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Tom Brady on the rough game in Detroit

Aug 26, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show and discussed the teams poor play in Detroit. He also talked about his speech to the Michigan football team.

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Is a patriot Monday a week from today is labor summer's over joining us on the AT&T outline. AT&T the nation's fastest now most reliable Ford GL TE network the quarterback and the patriots conversation with Tom. Is brought you by northeast electrical distributors good morning Tom -- -- you. Report. Summer's almost over we're we're we're doing. Summer songs here today Jerry and -- and -- are going to reveal our quintessential. Summer song at some point to be mocked and ridiculed why our listeners that it is there what. Kind of music you like what what is your musical taste before I ask what your summer song list. I like at all. It's gone it's gone and phases over the years so -- In that locker rooms in my whole life it's. That is given all this if we get to listen to hurt music sales are so over the years you've missed everything so there's not much I don't like. Or you country got a look -- you know -- -- the country yet. -- -- -- -- -- Well what happened to Garth just decided to get out of the spotlight -- made too much money. You know I read actually read they -- as they get cute kids were. -- -- at that age where you know what you expect out of them so that it then he's covered backers public efforts to work. Welker so blessed because what it says. But suffered its foundation. He I didn't come back. Really it's a big big what would you feel comfortable going to culture can't do that right let's get into luxury box like -- country fest this weekend could go other good. I don't think -- in Europe picture ownership of that country. Or a blood based on the lions gave him. They -- reliable than they -- not much good could come up. You know it's a probably probably you know what we eat you release. Spend all of our actual timeline. As you know kitten our bodies ready monstrous because it's either that. I'm sure the great content it's just you know why these things come in the middle of the summer warned. You know August is a great month for people there's really enjoy it last this summer -- -- -- that's really time we're we're focused armed. In return for political football season. Aren't I I ask this question Tom with great reluctance because I know how much you hate to lose but I make the point on Friday. That the Detroit -- loss. Was a good thing or or had some elements of a good thing it seems like it was too easy. Vs Philadelphia I mean they were complaining that you were bullying and practiced for God's sake it seemed too easy against Tampa did not this -- laws. Give your head coach eight -- hole. To kick your guys' asses is -- this morning -- tomorrow August that it got your back to work and and and and and make the point if you think you're doing a patriot and you can just show up against any team. That's what's going to happen to you is what happened to against the lions. Yeah it was either the good job again you know he -- good job with that. You know who whomever we play so. Even you know what we face filled this place -- Where things we did very well understand that we didn't do very well and they -- -- against Detroit that I would say mostly we didn't do well. And those -- things as you know -- Coach spell -- constantly. Tries to coach awful so. The market and there's always slept. In the NFL. As we know when you don't play good football. On the road. Against. Teams that have. You know super star quality players a lot of positions it's it's just that's the way it goes and it doesn't take much and it doesn't. It doesn't take much and I have to get -- like we. Got down and it's didn't just happen quickly momentum is important and you never know which play turned the game and they're you know when you look back. You know you could look at any number -- place where in the game you don't realize -- game changing play in. You know the more emphasis that coach Belichick put salt and getting it right at practice and getting it right. You know whenever we're asked to do it the more likely purchases are hitting it great advocate so. Now he's always so big our practice and you know he wants to talk about this weekend and really have a great we cannot set the tone for everything so well that's that's what we're trying to do. Well you're a a captain a leader do you use it to the way we we think Belichick uses it you tell young guys see it's not going to be that easy you know. We have to wake up now before the the games. Stuck count. Yeah and understand Borger we're gonna be down and I hate to say it but who we're -- be down. You know anyone -- at some point how he responds I mean last year we were on the ordinary. -- wonderfully and came back and tied it 3131 in the first and perhaps well. You know we and that would indicate but it's not insurmountable. Insurmountable so you have to deal of the mental toughness or. You know put whatever plays there. Happened at the battle and put behind you so that you're important and vice Versa if you're 31 history you can never lecture foot off. The accelerator because. And other key wouldn't you know it just a -- placed for it and agree. You know unlike they can win that game again so. You know every game we play. Has lessened the -- and wins losses. Practices. Actually -- it was here that he will learn a lot from those and are you work from ever experienced over the course and -- -- -- -- and opinions of October November. In all four years. You know -- at that point December where we'll play it our best but. There are so far so now there's so much improvement that he should be made the -- -- about. Where we have folks are our energy. The last ten years you've played note last pre season game three times two in the last three years. Does that game last week make you more or less like you think you can play and you know he suspected. I'm not sure you know coach Belichick you you tell the public should be ready so. You know order unborn -- -- -- -- practice today tomorrow and saying you know mom earned a -- like -- always -- itself. Are you never want to say look you know you guys are gonna have this recall he says he ready -- play for sixty minutes -- make the decisions so you know that's what we as players do. He seemed to me that Detroit was a dirty and -- the team did was that does that help because you're gonna face a few of those in the regular season to August. Yeah. You know they're very they're very hard nosed team you know they play at this particular style of the we played on Thanksgiving Day a few years ago you know when it in the regular season anybody. It was a battle -- -- recorders and -- all the way to the -- -- -- out -- like SSA. They've made the playoffs once the fourteen years and you know you're always hungry every year. You know proved you know there're markets continue to and they played it very deterioration in. You know every game this year very hopeful -- You know -- -- got fifteen a lot of hope -- to -- to start the year and that's what we got to bring to the table here we got to bring that same type of excitement and energy every day. You know hopefully what happens in Detroit doesn't happen again but you know that's that's arts up but the -- Thomas seems to me that the National Football League better than any other league and professional sports. Identifies its problems and its shortcomings and fixes them and it seems to me the only thing -- NFL. Hasn't figured out yet is the injury situation and I and I'm wondering is the quarterback of it and the patriots have you reconcile the fact. That that beat beat an entire season in this league in this sport. Hinges on the health and wellbeing of its stars mean if you go down the season changes if if Adrian Peterson goes down. They're season Peyton and Eli if Aaron Rodgers goes down -- you reconcile the fact that bit. The entire NFL season can hinge on what injury to one key player on one particular team. Sure that. That's about probably a lot but at some point this year the seventeen -- -- count on -- you know particular fire that. You know maybe some other. People outside of that you don't realize how important role that particular player I didn't. And you know you you lose their first and then. You know you're you're you're. You know you know -- a bad place -- It happens quickly to -- it could happen at practice -- happened. You know obviously have to negate all the time we see it throughout the -- -- with you and and the injuries and -- it's really. It's very physical sport. Learn the preparation you put in the offseason and really try to condition your body if you'll succeed and everyone does it differently. Some people probably do -- than others some people. You know taken more seriously than -- and therefore you gate yet at greater market order. You your -- get caught a particular. Situation on the field -- -- it's gotten some people are just lucky to be the best condition are the best policy than ever written yes about walk. So that's just the way it goes and and that's what you build the team you know from one -- fifty billion you'll let it get cold outside. You know injury -- what -- factor that received under the does that help here who are. Especially at this unit goes on. You know they're not but more Portland dealt with a team that's. We feed -- -- air out. -- Tommy famously said you hated the jets a few years ago when there were kind of like you rivals are you. Feeling sorry for another kind of pathetic. Well there you know we hear pretty early and I'm sure you know electric that there. You're either very hope for their hopeful they. You know they can start the year. Here which you deal with injuries and -- can give -- that whether that's you know I know I saw some of their game the other night that. You know they've had some significant changes their team on defense they got little or players. You know they thought it you know there at all. There's. You know -- buffalo also get a budget changes -- -- coaching change mr. after the quarterback in Miami so our division you know no one knows how to play outward. You know were trying to get better like every one of those you know we certainly -- both -- are so we'll see where we're we're happy you're pretty sure. I was surprised last week Tom and I read -- your speaker of the mission employers he said being named captain Michigan which -- single greatest accomplishment thing you said. In your career your football history I think he said why is decorated their meaning you've accomplished after that. Well it's very. -- that I've had so many. Things that never would have thought what happened but the all clear so it. I don't know. Whether that's playing -- being -- -- -- didn't scholarship offered go to a major college football program the united. I would -- -- 00 -- you know that their apples they get the chance. Could -- mid cap -- those you know an incredible. You know -- pretty -- that would -- that was -- taken so seriously hurt school. Armed. It was. You know it was talked about from the day that we -- in the air travel. History. In Michigan than what they've represented what they -- or so that was really area. Special moment in my in my life have really your own peers -- As I was saying you know the guys it's no use of fast. When they cheat sheet it's it's. It's the greatest you know for me it was the greatest thing you know. Our teammates cadaver he's still on the power -- someone give you an opportunity to lead them to tell you how they feel about she's so. You know I have all the respect in the world for the darker -- with a glucose through their program -- -- like in -- patriots and where I learned to compete. What that Michigan and because the competition -- and that's suited me very well work. I got here. And place and a patriot for another program that. You know it's about competition it's about. You know who won't appreciate every day and hope that's I think that's a big reason why -- -- would stick around here for our fourteenth year it could bet. Still important here -- the competition in practice and the coaching her all the little things. You try to they support a party your daily life so that you could put yourself in position to be a leader. And play our best level so that's. That's what I learned everything back in -- On the portions of that speech that I side. You demonstrating great passion and energy I'm wondering did you rehearse that speech was that ad lib in the just off the top of your head how to that whole thing work itself out. You know I had never -- I had never done anything