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D&C: Harry Clark and his mom, Eunice

Aug 27, 2013|

Harry was diagnosed at age 5 with craniopharygioma after a routine eye exam showed significant vision loss in his left eye. Now 13, Harry has undergone 7 brain surgeries, 29 sessions of radiation, and nearly two years of chemotherapy. Harry is a die-hard Red Sox fan and loves playing lacrosse. Over the past eight years, Harry has faced countless hurdles and challenges while his spirit has remained strong.

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We'd like to welcome to the broadcast site here via the Clark family Harry Clark is thirteen years of age his parents units and Kevin. They're from Wellesley Massachusetts that morning and Ecstasy. This year two units Kevin -- you know you were diagnosed. At age five whip this is another one of those ones that I shouldn't attempt. Who wants to attempt to say what type of brain tumor that he can go I. -- -- -- -- -- While backwards. That's an adult I don't think -- that. Now now how did you know that there was an issue here. It was losing vision and the lifestyle. It. -- -- Go from losing vision and left that that diagnosis. Take us through the process keeping an -- doctor first. Yeah well I'm going -- and I doctorate in my whole life. He is getting ready to kindergarten. And that. -- -- sensed something was on the sentenced to an ophthalmologist and we found at that time that he couldn't see out of his left thigh. And they figured something was going on today's sentence and for an MRIs and three days later we got the diagnosis that he had. And there is actually the tumor initial tumor with the size of a lemon I'm probably growing since birth and had. That was eight years ago. I was eight years ago yeah so an eight years there has undergone seven brain surgeries 29 sessions of radiation and nearly two years of chemotherapy use hospitals yet -- tired of being in the hospital. Yes taxes. Well what's what's your schedule now what treatments where what what you're doing. Well as fresh as -- read every other day and that every week and then every other weekend now. There was a little problem because some in my head cracked so they're not able to do you treatments at the moment. But game one of the treatments so they are trying to find a way around that. Tell me what it's like going to the Jimmy Fund could be spent a lot of time there you must be like the mayor of the Jimmy Fund clinic everybody knows you you know everybody how is it to win the runoff on a regular basis. I mean I like that happy feeling -- the Jimmy Fund which is -- police chlorine. So at all wonderful people. And make the place a lot better of an experience. I'll call girls and those who mentioned in the -- and it really wolf I'm doctor Remington. We'll call this season with all of us on your plate there's no way that you do -- school right that's not toss and getting great grades actually it will do what you can easily. It is we're talking straight illustrious. Not everybody I -- dynamic lineup he would be -- me almost. The TV plus what's the B plus and what your best subject English. He probably -- the math a math yeah I've not not to -- favorite subject but. Let's talk frustrating -- study is. Matthew chance tell me what you think about the team now in other polls are poised. To get in September and they do make the -- what you're going to be on city I'm nervous at tonight's -- slides really. Yet play a 130 games there in first place. Yet they just got second but what other -- back Packers backup cars what makes you nervous about them. Well I mean I actually had a huge fan of apple -- -- yeah because I think that they need to work on their defense really. Yes like depiction Lester pitched pretty well. Did you like that liquid answered in Iran yes I am excited and I bet my grandfather hated it even Harry you can't. He's an A-Rod fan immigrant from here towards the adequate proposal is not his yeah. -- wasn't in Bosnia and he. The -- -- -- guide to write yet budget project get into like lacrosse seems like a tough sport it is passed -- Well. I prefer baseball until classes as athletic. I mean I think that is a great sport fast. Can -- -- soccer since they can't play. It's on -- on the bench with team impact don't tell me about Babson College -- you're thirteen you're somehow affiliate of Babson College Lacrosse explain that to so. I. That this be skinny neck. Through this program on -- -- content flashes and his mom introduce to my mom. The -- impact and -- and in that her a few months. And that's a lot of fun for me. And it's been fun hanging out with the guys going out to lunch. Having dinner with I'm going to tell you scream sound yet. And you go to practices and games you watch him yet yeah you sort like the unofficial mascot or employer can't help but what is that so what's the nickname. Behaviors beavers or beaver. He has it. Mental effects. Mopped up what what. What is the what is the future hold is the is the lemon sized tumor. Shrinking houses work. So we just outlets so terrific about the Geneva and is