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Sox take the series over the Dodgers

Aug 26, 2013|

The guys opened the show by discussing a big Sox win last night in L.A. They also talked about a crazy weekend for Rex Ryan and the Jets.

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Wow one week left in summer eight weeks from today is Labor Day how depressing is that the more depressing than that. This from the site here at the outset I'm I'm not going to contribute very much here this morning -- and Kirk I'm not sure why I'm here. I'm not sure how I got here. I'm not sure what I can loan or lend to this radio show this morning I spent the weekend with John crock of Lamar Odom. Animal little. Oh so dehydrated that is what -- out. Don't know dehydrated. -- -- -- -- on the street I'm Lamar overnight you know I hope that he was not cool it's like RL YS. Ago I smoke crack cocaine to buy one that's now. There's already thrown well the idea. It's -- nightmare. And play on crack the crack -- two years two years -- take care goes back. There is a chance -- whom I talked him earlier in the summer they said this is probably an obstacle this good free agent -- I mean it's not -- were his guys are. Looking for here a crack cocaine binge as jury freeagent. You -- putted issue. Oh man the worst weekend. Lamar Odom. Rex Ryan. -- word John -- -- that's a given problem there. That's right good point well tomorrow is truly on the -- pretty binge getaway. So bad actually yeah. I mean he's -- -- our studies it means he's supposed to do in the mail to let your hair dark good time. I don't know what corks -- -- is dehydrated hydration the -- dehydration this is no cure or prevention you know. -- -- -- Yeah how tough is it's also doesn't mean you're right it's not right you can do comical parkinson's and Nicole and dismemberment to do to prevent dehydration if it -- decides to stop work real problem -- centuries. And they can come up with a way -- -- that dehydration is caused by drinking too much. Yeah. -- -- new would be the thirsty this morning I would -- more last. I didn't miss him and all and no you know it's one of those wall put deals that might say we're good you know the man who eat. If it -- like this company and they were just. In every way surprised he's here. Like sheep you know don't you -- -- -- a -- that. We work work you know peanuts yes you think he'd be here. They'll now we -- is some finding out the answer that has no right the your negotiations. Yes yes let us not it's getting -- at 10 o'clock today and -- and wait till the -- We get report and -- that we can we park for re here yeah green and as part for free yet. -- -- a little bit we don't maybe they you know we have mentioned at the vehicle and we will get bill. Parking -- as a daisy -- time user ID right passage -- bill three -- haven't checked my account. We aren't built a new deal put Schilling is so good at this and chilling and Schulman. -- -- -- Have good chemistry you do need crock she looks much better than -- much more union is much more insightful Christ. Lapses in -- the cliches strike at Verizon announced it definitely remember when. -- A-Rod. The crucial misses and gets hit I don't know company and its -- Ortiz and the go to it's -- Somebody. That he couldn't answer a simple question how does seem to be right to name reporter yeah oh yeah. At that filter unfortunately. -- is good at this -- great why don't we see what we hear what we read on Twitter all of our guests is just the haters because he said vote bush oh that's a bus -- he is still very I don't actually sucks that this sucks just great. -- you separate I would last night and I think. He's the best analysts in pro sports today I -- I think he is not -- I'm quite a big fan personally -- -- big fans something to them but I don't care the best almost all of anybody that's what he's gonna pitcher going eaten in the mind of -- -- -- last night yes there's nothing else like. I'd normally don't like pitchers as they get -- into pitching and every pitch trying to break your arm seamer. One oral again played overall -- -- -- oral -- I mean it's two seamer cutter and then it just gets tedious. Which some pitches I don't know. -- -- -- -- Reply -- but chilling. He gives you an -- -- pitchers inside but he doesn't overwhelm you with -- isn't obsessive dilution of pitching yet and you really feel was chilling like all great analyst tonight -- I mean I'd -- is the best baseball analyst with a -- though -- agree to have her shows are back next week. I don't know wine at a season will export send down for what she'll do in the game yet. -- as a oral is that it's that'll Little League game it doesn't lead groups are you look ridiculous tangled kids. I -- -- you can connect line lets go to the words chilling. As are all the polar. It's gives it too young for all of it. Never too young girl for but it surely you can really feel this