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Minor Details Ep. 67: Remembering Chris Lane; thinking about Australian baseball with Jon Deeble, Daniel McGrath

Aug 26, 2013|

Tragedy hit the Australian baseball community with the senseless murder of catcher Chris Lane, an Australian playing on a college scholarship in Oklahoma. Red Sox scout and Team Australia head coach Jon Deeble remembers Lane and discusses the state of baseball in Australia. Red Sox left-hander and Australia native Daniel McGrath discusses his path into pro ball with a team for whom he developed an unusual affinity.

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Baseball has long been a global board when we think about the international pool of talent. Any number of countries come to mind. There is the Dominican Cuba Venezuela Japan. Taiwan to name just a few but there's also an increasingly impressive talent -- the merging from a relatively unexpected part of the world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Diebold has perhaps as much perspective as anyone when it comes use the database on Australia but as a result of that he also has first hand knowledge of who Chris lane was. Both on and off the field. Delicate and outstanding young -- from a great family and she was at -- I am by all -- into. A twit. Seventy -- -- -- trying to you to come as well as pollinate the new deal and look at it from courier and and Europe. Like I -- totally content which Gulf Coast and Chris territories and out right. You know we scattered him as the Red Sox -- -- early junior our national championship at the end explain -- -- right angle or. And in -- it was a really good kid and just adjusting to keep. The academy well that now which actually finishes tomorrow. You know a lot of rescued -- -- -- and she was yeah -- -- -- -- total shock today we got to keep -- and probably wanna be best friends and you know he was devastated by the news. I think. More outside Beijing we got doubled in the strike where to label all right and and and I think it. The people. That -- to America by. And that's a big shock for them but I don't understand it in the Gumbel and you know that I haven't done in Australia -- We had twelve. It is last year from arms and -- -- and I do -- -- -- Elton and starts like a great lift. I connect to hot and on you don't have the bi coastal community in the league brought on this thing is ongoing on -- to trolley and and help the same we get there today. To see. I guess where it all happened in pain and to get chris' body back to Australia so it's been a very tough -- everybody that. The by spoke community. Has really come together and it might and we got a bike or on the television in stride at all but it's going head on in the news I capital and struck him television a lot -- -- Not not a race the more you wanna be on television at the school. Yeah no it it indeed you know I mean obviously this is a gravely tragic event. In I guess it kind of raised in my mind the question. Given the level shocked at that does exist in the aftermath and you know friends and to former prime minister having called for a boycott on the United States. Do you thing do you as someone who is Australian but who is. Very much a part of you know kind of central figure in the Australian baseball communion. You and I've discussed before you're basically. Did Tebow family is kind of the first morning of Australian baseball. Pumped are you worried at all that this is going to have. Repercussions for the number of Australians were interest shouldn't in pursuing baseball careers which. Almost not which you know kind of the the apex of which is in the United States. Nineteen so and again you know this could happen anywhere in the world and not a -- -- -- -- box but I don't really know why that you know homage to mark do -- America and you know you talk about one -- Of the popular national probably would amount of populists are -- It's sort of silly remarks that. Some. How chartered by the side brush -- a lot. Well look I don't think so we've got a bunch you brought your -- academy that are in order go to college in America are and we don't. At school by -- and it was certainly got an idea national mind. Patrol in the bet heavily by export content that. And -- you know post under elk and we could have get get -- going out and I spoke to 210. Quite -- much. I would just a short while we have twenty keeps on -- -- -- -- We've got really keeps the academy right now. You know gonna get good money so what I am. They are keeping a wanna go to college so you know what -- our dad like that. -- affected other adult you know as terrible thing that happened and well you know -- Getting all around the world. -- it probably happening. I am into -- talking about that Australian baseball culture that you're just stock that you were just discussing so. So as you said you know 151000. 