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Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Aug 26, 2013|

We speak with the coach after a tough loss to the Detroit Lions in preseason game #3.

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In Wilfork are still. I really like that image. Just out for a walk in your neighborhood may leave your wife after dinner something there's been so there comes big events. Just -- for jog crews are on the neighborhood events. I'm like Howard. Good image we have Bill Belichick striding in that right now it's time for our no nonsense conversation with the coach. Is brought -- you as always by SB -- do Tedy Bruschi didn't get affordable dependable life insurance. From SP LI the company that is protected over one million families since 1907 go to SB -- dot com. Today coach we have and had a chance to talk to -- since the Detroit game any price -- to move ahead in your mind but just to give us a little bit of a step back before we move forward to. What do you do after game like that emits a pre season game is not a regular season game and what's your approach with the team after that. On both sentences on the other pre season games really try to correct our mistakes and put -- the things that we did well either individually or as a team and can take some like the situations that came up then and I go over those make sure that we you know we -- understand we're doing there. And and turn the page and move on. There after that game -- a lot of people looked at it whether they were and a -- fans consider witnesses. As bad as this game was 48 and nine this is good for Belichick because it's an opportunity to teach and coach. Did you look at it that way as an. It is was that a positive by product of a game like that you have lots of bad football to say this is not what we want. You know our finger against an opportunity and no matter what happens in the insult and he teach from. -- learn from a so hopefully we did. It was funny they kept talking and listening Samir exporters Chatham was on and and forays on the broadcast their. So while is that a good opportunity to coach this situation. It's a quick change of bills really gonna like this opportunity. And then listening to you after the game it didn't sound like you were all that happy with all the opportunities. -- you have how do you balance that over the course of the game and then even afterwards. Oh well I mean that the situations are good and the ones that come -- great weakened. We've practiced them so now we have a chance to go out there and and plan out. And learn from. And -- obviously a lot of things that lead into the game and interminable four times in the first quarter. Couldn't stop on defense in the second -- from the knows the good. The sort of measure would back over and maybe maybe we're trying to over think it a bit was that. Essentially the story of the game just turned the ball over and got out of control. A lot of things out of control have -- we're behind that we. You know couple scores and we can -- -- -- kind of -- we couldn't stop them so. And then we -- two over their first three series in such an -- three and out combined with the eighty yard touchdown drive and ninety I don't know ninety some are drug Motorola so you know it's pretty much Stewart. You mentioned -- a lot of work to do his team which I guess it makes sense for every team at this point but. Are you -- you would like to be ahead of schedule behind schedule where are you. -- -- really don't have a full schedule on and we try to. Plan the way we want to install things going to be -- campus and we have to make adjustments modifications going forward and we'd just continually on a week to week basis. Talk about the things that we need to do that week and instruction the days so we can try to get those things accomplished as many as we count the ones we can't get to finally. Mr. prioritize and we do -- we feel most important ones we can't get to either. You know put -- lists for the following week or. Or maybe just you know you know professional that really doing a thorough job of cover and if that's if we have prior to us. -- when you say it's a priority to get one thing over another as it plays is it situations and what sort of things are you are you putting in a priority order. Via all those things. You know things that we need to see things that we need to things when you're deceiving because we don't -- him maybe because we're gonna -- Things that we need to know we need to work on regardless of who we play just things that we need to do. On situations that we need. Their practice or maybe we've covered on that haven't called them a couple weeks ended at those and manners you know it's it's -- analysts so there's always there's always something. We just -- to prioritize and how we wanna practice. Certain groups are. Try to as we start to see different jobs on the teams start to get to. Looks like you know how they're going to be filled who's gonna do what then maybe the president of the other positions in his Seymour government when idiots are people working together. So that's that's all they vote. And at least that's it that's unfortunately some might question my next question the big week for you -- -- roster cut down you get to certain numbers by certain times. It's possible that process and mean and I know we're not thinking about 53 jobs and mean their certain jobs that are obviously aren't taken. But he if you try to fill these spots how much time is it to use to and oranges thing. All right. This guy's gonna fill this position now we have -- for more or five more slots that we haven't accounted for investment take this amount energy to figure out. Who it is how much time is involved and just figuring out this roster the back into the roster. Well -- its entire roster probably you know only Scoble meetings a week. Was that a smaller discussions long way. Don't have figured a lot of things that you've got to take into consideration. 