notion no -- it's like all the great ones like Chris cones were. It in football it. Would be -- gruden I mean gluten gluten anymore. Jon -- when he was scared me bad idea is great yet because you'd since that it is goes from the guys you know from the brain Kamal that's ultimately what should I say how will this sound. It's a bully and that is to more canceled seats still following wow single worst analyst in baseball history. The single most Minneapolis it's true personality Everest at that he's gone. Doesn't seem even more ridiculous that we -- subject -- guys like money Ers like guys what he hears. Oral -- Hurt on the bench and and -- -- the only ones of act. So -- reckless home yet while Joseph Morgan was on the for twenty years actually throw the ball. Problem was the gutless critics though there. Receipt egg and remarks he loved amber says he won Emmys and how -- he is just awful but they were afraid to cross them here. And Joplin disaster but chilling chilling first -- now he says things before they -- might be right may be wrong but he has an actual opinion Bryant talks about is supposed to. In a caucus -- he seems like a nice guy he's boring to me give you learn nothing from the. Partner shall be last report but he. This is the guys who competes in competes in a very different way than everybody else and but he he brings a lot off the field as well as on the field and it's about over the next five to six weeks for them. Finishing the season strong going to do. A post season series with a rotation more than two deep and I think he might be a guy that today. I thought. Last them for the first time that the record BAC ALCS. They had a chance to go the World Series and always felt kind of fragile up to this point because other teams have better. Freeman rotations you know talked about him proponent as payment. Texas Detroit mean -- -- buckles comes back and they have a dam and Lester -- -- -- that -- And good three man rotation for men -- I -- should be for. A what you pass that one game playoff. And then you -- real series and surges -- -- game without -- seven sevenths they need for they got four of sparkles comes back peavy pitches like that. This was a great weekend for the star -- that it. It was and and you're right it doesn't feel as fragile as it did before but. Not trying to throw -- like -- -- party here emergency Kershaw Greinke race weekend what does that have to do preview. I'm just telling you that I admit that that your your good time feeling about this weekend and taken two out of -- from the Dodgers. And beat them in the series for the first time in the I think more than two months. Sort of mitigated bit by the fact you can add their two minute. Starting staff had -- 117. Yeah on this on this trip starting staff were talking about it often do with creaky. Or Kershaw or will mean these guys and you look at -- -- -- he really does he really is here for the pennant race he really is -- year. He really is -- acted on the ball which in September and may be. October 01 game playoff it's tomorrow everybody's on full rest who is it Leckey. -- -- -- he's on the mound they just don't do I can't relax you should. Am I up obviously PV I think off right now I think I jumped on the balance. Probably -- -- information. Steve he's been really did that one bad starting at last the last restart the lesser of refined team that's why for this position if you don't less is going to be -- -- the rest of the way. If -- comes back great for the Red Sox beat doesn't the world doesn't end and if you're in a fight to the finish human your rotation lined up you might the useless term goals in the final week in. So any of the four guys -- ago that won the you know what they're still. Likely to play and that still likely to play one game or imply oh yeah because it was still the US Lowell spinners that better they wouldn't say about colts and has no no now. -- took buckle -- the game he kept the ball. As. Well as souvenir. Normally the pitcher gives the ball for the manager -- -- enormous amount and kept the ball. That the market. -- first. Action in anger since June -- -- happy it's still like I felt like my prediction that have to operate the page ritual played a meaningful football game before it's looking good right now Buchholz pitches for the Red Sox. -- -- -- I felt good out that was my only concern of from the -- -- -- physically felt. So far in sort of did the same thing as we've been doing in the semi reasonable grounds he's my way through it -- the other -- you know fill the -- your ministries still. