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D&C: Larry Lucchino, Red Sox President and CEO

Aug 27, 2013|

Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino has experienced the Jimmy Fund/Red Sox partnership from both sides – not only as a part of the Red Sox but also as a patient. Just before his 40th birthday, Larry was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. He discusses his own experiences as well as reflecting on the 60th anniversary of the Red Sox and Jimmy Fund partnership and, of course, talking some Sox heading into the playoff push.

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-- by the way this is our twelfth we have done eleven for 31 million dollars this is our twelfth -- what would it should be fun radio telephone with nested in WB yeah I'd be without. The smiling face of the presidency you'll the Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino and his doctor doctor Lee -- good morning good morning and it will go anywhere with Natalie -- and I'll Andrew ranger wing man I am usually MS -- that. Got two anniversaries. We are celebrating here I -- your happy for a bunch of reasons a bunch of baseball reasons and rightfully so. Which one means more the sixtieth anniversary or -- 27 anniversary explain. Latest line at 27 anniversary. Since my diagnosis and treatment at Dana Farber in 19851986. You know they have they both mean a great deal from the we came here we wanted to deepen and extend the Red Sox connections -- the Jimmy Fund which is already pretty well established when we got here. I think we've done that and a lot of different ways this telethon we got here twelve years ago this is twelve telephone. This the connections through this telethon is one of the great events that we helped to. Due to give birth to along with that the guy and and that's and so we're we're particularly proud of that. But I'm I'm eternally grateful to Italy and the intended Dana Farber cancer institute for India. Cutting edge treatment I received for non hodgkin's lymphoma 27 years ago. And I. You know one is a sense of pride he has a great sense of gratitude was that. Successful connection 27 years ago did that make you the driving force with this ownership group when you came here twelve years ago were you appointments that this is this is the the place we need to get involved client. I was certainly one of the year early advocates for it I know the first week of January. In 2002. We had just. Purchased the team. Is it over the Christmas holidays in December 21. And in the first week John Henry Tom Warner and I were in Boston the first week of January. We went together over to the Dana Farber cancer just in to the Jimmy Fund so that we could seat. First hand all of the all the connections and all the opportunities that were present its eye opening isn't it it is I happening in that and once. They saw what what it was all about and they and several of our our partners in the in the venture in the ownership group. -- we're very actively involved of them individually it was easy to bring the group together. Around I know I know for this story before but how did you end up here -- -- you were in Baltimore. Right you were holed a twenty years old right now and -- and I'm sorry I. Young it. Brash forty year old executive Baltimore Orioles legend appear. I get PA there's that is no joke in Washington. There's only one place to go inland in Washington if you get sick and that's to the airport and a constant medical institutions are better in other places now by the opportunity of they treated it -- Johns Hopkins which is a wonderful place. But in my mind triumph from one marriage isn't due diligence and all the when I heard is that Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Was the best place for -- to go the people there that clinicians they're the researchers there than nurses there everything was was that the the top end of the spectrum. And now and I I didn't wanna fool around I want to go where the octopus people were in the best treatment -- And now I drive past the Dana Farber every day down -- getting on airplanes and flying up -- read every week every two weeks and. Offered for chemotherapy in my doctors. Tom Fries and and Lee Nadler. Were they exactly what I expected I would get to like him appears so. One of the great advantages of living in New England the quality of medical care in general and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in particular him. Most of us were rooting for I don't jewel McDonald against the team I collect on gasoline you -- for you pal Larry when media. Team was sold along gonna -- like eleven or twelve it to us -- isn't it and I was beaten while the nation. Inside. -- -- -- -- Seven years his anniversary what has changed 27 years in junior into the business that wasn't in existence when Larry was diagnosed and everything yeah. Every so. We guy knows much more refined so there are so many different album farmers that would grouped together in one point when grab bag. And now we know how to diagnose them right down my job unless there's lymphoma would have been grouped with Larry's but it's not it's completely different. And that therapy that cured John is way different and went to Larry Larry may not have seen a stem cell transplant today. We -- new drugs and retouched and something that I was involved with the news molecule was discovered in my lap. That increased the cure rate of the original disease he had by about 20% now. So he might have never had to have that transplant. I open -- -- That's -- they've been supporting us the Taiwanese and -- you wouldn't hand it. And the and now this year looks like instead of having an infusion