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M&M: Darla Holloway, with her mother Sherelle

Aug 27, 2013|

The four year old Darla was just two when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The fight for her life began in April 2012 and she is currently on a two-year treatment plan with chemotherapy. Darla enjoys singing and will be a part of the Jimmy Fund Chorus which will sing the National Anthem at the Red Sox game tonight.

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-- we're here at Fenway Park. We're previewing. What's gonna be a superstar performance that this is like this the Good Charlotte. -- always joining us and garlic is going to be -- with their mom Sharell. Tonight not only the National Anthem. But there's a special god bless America performance coming to. Tonight mom is a special night for Dolly here Fenway yes that is -- it W excited. About tonight. Dollars and beautiful had been do you have. You loose guy. Never know OK. If you were practicing to sing tonight at Fenway Park. He's gonna be fun. Do you practice every day. Do you like to sing in front of people. I don't I can't think of it I have a terrible voice. I can't wait to hear you sing tonight -- mom tell us about Garland and her story and and what happened a couple years ago when you you've brought her to the doctor. Pretty much. You know she was getting over colds so. I pretty much you know -- -- -- hangover from the code. Cough and sneeze and you know let's switch from wanting to another and and she was always -- So after a point no she didn't gymnastics and she loved gymnastics. Those like she just got an appointment like -- and tie -- people we went. We would just get up and bad news is I I'm tired of sleep -- -- who -- come on now we got to get going. You know sounds like -- minds though we go to gymnastics. And -- just be really ties -- as she's not normally like that she loved the flip and tumble into orbit and she was just sort of quietly I don't wanna do. His -- they have been allies say article a couple of weeks. -- -- this is gone on too long as I'm not want to run to the hospital you know for cold symptoms. And pretty much Atlanta say OK in my ear infection or something else going on so I went get that checked out. And I just thank that the doctor -- labs too and she ran a Lance. And basically got the results they told me to come back to the hospital that same day. And of course -- my truck broke down that day as well and unlike house like OK so. So is this really adamant about me getting back to the hospitals I've played OK as like not out trying to -- out get there. So we went. To be emcee and they've ended the test. And they say they tell me. Art house you know solo there are organs -- -- -- shut down because I wanted to get a second opinion and they relate you don't have time for that. So I was like OK and at a -- message is still what you need to do to get her back to that house. You know they tell me it was a blood cancer they didn't know which one at the times. They Saturn with the blood transfusion at the first house -- Anthony transmitters today Children's Hospital. And that's you know our journey began with that. So it was really scary. I don't know what it was so what I was the only because I have a healthy children solemnly. You know -- just come from. And pretty much you know this said it's. That's no answer for additives. Pops out when it wants apocalypse it's not hereditary. It's not genetic you know is close to -- and it comes about it. And it was scary at the beginning but after the doctors talk to a dozen you know. Tell me they found out what it was which one it was poses different -- Kenya's. So we were dealing with a bit leukemia. Doubtless treatable. Side you know I think that we'll learn other researching everything that's been going time. Because without it you know past history. There wasn't here so it -- have died from it. -- there are you know the treatments now so I really think accident and it's you know. Establish she's still -- that we're dealing with -- you know happier now. We know what we have to deal with so it's a two year treatment. And pretty much where a year in four months and now with the treatment so she's done really good as you can see -- wonderful. Yes his look at her legacy if she's drilled a -- right into -- said you -- these. Beautiful healthy children in this girl you thought was an ear infection. But yet that she got to make up done and everything -- does -- make up. You sisters -- get plenty of systems to get things back a week and -- that day or just hearing the news. Like you said it's going to be a shock for the system. For any better yes allows -- sobbing mess -- days site regulators really kind of took over because those like it was overwhelming just to hear it and I was saying you know I just couldn't believe it was so between myself and my husband we're kind of like shattered by it. But the kids they kept us out together to -- you know everybody was heard from him -- Just here and you know from the doctors it is treatable you know weekend you know -- but this is what we have to go -- Do you go to Dana Farber was there a point where when you felt walked in knew you felt like the -- village it was going to be OK you are in the best hands possible. Most definitely. You know they gave us information you know. I read immaterial as well in the process of what they had to do so like the first trimester and second you know the first treatment we -- to stay in the hospital for like two months. -- NAFTA with its outpatient. We do the weekly visits. To the Dana Farber. And didn't -- tapers down to once every three weeks but we still -- come home visits with the nurse. So I'm not as many trips to the hospital. So now it's like down to once once a month. We know that the treatment of the patients is seconds and writes it's the best. What -- the parents you know as a parent walking there was that little girl -- net result. Go to managing to they work with you as well meeting with people counselors and talking about it talking you through it they'll think the parents who need a lot of help to. Yes most definitely and say they gave us the support in any services that we would need. As far as helping emotionally. Even support with Caroline. Because it is they get a little overwhelming with the medicines and when they get sick that -- break them down as well so. She's getting sick to get better. And I'm. It's just hard. So some ties to sanitation is such -- switch enough so others can help you with her. In her care because it's it's definitely. Turned on her the harder on the adults because we have to see them going through the hurt. And it's. This is really overwhelming and put it this good at the end because he -- going to be a good outcome. Of -- getting better. Obviously overwhelming how how does it affect day to day life easier -- the hospital for two months that first treatment yes everything else just -- one hole. How does that work. Well pretty much. One an appearance so whoever is how open would be on hold and the rest of the family is trying to go on. It -- day to day activities. And I also think in you know -- assembling their loved one in -- hospital you know get the better part of balance that. Was something Zia as well I can do my husband can do and and I have to somehow you know take a minute you're doing in the hospital. And try to do my work that way. As far as that even dealing with the kids you know there. Daily activities you know mom's not daisy I take care and dads you know taking the other works. So it -- are they had to step up and you kind of be like -- the parent you know it is unfair to them. You know but they understood because they know I was taking care of his sisters. That's making sure she got back to that house. Know we mentioned up top that you in your daughter will be singing god bless America but before the game near the on the Jimmy -- course. Is generally -- thank you bring it bring everybody involved. Yes those definite is that something they go in just got to keep your mind off it in the -- -- -- show up in practice or whatever might be. Any differences and singing a different events given back you know. So they add to the clinic as they've done so much for us and we just wanna -- mrs. signs of happiness. I'm happy she's happy Nash even like saying dances something to take your mind apple what's gone on -- his allowances. But she's beautiful she's gonna make a lot of people happy tonight when they see her sing and -- we can't wait to see -- tonight could do a great job. Have fun this thank all the dollar howling and with that and she's saving your voice for tonight yes Libya the united anyway garlic very nice meeting you. Thank you mom thank you so much for coming in and sharing your story. And those type of stories I don't see tonight at Fenway.

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