151000 kids under 21 that I'm a very small population I assume that. That means that the opportunities to play with frequency. You know are also you know diminish drastically. Meaning that -- it's got to be you know in relative terms not you know not to disparage you know an axis -- -- -- Just by virtue of the in frequency that you can play with. It must be still relatively you know kind of crude. Amateur baseball culture is that accurate or has it made leaps and bounds over the last couple of decades. Look we've been really lucky that a lot of opportunities in this types Tony Harris to Obama so -- Elliott. -- got two young strong and that their courage in the modeling now that we -- lucky enough to to get an opportunity. Started his professional bicycle coming from another country and and we've all that information back out of the country would. And you know again -- city for us on the modulate. Them from a country -- bite -- -- or export. And it would -- interesting -- strictly between where we describe polygamy well. And go to the comparative numbers this -- yachts or instant and and vertical leaps and that Singapore relative to bite and Diet Coke diet. Just -- Compared to what I spoke to. Which are not getting the best advice you bought. You know it it could -- the transport of the tragic thing that happened in stride at the government just -- 400000 dollars -- -- -- our performance -- -- which is totally crippled most. And and basically you know. We get a -- one point two million dollars from the government was lost in Italy 50% of its right. That's really got they'll sportier stride and you know we're trying to find out why he's out we can. -- recoup that money or put programs complacent then that doesn't affect the quality it applies coming through it and you know what got Grenfell was probably out. God it's it's wedding for a deployment force that would you know it got some other modulate their -- and some good agent replied that the best bet too cute with god it's coming through now and -- -- you all. But since we had twenty items on oh million dollars last year and I think the first time ever in the history of the guy in the gulf. -- lake opening guide issue the Red Sox between we have described as an Australian in that month extension and struck between. So -- sidewalk that would that was big news in stride that was you know that to Astride the acting guys -- against each other in the Gulf Coast like. Well it was big news in at least denied kind of my corner of the of the world appeared well we'll talk a little bit more about cinema draft. One of the pitchers who was involved in baton in just a bit but I guess you know given. Given the -- that giving given the relative standing of baseball in Australia -- -- for the kids who choose. Baseball over cricket and you know how difficult is it to kind of you know to kind of draw those athletes over from this you know entrenched national sport. What it would have many obviously by -- you know they went year. You when you're thinking of -- you know when you're thinking of kind of pitching you know of the equipment to pitching -- to give the province of hitting you know you're immediately taken out of the cricket pitch. Who goes to baseball as opposed to cricket. Look we don't really good job and across from its level of getting -- along and we have what's called. Quality table. And you know we've got to need to schools and eight trillion mighty knowing much getting to him cricket -- like get one control the ice bowl and and I remember back in 2000 -- not that big league club. Adam Gilchrist -- aren't -- strong wicketkeeper. Some talent go to the media and mismanagement of the we will and so on and so and they call it union when again what we -- that's before -- all -- All glued. We Lagarde. Extracurricular one have a -- by Islamic -- on. You know I just think. A lot of elite at a group grownup would buy it could in the old guys you play cricket and -- spoke spiteful winter sport. And and that stopped the flow of most cricket is supplied by fort McClellan. We've got a very strong weak link -- at the monuments are. But all -- there and getting kids to. The youngest I possibly can and I don't think -- threat to was sucking more struggles football because it's nearly year round. Trying in Rhodesia now at least gotten the best. One thing has happened cricket and a -- by -- It got a guy in which cold 20/20 odd couple solid and quite -- -- college uniform. Cricket normally he's just walk. And I doubt -- mayor and a lot of talking cricket. Show it -- -- -- -- in by police or attack the ball is 20/20 gambit -- is really tight off Sierra. Steadily we had a gun -- at the Melbourne show Graham last year that 500. People watching the buy -- And three mall -- on the road at the Melbourne cricket ground it was a 20/20 treated dime on those ID or else they went. And it was a -- it stolen from us. A little bit of a disparity by this I mean that that part is interesting to me like. Just the idea of you know into it it kind of gets back to the to a request with Chris lane as well as missed some of these other young talented amateurs. You know whereas other where some of the other countries where your scouting. -- in the Pacific rim have avenues for professional careers you know locally firm and obviously when you're in Japan you are -- and there's there's the MTV so there's an avenue for -- for very successful professional baseball there. There is a Taiwanese league which will be you know which -- pay people well. Who are from Taiwan and wanna pursue professional baseball careers. If you want to pursue a life in baseball. In Australia you know is that the case that you have to. Didn't know likelihood you have to have to leave the country. And you know. For the last 2030 years it's that tore into America we're getting a lot of skip -- my Asian community. And we had at a couple keeps on -- the -- odds and -- tigers. For the most part you've got to get America land and that everybody wants to he'd love to go to America. And we keep getting alarmed at bicycle and I cannot get enough and to go to college had a you know those people -- a -- quickly -- autism. And -- to what people really get real -- gonna have a hundred kids in college in America as well as the manic but it professional but as well. You know to write edit useful -- -- potential professional and you know it's something that you know is not. Court could not could the other thing -- these aren't huge and really develop like you know the typical are competing American market has you know thousand to -- out and got. Every destroy I think -- cyanide problem like sixty. So our employees sleeping -- doing. You know PX we saw on the 27 result critical Corey -- in triple I would -- -- solid 27 years old. And when we look back at the history Graeme -- didn't want to 21. Connection when that you know he went to college the and -- and sides you know -- The kids the strike teams to develop what is -- Well that I guess that that that off as a segue into the discussion of of this one very interesting prospect in the Red Sox -- some now. When you guys signed last year out of Australia Daniel McGrath. Who you know there's this is not really the typical profile. Necessarily have an Australian sign -- he side with you guys as an eighteen year old he's now on nineteen as you noted he pitched on opening day in the GCL. And he punched out basically you know one and a -- batters in the inning while he was in the -- -- earned a very quick promotion to lol. Where he had it recently in outing where I think he threw six perfect innings he's been he's been really impressive very advanced three pitch mix. And how did. How how did how much did he stand out in terms of the talent pool. In Australia and you know how exciting was it for you as as someone who's you know who's so tied into both the Red Sox. Into Australian baseball culture to have this opportunity. To add a guy like this to the Red Sox organization. Are surely ought to they year old and I knew him very well not. Knew that I had to get friendly. And I because you could say -- opinions noting that going to be glued and looking -- -- impeached. And then that was being you know. And now we have a lot of rules where each other's -- innings he pitched and he pitched and he -- and and he was just a little while -- you know he's he's already fighting in world championships. And you know he's pitched on the big -- and that's why the ball. When he -- -- now doubled to partly because he's pitched in 120 the people he pitched you know I'm grateful again. So a lot. But -- ability to PH and that that's you know you could -- -- in -- -- -- street picnic she got a -- Mixed picture got to not to Amal and nobody stability control global challenge open and he's got that thing that -- -- -- -- -- -- he lost completely out to get out there focused. And -- he he he's done very very violent and to get out of the Gulf Coast where it is quick it was was included in but just as much as the other -- between Sandra opened and you know. He he's outstanding also a problem doesn't have a huge. Pitch ability right now don't grab the Eagles that was very very good to yesterday struck 83 meaning to the golf links. Let's keep their outstanding prospects and what it would complain also on armed guard him across opening clubs might offers and you know moon we were relentless and done and we did one that is wonderful. How relieved for you when you found out that he had done that yet -- remembers from the states -- threats oxides. All of god daddy's famous Cubans you know for the Los except -- And I knew all along that -- the moment come from from ma the Boston area and the dead in the strike it like it. And you know we have that relationship all along but you know what -- -- in the best interest of the -- Eagles in. You know the family had a right source culturally. -- that -- since then why are we doing with the good schedule from -- That we got a minute and to the kids credit so -- he got himself into which I'd been because right up console. Before you ready to -- gonna go to college at all. Division one allegiance and you know and sort of one you want some program and we were lucky enough in the -- Pretty fascinating back story with him I imagine that the other license plate with Fenway on it is perhaps a little bit more available. It -- in parts Russia optimism in Boston. -- in terms of 8011. Thing that's really interesting to contemplate you know obviously there have been considerable changes. To the international scouting the international amateur landscape. In the aftermath of this new collective bargaining agreement. In teams are kind of -- in terms of what they can spend. On any given year have you seen that driving. Teams to new countries and you know this might include yourself I mean obviously you're going to be you're going to be is tapped in his anyone. In Australia among other you know among virtually every other Asians have a country. But have you seen any anything. Along the lines of an increase starting presence in Australia of other teams has perhaps they're trying to find. New market where they can you know where they will be able to you know where where in a world in which they have finite resources. Okay may be opportunity is knocking now for -- -- like a 100000 bucks in Australia and could make a huge difference. In a world where -- you can just you know sign five guys for a million and a half each in and you know Taiwan under or the Dominican. It Auburn united and I -- have a scouting Terry and his wife mortenson and more people more skipped going. And and Korea and Taiwan -- back and you could. It wasn't