the pan. Racist humor it's not a varied and it's it's not well known and so we kind of reached the end of -- known types of treatments. And snow they really went out and figured out what we can do so he's on an experimental track rate now. And that there he we're doing we just heard in February for the first time many years the word shrinkage and we've never heard that the force that might be sure that we're a lot of graduates will have this. So he does actually tomorrow ferry his MRI and testing said -- as a big day for Harry will hopefully hear that word again and with that I think we cannot start to take a little room you know breath of relief that perhaps where. Moving in the right direction when it. When you look at all he has gone through and and it's easy to say he has gone through it because you have seven brain surgery 29 sessions radiation two years of chemotherapy. But the family goes through it as well can you talk about the impact about. How this kind of you know on the dropped into your into your life affects everybody else not named Harry. And your family. -- absolutely I mean you know he Harry has a little sister Phoebe who's nine and and there was a period when Harry actually suffered a significant brain bleed and was in a coma for a few months and it was one of these things are with mom and dad are going to the hospital for. Yet another surgery will be home in three days and we didn't come home for months. And that -- was really tough on her. And it again the Jimmy Fund has sibling program so that's helped her through it but it's it's something that we live with you know we we just took our first vacation and we just got back two nights ago. We haven't taken a vacation in years because it's hard to schedule it around treatments and doctors' appointments and testing. And it's eat anywhere you go you always have to think about. What's the situation gonna be like to we have madness is it going to be safe here is visually impaired he can't see that well we have to always back to that and sure if it plays a big role in your life it changes everything and yet the same time. But we have found is to try so hard to live as normally as we can our normal is different than the average family. That we try to do things because. We need to carry on their lives you need to do it for Harry here for anyone. You were -- your local current gas wells before he was diagnosed what did you know about the Jimmy Fund clinic what did you think of it and and how does that change it right. I'm likely we had just moved here from California and we nature about a year before hand and we had just moved into our house in Wellesley two days before he was diagnosed so we didn't know anything. And what was so wonderful press -- here we lived in this town close to it to Dana -- close to children's and and everything changed -- I mean it is just the best place there on I have to say we travel to other hospitals because some of his surgeries have been pretty tough and doctors here just said you know what let's try we went to Stanford let's try it. A doctor out there. And they were off phenomenal everything was terrific but at the end of the day this is the best of the best we are very very lucky to be so close to such a great. To teach and what are you -- to grow up there which are going to be across Red Sox mathematician. If I could do anything and your Red Sox landed here at thoughtful way surge from losing brain surgery fuel supply for the Red Sox put the right so positioning that no -- her eye on the red eye. I don't know what your position. I'd like to he would DH traveling. I'm not that's the easiest thing there is trying to yet and yet paid a lot of money smarts if it that much more than doctor. And where you where it was a vacation. Which go on vacation all you want to Minnesota. Minnesota. Well one Wisconsin was busy that -- had a -- what was what was in Minnesota would you do family. Down and we like camping -- I get to actually think a lot left London links there. He 101000. Yeah I was that -- systems are the way. Very very nice I would also love to be in doctor to really favorable. Jonny Gomes is. -- -- The parlor. Doctor lawyer or designated hitter yet. Should receive a designated hitter first. Make all that money and then when you get to -- the plate and can be the doctor lawyer. -- -- for the Red Sox. Butler McClellan. Very nice to meet both of you thank you very much a saint luckily you're Perry Clark and his mom -- from Wellesley Massachusetts 877738. 1234. And don't forget AT&T. Has come up big again you can -- this is the easiest way to do it. -- cancer. To 20222. To donate ten dollars you can do it five times and AT&T will match your first five texts. Up to 50000. Dollar total so you get fifty AT&T gets fifty that's a 100000 dollars to the Jimmy Fund. Under a 100000. But it's a 100000 dollars and -- this -- there's -- -- -- and fifty nifty -- a hundred. At least on Tuesday it is you're watching and listening to the WB yeah I -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park.

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