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what they just sort of got going on YouTube hadn't until four pitches all together. Two thirds of an ending 38 pitches nineteen strikes three runs allowed one earned one bit. Three walks with one strikeout. He made it through without discomfort yeah okay are. The good news he's happy. And the trap of the neck wherever it is that that the cricket and didn't bother -- Nadal does what does he do next he goes to Portland on the port. -- Back to lol and simulated game and then my. And -- the -- long touch on the Florida woman I'm not -- no word he has have to fill me you know Stewart I can't stand the daily updates on his whatever I believe it's Friday. He's gonna -- yeah. Been. -- was tired -- to the seventh Hudson Valley renegades he faced. His velocity was in the upper eighties. Buchholz is expected to pitch again Friday in a minor league I mean determined I hope you read you from Alex -- they sent the WE a dot com yet. To get its peers hero -- -- -- CNET fly him. To this brick and more right early we gave rise in costs dot com -- -- was in I can tell you right now he's in Vermont whose family pop. His lovely wife and their son. And on the way back he stopped and it left from the car and you can -- -- -- the couple in that debate on windows that cracked two and it's probably just sort of the image is about. A half months pregnant -- now. Or is there from 45 minutes and end up back in the car out so he's volunteered his neck and paid for. It's no travel and loves the hotel not often I don't think so no I don't think so Jerry I don't -- at a college that and Alex not an -- problem papers on park and he warning put him for the mileage. I would guess probably not. I would guess promotional. And we all got checks ones that he's thanking me for the yes as a manager of you thank you rather have a party with them. It's true now but wolf -- Yeah right. You really. Are we. Up. We missed his party Thursday night we did how well we get the update -- anybody go. I -- anybody was there. No I'm not able to show. Imagine I don't know I -- -- to Jason -- will actually get updates. On these parties that we miss because of our our. That's like these late parties but we haven't heard I'm sure wolf he was have a good time yeah and nothing else do. The -- you know for -- spears. From fish kill New York just eat fish fish kill I didn't out of that name you know that Pete is -- it is a complicated change the name now. -- -- -- Is offended by the name of the tone and they petition that pound changed its name. They don't don't change too but they say please change your name it's. It's offensive 290 miles from here I'll guarantee -- but it is if we put -- for the mileage that would just bust the budget area in the dot com budget that would. -- part of dot com or four minute hand anymore you're not -- dot com but that was your embryonic. -- I'm 96 ecosystems tricky to describe in. But. I'm over here now used to be over the habits but overall beating each other we straddling the fence. No I'm not an ideal -- I don't know I -- like it's more money -- making so you -- all -- you know I don't want your negotiations. What the big bust a bigger boss of the biggest boss -- at the one that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not really no -- now -- now. Do you ever just tired of America out shopping with the -- -- at restaurants in that -- one outside of attempted to go in and grab an application Dallas replacing Cameron. -- That famous -- -- it's right on the and yeah this but it -- and help -- -- the assignment it's nice I was running yesterday the kids are sweeping out there it was nice yes no we don't recognize -- I mean no lobster roll I think I could definitely -- in my hands experts. And -- Curious this -- -- oceanfront. Bureaucrat in. And which -- that this movie is a commendable he could be like. Kevin Spacey American Beauty its I want the job at least responsibility possible. That the way you drive to and hamburger place and hang with on the young kids. Just relax not have to be here in this dogfight every day in rat race sure sounds like you're encouraged me leave. We just what should be happy we reject you Jessica Simpson that you just can't afford to pay a salary that god jury. Once the town to change its name claiming. The term that name scale suggests. We mean that is mean. It's feeling a lighthearted subject at first but the real issue behind the name of fish -- is the violent -- perjury. Said Peta spokeswoman. All of these violent imagery. Should just randomly kill fish and you can eat them that's. Decree I've come to find out it's fish creek -- let's say right yet either eat them or you throw them back right you know like watching -- kill them Washington's. That the seal which fuel efficient Reno -- -- -- now -- you know it's on some field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with the change to. Say you want to finish real and showed -- to slow. Up next mayor George Carter imagined using name fish. Saved on our lives he saved picture -- all -- name all of my goodness bush say if elementary school lord mayor. Fish kills a cool name. The band strong. Punk -- and name that would seek them in the -- your due -- breaks European CDs. There's there's bush