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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 08/26/13

Aug 26, 2013|

Ask and we'll answer... now featuring Harvard graduates!

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Sports Radio -- WT IFM and WB I dot com. It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question -- There's just for you -- Hate to -- you love Simon who -- I can feel like a visceral reaction there. What are the studio again it just means that gives -- that you were bad and he. Cares about it making -- -- that are so. -- You know report report. Seriously. The most he basically trusted do you obviously I most important part of his day and you screwed it all well he's he's he's afraid he's won because no. Respect him. British person would ask an American. Here today. Don't be intimidated to make a British person to. Be buried -- and that's why. -- would you be disgusted by all the people achieve some -- grossed out. Now. It wasn't actually it's empty -- to declare. You didn't go. I would have satisfied with -- we got the idea WEEI dot com baseball guys with -- rob Bradford out -- envoys. I don't believe I've Eagles. Excuse me yeah yeah what it's like a single what if -- -- You I'm all flight of the congress. Is that this originally came from the question who was the most famous person to repeat. I don't know. Robby got that somebody most famous person to go off on Saturday used victories. Ashley is driving I've heard that. That was going to be my go to there was you know why didn't it he didn't mean both of them actually like the times that it's. With the equipment that that that that the yet even famous rookie -- what's the standard for ripping music just like to emulate you know you remember if -- golf -- guys leave campus I got a good question about your feelings I don't know -- I don't know that I've and I've -- been embarrassed by -- We'll give you golf now -- been -- to join Jonathan Papelbon -- I was I was a memorable one back did not want all -- and I Wagner -- it was actually almost support -- anniversary of myself for. Losing that about Billy Wagner trade quoted Jonathan Papelbon. Saying. Who what is he -- And I'm kind of like he was kind of skeptical of the Red Sox waiver claim on non Billy Wagner. And actually many departments at worst things about it is like well you know Eric Gagne didn't work out too well here but it never -- to kind of glom on to apple -- Is it here's the most of the problems here's the most shocking -- this story Jonathan Papelbon -- But I was told actually got our answer in fact know he does not -- -- -- -- -- Why now I didn't read it but I've been missed all of it is so like -- -- out of -- no kidding and -- oh yeah and read it really so I held up the story in front of him and I was like OK tell me exactly what -- that I I can tell you can read this than -- happily have a -- now now now that Mississippi State education shouldn't -- at all. Yeah. Hundred. -- -- And it's the ever got. Always noisy hallway with -- supported. Yeah or that any yeah you have Angela Stanford yes because at Harvard but now -- always -- doesn't -- there are unaware panel that I think you can -- -- movement isn't ready -- action. These boys are coming up here in about ten minutes they have the road to October show from six to seven. In the meantime answers to questions. Guys Barbeque pork ribs or barbecued pulled pork sandwich barbecue anything. Sure I'm out -- at all. Ribs people -- the -- ripped gaps -- -- and absolutely the only reason you go pulled -- image over ribs is Clement. Behavior it'd lunch or something and you don't wanna you know with the McDonald's -- -- I'll stop its government that's just comes and goes it rarely comes and again it's because it was like -- sort of electrical cicada ice periodically. Years exactly yeah I was thinking -- Yeah they have been meeting go other leading to what they decide to put that on me it is they're really love ribs. Put them did you did you notice and it's a red lights popping it's. That's a question it's been suggested that the most famous person to rip Alex is Steve from -- First for use all I see you hitting on the Oxford comma in your latest article on Rex Ryan what's your problem -- that Paul -- do you use. FYI the elements of style system always used. Which is what is the Oxford -- well of course the ultimate as I was use it that's a British fight that's you know an angle Ohio interpretation of -- Of abuse of the -- of course -- -- the cultural construct but -- style I believe -- doctors using that. Very graceful way. Suggested he should abandon the Oxford and get what you said there -- -- we are on Obama close the border that was born and analyst business. There's a great because Alex with the first question Alex had nothing to do with his second question it was a straight -- right -- that it was directed at socks so I feel like I'm overstepping by. Alex you're just you're right that's cause you any time I have a problem you know -- not have an issue could just call you up and you -- -- on -- wanna know I don't know I don't -- any -- dark place I don't -- -- there is the Oxford -- the that a final comment a sequence -- it's sequence before the end. I for years used the common I've recently you know -- -- two minutes -- -- Now he does so -- was -- common reduce that. Let -- know. How come I have looked a little -- you absolutely do any of you guys do one space after after a sentence. Yes yeah a three bogeys and you have to again and that's Associated Press saga -- -- authority. From -- quite used to -- is under way you went to typing class. And in typing class to -- due to spaces yes I space I can't stop do like I can't on -- once. You could if you tried my companion on learned is that what is it. You -- there -- characters. I know that going back and deleting one of the space is when I need the carries bars pleading with. I was really for whatever period last -- go in my column car -- to penalize somebody else flooding that was with a look -- who could have neutralized the next question. Jerks did you find Miley Cyrus is performance last night to be either sexy or scandals. Nothing about -- six it was kind of neither it was androgynous kind of gross disturbing yet it was an androgynous person trying to be -- Quayle as I was driving back from Bristol New York. There was nothing for me. -- you watched you watch -- -- negative and it looked like a guy in his first spring training -- So he should be ready in like what six weeks. If anybody accelerate the timetable little bit faster than that but I would say yeah. I know he's a guy who actually I think after one bad one to institute -- to make a pretty good events he might be ready afterward as long as well as. -- to over correct after the one battle and end up there on the head disabled what did you need to say and he would. He would much rather watch Clay Buchholz and how he saw the the -- in the storage. Next question are you want to kids your wife wants three kids. After two do you secretly get the big sniping continued trying -- or do you just keep him. No you don't you don't simply depressed and don't do that and that's that unless you have to absolutely gorgeous do but I like to keep trying aspect they get. A couple. I think everybody talking about it like him and imaginary third seeded Michael dollar dollar -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at the moment of truth. And we can do you know the guys and while I think you probably saw and I always thought a moment of truth Michael you know I don't know the retro. It actually comes a moment to -- -- like -- that it only on the radio blogs are like all right here it illness is a big moment. Next what's the longest you've ever gone past you without feeling your guess we just heard about the longest you've gone and. Like him. Credit for five minutes the reveal -- -- -- over -- proud of myself. All right is that you from what 43 miles last week and after eaten -- gas and mine -- took my gas tank holds seventeen gallons of sixteen point 93 you know. Him close did you have publisher of the moment -- you grabbed him like -- There. The -- moment. And pick up the next question guys I start my sophomore year in high school tomorrow. From the labor council possible. I start my sophomore year high I was tomorrow priced stocks do you have any advice. I'd just wait. For -- and justice just head to head straight ahead just keep plowing through I don't get better when -- during my first piece of advice and what hasn't learn how to school sophomore -- -- -- the Owen. That's exactly and don't worry about the crap that goes on and it is meaningless. No it's actually that is not true actually meaningful because when you be when you become nine point five or thirty. It's still like high school it's actually worse council and enjoy it. School sustain any clicks this same guy. All the same stupid. And high school happens when you're an adult I think -- clicks you look at WEEI. -- supply. No -- the achievement monsters in the Chicago about Catholic. Those are went -- it's a quick thing they would. Out of that know me -- Is there anything meaningful enough when your life to get a tattoo yourself now yes. -- what you haven't but you don't have anything -- I don't have a little bit if I needed to get -- I could find a meaningful to add to their many. Meaningful things like reporting meaningful thing in my life I -- had contact Joseph had attached to regular and he's done he's done. The -- I'm failing to -- on yesterday's gun tattooed on. Alex is a doubt the -- -- to. You know dot dot culmination of companies like in the lower back all of Red Sox flattering. But I thought -- should be Dustin Richardson. Yeah that's what you guys said there I heard you guys before you said. What was the worst attitude Dustin Richardson is right up there -- -- have across -- shoulders Richardson but it Red Sox latter not realizing that of course the Red Sox don't have letters don't don't have the last name written in any incidents in the back of their jerseys and of course Dustin Richardson courted even greater infamy. May be coming be the single most positive test ever for performance enhancing drugs he failed test for like. Fifteen different kinds of the -- is back up after the Red Sox traded him to the Marlins for Jeremy I think for -- right now is in -- Miller excuse me. Well pretty impressive record. Let -- any any got a ged and come up with he failed he's got all amphetamines theory is a really. Impressive across the board is like like -- com by a warrior but just for drugs are better. These -- cut Tebow and mallet signed Colt McCoy would that be an improvement now called localism four -- -- you don't do that and he's played pretty well Harbaugh said yesterday like him as is back. Forget about it a veteran Ahtyba. Everyone apply to what is worse TiVo's quarterbacking ability or million Swedish fish and a Google and go to can't I don't know why you'd think that if you likes on FaceBook you must -- -- -- team never liked anything. I mean I should just everything you read anything at all to book as time goes to its own sweet sour. Sweet and sour. Patch from what those lines as sweet -- that would have been notable. Our -- Week so we're gonna miserable. All right we'll stick around for these guys Alex and rob have -- next with -- power of baseball pocket ready. For the Red Sox final five weeks thirty games and they run it ought to ought to roads October -- -- wrote to Rocco what do you lead. Managing decisions to make it has beaten us into it already that's the news comes -- them and kept you for your country we had visions of York yesterday and today the road -- -- -- its -- under other artists right guys you've got business and and -- channel seven sales analyst. Some liberation if they want to talk about them since you're on the record supporting channel four is whether all -- man like that. Better be careful. We'll be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock but with a very special day obviously tomorrow is the yes in WEEI. Jimmy Fund radio telethon. The beginning of the two best days of our year the two most important days of our year. We will be down at Fenway tomorrow at your checkbooks ready. Be ready to do it tomorrow we'll see it too.

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