haven't there but a moment I think about all this part yeah. Were you with him during the stroke I knew that we. Outside this whose worst unions -- while it. -- right in front of you and see India after taxes it was tough. Mom you said. Sean has leukemia you cities face to put more strength and dignity than most adults absolutely and tell us how does that and we do you see that. He doesn't complain. He just does everything and he needs to do and he doesn't well. Hope it does he referred to the hopelessness at some point. When was that and and and how does that feel. The stroke was. Huge that we really just you know act at that point we kind of just -- just have cancer at that point. I was like today it was a completely debilitating on his left side. -- and I see you. And now -- couldn't really speak he couldn't. He couldn't move his bomber's leg in this whole face just kind of now. You know it just slid right down it didn't it didn't do what his brain was talented and is this connected to leukemia and it was a combination. He had just finished his massive doses for the first thirty days. And then we just come home from the hospital. He ended up with the -- virus. And now we actually haven't got Christmas at home because we have been in the hospital for Christmas and we had some friends over he wasn't feeling well. He was getting ready to go to my bed we go into the hot we gonna go to the hospital after the -- up the truck. And he said I can't -- when the truck from among them in an ambulance all that's OK it. -- So -- so at midnight on New -- here in the ambulance on the way up to the hospital. And then we had a stroke and if you look at him now. It looks great news. Playing football now. -- you you couldn't look more normal I -- you picture fourteen year old kid and there he is. You remember when you couldn't speak you could move. And any amendment to -- and I -- for. You remember the first time you moved. -- repeat. And so you really it was sort of disabled on the left side how many days was in the hospital after the stroke undersea. And their three -- uses those couple weeks couple weeks you know it's nice CNN that the couple weeks down classics like. -- and many did rehab. The rehab -- I was gonna say they're the EU there can't be anything scarier than watching your child go through that we just talk with Lisa in every single parent we talked to says the same thing that the the reassurance that is provided the answers to your questions that are provided just the sort of environment. That is created when you walk through the doors of the Jimmy Fund clinic is something that all the parents share talk to us about that experience talk to us about the fears that you had and how. They went about allaying those fears when you walked in the stores. -- just super supportive. They treat all the kids with. The most unbelievable respect even. They're always kind to them that they're very loving. You know there hugs whenever they need them and your -- a lot of other people that. -- go into the same thing so you just have an unbelievable support system between nurses and the girls at the desk and just everybody. And you went to went on the Red Sox trip with the kids you must have been one of the younger guys. Yeah I think I was the youngest son that different and we nervous. With mom and dad nervous to think election. I -- and excited -- now telling about the triple a says it will what do you do when you got Florida. We went to Florida. First day leave it actually get into sixth in the mornings now. Delayed airport silly I definitely an -- is supposed. The hotel dependable water light -- yet -- -- -- pool. And Blanton did it -- I'm Dan. And then later that day like across the street to. -- from Italy here ever been gone if you ever I have next in line yeah. Not too long -- -- not for very long 152 a ticket and didn't get the ballpark. They kind park the next day and on what happened. Leon got -- like it keen. Kinda thing on the field we have yet and they got him on its. I feel you line up but the players when -- then we. That night I think. -- -- and out of the grandstand take pictures and progress yes your back is covered with Red Sox signatures as you -- And who's on their two without without looking and you can't look behind look -- on your back. In general and buckles. -- David. Now. He. -- and right out let's go popping them. This -- about Lester yes yes there and that this. Who's your favorite soccer player doesn't want. Yes I think he tries it with. A true. Yeah that's good reason yeah would -- what this Red Sox team that can win at all. You confident yeah. With what worries about pitching hitting defense. Pitching yet Hugo. Mom and -- you feel like you're. Out of the woods or do you filly to ever be out of the woods. Particular other -- there's always that concern them back -- ahead. But at this point it's just think everybody has come and -- it happens it's fantastic is that different than before he got sick. And he took things for granted before I turned to him now usually you appreciate every day. He finished just treatment February right right and so now it's a matter of doing what what what's what's on the docket every day here every week every month. Follow up because every five weeks has -- -- excellent and everything's still. You know days that he still sneezes and recently since the end. The screen is that night before the fight we checked up a nervous night night and I'll know them now. And so at this point resistant happy with the way things are going to start school next week please. I know for football playing football for plays football this fall while position. In. Can you quarterback. You -- like fourteen games. Are you fast. You look back and -- you fast. Good to see you good thanks much as the Bennett family.

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