and we -- in the mail but there on the island also in -- L academy two in the course I skipped because we get some style. But you know having base salary -- and you know -- actually restricted. You know we've got a couple could draw that out on. You know situation where it would. Like. I've played it quite so. You know the next election should this year where where you know we get -- them in and in -- possibilities -- -- You know I think. It's really health clubs -- -- -- Normally would be -- -- compliance certificate chain because that side in all corners that. Yeah look -- noticed also that -- didn't use yeah I don't feel the smoke or -- you know now that's what. We started off Scott battled ankle -- -- -- -- and you know we were the first ones into China which on his bicycle and I mean he is sitting in the -- go out in the end it will mean. Odds Uga and you know what club to -- him and then I would on. Well and look at its interest in -- -- into the attack in academy. Backing people. And almost skipped -- And it was really good player. Can't see -- it. Was sort -- from Italy. -- want in -- global. Well John I want to wrap up by again by asking if people wanted to know. How they could help out how they can contribute to the funds in support of Chris -- I know that you guys. Both in here trying to get the parents. Out of the state not so I have believer trying to find. Obama find funds for a memorial perhaps a Little League field in his honor. Parliament how would they -- how would they go about finding out the information for being able to help. I'm that would go to -- ice ball www. -- dot com dot I -- And go to the contact -- Part of that. Strike bias -- hitting -- draw it. So against www. I spoke so called -- -- -- and look we could really tight compact for the mail all. He models are out. And described by people that had an American people -- you know we are really sorry about the next one will call it short. -- America -- about. That would bring out -- -- three miles from people and American people injured and and and and just American people it is that it really cadence but you know what this is not brought in and you know we won so oriented and but as -- side you know. He can't side that they thought our court not. They're beautiful American -- In -- that you know. Small little group of people that they -- -- lower. The Haskell and and an -- everybody which of which it's sad on. In the by school community dealing with -- here and its initial. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on the that went on young mum I should do in Boston it's. I'm Rebecca strata and on about seven -- or not. Domestic up by his girlfriend as soon as I go back then which is pretty cool and then in our ability to distract both legs -- a bow -- did. In -- events. How hard was it to find a way to -- and organized way to pursue baseball when you were growing up in Australia imagine that you know it's kind of like the inverse of here where. You can find you know anywhere you want to confinement organized little league for -- you know a couple times a week. I've I would imagine by the same token that -- a little bit more challenging and Australia. Of course went on grown up in -- event. I'd I would -- -- it may it may did I have that great that it went out west jeopardy not a bit. Other than that you're dead right you got to travel a little bit like getting into the -- it -- when I was younger. -- through acts coming up now like I really current and you can really tell it like. A lot more like clubs popping up every now and again and in our school was starting to participate in like I bow out. It's early -- Do you have any sense of why that is what's making Australia's baseball grow as a popular sport and Australia. Our ability it -- -- good that's good -- in America US you don't experience but I. Our second college and it really helps people -- you quoted then. RB ER and get straight to isolate their it's just started up that three of the airport India now has really started making Booker are. How was -- from your vantage point when did you note that you kind of had the talent that it was going to be an option for you to pursue professional baseball career. Up professionally. I am I told voters but she's got you know went out younger and stuff to the batted. Monday from America always thought under the code under -- united. Take that part way -- -- -- it would have looked out after that. That when I got to about these basic data and are invited to the straight -- -- -- -- public -- -- quaint when it's -- like you know professionally -- started to think about it a little -- -- That well what kind of pitcher were you at that point how hard were you throwing what kind of pitches to dutrow. It's basic behave out. All of not I'd -- really -- really a lot of effort Stroud I'm like average to above average bet most of probably our radar around eighty people. Intel at that point did you already have kind of a -- makes her -- it really just like hey look I can throw harder than most people can hit. You can't get out of pretty much did -- get up in Israel and that is that there are terrible until where output Pena vote. But it really have much -- terrible available spot boat train up that. I mean that I didn't really outs and men and young and -- it. It's good. We'll make that rule that you can throw curve balls and Australians earlier fourteen. It is to rule in Israel are bought by well like you know like it is dark -- -- when you're pitching any game like you know he's