killed or school he'll there's crest keel or Coke he'll. There is scale there's -- there's -- and -- and there's walk he'll skill and why. Means creek. Collect buckles we'll finish the round of he would back spasms like tiger does tiger are right by the I think. You know the only one who killed over in pain more than tiger was Seth law. From from Deutsche bank and he won't answer whether he is gone on let him BO OK yeah he's okay. It's Thursday that the fly anywhere he doesn't want. It's. Friday Friday Friday Friday and today is the -- program via the Portuguese that your negative injection appeared via. And get a massage it thank right after it up for Mac and get them get by -- man she's tissue massage take some ills that mob violence -- little bit here. No no don't think there was a waitress involved here at -- topic I believe both sides. Are correct in this those who think he's embellishing he is definitely -- -- but there's been like dropping Tuesday's -- nobody else does. I mean nobody else it was -- Pepsi Pepsi athletes get back spasms of back injuries. A million times agreements in good knees. That was ridiculous -- it all -- goes straight that you go under was not. But it look like. A lot of guys even though a lot of money it was a lot of money and monologue as old -- that sportsmanship his kind of money like that. John Daly would finish that. How do you know that he was embellishing the way he played the final three or four holes right -- -- tiger right birdie birdie exactly. I mean he was just smack it any which is played fine play great. The first time there was signs of a back problem and stretching that's fine when you when -- snapped it. In that -- And that keel or on -- pennies -- it appear at that point is in the stretcher. But he got his act together finished almost one. And then wouldn't say his plan Z. Arm would -- its course hypothetical -- We think. That this FedEx playoff. It is enticing enough to get him up here Deutsche Bank like seven million -- that it -- and he can skip this and still be in the port championship and it's not going to be April. But he can't win ten million candidate number one right now on the record -- paternalistic and the next two. Apart so you're the top five going into the last one annual of those five he -- term you win you'll be in its -- next to it's amazing to me how good these guys. Adam Scott didn't have a -- On that courses that policy. That possible on that might player of the year pick -- -- -- tigers player of the year. And they did the head -- -- he said the numbers. It's just made more money and won more tournaments. One major that's all I've -- 11 of the -- -- busier than Scott. Ball just to of course I don't wanna mess that's what tiger's won more money more -- you -- -- you know one thing to him. Article that's up to the saints the ball shortly and is what's -- everybody talks about that what I'm obviously not the determining. He could we'll see who plays better tiger would give up the kids this year Brad Scott. Was I don't give up what excuse -- that aren't on your team picked -- back heparin Obama announces Q give up that that is -- on what's -- name. He would give him up I think it's Sam or Charlie Charlie Charlie. -- ago and that was choke and accused. Of trying to remember is it me or it's easy. Really enjoys wins go out. More than he did with tiger yeah. He's really relishing -- which credit forced to well it's like to get you know I bet that's got its percent of his ads like the laid back guy likes everybody and everything that nice guys this all turn alternate. Personality here on the bag this mean nasty camera brings the goods and products is that your model that was grateful. -- is a wrestler in the world. Today. -- should and could -- British -- to -- the US open won the match I don't I don't even understand in the FedEx thing but it's great it's greatness. You know used to be that NASCAR chase is -- -- -- September used to be worthless -- -- once the PGA it was over. Had no interest in that kind of problem is most people he's still really understand what's going on. But you know matters and had that Nazi James Driscoll you know what a -- to 175 to -- 100 James Driscoll one on one area. That's two cents. Are at 6177797937. Text like 379. -- three -- Tom -- able join us at 630. It's a patriot Monday one week left in summer. Are quintessential. Summer songs you're mongo Jerry guy out -- sure Uggla who did not the -- you know that GA but. Receiver in the in the song I think Tuesday what it was a song of the greatest hits record this make the cut and is it the greatest hit records are -- Sort of celebrate the end of summer one week to go until Labor Day with our quintessential summer songs. Well when viewers would yours be what would your -- my ideas. Well this all morning long as we yeah we in sports and Tom Brady -- with them now.

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