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Shane Victorino with Joe & Dave after his 7-RBI game against the Orioles

Aug 27, 2013|

Shane Victorino with Joe & Dave after his 7-RBI game against the Orioles

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Hard right that John thank you have a night three for 34 runs scored seven that RBIs to won't want to double walking hit. By pitch it. -- what else is there were -- what's going through your mind off how hot. You know it just joyful you know appreciative and thankful -- you know being able to do. Become modern day you know play with these guys you know some moments like this you know career highs. And again in my hundred homer you know all these kind of things have been grown up as a kitten boy you know never Wear -- out and do some of these things. But you know all these things fall into place and you know just keep going in -- time and you know he organ are shooting your own power surge yearly on what's. On -- all the home runs and congratulations on number 100. You know I'm just trying to work on it every day you know it's brought there not yet not the most department just working on the path you know feel good to play. I don't see us you know getting mistakes and taking advantage of them you know for his mistakes -- As we all know you know you can hit it registers but if they make a mistake that's when you line had not been able to. You know put good contact but mistakes and get myself in good counts against good pitchers so again just working on the -- each and every day. While tonight yet the two home runs off lefties batting right handed pitcher also homered writing that down the trip against power pitchers from the right side you seem very. Comfortable after what. Go back to high schooler early year minor league career. Yeah you know it's just one of those things you just you -- on each and every day you know just take one game time and not enough now it was thought there. You know being healthy I think that's the most important part for me and you know again black -- -- -- switzer. You know we're gonna work and try to get back from the outside but you know service and Ortiz there right handed and we've been doing it but you know focuses for me. Is -- team you know -- when he right now and that's what's important to us -- And finally how about -- West Coast swing it particularly those those three games in Los Angeles to go win there and beat a team that had not lost a series since the middle of June. How important was a -- still thirty games left but I have a big wasn't. It's very important I think you know from here on out every game counts and as I said from day one you know game one just towards game 62 but you know -- think -- all year long we put ourselves in good in -- position. We've been able to hold onto first place you know with his team -- in -- but you know again the focus one game at a time not worry about whatever else is doing is we control our own destiny to go out there but. You know is definitely big for us I think he says you know there and -- officers to -- -- LA to take two out of three. I support I think not only from the aspect of you know like yeah we are long way away from where we need to be -- Most part I think -- let them know that hey we are a good team we're going to be a team that hopefully there and and but again take it like it is time we need to focus on that we can't look down wrote you know we got clear mart target of those. Can -- your first year with a Red -- be well aware that Jimmy Fund their radio telethon which is under way wouldn't it be neat if they hear fans can call him with the pledging your honor after this night. I would be you know beyond static and beyond honored to something like that effect I came in and I had a letter on -- seat if someone had made a donation on my behalf Jimmy Fund so. You know that's the kind of stuff that's important you know helping others being able to help others and you know some that are less fortunate -- we -- You know things like that you know you opportunities to UT to -- to donate today you know to help others you know that's what it's all about it's about being in a position. And you know you go out there and that you take if you you understand how how fortunate I am and I think we all take in and understand of course who article there to play the game we love and you know thing about those sort of sports enough but you know my thought they -- altar -- who has. You know who suffered and you know again I think donate as much as you can iron and helplessness and anyway you can. Shane thank you so much thank you so well sir congratulations to heart broken -- you are right again 8777381234. -- numbers John.

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