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D&C: Brooke Mulford and her mom, Amy

Aug 27, 2013|

In January 2009, Brooke was diagnosed with stage IV high risk neuroblastoma. She underwent 16 months of treatment in Philadelphia before relapsing in December 2012. She is now at the Jimmy Fund clinic undergoing a clinical trial. Recently, Brooke met Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and he gave her his magic batting gloves.

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Please say hello to our our new best friend she's -- girl -- -- bird and her mom Indy they are from Salisbury Maryland in January 2009 -- diagnosed with. Stage four neural blast -- she'd been having pain in her right leg and some fevers. A scam justice said Doug Kantor was in the right adrenal man and went through the bones in her body she joins us here Roth hi Brooke how are you. You gotta read structured on. But -- from Maryland. All right so -- -- I think -- the Baltimore Orioles playing the Boston Red Sox tonight is that correct. If you wanna go to the game. OK now who you gonna root for. -- which which is your favorite team Red Sox or Orioles. I got a big one tonight. I have I don't. You have to root for David Ortiz and nobody. Did you meet David you meet David Ortiz. And he give you something. What he did it. Oh yeah. Old old old -- -- Powell that are now letting -- -- -- magic. C. Lot of home runs in those clubs right yet. Talk to mom for a second. Any -- doubles about the diagnosis what doctors told you what you learned about what your your little girl has. Yeah we heard the diagnosis and it and I just kind of brings you down tuning its. I head into gig ever -- worse case and there wasn't a lot of hope. You know I think less than 30% chance they gave us back and her cancer had spread your entire body was in every single bone in -- in 90% of her bone marrow. So it really didn't -- it and she lined up. Nine months later had cleared the cancer and she'd stayed no evidence of disease. 4 three years and three months. And then relapsed in December. Did you think you're out of the woods with any -- no evidence of disease for the three years. He and I never -- now this anxiety. Comes every six month -- getting scans -- you know I just consumes you and they're probably has a minute data it's gone -- -- -- last four and a half years that I -- you know haven't thought about. Her cancer coming back again. You know of course I was getting more hopeful as the time I'm sure you know each year that casting news that we are more more out of the woods. That Allen came back it was it was quite as well. You move up here for awhile -- Honda powered up and we're here for around six months hopefully if everything goes well we got here about seven weeks ago. Wrote it -- have scans done in about three weeks to see how she's doing -- with the treatment and if her. Diseases stabler better policy for four more months. Tell us how you discovered the Jimmy Fund value and that appear mean to our hospitals in Baltimore. I had heard about the trial that's going on here a couple years ago -- at a different hospital and and down I was really -- diet. And when she relapsed it kind of came back into my mind again and I looked into I talked to our doctors back in Philadelphia. Where we've been treated the last four and a half years and done. You know they gave us their blessing to come here is only offered in two hospitals in the world. And this is one of -- has such a great reputation here and they have a very get -- working relationship with the hospital that we've been treated that sounds. Sweet. Originally David Ortiz -- where was he comes CU. Yeah where the it -- make god laugh in a minute ago. You went in the dugout. What's in there isn't altered in messing. Gumbo yeah that's pretty cool DeMar she's little but she's she's tough to us about the treatment that what what she's gone through. And -- in -- and treatment the first time around he had six rounds of chemotherapy she had numerous surgeries. She had to stem cell transplants she had fourteen rounds or radiation to her skull that -- Myers and her abdominal area. She went -- six months really painful immunotherapy clinical trial. And then finished that timer around and her last treatment that she was on before coming here was about eight months. She had was getting migraine headaches from it and -- a lot of vomiting and things like that that is pretty tough finer so we decided to take her off of that and then come here and try this -- much. She's actually tolerating really well. Physically everything she's she's really not getting sick from it she's not. You know obviously she has a lot of energy could. And she's having some issues with her account strapping rented but other than that it's really tolerate she's tiring and very well. All those protocols are certainly tough on Brooke but they gotta be tough on mom as well again yes how do you deal with that. A one foot in front of the other event. And she helps me with that because she handles everything so -- cheese so happy to go into the clinic every day she -- kinds -- so much fun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ole Ole Ole -- me. Will. Always you know what music do you like what do you do. Neat lady are you. You know chat. You know a lot of stuffed animals do it. But he. Would get there in your hand it was a skunk. -- isn't Rembrandt and Rembrandt brand. Was Rembrandt. And down. Kinda dogs and sheep dog. One. And blindfold on something. Old. Politics headband and stuff. As your your one of the game tonight right where you listed in the dugout again we have different states that. Think different states. We'll have a good time. But you -- between now and game time yet to decide who you're rooting for. Yeah yeah -- do what. -- Boston I think -- root for the Red Sox but Houston's David gave use magic batting gloves. Sure tell me I down density that's what happened there. Cable -- nice so you can't be bought. Your allegiance can be bought he are we here at Fenway Park tonight so it's Red Sox cheer for the Red Sox okay. How helpful how all the -- golfers maybe -- offered very nice to meet you good luck. -- both of you. Into the ballgame tonight OK okay good. Thanks -- 877. 73812348777381234. -- -- -- -- -- 22 grand is on the tote board yet known you know it's not get -- there were 185. 547185547. Dollars. Also text Kate answer to 20222. To donate ten bucks you can do it five times when you do the math that's fifty. And AT&T will match every one of these text up to and including 50000 dollars -- -- there's a hundred extra grand. For the Jimmy Fund 8777381234. You're watching and listening to the W -- -- -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Live from -- resources gaga coming up all. All that's strawberry at thirteen year old Cheney oh her -- that Italian restaurant in the north then I think that's it Larry Lucchino. President CEO Boston red club's next.

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