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D&C: Tommy Joffrion and his mother, Maria

Aug 27, 2013|

Tommy was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was 2 and chronic myeloid leukemia two weeks before his 4th birthday. During his time at the Jimmy Fund clinic, Tommy has made some friends including Hailey, a 13-year old patient, who helps him through some of the tougher day. Tommy is about to start second grade and enjoys playing soccer and being a Cub Scout.

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Welcome to the broadcast site seven year old Tommy Joseph -- Up from Lancaster and his mom -- is here and this is this is brother epic rather than welcome. Thank you so much thank you so much for having -- -- our pleasure Tommy was diagnosed. At age two with chronic my lawyer with leukemia tell me what that's all about that was enough for him I was -- to ask. Don't tell these heavy -- tumor and to correct yes. Chronic my -- leukemia correctly does that mean. So leukemia that he was diagnosed with leukemia a year after his surgery on chronic mileage leukemia and a chronic -- looking animals. Usually it's. Adults that got this form of leukemia and down. Unfortunately we guided -- Seemed to hit all the react yet things that nobody gets -- but but having. Gotten that we find out how many how common it really is I mean not necessarily see them out on my conscience Kenya. But. Just cancer in kids in general. Unfortunately is there connection my words just from an unlucky is in the world. Yes there's there isn't a connection so Tommy Bristol has an witches. The most common genetic disorder which causes tumors to develop and you and your body at any time so. That's how he found the brain -- And that one of his routine appointments as one on the -- -- There's nobody in the world that we know all of that has both. On the net and -- Still. It's you know uncharted waters an island but keep plugging along to us about his treatment and houses going. So how's he holding. Tom is doing great with treatments though he is currently on two different seamlessly and he's kind enough or three years for this -- mountain and yet to start treatment for the brain tumor. In November. And he's doing great we just tried one treatment for three months and we felt -- that he was losing vision from a and I mean -- -- envisioned from the tumor and then. That. First chemotherapy didn't stop it so that and second chemotherapy is work and we found out he gained a little bit of that vision back. And just keep fighting but he's he's done well and Jimmy Fund every two weeks. We'll be going and not and Arnold is land today but. It's the first day of schools Arnold we were able to push it back to Friday so that he can enjoy this for a couple days of school with everybody else. Yeah Tommy you know tomorrow is. But tomorrow. Back to school. This goal we're pretty when McGrady going in second grade. -- you know UT charity -- -- teacher you know it's going to be. Yeah it was going to be is she mean. This clocking in right -- so excited that she she's not mean issue she's nice she's immunized you. Yeah I get a much difference there. Yeah hey somebody told me you're cub scout right what do what do cub scouts do I don't like it was never cub scout. What do you do as a cub -- Do you do -- you do arts and crafts. In fact get hit it well it's been a year since cub -- well I mean like at the summer off but you do a lot of arts and crafts and do a little bit of hiking. And camping. What's your favorite thing to do with your favorite in the whole world would like to you best. -- -- -- soccer definitely goes we're dealing. You. Know you can totally elected is -- I know what it is pizza from the cafeteria the Jimmy Fund. How do you tell -- right he pizza yeah. I know I know -- I know these things those are really cool glass as you get this coming. And you. Tell us about Haley -- -- an ailing. Friend from where. -- And what do you do with -- what did you do any last night. Yeah can you take your medicine with Haley -- helps you out. Because sometimes. Even though he's been on this particular came -- pars three over three years for this amount. It's for pills every night he alliances do about it for years old time. And it gets difficult some -- it's kind of hard ticket please do your three yet you actually did you think so it's. It's difficult to take it sometimes so he and his friend Haley who's thirteen year old another act. Or fourteen years old on another patient -- Jimmy Fund day talk on face time and -- take their medicine together. They've been really helping each other out a lot with that. And I ask a personal question is your girlfriend. He I didn't know that she's not your girlfriend. -- didn't too pretty and yes yeah seven she's thirteen so maybe it's an old woman. While we give up all the parents an opportunity to in their own words. The call out for donations and why it matters and why it's important and why. They need to get involved we like to give you an opportunity right here. That's a huge opportunity I mean that's. You don't realize how common it is until you -- that you don't. Realize how serious it is and how old how much these kids. Fighting and suffering and it's not even you know even if you get through treatment you get the key mall you saved their life and then all of the things that happened to them afterwards or secondary cancers there's all these other things that they have to deal it there's disabilities that. Affecting her from the chemotherapy zealots hugely important till. Donate and try and help to find -- -- I mean we need to our kids need at least that's I think that's it's. Special fire pediatrics I mean they can't get out there and say I had breast cancer I had this give me a hand you know like they they can't do that parents and adults. As a community just in general have to get out there and speak up for them and make a difference. Early -- -- very nice to meet you and thanks to meet you too thank you so much wrapped up. -- in Italy don't bring in family from -- mr. Tommy Maria and Big Brother Sean good museum. The U 8777381234. That's the number to call 8777381234. 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