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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 08/26/13

Aug 26, 2013|

We touch on four topics we won't get to today... T-Mac retiring, Chris Christie vs Jets media and more!

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I and now word excel -- Ali swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball. More fun cleaning. -- Well we've solved it finally got on Sports Radio WDE. -- don't agree about. Chris Christie calling out punishment. For the way he behaved Rex Ryan press conference saying. The guy's a complete idiot self consumed underpaid reporter the only reason he's empowered is. We're spending all this time this morning talking about management who by the way I could cannibalize them. And no -- and really -- that I am about. -- him his marriage. All morning we get into these communities I just I don't know I know somebody else and spelled his name in the same way he pronounces that money. Or managed to hear your took up over what went right what do you think it's managed and he. What makes you think there. So -- tourniquet discount system to uses all of. All. Are all there are you confident enough -- Perry has announced during the consequence the most famous person. That called you. For me it's -- Jim Mora junior. Are nice Jim Moore when he was the he was the head coach at the scene that your show he went on now that was got -- -- thousand -- -- -- kind of lost that. They said you want to be that he thought about being the head coach yet at -- vote -- I don't know you'd done that -- and I did that -- John -- are while ago. Now this is this is a different show. This was we we animal on occasionally he was. Just always sort of difficulty is a lousy NFL coach and he was really really bad completely overwhelmed the -- of the game speeding up on someone bizarre game day decisions had no trust from his players and his bat. And so of course we told like it was -- a couple of years later he was back on doing something before we went to UCL a navy is on the same our station -- a different show. It was an NFL network. And he -- he said he was gonna go boom. He says that I used to boo him which of course -- makes no sense not and he wanted to show up somewhere where I was going to be so that he could -- Our history I mean it's sports writers and and talk show host have numerous examples -- people are going Rick Pitino. Who hated Sammy -- -- my. Why PH. I think -- they have I don't think we used to write about him he took that personally he'd like anyone. Is that what it was -- a person you know spot with dreadlocks or third read about it. This. Yet -- it was one. Man got an analyst at that guy in my it was a minor league baseball players but not fame catcher. That's when Minor League Baseball instituted a rule which has left in the mid 1990s about the early 1990s. About that tobacco. They were banning it in the minors. And it was a minor league catcher who talked to me about it -- think he was very candid. But I think he start to regret it if you want me to write it eroded anyway. The only time in my career where -- Threatened physically really it was right in Martin dale that that. The pick Martin right Martin dale was -- call them -- and I -- I think of that. What he was when I wrote the story and I sort of but -- UW's -- that the park again. Until. Ought to be ripped by so -- he ripped by a great comedian and something about that. I just called out by comedian -- would love like in no not really love to be thrashed by eight very witty funny person Michael Richards. I said it would be funny person. Not someone who is witty and funny only because he had a good writer writing his material. I truly. Like but get ripped by Jimmy Kimmel campaigns you know that a prequel. Pedroia ripped once and for what I chimed in to answer he asked something in the tolerances where you do you talk -- -- Yeah yeah Bill Belichick repeated well every animal animals. -- the coat then don't call -- -- golf cart out the door. What they're -- Belichick was sitting here. Andy just aerobics. Studio. And knocked about that you little Jaycee it's. Hours. Got -- with a legit Matt Elliott. -- have a theory you're really really great that the airlines are. I didn't he would Simon -- -- from Duran Duran really you know. Without him -- -- and -- asked -- mining has her name as a real yes that guy I like the wolf pitched 1 morning as I was working at the Matty in the morning show at the time. Against you know and asked him why. His position that's because he can he. How British rolled my eyes aren't whatever -- -- -- and it -- -- -- you -- plenty of the US imported and Michael have what do you think's gonna happen if he viewed. He'll he asked you to make him -- and then complained that you weren't just -- -- -- seriously that's on him not on you. This should boo him when he uses maps. To drop the act he did do the music to you a view to a kill the James Bond Maya. That'll get us that the Christopher Walken on yet that's redeeming the -- on the theaters that and it. Tracy McGrady announced his retirement from the NBA and all during and Iran for the rest of the day announcement with that we need to do hopes that it was all cash on Friday do we need all Duran -- today. Tracy McGrady announces retirement from the NBA NE SP in this morning's today saying it's been quote a great -- I don't have -- particularly when you're right your birthday Nelson. OK go I mean in sixteen is men plan. Game I love dreamed about. And I think. Had a great run in this console and nothing I'm excited and I'm happy about what's next comment. -- agree on and maybe continue playing ball overseas. Is the -- -- retirement from superstar -- well why don't get it -- and he's not really retiring his life retire from the NBA kind of what he's like what if anybody wants me I'm still around -- -- -- -- -- down in the NBA but we'll go play overseas so he's -- -- to play -- it just means that somebody else wants him in the NBA is happy to come back and play there that's not retiring -- he's not getting leaving to -- saying it's not gonna have to play in the NBA. But there are other opportunities wouldn't get easier to get checks he's saying I'm not good enough the plane hit it in the NBA but there are other opportunities. I doubt he will try to play there's now -- well. I betcha you're funny as you or even all of these ridiculous retirement how many have we seen. I would say the most ridiculous is Tony consult. Why couldn't believe that went for 12 only -- you retire -- At the end of the season there's no way just because it's not the obvious one it's not Clemens or far from retired over and over and over again Tony Gonzales justice. And I think. And that he thought about retiring. And when they lost the way they laws. And the Atlanta Falcons got to him a pretty good salaries. -- -- -- thought about it it was sincere about