not a lap speed automated. Sort of federal. There's a great like William as hook and all of a sudden you're rejected. The I have to ask actually about the back story so like he's about to meet you remained a Red Sox fan when you're back in Australia correct. How closely did you called the team from you know from the other side of the world. Always out I look -- and everything that you are you wake up in the morning and that's not in America ready quite a morning in. What's the -- and that's the huge span let them stand united on February promoting -- you know look it up in the upper Rico. Well you've just managed to -- to assure that you're going to be enthusiastically played over and over this this clip is going to be played over and over for the rest of your life. To -- I want surge in Australia. Yes so you know there're there're -- so you're you're always a Red Sox fan growing up -- following the team like on a day to day basis like. Woods was what was celebrating something like to 2004 World Series -- -- for you as a you know is what an 89 year old kid -- that -- and what was it like Trinidad because I imagine he did exactly the same community with which. To celebrate that. Other people in Boston might have. You know -- not been on our public school boards -- that didn't go out there that's better Latin America that are about school which is pretty open. And I mean obviously like mom's family older well then -- and on the big grip that spanned. We have -- that we -- celebrated -- -- doubt -- as we going out like you know and dinner and stuff but I'm gonna look a big deal obviously it strapped. Who who did you grow up following as as players and as pitchers who did you say I'll -- someone who I really. We're really admire who you know I'd like to take like X element from his game. I'd Josh Beckett with a little favorite did you start up you know -- about what you got Beckett -- -- -- you know I'd like to but I can Eric. On the bad has present from the valuable -- in -- -- -- we were there. Oh. I don't suppose that you made it at over two over to spring training in the states at all after you signed last. Last -- of it you know that there was never any intersection with him or anything. The -- you do get I've ever have a good grade paper in the group doctorate returning. Yup. I made a minute -- and did meet our program which has Rico. -- So so in terms of how you developed and like you said it at the age of fourteen you know -- to start throwing the car -- Morton and when did when did you progress from the point of okay. You know I have some talent relative to the -- put us here -- -- -- So I actually you know. There there's actually a pretty good case to be made or may be ready to begin a pro career right now meaning when you signed with the Red Sox in 2012. Opera where I'm like this state to state your note that. When the I sort of made a little like you know look at a jump out of being -- haven't been around it's commonly strained as well it was starting derivative which went -- -- The -- got a yeah. And during that time I got it's debatable and not -- is -- radiate out. And I -- -- to visit her cry double in -- totally died were in the big lays into them just about pitching in general. And stuff like that and that's when I started making -- partner has done told me about the different avenues -- as -- and stopped -- And several as it and we ended up the body dead at -- dollars. Seventeen. Go to the agents haven't really don't spit out department purple. Was there any question about with whom you're going to sign obviously Jon Diebler said that there was quite a bit of interest in you from he he just about seventeen teams I think. Yet yet delicate and then we decided featured -- down considered a -- and great names and then finally the red -- Who was. Who were among the final three and how did you get how did you decide on the Red Sox. -- we decided we don't monetary table and says it's between Cincinnati Reds and Red Sox and are rural like you know it is talking to god firm that have been served a lot of organizations. And how. Organizations trade places and bring them up at a modeling system without the reds we're -- it -- -- -- Come -- -- people like you -- We don't -- So like quiet about that the Minnesota Twins or not. Not saying that that you know batter any bit like you know they take their time with a lot of quiet and dot. Andy did a lot of Australians we've been in Minnesota Twins doctrine we kind of wanted to stop being there. That's enters into me because one of the things that I am always fascinated by mean. You know it's -- it's an English speaking culture that you've come to so. You know so you know it's not as if you have moved to Japan at the age of eighteen or something where. Where you know you you're speaking not a primary language there. At the same time it is you know it is you you did extricate yourself from home you -- move all the way around the world. Just -- from a cultural input from homesickness standpoint. Has there been an adaptation to life in the states for you or because you have the experience of growing up you know even as a as a little boy in the states. Did that make the transition pretty easy. Yep yet but I didn't go to you on two on and that a lot more than any other in dispelled -- it would. And my family my -- -- a house there -- In all my they. -- -- the -- that. Very convenient and it like the united shootaround on -- anybody that emanated that damage right -- -- -- I mean it's great acting great