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Vince Wilfork with Salk and Holley

Aug 26, 2013|

We talk Patriots and the adjustments they must make after being handed a one-sided loss by the Lions with Big Vince Wilfork.

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Speaking of which Vince Wilfork joining us right now coming right off the practice field and right into our studio here and patriots Monday and WEEI. Your back out on the practice field today when I was practice. -- -- -- To give back going to -- the work. -- makes a few you know corrections. Between -- push forward and you better as a team so. Always doing -- going in on them fresh new weekend. You know hopefully we can get things chopped down. When visitors who and so you pretty good pretty good Sheen go and they are and overthrow -- -- yeah that's one thing we do we workhorse. That's going on Google and it was made of Bristol hopefully. When when did you learn that you were gonna be a part of the game plan in Detroit. They go on the dividend Leo you know it was a coach's decision. I prepare every week like importantly. That's -- -- was grateful also. You know when the coach made a decision came too -- argue with that so permanent way it is out of our teams are -- to the same post this week you are prepare. The play no matter how long and we've maybe put a -- -- myself. Almost football player how politically how little pregame was sometimes the coach overrides were -- and get to restrict their console or restricted. How's the -- ago if you are argue our year at the the game you're waiting you don't get in wars it is at a meeting earlier this day our event. We're not gonna go to them -- houses hasn't actually army unit that it afternoon. There was golf in Asia as a total plus that -- you know you see and you -- on in South -- -- well Sanofi and kind of see how. Actually I don't know yet your pads on right -- I don't -- are the rock and roll went like this idea I'm native industries it is and so. Com business. A win over -- series where -- currently. It is it is. And whatever he decides -- Presley's. Do you see anything different from that perspective watching the whole game is supposed to be in an. -- -- -- -- and always in -- c'mon norm lieutenants over is so lots of us he days where are some mistakes -- us an opportunity for our. Our players and -- to do something different. Or give -- you know. A certain movie making news in. Com has a show like a coach Lou because I didn't see the whole thing you know this in the bill talks -- -- -- -- away -- you know. One billion dollar total little wanna I wanna see exactly. -- -- in my essay is and what -- thing in the what they feel that the end is cumulative so. Columnist is part of the day could you take a concise and into an -- you've given to a -- -- anything you can tell you notice it used specifically relate to somebody in the -- Everything you always have to do hand placement and copy block. Are you might have won office on a block one person differently -- -- to a console he's got always see her body attack and certain individuals and you take dead and taking you know give to another person. You know for us as well when are there Lanka like resources and work in my and I do there -- -- -- was running shorts all -- they try to get -- hands on the right now in the past day. Sometimes offers -- -- it that way for me to make move. In Aiken declare what they want and do so use you should mixture a lot of things. In a good office environment -- -- to Mexico and -- like any defense alarmed in the state game. When you have office -- as one dimensional and all or nothing you do is these days this so ease the game plan on so. It's just you know like -- it at -- moments in Asia they give you the issue into his would have been don't viewed as Jered Weaver better this was you almost going in. To a play -- to a repairs are restricting him okayed this public forefront and give -- -- -- -- -- this moment where. Home just just haven't passed on alert and I think as of -- as a player or as a football in general. It also is popular because you might get a look at -- before me -- what you got to react to. That was it it was in a very ugly game a watch means to pre season game but still some disturbing things in there just tell me how you look at it. Preceding game bad but it doesn't count. I'm sort of regular season game you stay up at night. Re playing the game win -- loss the pre season is. Anyway -- as surprised as -- because. You know we took we want -- winner again and we step for you you wanna win mistress when you prepare -- you wanna be at Wimbledon so. When you're going to you know hammered by the way we Diego -- amendment you know coming home. All of which airport sitting there and you take and one you know what could've done better what went wrong to look at him he started put things again there's a starter C. Just little things are bad touching. Three points was moved into the things that you know. They've made you not stop poorly in test attorney campus -- to minimize told little mistakes and that's one thing we always -- -- more so football team and you know just little things can hold you back you know what's little things not -- don't have to be one big question though. When you have -- little things that amount to do with two big things in at the well. -- problem becomes a real problems all our jobs to come in this week to fix those problems. And be able to learn from made corrections and powerful and go for. The game -- and you can report this week so. No -- deficit with our trial. Was -- the -- game when everything is cool will I mean that's Itamar complain when you win you don't want Piero what is it when you when you take one moment she you know when you. You don't play as whale. And you lose a nail -- -- value and react following week or are you going reassembling in an in between the place. And right now that's this week that we've got blown out well how would one react this week. How one reacted prices RT what we can practice the McCain worked as focused. And -- chargers continue to get better. You know resolutions or run a corner for us. So we have to there was a bottle everything go a couple of weeks and do you know march right. You that you are closer to the team that played the first two pre season games are closer to the team that played there against Detroit are mean. While Tariq Rankin but we diplomatic progress even in. Com and -- -- there was some good things that was done wasn't a whole lot. But Susan good things that we are from was in this situation came all. -- indeed -- -- sends home in the recoil. And you know holes in 33 point one term and in home to this new voters who want instant change. That's