like that before. And them. I wouldn't say I really look forward public speaking it's not. To put it probably. Well first -- and I felt so comfortable there. And you know I felt so comfortable on the message and I was trying to get across. So. It was a it was a very you unique and fun experience for me and I've never had a chance to go back -- Ann Arbor. You know -- fault because obviously important and so. Know what -- -- -- so many of my college buddies that go back to tailgating or blast it. You know look I've been doing this for fourteen years and -- cheers -- And they -- truly unique thing for -- to be able to do it very training camp and confident being -- preceding game is so. It was really fun to be able to do it. You're one of -- -- ability -- -- where you are -- playing. They see a game this stadium the great experiences. Anybody who's ever got to look cult before -- You know if you -- -- out they did pretty it's pretty cool. May act correctly assume that if that were a regular season game the coach would've said at a thinks a -- Why I would say I don't think so I don't know if they're it would be very gut you know thus far that. So not that increasingly regard for are very important. You know this is there something. I got through it once in -- -- and so. Did you feel old walk around the campus in fourteen years you look at them and their kids -- young kids. They do look like young kids and I was sitting in the courtroom couldn't say the same room that I would then I was you know and that. Are a lot of other things could change at the school a lot of other paper change your college football. Did you see all these programs like I saw one. Into sports so stressful work in a program. And what they did their football facility here. I've seen USC's container. At a C. It's incredible. Facilities. And the way that we're trying to get these kids commit. You know that basketball arena and of course aren't believed the orbiter was never like -- has the football stadium what they've -- border. How do you compete college football so yes -- -- applause Larry it's an art facilities in the -- You know college you know their bad -- -- bank accounts that are you know they're they're very deep from a lot of alarms -- get a lot of money so. That's just -- -- Zell. -- -- Why why did you go their Tom I know I've read in the book you could've gone account you're gonna go on a number of places between. In the San Francisco area and Michigan why did you choose to go halfway across the country and placed it's pretty cold in the winter. Ann Arbor. Yeah but it was it was the place where. I've -- -- be challenged but what. That was. The helmet it will -- Albert what you walk in the Michigan stadium and you go god I can be part of it. Like and then you -- because somewhere -- that that that's not really a neat well. You know I saw. What I felt would be the best and that's what I want it to you are so. It wasn't like I said it was never easy experience side analysts. Are several other quarterbacks daylight. And that was that's when you look at the competition and then you're you seemed and say they're gonna try to see video I. Young players and ambassador trying to -- -- the you know the competition it. They're reporting despite earlier if you drop the pressures are low order but if you're over the competed eighteen as opposed 42. Are you got a big head start on the competition. So a lot of guys when -- go to -- at best that we the best. If that's in high school there and think can. Relatively not relatively easily. You know they -- get better physically than everybody at a you don't really have to learn to worker to compete. Our waste. This succeed either they're not the best. And you know when you get beat 22 -- your job done a lot about we are professional football. In other coaches want the guy that's gonna compete targets and be the best. And yes if you're learning a computer 22. And your -- -- -- grinder. Who -- -- and not a whole lot it's like you're her you're up against suffered the Borg projects. I won't but the more those guys got the west walkers -- -- and all those. Juliet over in the you know guys like that nobody got about -- political news but to. You know those guys brought the fight they're always so they get the situation really got to fight to try to fill out that they wanna do. It's a tense time cut down day here at Tom. Let them you worried. With the -- when you're a rookie in there was four QB's we know all we all know which said the craft this. This movie ever made allegedly said the craft but. Did you think you're gonna get cut at any point. You know I didn't and I don't know why I didn't think that way I mean looking back on a situation now. I would say that. I maybe I should have been a little worried concerned that -- whatever you four quarterbacks. But I know coach tocchet he. He decided basically thought that was. You know I -- -- as you know really have a SS hole per year term. -- situation our workforce play go out and -- departure confident group are really prepared to play our weather -- You -- -- prepared for it our yourself that's sort of what apple cart car out. You know got yup they. Lost art are confident that -- -- that I was able to sit there watch learn grow. It grow and in my body a little bit improvement on the kid -- an effect in your water there. You know really competed for the backup job demanded up what are -- Alone you know -- deregulated markets said that competition or did she can't really set yup that competition. You know it in picture try to get like second they're not want the job and then obviously drew got hurt I had a chance to play well. That was -- you know -- Well they're very -- huge turn -- And then my career because of what I. It. Chances and opportunities that I had before me really prepared for. Erica here. What a way to go on summer labor days a week from today is very quintessential Tom Brady summer song -- I did it help or however there are certain market for our labor -- excellent view we think about it there -- ridiculous aren't all that stuff. Conversational talk the next week. They've got to select our conversation Tom Brady. Is brought to -- northeast electrical distributors he joins us as always on the AT&T hotline it's the nation's fastest and now most reliable orgy. LTE. Network.

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