sometime this year -- can now where people. Like that great story would with -- that with Kareem Abdul -- taking a pill every day. The people maybe taking pills to treat lymphoma so we -- -- everything changed this year they're really yeah. And so I think everything changed it changed on Larry and I both know that the only thing I had and was a sledge hammer. Now we can thread a needle. Well Larry did you think you were gone back and. I certainly land a lot of mine now my own funeral and had some very negative thoughts at different times. Which is where my friends and family came in when I was with others I didn't think it is quite as negatively. And and in the end that time prior were always very. Very direct with fears that seemed to me at that time. And I knew that probabilities were. We're not in my favor. But I also knew that I was in the right place to to be one of the idea. One of the people who was successfully treated. But I didn't believe it for a long time you know cancer -- something yeah. If that's the case -- I would hate to have met you 127 years ago now beyond that. It. It. You know I don't mean to be silly about it but there are some positive things that come from that diagnosis I'm not the pain misery in. Anticipation of of negative outcomes but. It does have they have an effect on you certainly in terms of Mike. Commitment to Dana Farber in the cancer. -- treatment and research. It's it's imbedded in me now deeply as a result of my treatment that I admire the people out there. Who have there who have not been patients that who open their wallets and write an open their checkbooks and sent checks him in here. Because sooner or later we are all going to be touched by by cancer that is a family member or friend and valued colleague. Someone so well we -- we we do this for altruistic reasons but we do it for -- for for selfish reasons as well and we want. To eradicate this miserable disease and the way to do it is with money. It gets given to people lightly and and researchers clinicians -- can make him and that are making differences every day. Doctor Nadler let's let's paint the landscape ten years from now it'll be our twenty. Yeah 22 Jimmy Fund telethon it'll be leveraged 37 anniversary to be seven years for the Boston Red Sox and Jimmy Fund. -- cancer research landscape ten years from now. So. I bet I couldn't have answered that question when -- -- -- years ago this -- couldn't imagine what was figured out. I'm right now we're beginning to figure out precisely why each cancer behaves the way it does. The problem is is that we don't actually have the tools to heat heat each of them very specifically. -- I would predict ten years from now we will know when someone is diagnosed exactly which pathways of broke them. And will have an -- -- carry -- my pilot drugs so instead of pulling out the same thing for everybody will be pulling out something much clearance. I predict ten years from now toxicity will be much much much less. And that -- to parity will be more palatable Tom -- we lost last year. He used to say and I really believe. That you know we may not cure every cancer but we'll turn it into a chronic disease and if he can live with it and never die if it never suffer from it so one. Did he say every cancer or just some answers. You know some pretty rarely had little girl you -- here. But the plans that Larry had as the Communist cancer from people between twenty and forty I sure hope to think that ten years from now. Nobody dies of that cancer what's so expensive about identifying and doing all -- is that the people is at the the machinery is that the computers and robots like it's at all. Well no you know. When they broke the genome when they figure that the human genes we found that we were complicated but since that we found that would more complicated it's not simply I genes. It's all the molecules around our genes. And so we don't know the stories it's very hard to take that science and immediately figure out the bonuses. So -- legs ten years behind the signs which is why am pretty sanguine about the question US ten years from now. The stuff we're doing today that a basic science -- make a difference in people. And the good news is is that more and more of -- across the country working together. You know I agree with Larry you know Dana Farber is the leader but we connect with others -- working together roll across the world and so I think you know -- hope is great. This is chemo going to be a thing of the past. Team though. The way I think about Timo is a drug that's not specific. It's a poison and we hope that the drug does less damage. Then. You know more good and not enough damage to hurt you I think the concept of team Albion appointees will be gone. Is very certain cancer that you're on the doorstep on that a year or two from -- that's that vessel taking care or is that something you're excited about it is about to happen. Now that that's not fair I'll tell you one story out of a patient. I'm chronicler of the city leukemia album you know. You know late fifties and failed all there yet that is gonna have to take them to an -- genetic bone marrow transplant. And this new molecule that came out that specifically deals he sells its appeal. He's on it one year later still take in the -- -- and have any cancer so on that drugs can get approved this year some time. And so a lot of those patients who went to bon marrow transplant aren't gonna do it anymore. So you know. I think predicting the future and when you're shot is in there and ten years or more comfortable. About predicting the future for October. Or September let's start with some down. Let's start with other with that we -- are laid out