grandkids -- a couple -- here all and it has been critical. I mean you could have saved a decent amount of money if you wanted to just say grandma's house in spring training here in a pocket and a bonus. It at that said you know so you you were able to review major pro debut this year you well you got over to the state and you know work have you been surprised at the pace at which you've been developing because. You know you moved to really quickly out of that out of the Gulf Coast League you debuted it basically that's the kind of lowest rung of the ladder in the state. In the GCL a common level of to make one -- view. That you only needed a handful of starts they're basically say look I'm striking at a batter and a half every inning. I'm ready to move up to -- you were you surprised at how immediately you're able to enjoy success. Thumb our main illegitimate political. To -- success demonstrate violent but I'm stuck down there pretty much every -- and out. And then during extended spring when we that would Biggio gives a lot of the same guys that. That's where it got very little bit of confidence you know I know -- Condit realized that I had. You know I don't belong up there and then started -- current and expected and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hope your grandmother wasn't crestfallen about -- promotion. The cost you about CX see her back up two down that we gave when I got the promotion. And then my moment actually -- different strap. I never got -- -- and I had to and are about to get ready yet to take mile wide and everything and has yet she caught up in our best not. Well are you. You have you. I can't believe how seamlessly. Switch your family has been able to migrate which you through this kind of cross world Jersey journey it's pretty amazing. I -- -- -- real money go to their jobs. And come to America. Wince -- went to one that was critical. Of you'll I'm sorry again kind of backtracking when did you guys have a horse in chilling. We -- he did it like it when a bigger guys stranded there aren't any that I outlook ought it would have been a lot about spoke friend it. Keeping save it special planet at this early in the next year really -- well. Think that. Well that that's polite for the best -- -- giver her the famous line about done about Curt Schilling there was -- articulated. -- by his former general manager in in in Philadelphia. When every fifth day of course the other -- -- four days of course is asked. Questions I was direct line so hopefully didn't name -- hopefully better that you named the horse than that a -- Any any other cool stuff that you guys did so like you know to Wear your Red Sox -- your Red Sox. In tandem kind of with pride while you're in Australia. Dart back and -- my loyalty to Hillary jedi and you know of course but -- you know. Every good alternatives that simply talks. They've been under though as they're done and I'm just looking around and I'd vote. It's ended up it's got that -- David -- -- And Syria where it did. And it -- That's tremendous. And let -- so I'm sorry I've not meandering back to moving back to professional career. -- of the things that I've been hearing about the about the reason for your and abilities is to succeed so immediately. Was the fact that you show a pretty sophisticated three pitch mix at one that's. You don't often see in nineteen year old possessed how easily did the curve ball comes here to compliment that fastball and changeup. In how do you use those three pitches that point. Are really it and -- about it. Out of plummeted bullet had a -- -- so boycotted -- soda came on. Just I don't I don't know I. My period it will like period when -- young up. And C Condit spin the bullet terrible period. And I'll I'll vote cricket like -- you know. Our -- that it deals where it and then double it and feel for that. -- at the -- -- on their views because their vote but struck out it's -- I think. Kinda strange being in the end is it possible in and out and that's artwork. Into you know how is that are all three of those pitches that you're able to kind of command for strikes. More or less I mean obviously not a 100% of the time but pretty much as you want sword or is there one that's behind the other in terms of ability commanded. A minute edit it very every day -- ever it's have a different feel very key it's every game that I mean. I have talked as far as who can work in the strike it's and then out -- genetic Obama builds and got my base. I mean it still still get -- -- be Europe. I believe -- I've been told something like to throw about 88 to 92 miles an hour with the fastballs I correct. So you know Wednesday. That would have glossy like that that's good velocity that is solid velocity especially for a left handed pitcher it's not crazy velocity though of dual. Do you find yourself you know how how is that the -- to XEQ would step fastball in still enjoyed the success that you have had this far. Yeah out through the and a Bane in the disputed apparently about what you thought a lot it really compliment but Allstate you know if you reconcile. I had and obviously it's not just don't stop over the middle of the play you know like that -- -- bridge. So I've found that you know by about possible it and showed that I can get it in early in the game. It is not a -- cut out of my back off a little bit. You had to you've you've enjoyed success in getting -- it's a -- one of the things that is striking is the fact that you've been throwing. Throwing strikes with the frequency