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M&M: Ethan Miller and Jake Baver

Aug 27, 2013|

Ethan and Jake met this past spring at the Jimmy Fund Clinic’s annual trip to Red Sox spring training in Florida. They quickly became close friends not only due to having similar personalities and ages but also a shared experience of battling cancer. In the summer of 2012, Ethan was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma and Jake was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis. Both say that they appreciate the trips and activities the Jimmy Fund Clinic provides.

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Welcome back to Fenway Park we are broadcasting live for the twelfth annual WEEI -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon and telling you stories. Are all day and the two guys here in studio can tell you story about how important. I tripped like a spring training trip far when you are in your teens early twenties and battling cancer Ethan Miller. And Jake favor are joining us here and if I'll start with -- -- even -- -- -- last spring run at this guy over here was that an immediate friendship that it just right away guys knew we'd be friends. Well going into the going in the spring training and and really know what to expect those it -- and I don't give this ago I heard some blasts them. Want given them at this guy and is going to be in my friend ever since then we talked to every week. About -- tones of a downward Dylan Howard and things don't and we hopefully we're friends forever because it's I was just awesome. Now Jake you guys go down there -- -- but these trips and spring training but that a lot of we have the trickster the younger kids right on the subways it was it would. Each one of you guys look at him we were to -- for this thing was it nice to see someone that seeming to point to anyone. Absolutely little apprehensive going and this is obviously that's what you expect to see in there and the majority was younger guys but. Haven't a couple of guys like myself you and we got a couple other bodies to. Could make it today but we're also all their beware we also took note some of the younger guys underway and no shot out to -- Turbo I don't know where is that what it. We -- -- he's sports he's a great kid and you just kind of Stucco up. Early on with a mineral queasy down there with -- was voted quiz shows there have been better at but there is there -- that. So you -- can you explain it. Happy friend you're Downey got the bulk of the same thing that tiger bull fighting cancer. How much -- securities to talk to somebody's going forward -- we -- and what your friends that you grow up with -- you've got to explain this person. How you're feeling vs get a chance to talk to Jake and similar feelings about now in these. On it's it's good to talk a song has been through the same thing I mean. Talk to a friend and it's not the same that's a good film but it's not it's way better talk to someone like city casinos and he knows what it takes our friends family. And him being infusions inspiration image just been awesome just -- -- we ask you guys can -- significance of this because you know the times we see some of the young kids -- can be diagnosed with cancer. There before 567 and they're not really aware maybe of of what's going on they're so young you guys. Magic Buick every twenty years old right here at -- can't get a headache. Mean you you you're well aware what cancer is that the age of twenty years old. -- yeah -- wake up with a headache and. Plus there's a lot of unknowns it's again it's a pretty rare cancer that I have. So really what was hard for me is just the not knowing. That that asking questions and then coming getting response of well organized he would view which it is a little bit nerve racking but. Yeah it's. It's tough but at the same time when you have a friend you can there's kind of -- shared perspective when you meet someone who is similar circumstances similar age. Just because the kind of kind of things you don't think of when you're twenty years old. I usually think of partying college girls than those things obviously think about still but there's a couple of things that. People don't really think about that you can talk to. -- talked about it I've talked to other people about it who were on the trip but it just means a lot to be able to. Talk to zone it's very therapeutic agents and. Have a very rare type of cancer in the know that dean of poverty is around the corner in the know that. You know everybody and it's one of the the best in the world to know that even though it's rare they still know how to treat it. Yet as I feel really lucky I think even with all that that's happened that feel really really lucky and take a lot of inspiration from you -- obviously in. They're clinic itself and just everyone who I happen to see down there because everyone's got. Problems they are worthless and I'm no different you -- different you know different problems. We US six wants to -- -- -- -- the check ups and he went back in two weeks ago and found out that it's. This same cancer new recurrence of that -- yet came back in a couple different spots. Luckily caught it earlier this time because -- kind of knew to expect. So we're trying to more extensive. Longer planned and I just actually finished my regiment yesterday. It's definitely someone you -- players sleeping and you Waco. But that's not a lot like your whole body just or -- but honestly there's no. I can't complain it's been an end to nearly get the shots in my house and just hang out bodies and talk to you and it's just it's no need to complain I'm doing good I'm going to be OK anyway. No worry guys from actually made the connection obviously going down this spring training but he. Don't really yeah compromise in Massachusetts that's about thirty minutes south of -- -- -- In a from the New Hampshire because. So if not for the trip we really wouldn't of -- Which is another reason why it's so important. -- -- goes -- as headache you can have a Buick in summer 2012 what led you to go and even say I'm not feeling well something's not right. On -- -- work at a time I would -- -- the little payment and is my arm wasn't really sure what I was you know went home from work that day. Trying to sleep it off not a big kind of skid with a doctor I'm not a big -- to join the club one minute. Cohen in there and I was still really know what to expect and -- to my doctorate on the street from my house they can really find anything that's wrong. So I went to the hospital and that's woman told me I was gonna be diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. I didn't really in the know what that wasn't the time and I know much about cancer at the time so Israel. It's real nervous when I heard about that my pants on its own everything but I knew I'd be all right my friends with him in the form. Was it for you guys we go to the apartment now -- UCL younger kids isn't much like that trip I mean you recognize some of the kids -- you -- when you talk to them. You definitely do so I think someone does you can't really mean everyone on the trip but there's definitely a couple people that when I go and I don't going on up frequently when I do. Do you waving his you check up with -- honest it's that's a -- familiar environment. -- for both people. Nets are unbelievable I see some of the kids from the trip my dog -- sale low talked to her friends family that are there with them I mean. Everyone there is just awesome and the doctors and everyone around you is just the nicest people you can ask more. You mention a couple of the younger kids of cures can you guys their twenties early twenties you -- is as mentors for some of these kids I mean there are some kids in there and their early teens even younger. They're dealing with this you take it or any responsibility. Kinda help them out when you see them at the clinic I do anything for those kids those kids are awesome of the nicest kids you can ask for whatever they need I would do it for those kids that love those good. Do you have siblings. Yeah yeah -- -- it sort of a when you see those kids it is that the younger brother type thing Anderson. That I think definitely I think just being there were older and they're younger and they see us there ain't no matter what you're going to be of a role model and -- that you just trying to. He is like friendly and funny as possible it's just always keep a good look on. You have to explain people would drive and around you how important the clinic is to you and how it helped you guys out how to explain it to people when they ask you about the clinic itself. It's it's just. Quote crazy experience I love the place so much it's been the best they help you although doing hearing for you. I mean without that players are aware of video is it just means there eventually I'd go back in this. Sail alone period ever going to make him very much for him and. Well we appreciate guys for coming in and telling your story -- you know -- -- -- you realize that. 23 years ago you do were helping execute down the Red Sox with me would seek immunity to daddy don't you watch these guys for today you know when you see you dead athletic guy younger guy you try to draft. You know I could get at the rally to a look at. If if we ask you this and ask your -- some of the people that -- down there yes younger athletic this guy's huge people created debt is no joke. You get to go to Fort Myers and he later I was very gonna reform the color it's available story. It and you mentioned don't anyone mile sprint. You know they just go to dinner maybe I don't wanna diner. No no actual photo lineup -- -- -- when I was down there went down and have a good time -- biggest match that you go back in the clinic. And those -- the two guys that took -- to go at it and and other superstars over there at that place. -- guys thank you so much for coming in giving you a lot.

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