when you know we we take apart from. Paterno ball low winners saying terrible things immortal ball Libby and we and it's and it's always. Legacy everything wasn't negative what are the big issue look worse in the -- -- Yet to our -- yep yep grow from Europe and correct me if choruses and gave -- and that's what we did this week. Don't tell me finish and not a lot of positive things to -- one thing that really jumped on that positive. With seven series features on their opinions to -- and proud accessory after the fiercely on a short field. Democracy and we gave -- one touchdown. Iowa for certain changes in the way -- -- and his two goals so sudden change Willis. Pretty good topic our run defense first was was pretty decent. You know it was size of the past that he -- apartment papers aren't known and mean it's the positive part is from man would be needed in defense of this wanting our focus on its. Defense and what we can do you better what things we believed it would -- nicotine into. Cardinals some weapons and my message is minimize the mistakes and just being able to. Read Ronnie get off blocks good hand please miss and run game. Everybody on the same level in the wrong and Mueller's. What they would always PowerPoint so. That's one of things we do computers that run defense and. And we'll for a with a series of pictures Monday and WEEI. Last week we asked you about a positional group that was doing well you brought up an offensive group so I ask you a little bit about what you saw from the offense. You mentioned the quick changes and maybe that's a good thing for the defense but it probably only comes about because something bad happened on the other side of the football. All likelihood Brady's not gonna play on Thursday I hasn't played -- what the last seven or 84 games of the pre season assuming he doesn't then he can't say that but assuming he doesn't. The way he's wired his -- his competitiveness how much will peace do on the performance from last week all the way up until game. -- -- We we profess to want to use one thing you can do. It is no news. -- more passes you are from which you can't always refer to them days. Or paying ninety -- hope I don't know me. We're human and we athletes professional -- -- -- -- We -- -- football hall for his career are harmful or mockery. Who's been ups and downs has been some days where we lost when we shouldn't action laws in recent days where we deserve it -- some days were warm clothes and there's blue guys are so there's just in the national football. We were in 91 week into another week are -- it week to prepare for this weekend to. -- that may be some which is different stuff so what do we have to do differently we have to do different if it is just a bit of the team in the US a bit. Put out there that's what we're going to. I got really disappointment awhile ago. You mentioned Tom Brady. This race for -- -- this. Page you know it's funny because I have a -- horrified cost you -- Five artists are no. One else that houses on because that's a great memories -- -- but it was far. He calls. If that he is if there is any indicator. Was on 35 block and it's going to be -- use them because -- a question via a -- Well what distance does he beat you. Like it if they go for an adult now for the -- -- got that you think you can get them for forty but the moment you go 41. He's got via. On a mile or something you know shop. -- -- -- Mound lately -- my game it doesn't look bigger and bigger let him out there for us our last -- -- when the -- NUM. Our morality you something else you remind you guys different you know as -- them but I hate I hate doing for us. I do how long's it -- Roma. With a goal of the maintenance there pretty fast Miley minutes. Attitude you know mattered to a hate you no longer than a -- yeah. There aren't -- 34. But you know I mean I used to -- -- you know it's on a lot of weight right I mean you know and aren't miles -- its cargo last year. -- -- -- -- -- And I never I never knew how -- -- -- you single out these states senate maps. It's -- one gas and accounts and you know. So CR count on the New -- -- and a sense and it between 68. So it's. You run in the -- also is right -- run a lot on my -- in my day you know. Do. You go to visit -- payment. It. Just keeps me going the keys to -- -- if you become. Game day practice in mostly and they were -- -- They've always about conditions are proud and has -- an open door in all Goer and more gore white wall. Something more in our house intelligence on this team -- arteries so and so. I've been doing for us news and -- all star world. I don't -- celebrity idea of his neighbors is watching big -- rush hour near its residents are at stake I I -- you this you know looks are. Our long term -- very very good day we saw Tedy Bruschi down that and Mohegan Sun on Friday and in the fancy football thing we're doing he's big and famous and -- and he knows and he's big offensive football. But he was Telus the guy fell sleep actually right in the front row there's -- other strange gentlemen. From New York fell asleep about three quarters of the way through but it was a great program and that's -- the whole -- so educating honestly -- kind of got after a little bit polls about some of the days of guys he remember sleeping in meetings. I'd be curious if I ask you the same question if you would come up with the same name as the guy who could get away with maybe sleeping in a meeting to in this bill. View our complete -- now. You're it I don't know. You know I would not come I don't know. Analyst -- I. I was definitely -- Mathewson and I would knock on the -- and -- it about like. -- -- I was one of the -- Echo with two when he when he hit a field and that you know to -- -- -- -- -- in the meeting. You watch -- watched him knows it is yeah yeah. I'm in the if you were -- Trust me -- was up unilaterally and you was you its focus would you project pretty well. It is he was well. And I'll -- I was a rookie so it was like I kind of arm Paulus and that's about it at the outcome probably go to sleep. Stuff -- ministers that we appreciated. When they had a week off last week do you know yet whether you'll be playing on Thursday night and we'll find out and get dressed in the pads and I don't want and see what happens. You'd rather play football did you find out at a time you were play would you still put on the pads just as part of the team. And I are going -- you never know forest in. Rex mikes and you never -- my rights and equal -- food and we will cornerback -- on -- go right Bill Belichick will join us next Vince thanks so much as you go talk to the coach in just a minute to patriots Monday and WE.

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