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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Tues. August 27th

Aug 27, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Tues. August 27th

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Can count about that you use that. I don't know they can do much better on base all five times. Seven RBIs couple home runs and makes a couple of very good plays in right field. He investment. You know just set the tone offensively the top of the order. And in addition let you know Felix continues. Put together a strong start your mind he minimized the damage in the third when things but have been able to get away from a little bit but he keeps it at a two run inning. And as -- said just a very good offense and I don't know. Well he. Correct they're pretty quick you know to get off base it's. And he walks Robertson hit by pitch. But when things could have. Maybe I guess have become a big inning against us. He found a way to minimize what she's done a number of times and after that I settled in very well much better fastball command throughout. The later innings. And our starters when on a good little -- there. You know he's shown repeatedly has -- there was a start here against Tampa where. There were a couple of innings that were similar to the third tonight and he has a way of staying under control and and giving up one or two rounds rather have been a 45 and and much has been made about. I left handers shut us down since the all star break but the last three lefties we run into we've been able to come way with wins and and -- a very good pitcher. And I think anytime you have an era in the low threes in this division. He's he's been effective against us early in the year. But just which -- about -- Wellemeyer. Well it. Anytime I get on base at the rate they are and that's that's why they're at the top of the order the more times they can come to the plate more than get on base. And be driven in and change seemingly. And drove in a number himself through that with seven RBIs but. To have that kind of on base. Ahead of -- middle of the order power bats it's a good combination -- Another would put greater emphasis on it but who we know the history over the last couple years what has been here between. The Orioles and ourselves and having coming out of the last series down in Baltimore win in the series on the road -- gave us a little bit. Of a boost confidence wise as a team. And carried out here again tonight. John we don't know. Chains -- -- with answering back throughout the season I think this is 34 straight start my math is right what does it say about him and he's their staff. Even when he was in a lot of a couple of times he fought it didn't wanna come out and he's got a very high pain threshold lose we come to learn of him. The fact he's gone for the right side of the plate has minimized how is aggravated a left hamstring. Even against good right in a pitching. But he's a good player he's a player.

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