it. It's better standards. He justice. That was like I thought it was -- it was great. On no explanation nothing just gone it's just about the Detroit lines you know kind of like Lamar Odom. Well -- that fuels -- aren't they found we're really -- was in his apartment. Now doing drugs that was -- that was the last what you look he's hiding from -- tedious way. Hall's topic yet no taste got. Notes case not the only person the world X -- -- All of a second. They spent an entire three days looking for and they said he quote unquote vanished and he was in his apartment. When nobody ought to look there at any point in the selection. Now what -- house now. It's part got a house. Little about that at all and Franklin got to figure out with that -- okay. How's. He gonna happen apartheid you. Need to do it -- -- talking about these. I believe that -- as the Romans. Are you doing. Think about where's your flop I was put down you know now -- -- alcoholic flop house won't be the best pound for your flop I'm investigating broken and I'm I'm interviewing different people sort of where my apartment with a good spot for flop house. And it. My guess is. Still be in the -- apartment below mine really -- -- Or at -- wanted to get towards the scene for breaking -- accountants and a pretty good spot for flop house near everything. Really -- it ever is very convenient that would be something I would and I haven't you want to -- although he went to someone you know that's. The city. Even the city's financial district I don't -- I don't run into people man I think you gotta be outside disappointment and people like -- them to -- the typical perfect spot for flop house. Coming out of you're down here like the patriots players are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tomorrow I think it does not return to the united career of oil or threatening one it perfect one animal than for their flop I think that's very. Letters to Anderson Milwaukee Bucks to tattoos and posted them on -- program on one hand out the word fast -- and on the other hand he got word. We see it's received well. Please put -- before he says after he must've put the I'm for the stewardesses. So what is the worst that you've seen. Chance that tattoo artist is also the guy -- the -- media card screwed up the grammar on the intermediate guard might be the same guy. It it would have to be an hour ago. I had a friend who got a. Tramp stamp before the as a male crowd. Before they became public signature women now the end is something in the back of his lower back. About five years after etiquette removed his ever worry when a -- -- -- There was they had -- TV it was a Brasilia How I Met Your Mother episode about the guy gets a trip handwriting at the tramp stamp. And has to go get that they removed because he's embarrassed about it it's pretty funny ad that showed it today it was funny and gone downhill. The reporting episode why I would say this -- is not the worst at to a scene it's probably unfortunate. When Chauncey Phillips. Came here number three pick overall. By Rick Pitino once again. -- attacks in Africa now. That's and -- -- games fail at a Syria. I don't know what happened that that I remember seeing somebody years ago who had a tattoo of his of his fantasy baseball team's logo. On his arm that's pretty bad about it that was -- -- -- -- now argue how well gophers fans of baseball team and he tattooed him on his arm. But that's not the correct -- the correct answer is all. All of the tattoos I've ever seen the worst. I am anti attempted it looked terrible I like the whole thing is. I cannot stand it. Like you've never won. Personal tattoos and I've never not one time about how it's organized human like a man that looks great on the old hop on that -- -- anything like that not a single -- I think they're all terrible I cannot animal -- Once we just couldn't do with a walk out of once it -- you do they did Lou has nothing to do with that. So with -- it is not -- -- I just think they looked even like widget tribal that is. I don't think they look at it I am anti -- if you really wanna go all the way to a bank votes did and have that giant being branded in. There are a river of fraternity yes sir all I've ever return -- -- and yes go hole -- to ordering him Bob both bonds and bring you all for bread that's not. But not -- that's right if you're gonna do it do it otherwise the whole sentiment. The AT&T question of the day the farmer's almanac is predicting a bitterly and biting cold winter this year. And the first week of February. Snowstorm northeast. Super sweet. You liked the idea of having a snowstorm on the super bowl of course I like the idea of us knows -- does anybody not like that the best games and history how many of them took place in inclement weather either free ice cold. Or or driving snow or the culmination of them a windy conditions that change the game. Absolutely as much as it's fun to watch the Super Bowl on the fact that it's usually played in perfect weather and you sort of jealous of everybody who gets to be in Miami or New Orleans or San Diego or LA or whatever if they're gonna do it in New York -- gets a whole effect and actually haven't -- -- Our cities instead -- before giving New Orleans right in the Pasadena on whom you meet Miami moon moon. Phoenix I was gonna say I get bent out of Austrian -- I can't make a 54 cities. Everybody else CEO later you don't get the Super Bowl. I don't wanna see it in New York City in a snowstorm February noninterest I know some great games NFL history. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are overrated. Because it's cool to see snow on the screen. I really great game. I don't remember the -- hole hole. -- -- -- -- -- -- because they're fun to watch that some of the most fun and games until I don't want a lot and deal with -- -- -- -- on the launch this team's calling up and down the field. In a -- and it's on the stadium. Or any domed stadium in the final game of the year if there is the storm will that be the last. Quote cold weather city -- to know that -- they don't they will sell their souls for the best deal absolutely and I. You get yourself a new stadium. Roger Goodell had little handshake deal with the oh you were able to get this -- for the week we will get to a suitable. You do something -- will be something for you they'll continue. The Super Bowl is for sale. For the highs that are no question cold weather and well that is today's sport for people some angry people -- that if they -- good people and eventually you'll regret it. Of course you when you're 75 years old new skin -- I would like to get some growth will content to let him you -- that you hadn't got bigger problems -- five. In that period. Yeah let what other things that are -- other bag sack him guide for men and women spill again it just it's hard it's never --

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