45 man game day roster of the 53 man roster on the practice squad and I don't know roster. -- you have to look. Mean you just have to be aware of what you're salary cap situation as and -- you know look into your potential expenses are going to be during the season because. You're gonna have to move somewhere along -- line. Replace somebody you know I think everybody's going to be healthy for the entire season and hopes so but that's just not realistic so. You've got to do some budgeting problem have to take a look at where your death -- So if you carry certain -- practice squad neither death. But then word vision to have come from -- that other positions where your mind -- of player on the practice on who could you get to the practice squad whose practice one total. -- all those kind of things but you know a lot of prominent figure themselves. And that's you know that's what the players well and somebody's. Emerges second or somebody else or sometimes injuries occur you know whatever you and -- the sometimes when after really. You know make a decision based on him and information have sometimes not as much as you like that that's all what you have in the -- the -- best she can get along those nomination all those things. How do you judge I'm sorry how do you judge you guys than who hasn't really been able to plot practice much. Or even play at all in the game some of the guys have been injured really throughout camp. And what your values are always all those are always the of the top ones. And the wanna. How much you -- what you what you think the player can do or may what is dominant Austin where you think you'll be. That's. It's. -- so we have to do it's not the ideal situation but -- at the national and whatever information we have that's all we have we have mixes and. But as -- you talk about missed so many things to think about so many layers of it. It can be overwhelming if you didn't have the experience been to this for a long time here. Is there something you look at now that doesn't. Overwhelm you that maybe did. When you first started or something you look at in terms of the were constructing the roster now that. You didn't realize it and say 200120022000. Well I think anytime you. Have coached special teams in this league you you really understand how that's. First draw of 66 players. Six special teams times loving guys so -- 66 players. Trees -- also have to 66 backups somewhere along the line and so you know one guys on through fourteen games and in -- to -- him. Maybe you know one person or police and the more likely it would take more than one. So when you start looking at all your depth in the kicking game first all the players if they put out there in the kicking game and then your depth in the kicking game and then tie that into your offense and defense -- units. You know you can make a case for a lot of guys. It's not just -- you know clear cut. 53 guys -- 45 guys and then there are certain guys that fill certain holes and which rolls more importantly troll guy can fill multiple roles Lukas actually fill in a minute or two rolls of those up -- days so. And then really hear your practice squad and some of the guys that might not be. On the roster on the 45 man roster or you know to a certain degree interns. Unless you think their their developmental players who will be. Roster players for a five man roster players that just not ready at this particular time. And that's another reason to keep them that's also an argument of you know keep a guy like that -- -- actually get out there and help you in some -- immediately so. It's you know culmination all of those things but I think what you've -- special teams in this league you have an appreciation for film roster. Because of the impact that has in the kicking game and that they saudis have put together 24 point 526 man offense or defense roster whatever it is. Than it is to put together a 53 man roster that also incorporates. Offense defense and all the aspects of the two game. Well coach show you get one more pre season game this week Thursday night in the will be get ready. For week one of the regular season we appreciate it we'll talk again next Monday -- sounds good moment there was nobody on his Bill Belichick he joins us every Monday here. On the patriots Monday it's time quickly for your chance to win a thousand dollars cash. If you -- thousand dollars cash go to WEEI dot com slash cash into the code word gravy he got ten minutes to enter enter gravy GRE VEY. A WEEI dot com slash cash right now you're -- shot. Will be at the 7 o'clock -- will break down what we are enough for four coming up soon it is -- golf WEEI.

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