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Jake Peavy with Joe and Dave after the Red Sox beat the Dodgers

Aug 26, 2013|

Red Sox player of the game Jake Peavy talks with Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien, after his dominant complete game outing against a hot Los Angeles Dodgers team.

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You know whether they -- history to start that your play went to the Red Sox are big winner thanks to do so -- -- Jimmy Fund. Yeah absolutely -- big night for the boys the -- the series when have a nice slightly flight back home to Boston but thought the momentum of the division. Jake you pitched a lot of games here a lot of big games why do you love pitching so much to Dodger Stadium -- fourteen and two we are now. You know I don't know it's it's not -- get ready to face a lot of what we just based out of it's a very good team. As we all know what what they just on the big leagues that run they've been -- -- How good run for high school team with. But just had a good game plan watched black elected an outstanding job Friday night protocol that Celtic great job and the boys playing defense golden. They're announcing the ball there and at the moment more subtle mind. You rarely attacked in that we're ahead of the hitters all night. You never let up on. Yeah you you've got to -- this moment so good if you don't stay. Yeah ahead and it really hurt you when you have football through with a powerful of the plate. So fortunate we have done pretty good stuff tonight that we get. Execute game -- were very fortunate -- to answer. -- -- the first series that the Dodgers have lost since June 16 to anybody in the Red Sox just did it what does it mean. When you put it in the context. Well I mean obviously that's that's incredible to think about. -- not lose in the series and you know and and over. A few months and that's incredible that to happen at this level they're very good ballclub in my good chance -- -- come back here enough -- -- -- -- get you three at least -- you dedicating every strikeout in the game which they were twelve so 3600 dollars at the Jimmy when you're right. You're providing it tell assess how about that the people you're doing it for. You know we just wanted to they get there without one of you know with a platform that we have come to continue to get difference -- up from the point where we're playing. It's going and I want people involved in the normal on their side obviously. We almost since Wednesday -- four. And -- along with a -- going to be involved record my time here in Boston for the -- your -- your late grandmother and myself. Yeah absolutely their locker fielded. It was a tough book -- you hear me when you look to raise awareness and anytime you can raise money. The little things like this is just a nice way to keep people reminded. Prefer a lot of people out there tonight we were suffering from an all oval room mom -- that would be a tremendous. Well -- Jake -- a marvelous effort on your part just terrific and great pitching throughout the series by the Red Sox and keep it rolling back and -- And I appreciate it wouldn't field what did you. Okay Jake Peavy I guess that he's a winner and as you say that Jimmy Fund that Jay donating -- the house every strikeout of the game he had five Dodgers at seven so. Exit twelve for 3600 dollars.

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