that you had a lot of strikeouts. Not very many walks at all. And that was kind of the you know brought to the forefront for most by. One terrific outing that you had I am sorry -- -- Emanuel is a perfect six innings it was a no hit six innings. The targeting. Of that -- All right all right perfect five and Staten Island. Of that what what was that like to to have that as a you know just it just to have that is as an indicator. The kind of you know the potential that you have in front view. Did those particularly -- how everything started that not only broken the -- -- bit to do that was pretty. Pretty coated in -- that I do have that and you know I have I have there's trouble a couple of god like the trip back and pray. Candidates you know it's just so that's pretty. Now that you're back up in New England what are what is it like to pitch you know to have to be pitching in New England in this kind of region that you spent those couple years growing up in -- You know really very very close to Fenway Park. I don't look at my out of -- a black hole and I figured out and I had a bit slick but certainly embittered and and we greatly stuff -- -- from mom he would consider it which is pretty open. They must be they must be beside themselves with the possibility of thinking down the line of you know upon have you and -- -- irritation and it one of these years. Yeah I know it's going to be pretty unreal I mean it never would have thought that the younger -- are being read. In you know in terms of -- in terms of how -- you know of how the Australian talent base is is growing but if you had a chance to. It is third Australian baseball community over here you said that you made a point of like feeling like you're comfortable going into alone in the Red Sox system. You know we're you do have you been drawn to other players -- -- or at this point are you kind of assimilated into you know into the he nationality melting pot of of of a baseball team. Yeah of course. Do you still do you find yourself like you know kind of seeking out other Australian baseball players like. You know Jews try to find like to -- find a way to meet print off or -- -- Or you know or you know for that matter I know the twins. The twins also had to have a highly regarded prospect. Publicly through I think again in the UCL opening day. Good yeah promote and yeah I -- it my best actor and three minutes away mainly -- way. But it doesn't let you vote. And are you guys major professional debuts against each other. Yeah at least I decided by the club throughout the whole year each other and now it. You know it started against each got to stick it is pretty funny is was that I mean it was attempted to do over the possible privilege exists. Actually very similar. -- that's hilarious so so and what were their point at which you just tell you just have to stop yourself from stepping back in the middle that are laughing. Well it was unreal like you know we look like it's like I was part about it doctor Michael -- urges them I imagine back current well I eat the area like. It's party. Yeah are you tell all the way to -- -- debuts against easily could have at least seen a new pitcher from I'm -- from the Dominican Venezuela or something. Exactly that's exactly have a government that question you know there's. Different level -- -- of it -- it -- as many Australians. Throughout the whole like you know among elected then that there. That American vote Dominican government's violent billionaire. You went astray you know want to retreat Syrian Palestinian -- aren't there are no well. I'll let you record they've got DiNardo want them in doubt that your. Because you would read that organization all of them and we are about to break him back wac conference just this CA you know we have looked -- -- about our. Now that you are the Red Sox and you know where their people -- where their pitchers who you made a point of trying to trying to seed trying to watch over the course of this spring you know had Jon Lester type or Felix to Bryant took. You know someone else from whom as a left handed pitching like people to draw something. Yeah I would like pushing out just abrupt pitch good decisions burning so -- it again and -- -- Triple I'd say critic and there and -- one that I really ignited this spring who happened to just broke bullpen is how much global got Great Britain went out bludgeoned -- Google brand new about it. Either so it's it's. And indeed like to know kinda reminds of like you know OK this is this is how it works already you like to know if you you -- pet and in order to get yourself moving up the latter and that all of a sudden. You -- so moving from double -- to the majors in the matter of about a month. Well Daniel I very much appreciate your you're taking some time to join actually -- must question have you been to Fenway Park yet it's coming back here. I haven't seen them being back here but I really wanted to parlay that back. To -- pitcher -- -- Andreychuk got John -- for -- down on the -- sponsored by being one advantage tire and service Steelers find a dealer near you at -- one advantage dot com -- also the producers had a day and built yet to -- you'd like to hear the complete interview -- with McGrath and Diebold -- to hear any past weeks of the show check -- the minor details podcast at W yet dot com slash podcast just one more week rains in the -- in the minor league regular season enjoy it look forward to checking back in next week.

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