yeah. Then we announced that there's no defense last September want to little one game playoff going to be disappointment to deploy I was actually. One of its advocates. A few years ago. And president elect getting and now -- I experienced it. I'm I had an awakening baseball is a uses is that he. Game series deeply series throughout the year you place the World Series the AL CSETC. We probably should. Two out of three series. At the end of the the end of the year for the wildcard teams. But there is there's certain thrill of certain. -- Do or die nature do it makes it very appealing. Two to our fan base -- -- so we'll see how it plays out like last completed next couple years. But I just you know we'd like audio I just wanna get to the post season and see what happens -- -- about it when we get there but not right now. Everybody who knows you know if you are optimist by nature hardly miss it big based on what you thought you spot or what you thought you knew in spring training -- the -- of this team surprised you yes. It has we we actually. Thought that there was a eight good nucleus and a bunch of good guys coming into. To fill some open spots but we didn't know what their health situation that we would have we didn't know how the chemistry would come together. We didn't know who is gonna have an outstanding year who's gonna stumble we knew we had a long way to go to get back to where we wanted to be. So yeah I'm we were we were we've been lucky we've been what we've got about performed so our expectations and. Of the new guys that you overpaid for because they're such good guys. Demps took a victory against her victory known Napoli Gomes drew. Right all of had their moments none of them have really you know plus for them on MVP candidates have all been. Good at different times who's your favorite new. Oh god knows how many children do you have I don't shoot quicker -- and I like my daughter measured area. No I -- hear your name four guys who have made major contribution not just on the field but it in the clubhouse. And he did lie I've okay well. I like -- -- I don't don't intensity electors. Status. Who -- Napoli Napoli actually you know he's he's not a holier than nepalese he would make it I have two questions that -- -- but don't we up. Dempster is it's been a very -- positive force for -- for this team. So why they've all made -- big contributions. And now. I'm so pleased -- them all together and the collective feeling the chemistry. That we talked about over and over this year is it is very is important nice to be a biology guide to a -- recently in biology. For for baseball players I now believe a lot more over the years since I've seen it in chemistry to connect the truth the only we that I did. Did you feel guilty that you companion and when -- -- Stan Kasten and no oh decision yes then you are lease on their magic Johnson and we sort of had a celebratory handshake on the idea. One year anniversary of the trade. Now they're they're very pleased with the way it worked out from there and we are very pleased with the way it's worked out from aren't so maybe that's those those in this country. Now Larry you know with success comes raised expectations this and with raised expectations something that would have been disappointing -- On April would be disappointing in September. Yes so Brendan in here somewhere I -- I was leading you into what would be satisfactory deep into the playoffs. -- did -- get playing in October that's our goal every year playing in October and we wish it away from it I wouldn't be happy with. One day want you have one game wild card loss -- it would feel a terrible after the effort to special effort and it did and the whole momentum that's been developing this year. It's this is special kind year. And that would that would be a bitter disappointment. The end but -- I hope would have some time to reflect on what an extraordinary. Turnaround this has been I think other people are noticing it and we should just celebrated too but it's hard to talk that way now. We wanna go deepened in his inaugural. Tend to -- and heard about that survey that they need to that level and -- so high thirteen thousand fans who picked me is their favorite sports writer but we -- to get into that nick. That favored ownership group what was the question the best ownership group best -- and Kraft won it again but you like one point behind him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe that's -- it should be room where he gets -- -- judged by our performance not by personalities. And then the performance issues has been has been. Outstanding so far so let's keep it up and maybe we can now a -- up a -- the next you let me I wasn't aware that -- and thanks for coming in Thornton two -- -- that he was number ones where -- at this about the -- yeah even gone down now. No definitely had no wonder you keep mentioning -- oh yeah I want to. Larry -- -- thanks very much doctor -- good to see you look at it like guys that's the you do -- you it absolutely is the only good thing we -- and 8777381234. You can text K -- 220222. To donate ten dollars AT&T will -- first five text. Up to a total of fifty. Thousand dollars out of it for us to step aside -- hope can't we update the total -- we should do. I say we sit here and we have the billboard 288179. Dollars to 88179. Good start but start to the yet twelfth annual WE on -- and Jimmy Fund. Radio telethon. Live from the Pentagon mark Brooks back -- you know Brooke she wants to come wants more so she does every letter -- Brooks it's safe to wanna say sick all the phones everybody. Product and the old Newton. But and Lou next.

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