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Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione with Walgreens District Manager, Tyler Hough

Aug 27, 2013|

Joe and Dave talk with Tyler about his career with Walgreens, and their ongoing campaigns which raise money for the Jimmy Fund in the search for a cure.

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So it's a 11 count. It's nice having some fun. The home run. Two doubles to singles. Two walks and hit batsman. It's been -- -- Five run fourth inning. Here's the match. And it's in their first call strike. That's actually enjoying this one. I behind wanting to. -- already scored three times driven into. -- that Mike Gonzalez to pitch. Outside with a fastball. When you look at the rest of the schedule including tonight -- -- 230 left eighteen year Fenway Park. With a Red Sox are forty and 23. The best record in the division and home. Housing along look again. And now he backs off. But a five run frame here. It's actually that eight to two lead. The pitch. Not just did skips a way I had David -- hold -- he didn't start right away and ended up a couple of feet from the -- -- circle of the first base side and but you go right away. -- put on the breaks and he did. He could have made any way to start it. Right when it bounced. -- it is now. A 32 count. In the second period to about five runs home. So he would be next he started this frame. Here's the set. The catch swing there's a line drive center feel their way out -- over those Jones to make the catch Stewart is right to left center of the side retire. The Red Sox sent ten men didn't play. And five -- -- crossing after 482 Boston on the Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network. He signed around the. Delighted to be joined by Tyler -- So wal -- been great with us all season long and Tyler I know you guys have -- a lot. And raise money for word. The Jimmy Fund you get you very much involved in the whole process that and started today was such great success for bearing down on 900000. Dollars. Moving quickly toward that we check you told poured in just a little while. Did he Valencia will lead off in the fifth inning for the Orioles right hand hitter and he takes outside for ball one and an -- important night for you went for Walgreens as well. Absolutely anywhere -- -- to be part of this you know we been part of the Jimmy fund for a few years really trying to get involved with the community. And out through our local promotion we've had some great success that you signed an account to tell us about the promotion. So right now any Red Sox player that hits ball off the green monster there were donating a hundred dollars to go to the Jimmy Fund. And Joseph keeps very avid track of the wall ball all season long your complete tool that. And across the need for a called strike on Valencia who's one for one Pedroia had his chance tonight a solid and I think that's very exciting. -- -- keep track do you keep track as well I do keep track absolutely nothing but here's the 21. Throwing a ground ball up the middle pass the mound and into center field for a base hit so Danny Valencia. Is two for two. Just a likable Walters all over the wall like Victor -- did tonight. Mike Napoli absolutely you know as much as we wanna keep donating who keep donating love to see the long ball there. You started at Walgreens is a cashier I did it around for so long run for you it is 25 years 25 years in October congratulations thank you. Nicely done. During your time even actively involved in a lot of local charities including. The Jimmy Fund in 2012 raising over 80000 dollar that's correct we -- campaign in our stores and worked very hard. To raise money for us this great organization spinning. Steve -- up on the right side of the ladies swings and tags along liner back whose homes and my teammates again. As a sinking line drive -- Johnny got a good jump on a creaky back into his left homeless men and one man is now. Tell us about your new store. Boston College got this this amazing story not downtown crossing. It's one of our what we consider a flagship location. Where we are offered tremendous amount of services from fresh food sushi. Upscale beauty lines we get any tears and and certainly on our core business our pharmacy business. Providing flu shots vaccines. Troy panel left -- stunning to loosen up the -- orioles' bullpen first pitch swinging a high pop follow right field line. File ground Victor Reno -- oppressed people. Watches it go all the way into the stands up the batter Brian Roberts. -- have you been to the store I have yes we this is the one you keep their grieving about that play at some great frozen yogurt here too early to talk ideologically sorry about the frozen yogurt Tyler for about five. You know that the frozen you're gonna can never get enough of there you'll tune at -- -- I got to get over there you gotta try it out it's nice that we talked about for five innings. Yeah I've never seen Joseph is that excited about anything and Roberts takes a called strike over the inside corner good changeup from -- bronchitis Alley because I was treated to a frozen. They it's nothing I'm sure -- yes. Hated that went to Tyler -- -- Walgreens Julius. In the brutal into the count on Roberts who has walked in ground assured. It's this one on popped -- -- -- -- senator. Ellsbury plenty of time to creep in underneath that injured Kobe makes the catch. We're on number -- do you have a goal in mind this year 80000 last year tremendous job do you have an idea this year we wanna be. You know we certainly want to keep continuing and you know again you quicker that the Sox players can hit off the green monster. -- and open up the wallet and you know do whatever we can't. Most certainly appreciate. Your generosity Walgreens generosity on behalf of the Jimmy Fund and great work with a Red Sox as well two wonderful promotion. When talking about all season long -- in the travel. You give to third baseman he takes a breaking ball and threw strike tonight he's lined to center and driven and run with a sacrifice. Red Sox have been eight to two lead here in the fifth inning. Very festive night at Fenway. On such an important day. For the organization. Next one down and in one ball and one strikeout games a year you make it to. I get to about a handful -- You know -- as much as it's like Canon and bring -- my eldest son usually try to come down with -- -- -- one seven also got twins and a three. So I know Jonathan's home listening tonight. Busy busy house absolutely 11 swing and liner on one hop to -- drew has it flips it into second base for the royal -- for the forest. And aside from time. Donna thank you very much thank you very good we have here when Walgreens thanks for joining us tonight.

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